Bye Bye Kodachrome

It is with a little sadness that I read the last rolls of Kodachrome are about to be developed. This story is both personal and strangely detached for me.…

I never was one of those aspiring Speilbergs who produced motion picture length films in their backyard. I remember once at school we had a movie project – and my team never finished ours.

But … my father was a keen photographer and film maker. He shot many hours of film of us and the family in the late 50s and early 60s. He very tragically died when I was very young. And that film and photographs should be there for us.

But … it was almost all stolen in Rome in the 70s. For many years I neither sought nor missed it. Just recently, however, I have felt how lovely it would be to see him and the family on film. I think this sort of revisi

RedBubble and Free Speech

There is always fruitful discussion on RedBubble about artistic freedom/free speech and how that intersects with anti-vilification and anti-racism concerns and the various other constraints on such expression.…

My position and that of the Company on this is very clear. We have a clear set of content guidelines. These are not designed as a comprehensive statement of freedom of expression in society but merely an expression of what we at RedBubble will host. Every company must take some view on what it hosts based on its audience and own values. People have lots of choices about where they place their work and I am sure there is a great deal of legitimate work (even very good work) that doesn’t fit our guidelines.

We have a strong and robust reporting mechanism in place for people to repor


One of the big complaints with the new architecture was people getting lost (I shared this view). We have now added what are called breadcrumbs in the top left which tell you were you are on the site and allows you to one click back to where you were (or the context of where you are). Very useful for example when you are editing work but in general just useful.…

Why am I not posting this under the RedBubble account? Because I know what will happen if I do so. There will just be a whole lot of people telling me to fix the other things they are concerned about without actually having read what we are working on. So the other big outstanding things we are working on are:
> allowing as all to order work in our portfolios (the previous system was broken the next one wont be)
> small fix to find p

Site Changes

It has been an interesting few days since we released the new site architecture. From long experience we know that change can be difficult at RedBubble. This is because we have a passionate group of users. We love this about the site and about what we do. But it does mean that we always expect that even small changes will produce concerns. And the most recent release was not a small change.…

All that said, I have been happy with the response. The major new features have been well received and understood:

  1. the ability to be able to filter search results and refine them on multiple criteria (by product, medium, popularity etc)
  2. the new shopping experience and the creation of a place where your work can be more easily displayed and merchandised
  3. the new community page with its much more inter


I read a lot of stuff which beats up on humans.

But, we truly are remarkable and beautiful.

When Krakatoa exploded and shielded the world in dust for 7 days it had no regret. An earthquake may kill a million people (and animals and trees) without a hint of anxiety.

The sun will burn the earth into a crisp without a shadow of remorse (not now but eventually).

Yes, we can do the same – and indeed we sometimes try hard (and often succeed).

But … either individually, or collectively we know what we do. We show regret. We alter course. We try to make amends (eventually). Our cruelty is ultimately bounded by our consciousness.

And in this consciousness is love itself.

Would you do it over?

I am curious, if given the chance would you live another life over. Or put another way has your life been so fabulous that you would be happy to do it all again (or perhaps so bad that you would want to give it another try).

Or maybe just a part of your life. Would you want to go back and relive an earlier decade from your life.

My answer to both questions is a pretty strong no. I turn 50 this year and would not want to be back in an earlier decade and I really can’t say that I would want to do it all again either. Regardless of what lies beyond – nothing, eternity – I just hope it isn’t coming back again.

And it isn’t because I am melancholic. I have enjoyed most decades of my life. I just wouldn’t want a reprise of any or all. How do you feel?

For Angie

Following was quoted in the New York Times today

“Angie was a nobody, she died a nobody, she will never have a funeral, she will never have a tombstone. She is just one of the nameless, faceless victims, and I hate that.”
EMMANUELLA DUPOUX, on her cousin Angelania Ritchelle, who died in Haiti after the earthquake.

Nobody should be nameless or faceless.

Our family prayer (which is drawn from Isaiah) is

’I have called you be your name
You are Mine
Your are precious in My eyes
You are honoured and I love you."

After reading this take just one minute to hold in your heart all the nobodies. Because nobody is that …

TED Global

It has taken a while but I finally have a copy of the talk I gave at TED Global in the UK last year. It was a great privilege to me to be able to present five RedBubble artists to this audience. You will recall we ran a quick challenge to find out who I would present.…

They only gave me three minutes (and I started a bit nervously) but I think it went well. Certainly after the event many of the audience remarked about the art they had seen.

Just a note on copyright. TED owns the copyright on this talk. They may still choose to put it on the TED website. So please do not repost.

Schrödinger’s Cat T-Shirt is care of MuscularTeeth.

Anyway, here is what I had to say:


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