Probably unsurpsingly to you, I am a disabled young adult with a sense of humor. My disability has left me wheelchair and feeding tube dependent, on daily medications, and unable to work traditional jobs, but my disability has given me good things as well. Because of my conditions, I have been forced to think outside of the box. I’ve thrown myself into disability activism, a job that needs to be done in our broken healthcare system. I even got to travel across the country on scholarship due to my writings! Without my poor health, my life would likely be significantly more boring, so I tend to keep a light attitude about these things.

Of course, it helps that I have a strange and slightly sarcastic sense of humor. I make jokes during blood draws and pride myself in being my nurse’s favorite patient thanks to my winning personality. In the end, this benefits not just me but also people around me. On my Instagram, where I post daily thoughts on living with disability, I often have people who learn to love themselves more by seeing my outlook. This makes all the pain I go through feel so much worth it, but why stop there?

When I got my feeding tube placed I searched all over the internet for some funny or cute “Tubie” shirts. I wanted clothing that would give me confidence and help me embrace this new, foreign object in my body. I was shocked to find almost no designs or clothes that both made sense and were light hearted. It was the same old “[insert name of illness] warrior” clothing that I see far too often. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for that but it certainly isn’t here at Disabili-T’s,

I’m all about making tough subjects light hearted, or at least compact enough to put on a t shirt. I’m here to help you feel confident with your medical devices and aides. I want you to love your body and I want other people to realize that there’s nothing strange or awkward about doing things a little differently. I also might throw in a few pointed designs in there to break down sone stigmas because hey, it’s what I do.

I you have a medical device or illness and you want to see a design about it, message me on one of my social media accounts! I can’t promise anything, but I may just surprise you. My main mission is to help people love themselves more and if that means making a shirt just for you, I will likely do it.

Have a look around, and let me know if you like anything! Also, if it so pleases you, go check out my Instagram and twitter accounts where you can learn more about my story and how my health affects me. I also have a YouTube account with some informative videos for those who are interested.

Thank you for viewing my store!


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