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Most of my writing is auto-biographical. / I wrote to rid myself of the ‘rubbish’ in my life, I found it extremely...


Always Waiting For Life To Start

On your marks, get set and ….. Gone! / Too late to run the marathon / Dreaming of when to follow your heart / Always waiting for life…
I Love You  [iPhone Case] by RebeccaWeston Nobody is Perfect  [iPhone Case] by RebeccaWeston Kleptomaniac  [iPhone Case] by RebeccaWeston I'll Say Sorry Now..  [iPhone Case] by RebeccaWeston

Paper Cut

The wind picks up my life / on pages made from rag / My secrets and my thoughts / hidden in a plastic bag / But now they’ve blown awa…
I hate skool #2 by RebeccaWeston Holi_daze by RebeccaWeston Daisy Doze by RebeccaWeston Seeing RED by RebeccaWeston Thru' Rose Tinted Glasses with Words  by RebeccaWeston Thru' Rose tinted glasses by RebeccaWeston Scribbler Face  by RebeccaWeston Scribbler Face   T-shirt by RebeccaWeston

New Year’s End

‘And there’s the hand o’ my trusty fiere’ / Reaching out in the misty light / Shall we ever ‘tak a cup o kindness’ / again, on new ye…
Nascosto T-shirt by RebeccaWeston Nascosto by RebeccaWeston la peinture impressionniste de tournesol by RebeccaWeston Ah, Sunflower, weary of time by RebeccaWeston My Lady of Shalott by RebeccaWeston Yellow Pansies by RebeccaWeston Melody by RebeccaWeston Place Marker for Hosting Purposes Only by RebeccaWeston Lazy ~ Hazy ~ Dazy by RebeccaWeston Stars by RebeccaWeston ...and we went skimming stones  by RebeccaWeston Left High n' Dry by RebeccaWeston As Time Goes By by RebeccaWeston Belfry of the Church of Saint Lakovo of Persi, Corfu by RebeccaWeston Daisy, Daisy by RebeccaWeston Serenity by RebeccaWeston

The Child Without

No childish games, memories or laughter / No little girl’s things, to remember years after / Not learning the skills to be a good mo…

Tears of a Clown

Now we can look at your face / and finally can see your tears / see what you’ve been hiding, / for all of your life, / been protecting you…

Past it !!

“You have a great personality” / they say “your beauty’s inside” / My beauty’s so far from the surface …

A Call To Arms

I am sending tributes to my saviours / Who showed me the way and helped me learn. / A beacon burning on the hillside / That heralds of a sa…

Love’s Lost Dream

And in the darkness now, I lie awake / Regretting giving in to love, for love’s own sake

Can You See Me ?

You touch me / still / with zombie fingers


Parents hid visions / of sex from me / There’s something / they didn’t know / I had been / …

Ladies and Gentlemen

What time do they close the gate? / I know that the plane won’t wait / I wanted to buy duty free / but I can’t move til I’ve had a pee!

Live, Love Life and Dream

Why live life in the fast lane / watching life pass you by? / Why make complicated problems? / Slow down and SIMPLIFY

She thinks……He knows

She thinks her shape went with the kids / and regrets not taking care of her figure / she thinks she must always cover up / he won’t find…

The Masked Carnival

The bridges are full / of revellers and noise / Passing gondolas with girls, / attracting the boys / Lovers glide on the waters / as blac…
Burnt Out by RebeccaWeston Variety is the Spice of Life Drawings by RebeccaWeston Calendar Oh Look !! Another Sunflower !!!! by RebeccaWeston

Horror Hill

Sweating and shivering, I woke from my dream / Monsters hiding under my bed / Goblins and ghouls were staring at me / but was it all in my …
Corfu Town Hall by RebeccaWeston War In The World Graffiti by RebeccaWeston Vive Le Mort by RebeccaWeston Absinthe [after Privat-Livemont] by RebeccaWeston

You and I

You bleed – I cry / I feed – you are nourished / You live – I die / I am hated – you are cherished

The Sequined Saint

You say you’ll never be an angel / When your time is nigh / You don’t think you deserve to be / A divine being in the sky


time will heal body and soul

You Are My Addiction

Listening to me, as I rant and rave / You always follow my lead / In return you show me amazing things / Beauty to see, eloquent words to …


Her hair flows freely, looks like ravens / Guarding the tower of her nubile frame / Taunts and teases with every movement / Playing with de…

Love Triangle

I cannot feel his heart beat, / and his shirt is soaked blood-red. / I don’t think that he’s breathing, / and they’ve just pronounced…

La Hermana

I didn’t hate you when I did it / it was purely out of anger / I snapped the hairbrush handle / like a bottle on a bar

Working Late ?

Lines have appeared on my face / I can no longer, wear tiny lace / Love grows deeper over time / your heart forever, will be mine
Fontevraud Abbey Colonnade by RebeccaWeston


Come along quietly, Sir. Yes that’s the way. / The victim died of his head wounds today.

The Siren’s Song

And what if she should sing her song / If beauty causes hell, by just her sigh / Do not attempt to listen for too long / The sailor must no…
Sunflower   by RebeccaWeston The Painted Sunflowers by RebeccaWeston A Field of Sun  by RebeccaWeston Sarlat by RebeccaWeston Villefranche du Perigord by RebeccaWeston Royal Fontevraud Abbey by RebeccaWeston Sunflowers by RebeccaWeston

Love is in the ‘air’ !!

The flashbacks were diminishing / Now, she sees hundreds that are new / In wonderful, glorious Technicolor, / and it’s all because of you

Past is her future

Throw a tidbit to the bitch / And she will do your biddin’ / You should feel very proud / That you used a sad ol’ midden
Nobody  by RebeccaWeston Kleptomaniac     by RebeccaWeston


I can put some sugar on it / You can eat your spoils of war / You can give yourself a medal / For using her like a whore

The Wizard of Who?

Like some forgotten little wizard, / behind the curtain hiding / He keeps speaking of a life / that they both feature in / She’s hung…


Why am I so gullible? / You’d think that I would learn / That so shall you reap / Then, so shall you …… burn !
C'est la vie ! by RebeccaWeston

Suicide Note

My tears fell. That was something new / For I hadn’t shed one tear for you / Speaking to me from beyond the grave / Asking forgiveness, you…

Dangerous Existence

don’t try this at home / it’s really full of danger / use a stuntman for the tricks / don’t use it on a stranger / don’t try homemade psych…

Cry Rape


Child’s Play

Why did he have to do / all those really nasty things / I hate it running down my legs / when I haven’t got a hankie
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