Okay, i am very sorry about the earlier journal. I have been in a lull and a major low in my emotional state. Its personal family issues, but i am having a hard time dealing with them. Please forgive me of my upruptness

Bye Guys!!!

Well I have been on Redbuble for about 3 years. I have only sold one thing. I have decided that Im going to leave redbubble. I may not be the best photographer, or artist, but I have seen stuff that was the same quality as mine, sold. I came here to express myself, and also to hopefully sell stuff. I may sound selfish, but I just dont understand!!
Thank you guys for all your support!!!
P.s. Im looking for a host for my group to take my place!!! Send me a bubblemail if you are interested!

I have a question?

Where is the best place to find stock to creat digital creations?? Does it cost money?
Ive been a little bit declined of photo opportunities and i was wondering where i could find some stock or photos i could use to create my own picture…Ive been inspired by alot of people and id like to get started on my digital creations…

Poor Fulgar...

Thursday i had an amazing time riding Fulgar. He was perfect as a non perfect horse can be. Well the next day a cold front blew (dropped the temp down from 80 F to 60 F) with cold high winds and cold rain. I went out to feed him and i saw that he was limping just slightly. I thought since hes 22 yrs young he was just stiff. Well today i brushed him out to go riding again and found out what the problem was. He has an infection on the back of his right hind leg( vet term “scratches”). He must have had a small micro cut and it turned into an infection. Mind you it wasnt there when i brushed him out and hosed(it was in the 80s F) him down on thursday. So he is on antibiotics and rest till he isnt lame any more and the infection is gone.

Group Rules... Dont have to read


Please, Keep it three per day.

Please, NO PHOTOGRAPHY. There are other groups for that like the following:
Students and Beginners
The Beginners Corner
Young Enthusiasts

Digital Art Media: The original photograph or artwork must be altered some how that it is different from the original. That means more than adjusting brightness and contrast or changing the color.

Have fun and show off your beginning talent! This is a place to show how good you are even though you don’t have much experience.

Tasteful nudity only, and will be monitored on the hosts discretion. Nudity is art of movement, shape, form and shading so please keep it tasteful.

Respect your fellow Artists and hosts

Please put what type of media, materials, how much time it took you, and size(if traditional) in the descript

For All you Worry Worts:D

Hello my fellow bubbler’s!!!
Im sorry that I havent been on like I should. Ive been so busy with vacation and trying to get a new internet supplier!!! Plus I recieved a new computer so Im getting everything all organized. I have some fabulous photos, selective colorings, and VACATION photos for everyone!!! Oh yes Vacation photos!!! I know everyone loves those:P Well im at the library so I have to hurry up:) Don’t miss me too much!! I WILL be on again. Im still alive:D


Sorry to my fellow bubblers! Ive been in the process of changing computers and internet service so i wont be on much!!! Thank you all for all of my features, favoritings, comments, and adding to watchlist!! It is very much appreciated! Hopefully soon ill get interent!!
Cheers and happy Summer

Touched Up!!!! Proud!!

Okay, I wasnt sure if I shouldve uploaded the picture of Fulgar because of the fact that I cut off his ears, but everyone seems to like it cause it does give the effect that I was secretly watching him. I touched it up to bring out his features in Photoshop(from some healthy advise). So please view Proud To see if I did a good job. I hope the effect helped:)

Update on my Son!

Okay.. Ill start with that Drew turned 3months old yesterday! He had his immuniziations on Wed where I found out he is now 14lbs 2oz!!!! If his head gets any bigger I dont think he will fit in 3-6 months clothing!!! LOL He is doing great! He sleeps all the way through the night and he smiles, babbles, coos, and giggles all the time:) He is a wonderful little boy!!! He isnt crawling yet but I know its coming close. He scooches forward while on his tummy so he is getting very close!!! I want him to stay small and innocent!

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