Pain Removed Me From The Bubble For A Bit....Hi Guys

Hey Bubbling Buddies,…

I am so terribly sorry for neglecting you over the last month or so. I went in for a ketamine infusion in February, it kind of went badly and then I got really sick with a virus turned chest infection that would not quit…since then I have been dealing with flares that are more violent and restricting than usual. I am, sadly, not able to do much drawing or painting in this condition, having more trouble with my hands than I used to. I am looking at moving to a bigger place so I’m hoping if I can have all my art things set up then I will still be able to get there, a little bit at a time.

I am still trying to keep my blog updated, spreading awareness is hugely important to me right now as I have tried most of the treatments available in Australia and yet my RSD/CRPS wo

An RSD Update & An Exciting Double Feature!

Howdy Bubbletrons,

These days pass in a blurry haze
I’m trying not to be all phased
Been suffering with a dreaded cold
That’s trying to force me to fold

Extra discomfort is just not what you need on top of RSD!

Finally catching up on my blog
Updates got a little lost in the fog
But now I’m feeling back on track
And up to helping share the facts

Video style.

In other exciting news, for the first time ever a piece of mine was featured in two different groups…thanks everyone at the Core and All Out Emotion groups!! The piece is:

Waving A White Flag At Reality

Hope all is well in your world!!

Howdy Bubblers!

Hey there bubble-a -trons….how ya doing?

I have been very ‘internet behind’ of late…mostly because I went to hospital for a ketamine infusion and have thus spent most of the last 3 weeks heavily drugged…I am looking forward to catching up on all the awesomeness that I can see peeking at me from my watchlist!

I hope you are all doing well, you can keep in touch with me at my blog Rellacafa or on Twitter (I’m Twitdicted) or you can just go ahead and email me at (if you wanna chat, please email rather than bubblemail as the bubblemail set up drives me nuts, it’s too hard to find personal messages amongst all the group mails!)

Now I’m going to go look at some of the pretty things you’ve been making and to absorb some of your pretty words…I love pretty

-Caf xoxo

The God of Irony and Why He Had Me Punished

It seems no matter why I try
Irony is always standing by
To thwart me as I try to stand
And send me crashing back to land

I tried to go out and have one drink in a bar to celebrate with friends…I got stomped on…right on my ankle…right where the initial injury that caused my RSD happened.

It hurt.

A lot.

You can read the whole story here:

Stumbled Upon & Some More Excitement From My Life With RSD

One of my poems was Stumbled Upon recently and seems to have received a lot of thumbs up…when I logged in and saw my views had suddenly jumped into the tens of thousands, I was thoroughly confused. I thought it must have been a glitch, but no, apparently it must have been getting a lot of thumbs up as the hits keep coming…It’s nice to know those old words of mine are able to reach people like that! How exciting!…

I’ve been blogging again at my shiny, new domain
I’m supposed to be in hospital
But at home I still remain!


I do hope the ketamine will work, especially after all this extra anticipation time…

Speaking of, in a blow to RSD sufferers in the US, Germany is no longer taking US patients for ketamine comas. There was a complication recently in which an unfortunate American woma

Pictures of RSD @ Rellacafa's New Home!

I’ve worked pretty hard
And I’m finally done
The battle with code
I eventually won
Now for my troubles
I have a brand new site
A playground of sorts
For anything I write
And though I still have
Very much updating to do
I couldn’t resist
Sharing what I have done with you!

The latest post
More pics than most
Of my little
Swollen toes

Hope you like it :)

Welcoming 09 With a Bang and a Mic

Shedding off 08 involved
The problem of my pain being solved
With a glass of wine
Or maybe more….
With enthusiastic sing stars
And a loony dance floor

Watch highlights at my blog Rellacafa

Now for the rest and recovery!

Happy New Year Bubblers! Bring on the sunshine 09!!!

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