well, hello there! (the profile overhaul)

Hey Guys,

The internet is a huge and confusing place and so I have decided to stop confusing myself by letting Rella run my RB page…she’s got her place in the gallery and now I am taking the wheel! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

So….yeah…role playing over, you can call me by my name now and if you need to talk to Rella, just let me know and I’ll relay the message ;)

I hope you had a Merry Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for a bright and sparkling New Year!! Thanks for all your support, looking forward to another year of sharing creative adventures with you :)

-Caf xoxo

my reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) story part 4 & some THANK YOU!s

I was super honoured to find out that I was featured in a couple of groups this week. THANK YOU! It has made my week to have my work appreciated like this……

My poem The Dove was featured in Masterpieces: Literary Workshop
I am very proud to be amongst the other writers currently featured :)

I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU! to the Uncoventional Artistry group for featuring my video journals regarding my RSD. It is no fun suffering from a condition that no one has ever heard of and so I am super grateful to the group’s lovely host Brianne for helping me raise awareness.

And now I come to the little op
I needed when my hip went pop
Too bad the pain just didn’t stop
And so more suffering I did cop

My Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Story part 4

Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are

well, here it first video

A fellow RSD sufferer, Sarah Rutgers, posted an amazing video recently. It was amazing because she allowed herself to show the dark and lonely side of RSD. I felt like she was talking from inside my own head and I don’t think I am the only sufferer who found that comforting…not comforting to see someone in pain but comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels like this.…

Since watching Sarah’s, I have been feeling inspired to tell my story on video. I can’t delete and rewrite what I’m saying as I go, so you’re just getting me as I am…random blank pauses included. RSD is an evil, silent monster, it has also only become a recognised medical condition in the last 20 years. My aim as I set out on this Vlogging journey is to help bring awareness to this life debilitating problem and

the completion of ada...and a lovely surprise on the bubble

I was most excited this week to receive a bubblemail informing me that the Bits & Pieces Group had decided to include me as a Shining Star of the Week! I am very honoured and tickled almost entirely pink!!

The piece is The Real Things

In other exciting news, I have finally completed the fifth imaginaiad….she has been quite some time coming! I have learnt a lot though and hope to speed up the process a little for the next one…paintbrush control is becoming easier day by day ;)

You can check her out on the bubble or click over to my blog to see her creation and my latest ponderings about my synesthesia….


it's hailing inspiration

Ada has been taking over
filling my mind up
like a lover
She’s so close to being done
and is being pushed forward
by the next one…

Might be a few days until I get her ready to upload to the bubble, but you can check out her progress at my blog

Ada inspires a friend of mine
particularly during her writing time
it seems she has a flair for romance
and loves a bit of 80s dance
she’s full of cheek and always sassy
but is really such a lovely lassie!

lalaini finds existence in the face of pain persistance

The days have been short
As the hours blend together
A depressing time of sorts
Still I hold on by a tether
An interesting little character
Has popped up in my head
I write and sketch to placate her
And ward off days of dread

The time you take to come and see
Means so very much to me
To connect to you in little ways
Helps keep me sane through darker days

And adds extra sparkle to the lighter ones…

My humble thanks,

Meet Lalaini Liardet…she’s likely to get up to all sorts of adventuring….

thou ought be wary, the bc fairy

’Twas a wintry Spring time day
When the time came for the clean
An urge beyond any reproach
To reveal a sparkly glean

I trembled inside, as I realised
I ought now to be wary
For she would come, that manic one
The bathroom cleaning fairy

Come and meet her here
I’m pretty amused and I’d love to know what you think….


keeping jolly with a little holly

A couple of things
Keeping me happy & well
Including a trip
To The Corner Hotel
And a few friendly friends
Doing friendly friend things
Unhappiness mends
And allows healing to sing

I’m feeling friendly
So come say hi….or elbow…if you like the word elbow and for some reason would prefer to say that, please you feel might free to come on over to Rellacafa and just say elbow all you want

tying a knot and hanging on

I refuse to be down in the dumps Caf.
I don’t care if my face is falling apart.
I don’t care if my legs don’t work.
I don’t care if my course will have to wait till next year.
I don’t care if I am cursed.
I don’t care if everything hurts.
(well, obviously I care but I’m overcoming here)

I decided to indulge in some lazy art. Well, not that lazy, cause it took me a while to draw little Kymmy here but it’s recycled writing and computer colouring…

A little instant gratification is helpful now and then
Lift the spirits and all
So for just a little waft of metaphorical upward heading air
Visit me at Rellacafa

this vampiric world, steals sanity

I never really thought
That I’d be quoting me
But I’ve said it before
The way things have come to be

So it’s not an exercise in vanity
This vampiric world, steals sanity

How do you defend
Against the universe itself?
How do you comprehend
Its unbridled, endless realm?

I’m not giving up
But that doesn’t mean
I’m any less confused
By how things seem

I miss the inspiration and faith that were threaded through last week

Catch up at my blog

and i'm back in the game!

Firing up
And burning strong
Forcing my way
Getting along
Despite the trauma
Despite the wrong
My brain awakened
A clear new song
Little pieces
Of a different future
Find each other
And bond together
Motivated more
Than the past 2 years saw
And getting excited
By the life I’m creating
For myself

Details of my inspiration
at Rellacafa


My legs hurt
Both of them
Stupid legs
I want control
Over that part of the brain
That controls
The bits that I don’t
It’s my brain
Damn it
I should be able to tell it what to do
I’m glad I re-enrolled
To study, study, study
Cause at least I can do that
With my legs up
I refuse to let my lack of creating
Hinder my blog
About creating
Cause it keeps me busy
So I stepped back in time
To show an old
I call her Candy
Hope you like

Check it out at Rellacafa

and this i confess to you

Things feel exciting
I’m heading back to the books
Gonna get learning
A lot from the looks
And then I will unravel
Your very thoughts indeed
Won’t that be interesting?
It will be to me!
Will have to get used to studying again….it’s been a few years
In the meantime
I’m still creating
Visit Rellacafa
If you would like a prettier look
At what I’ve got cooking….

a new miss potter

My blossoming Ada
Is drying on the stand
Yet she glares for
Me to give her a hand
She needs to learn
Not to be
A rushy fuss pot
I have had other things
To occupy my hands
To keep me from insanity
To leave me feeling grand
Switching between
The sewing and the painting
Is a lovely way
To while away the days
Until my legs work properly again….

a new miss potter

back to the drawing board

You may not know
But it is freezing in Melbourne
And I do not
Have central heating
So, you may not know
That it is freezing in my flat!
But now that you do
You are truly informed
Don’t you feel better?

I’ve been listening again
To an imaginaiad’s call
It happens to be one
I have heard before
Ada is her name
And she was the second
But she needed a makeover
(That’s what she reckoned)

If you would like to
Follow her transformation
Simply go here
For illumination

distraced by the sewing machine

I haven’t bubbled much lately
As my creativity
Has been channeled
Along a route
Not compliant
With the artistic mediums
Celebrated on the bubble

Thus I have created
A little pixel world of my own
I’d love to know what you think….

Making Sense is for Dreams, This is Reality

Healing is
Very Boring
And I wish that I could see inside
And knit those bits together
With the power of my mind
At least it isn’t

It’s funny how
The less you have to do
The more it feels like
Busy people
Don’t notice the effort
Of smaller things
Like repeated trips
To the other room
For forgotten items

Boredom can force you to admit things
Like an appreciation
For Mandy Moore
I wonder if it’s the comfort
Of a good girl
That never lived
She has that
Pollyanna glow
In a society of whores
Strange that
I can like her because that glow
Is different amongst the
Bones and bitching
Embraced with publicity
For that perverted part of my mind
That revels in
Their humiliation


Ugh You Blurry World You

It turns out that surgery hurts
And they don’t always tell you
That you won’t see the doctor
Until 9 days later
To find out what it means
To be missing
That bit that’s gone
Waiting hurts
And there are
A lot of pills
That make your head feel like
There is a moat
Of Jelly
Floating around your brain
And your thoughts keep getting
Stuck in it
I don’t think it’s supposed to hurt this much
The screen is too blurry
Farewell dear Bubblers
I cannot bubble the bubble
As much as I would like to bubble

Meeting the next Imaginaiad

A note from the artist…

Learning to draw has been exceptionally exciting as I have found a new way to share the nutty things in my head. I can’t wait to try painting as I have so many images floating around my head that would like to get their colours out. These imaginaiads though, they are demanding that I draw them into existence and like any helpless artist I can do naught but oblige a muse.

Considering that there is an excitable little nymph inspiring every one of us, I could be at this for a while. They are kind though, if I allow them a hand and some pencils they will pretty much draw themselves.

As for the next one, here’s what I know so far…..

At first I thought her name was Diva
But I explained
That Diva is an adjective
And not a name
It took some time
For another pushy

And so we wait

Hmmmm, almost a month since I have updated this journal. My, the time sure does fly even when you hardly do anything at all!…

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages and helped to keep my artist busy on her couch xx

It has been a painful month for my artist. Her blasted hip has decided to tear up its cartilage for no good reason at all. Apparently she is just unlucky. Woot. Hip surgery here we come! Now we have to wait for that to get better before treating the RSD… fun fun.

The positive thing is that I have been guiding my artist to try a new art form. She did not know she could draw very well but I have been sending out images with such force that she had to take her pencil to paper. I have been showing her imaginaiads in all their colours and glory. We have been playing with charc

What of the Friendship Bracelets?

This morning my artist got up early and did the dishes because the plumber was coming. Silly girl, the plumber is coming tomorrow morning. It’s been so many days at home alone that it’s getting difficult for her to distinguish a Monday from a Sunday from a birthday cake.…

Without a better plan, she headed back to bed and eventually dozed off and that at least took her through to lunch time. A little disoriented at sleeping so late, she came to realise it was Sunday and for a moment she was filled with hope that perhaps someone was coming to visit. She hoped that maybe one of those people, the ones who always say things like “We should catch up” and “I’ll stop by and visit” had decided to make good on their word. She got up quickly and found her phone to check for messages. And there it was

What to do with Slipping Fingers?

A wise man once said “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. My artist has been swinging wildly in the wind for some time now and one by one her fingers are losing grip on that knot…..…

A new pain, seemingly the result of compensation from her old pain, has risen in her hip. Two weeks of staring at the ceiling and a cortisone shot later, the pain has subsided to a dull annoyance. Do not underestimate the capacity for disruption borne by a constant dull annoyance. Unable to get much creativity through, I have attempted to entertain her with daydreams….

an island in the sun
a cliché to waste the day away.

Part time work has not worked out and my artist will spend the remainder of time before her recovery at home. I hope with all my wishing that that time be short. She r

Fastidious Frustration at Bitching Bullies

There was a girl that my artist went to school with. The stereotypical bully. Plump and a head taller than the rest of the kids with hair dyed the colour of coal and a dog collar adorning her pudgy neck. Sarah. Plain Sarah really, and not too active in the thoughts department. Sarah’s imaginaiad looked like a lost Sid Vicious groupie and once, when I encountered her after her ill tempered ‘artist’ slammed mine into a locker, she gave me the finger and mouthed “Bite me” before rushing into her host to inspire her to flee from an approaching teacher.…

It’s my nature to observe and not to judge, but sometimes it is impossible not to see glaringly obvious conclusions. At the age of 9, Sarah was the first bitch I ever encountered.

The most terrible thing about a bitch who is also painfully stup

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