Step Back in Time: The World of Film

I have recently picked myself up a bargain-priced, Canon EOS 30V 35mm film SLR. Which was released by Canon approximately at teh same time that my 400D Digital SLR was, and the added benefit is that all my lenses and future accessories will be compatible with both bodies. (With the exception of EF-S lenses).…

The 30V also has a system called Eye Control Focusing. It works simply by “knowing” which part of the viefinder you are looking at, and it will focus on the nearest AutoFocus Zone to where you are looking.
Generally a point and shoot camera will focus at the centre of the image all the time. SLR cameras have multiple focus points that are usually selected manually by the user by pressing buttons, or the camera can automatically select the “best” point. But the Eye Control Focus le

The Eyes of EOS, Reccomended Reading

Yesterday i was loaned a book by a family friend,…

“EF Lens Work III, The Eyes of EOS”

it’s a publication by Canon, which details the entire EF lens range as well as a world of information including -Choices of lenses for different types of photography

-Full Technical specifications on the EF and EF-S lenses

-Theory of light including, reflection, refraction, optics and lens theory

-Construction and technical operation of the IS (Image Stabalisation) and AF (AutoFocus) systems.

There is also a downloadable version (in parts) available for those unaware of books!!

It can be found HERE

From what i’ve read so far, it’s a brilliant learning resource combined with an array of Canons marketing material. It is even very beneficial for the non-Canon users out there who would like a little more dep

New Blog...Gotta have one apparently

Howdy all in wonderland…

it seems you need to have a blog these days, so i thought i should create one.

Basically the aim on mine is to show some of my work that can be found in my RedBubble gallery, but also to show some of my other intrests and pictures that are special to me.

Feel free to add me to your own “Blogroll” (sounds like something that hangs in a toilet) and i’ll also add you to mine if you wish, cross connnections make search engines notice you too!!

drop by and have a look, and feel free to comment or drop me an e-mail too!!

Strange people you meet.

Yesterday, while at work, my shiny new Manfrotto055XB tripod and head turned up via Australia Post parcel delivery guy, who seems to be the regular bloke that delives stuff to me at work (both personal and work related).
So i signed for the parcels and when i saw the delivery note saying what the parcels were i go all excited and said “oohhh my tripod’s arrived finally!!, yippee…etc..”…

and the bloke asks me “oh, what kind of tripod is it mate?” so i think, oh he’s just making small-talk out of politeness.
so i say, “it’s a Manfrotto 055, aluminium, etc..i couldn’t affort the nice CF one”
he then say’s “oh well, they’re damn respectible anyway, but i’ve got the new carbon fibre Velbon to mount my Full-Frame (Film) camera on…”

so we chat away for a few minutes talking landscape stuff, it just

Am I an "Accidental Photographer"??

Lately i’ve upgraded my camera kit to a DSLR, bigger tripod, lenses, etc…
but i’ve been stuck for inspiration of anything worthwhile to shoot.…

but driving home from work i came across a nice sunset scene where i stopped to take a few different shots in the same area. I was quite pleased with the results, so they have been my most recent upoloads.

i think that i am an Accidental Photographer, when i’m not trying to find somthing to shoot, it presents itself to me…
why is this??, i would like to know.

Some mornings i wake up with the itention of capturing some nice early morning (pre-sunrise) reflections of the yachts/ clouds across the bay, (which happens to be about 1 minute from my back fence..lucky me!!)
but i wake up to find that it’s either raining, and i don’t want to get wet, or just

My Feature Artist- Week 2

This weeks artist is an old fav of mine, one of the first i added to my watchlist.

Head over to Rob Leighton’s page and check out his work.

It varies from Seascapes, Landscapes to architectural photography but is very nice work across the board.

Check out the previous weeks Feature Artist HERE in my Journal

My Personal Feature Artist- Week 1

I thought that I would start my own Weekly Featured Artist Journal to help showcase some of the other artists on the site who’s work really speaks to me.

This week i stumbled across Jeff Masamori he has some great long exposure work in his portfolio.

I highly reccomend a look at his work.

I will try to add a new artist every week, and add the hournal to the appropriate group (if i’m a member)

also, feel free to check out my portfolio too (shameless plug…hahahahah …)

Happy Bubbling


New Camera....very exciting for me..

I’ve just purchased my first D-SLR, Canon 400D and i’m still weighing up my options for lenses.

In the mean-time i’m getting a hold of a second hand 50mm Canon F1.8, to use until i find some more appropriate lenses. however, the 50mm will probably always stay in the kit as a great portrait-style lens

My White-Board: Comment, Critique, Chat....

Hello fellow Bubblers………..

Just thought I’d put up a general comments / questions section in my journal for any random chatter regarding me or my work.

Feel free to leave suggestions, questions, etc and i’ll endeavour to reply here as soon as i can.

Thanks for vieving..

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait