My long lost relatives found under my nose on RedBubble

My mum had a nosey at my redbubble profile and noticed a few familiar names. A handful of emails later and we had confirmed it. Mark German, Suzanne German and I are related.…

Small world hey?

Mark writes about it here

I have a very large extended family. Years ago, both of my grandparent’s sides used to be quite close. We would catch up at huge family events and knew what was going on in each other’s lives. Time went by, and we drifted apart. For my part, I forgot about some of them, in particular the young kids.

I have very fond memories though. I had an uncle (son of my great-aunt) and a beautiful aunt called Jo. Gorgeous red hair, and captivating green eyes. We didn’t meet very often, but it was always a great time. He had a little girl. This girl was always exuberant, to say the lea

Christmas. Overrated.

In my humble opinion……

Christmas is a time when all the people we didn’t have enough time for all year have a day off at the same time as you, and therefore we are obliged to see them.

Christmas is a time where we gather in communities of friends, family or faith and attempt to bond over similarities.

Christmas puts pressure on us to be happy and healthy and interesting, and to converse with people, and take photos and smile.

Christmas is synonymous with excess- presents, food, drinking, behavior, risk taking.

Christmas is about how we feel – me me me. Who spent the most, who was the most generous, who chose the most heartfelt gift, who suprised me the best…

Christmas reminds us of all the bad things that happened on or around any previous Christmas and makes us depressed

Christmas is neve

Sjem and The RedBubble Hamster

It began with sjem’s simple comment to welcome Ben to the RedBubble team……

‘I agree, elves is lame. I vote for RedBubble Hamsters.’

Upon being ignored, he shouted at the top of his bold and capitalised lungs

Alas, no one cared, so he took matters into his own hands…

sjem had created from the ashes, a new best friend. From this moment forever, they would be bestest buddies.

The madness could have ended there, but hamsters plagued his mind day and night. Like some sort of brain washed killer, (kind of like in Zoolander), it was the introduction of another redbubble staffer that cracked his cool composed facade with yet another hamster outbreak…

Only this time it was worse. Now the hamster had it’s own speech bubble, and had been branded with re

Lunch Break Friends

So today I took myself out to a cafe for lunch. I stood at the counter, got my food on a plate and looked around for somewhere to sit. There were a few places but there was also a really fun looking bunch of people chatting and laughing. So I went over and asked if I could join them. They said yes so I sat.
We yacked away for 20 minutes about life, the universe and everything and the answer to all of it was seven. Go figure? And then I wondered back to work with a huge smile on my face.…

Isn’t it lovely when we can just let go and expect the best of people? When we can put ourselves out there without fear of rejection? When we can decide to make friends for the sake of having friends, even for a short time? When we can be uncomplicated and enjoy one another? When we stop caring what people

Melbourne Meet Up (Lots of) Photos

It wouldn’t be a Melbourne Meet Up without the standard Toyota shot…

Michael and Jess are crazy…

We decide to have some lunch between all the red wine

Jo took care of John’s baby but wasn’t allowed to breastfeed at the table

…Oh yeah, Jo and Jess are also crazy

Jo is deep in though about something. Let’s not ask what, it’s probably “where’d that kid get a spiderman top from?”

Alateia’s hat was useful for our own personal busker

Wen finally got a hat (he’s wanted one for ages but he couldn’t find one that fitted)

Us girls went for a skip

Don’t mess with John Robb- he’s our resident sports photography expert and even showed us how to perve on members of the public at the Eureka Tower observation deck with his massive massive lens

Kisses from Alateia all around (notice she is reapplying for r

Fake Blood Folio

I grew up in a family where we were encouraged to play with mud, make mess and use our imaginations. Maybe I’m old enough to ‘know better’ but I still enjoy those things. And I have discovered a particular interest and aptitude for making, but more importantly, applying, fake blood.…

My Blood Menu

Mouth Blood
Suitable for drinking, spitting, gurgling, does not sting if you get some in your eyes, contains no dairy products, keeps for several weeks if refrigerated
Flavors: Mint, Chocolate, Raspberry

Translucent Blood
The best blood for shining light through, such as in a glass, down a window or on a mirror. Also looks great on white bathroom tiles. Slightly “faker” looking for tacky retro gore.

Sticky Blood
Best for applying directly to skin or clothes as it sticks where you put it and drips slo

Melbourne People: Win a Camera & Melbourne Aquarium Pass

1) Join the Melbourne Group (Yes you need to live in or near Melbourne)
2) Join the Melbourne Photography Club
3) Enter the Melbourne Underwater Competition
4) Come along to our first Melbourne Photography Club Meet Up this Sunday 9th for the judging and to hear our resident expert talk ‘great Sports Photography’
hint, you might want to listen if you want pointers for the next competition

I asked really nicely and Melbourne Aquarium jumped on board to sponsor our winner and first runner up with a Family Pass each. Then I asked even more nicely and today Kodak emailed me and have so generously offered to sponsor us with a Digital Camera of some miscellaneous variety for the winner.

How awesome are Kodak and Melbourne Aquarium. They were both so keen to get behind Melbourne Artists and enc

How To Organise a Meet Up

The first time I met people off the internet, it was 20 bubblers at some pub I’d never been to, and I was supposedly the organsier- I was a nervous wreck!

Meeting complete and utter strangers off the internet isn’t always easy, even for the most social butterflies, and even if you feel like you know them pretty well from online.

So think about how best to comfort people and make them realise that not everyone on the internet is a scary monster…

- meet in a public place where there are passers by
- consider a daytime meet
- ensure any activities include people
- invite attendees to bring a friend or partner along for moral support
- be clear about how to identify each other at the meet up point
- have a way for attendees to contact you/someone on the day
- touch base with attendees prior to th

Random Pics of Us Bubble Friends Having Fun

Us Melbourne bubblers love the chance to get together, so every time someone comes from interstate we try to take them out for some fun. This time it was Leia Homer come to stay. Who thought we’d make such great friends through an online community? Yay for friends

just felt like sharing the love…

Leia Homer being my hands (She is visiting us from Adelaide- how cool!)

Jess getting her hair done by me while Wen and Chris take photos… yes, we’re that easily entertained

Wen didn’t want a kiss

Michael and Kristy being all cute and couply… have we had a redbubble wedding yet?

Chris sitting on me… I’m trying to remember if there was a reason for that?

Kristy being a secretay… or was that sexytary?

my first day at redbubble

Well kiddies, they called my bluff and gave me a job.

So today I trundled myself over to fitzroy for my first day with the bubble elves. Having worked managing an art gallery this last year, it is so awesome to now work for you wonderful artists and focus on making our cool little community and groups even better. Here’s the rough Job Description

Now I have an excuse to be on here close to 24 hours a day (what’s new!).
Can’t wait to get stuck into it


Making choices in self portraiture

This is my homework for the course I am currently doing at Brunswick Street Gallery.…

We have to take a self portrait which does not show our face but which does show something of ourselves. This may not be the one I submit, but it has been an interesting exercize and I thought I would share. I often post work here without much of an explanation into the choices I make. I thought it might be nice to make it available so you can see that I do actually put a bit of thought into my work, even if it is not obvious at first glance.

The Easels:
Faded and old. They represent myself as an artist. How of late I am taking fewer and fewer photos and am out of practice. They are scattered at random, which is a lot like my very hectic and chaotic life. Yet they all match, which shows my underlying nee

Crazed Fan (me)

It occured to me that if I leave one more comment on Lindsay Blamey’s work he will almost definitely think I am stalking him… hang on… this is probably worse. whoops.

Anyway, I am just beside myself loving his latest series. Talk about being the absolute master of creating a whole world and story outside an image! So if you haven’t already had a look, I urge you to do so. Now off you go!

All the images below are links – please click and leave your praise and adoration under his outstanding work.

Where does the time go?

I just had one of those moments where 4 people are asking to do shoots and I’m running around my diary frantically looking for a space. Then it occured to me- there wasn’t one. At least not in 2007. I carefully flicked back over all of it – no, nothing left. That can’t be right? So I transfer it all onto the calendar. All booked. Definitely. A few are tentative bookings but I’m confident they will go ahead.…

So I start to flick backwards. Just how long has this been going on? Then I realise I have not had a full day off since… hang on, where’d I put the 2006 diary? Actually there are a handful of days where I’ve written in angry black marker “DON’T BOOK ANYTHING” which is me forcing myself to have a day off. About half of these have a “shoot with xyz” squashed in around the warning to myse

Lorne Meet Up - The Plan

We are staying at Great Ocean Road Cottages in Lorne
See previous posts for more details here and here

Day One – Saturday 27th October

  1. When you each arrive, please check in with reception where you will be asked to pay your $50 accomodation up front and will be shown to your cottage (they have a room list so you don’t have to worry) Make sure you have Jo’s mobile number with you in case you are late/lost
  2. Anyone who is in time for a 1pm lunch, grab some nibbles from the supermarket or bring your own- we’re having a BYO picnic on the beach. Meet at the BBQ area near the corner of Beal Street and The Great Ocean Road.
  3. After lunch is “Free play” kiddies to roam the shops, hit the beach, or go for a walk in the trees, pull out a good book, have a photo shoot… whatever really.
  4. Dinner is at 7pm at

Self Confidence Should Be Mandatory

lauren o’keefe recently brought these YouTube links into my conciousness in the forums. As someone who was ruthlessly tormented about my looks, height, weight, hair, skin and every other bloody thing my whole teenage life, those clips really hit a sore spot with me but also put a lot of things into perspective. In my opinion, they should be mandatory viewing for all girls. I haven’t been able to shake them ouf of my head since I saw them.

dove: evolution
dove: onslaught
dove: true colours
dove: daughters

Call For Models (Melbourne AUS) Call For Models

Ideally you will be……

  1. prepared to give it a go and try something different or even a bit unflattering
  2. based in Melbourne, Australia
  3. look completely normal or utterly unusual or anything in between
  4. accept red wine, love and photos as currency

I take my responsibility as a photographer seriously. Prior to a shoot I will talk to you about my ideas, what I want you to do, how I want you and the whole image to look and discuss different options. I aim to create an art piece that best utilizes your particular look and attitude whatever that may be. If you don’t look like a typical model, brilliant.

I do not shoot underage models without a parent in attendance and encourage all models to bring a chaperon or friend to shoots. I always encourage models to leave their mobile phones switched on, take reg

Fame and Fortune for Jo O'Brien?

Ok…. Not quite yet……


The FUNNIEST thing happened today. I was sitting in the city reading an art book (as you do!) killing time before having lunch with sjem and this nervous woman approaches me and says “Jo O’Brien?” To which I go … “um yeah, hello”

Then… get this- she asks for my autograph. I ask her why and she says “you are the Jo O’Brien who modeled for Paul Vanzella right?” I was totally utterly speechless and smiling like the biggest idiot! And going bright red. And making a total fool of myself. But yeah, I signed her tram ticket for her which made her happy. I warned her that it wouldn’t fetch much on ebay just yet :)

So yeah, I reckon that makes me famous, so now I get to have temper tantrums celebrity style and demand my coke with no ice at MacDonalds :)

As it happens, sh

Modeling Portfolio

Ok before you think I’m totally full of myself…. I have been asked by a couple of prospective collaborators and potential sources of income to get all the RedBubble projects I’ve modeled for in one place so that they can check out ‘my range.’ So please forgive my seemingly ego indulgent post!…

Michael Alesich

Darryl Anderson

David Barnes

Adrian Carmody

Mark German

Wen Lim

Helen McLean

Christina Norwood

James Price

John Robb

Jessica Tremp

Paul Vanzella

Paul Louis Villani

Melissa Vowell

Chris White

Based in Melbourne, Australia

No tattoos
Pierced ear lobes
minor scars and freckles

Height: 17

Lorne Overnighter- Room Allocations

To help us all check in, I have thrown together some room allocations. We can totally change these around however we want when we are all there.…

This is what we are staying in…

And yes, that is a queen bed, a few lovely people get to bunk up (or just stay up all night) Don’t worry fellas, most of the girls have already offered to do it so you don’t have to!

$50 per person for accomodation: Please pay upon arrival at reception. Cash prefered.
Money for meals or you can self cater using the facilities in the cottages
Petrol money

What to Bring:

  1. Camera etc.
  2. Beach stuff
  3. Money
  4. Phone and charger
  5. Walking shoes
  6. The ususal stuff.

ROOM ONE (Reserved Under Jo O’Brien)
Jo O’Brien
Jessica Tremp

ROOM TWO (Reserved Under Chris White)
Chris W
Darryl A
Daijiro Kat

RedBubble Etiquette

Isn’t it great that we have such a cool community on here, bursting with creativity?
The vibe is great, the people are great, the artwork is exceptional. But don’t we all love a big old whinge every now and then? Well, I do, and I’ve been saving it all up for this one post. (Well it was either that or become the creature I love to hate!)…

Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion and I am but one person and don’t represent anyone except myself. And I’m being all one-sided and hypocritcal. And you may not like me very much… And arguing with me probably won’t work!

Flooding Activity Monitors with Repetitive Art
I love that RedBubble allows us to upload as much of our art as we want, but seriously guys- do we really need 10 shots of the same thing from different angles? Or the same image with 6 d

Collaborations: Good Fun but Hard Work!

I’m a big fan of collaborations. They inspire, motivate and challenge me and push me to do things differently and break old habits. They’re also great fun and I get to meet people who I’d otherwise have never known.

Most recently, Helen McLean and I have completed two photo shoots together with several other ideas in the works. And while it is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of hard work. I thought I’d share with you all, the process we undertook for our most recent shoot.

Thinking Up An Idea
Sounds easy but not necessarily! We both have a love of 1950s Pin Up art and knew that we wanted to somehow emulate it. After our previous shoot using Hosier Lane in Melbourne, known for its graffiti, we wanted to maintain the use of unusual locations. The specifics were somewhat in the air when we de

Meet Up: Great Ocean Road Overnighter?

Tessalated Coast by Peter Martin

Ok, so here’s my suggestion (feel free to ignore it)

Last year I went to a wedding in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road and saw how well they accommodated a larger group. Seeing as how there are a few RedBubblers who live over that way who missed out on our Melbourne Meet Ups, I thought it might be nice to go visit.

Great Ocean Road Cottages in Lorne is not only wonderfully cheap, (works out to about $50 per head or they have a backpackers on site if your want cheaper) but the people who run it are lovely and very helpful. You can make use of the electric kitchens to self cater or go to the cafes and pubs down the road. The cottages are a 2 minute walk from an IGA or 10 minute walk to the nearest pub. (Yes, they have Red Wine)

Erskine Falls Reborn by Michael E

Melbourne Meet Up - PHOTOS!!!!!

Well it was another successfull Melbourne Meet Up…

We are all getting so friendly- it’s great to see. This time we had a record turn out, so much so that most of us can’t remember everyone else’s names yet! But it was great to see lots of fresh faces and meet you all. You better come to the next one!

We ate lunch, walked around the botanic gardens, got lost and few times, had numerous toilet and caffine stops, did cartwheels (well, Jess did anyway), saw some pretty gardens, drank red wine and enjoyed each others’ company.

Can’t wait for the photos to start coming through.

Everyone is linking to their photos HERE if you are interested


Michman’s facebook album

James Broadway’s online album
and one of Jess

Ann van Alkmade

whoalse’s has an online album from today

…and these…


Retro Pin Up Photo Collaboration

Today Helen McLean and I met up to take some photos at her place. That was until we had a streak of craziness and decided to uproot the whole shoot and head into the city. You certainly get some strange looks when you lug around a red armchair on a saturday afternoon amidst hundreds of city goers.

Anyway, Helen is slowly getting through all the post production and as each shot goes up I’ll add it to this entry rather than clogging everyone’s activity monitors. Until I get the files via CD later this week, I’m just posting the low res versions.

I Heart Collaborations!


50s Mannequin

Candy Man

Rockabilly Diner Baby

Wish You Were Here

Dine In Or Take Away

Melbourne Meet Up This Sunday

Yes, I’m doing it again (must be some sort of compulsion disorder). After this one we’re going to do an overnighter so come along and meet people first. I’m excited already.…

Date: Sunday August 19th 2007
Time: 12 noon onwards- Meet at Flinders Street Station steps and we’ll walk over together
Where: The Royal Botanic Gardens
Activities for the day: Cafe Lunch then maybe a stroll around the gardens.
RSVP: Comment in this thread
Contact: Jo 0418 240 485 (save my number in your phone)
What to Bring: Camera, lunch monies
Updates: Will be posted here and in my journal

Who’s in so far?
Jessica Tremp
Peter Kelly
Charlotte Morison
Anne van Alkemade
Jo O’Brien
Hien Nguyen (and he better bring his camera) :)
Greg B is a ‘definite maybe’
Mark German
Mark Higgins
Chris W
Lisa G

Melbourne is Freezing

So I’m back from my brief holiday to Uluru, Alice Springs and Kings Canyon. 2000+ photos later and I never want to look at a big red rock ever again! But seriously, I had a great time. I embraced the nothingness of being in the middle of nowhere and made heaps of friends around campfires and on tour buses. I’ve come back with bunches of email addresses and the business cards of some great artists and other friendly folk. I thought being away would allow me to comtemplate life, the universe and everything, but found that instead it allowed me to swtich off for a while and not think about anything too hard. It was fantastic. When’s my next holiday?…

Me riding a camel with my friend Christine. My mother and sister are on the one behind us

Just a bit of prettiness from the base of Uluru

Me bei

See you on the 15th

This is me signing off for a couple of weeks. I’m flying out to Uluru for a much needed desert holiday. I’ve got heaps of stuff planned, and heaps of nothingness planned too. I’m really excited. So if you’re wondering why I’m snobbing you off- that’s why. I’m not here!

Moonrise Over Uluru by Mark Boyle

Selling Art At Markets

Selling Art At Markets

Without repeating the points I made in my Selling Greeting Cards Through Stores post, here are some of my pointers for selling artwork at markets. It’s going to be another long one so I’ll use headings and give you some pretty pictures to look at on the way :)

Pin-Up Strip Collection – Cards : Freedom by Helen McLean

Know The Market You are Attending
Visit the market first! This step is often overlooked and yet it will help you a lot. Some markets can be described as ‘glorified garage sales’ (nothing wrong with that) and others are almost outdoor shopping centres with every convenience. Make a special trip with your stall in mind and ask yourself some questions: What is already being sold? How would you categorise the shoppers? How many people are buying things vs. h

Sunday Melbourne Meet Up

Yes, I’m doing it again (must be some sort of compulsion disorder). After this one we’re going to do an overnighter so come along and meet people first. I’m excited already.

Date: Sunday August 19th 2007
Time: 12 noon onwards- Meet at Flinders Street Station steps and we’ll walk over together
Where: The Royal Botanic Gardens
Activities for the day: Picnic/Cafe Lunch then maybe a stroll around the gardens. (I’m waiting on an ok from the cafe to book a table)
RSVP: Comment in this thread
Contact: Jo 0418 240 485 (save my number in your phone)
What to Bring: Camera
Updates: Will be posted here

Fairy Bread by Jaye Loring

So I've Caught the "Meet Up Bug"

Hey guys, don’t know about you but I thought today was a blast. I got to ride a ferris wheel, look at cool street art, drink red wine and take photos… oh hang on… I didn’t actually get around to the taking photos bit. But the red wine was good! :)

In fact, I’m loving this whole “meet up” thing. It’s almost as addictive as surfing the RedBubble galleries… almost.

And here are just a handful of group shots taken by Hien. (isn’t he just sooooo talented?)

Back Out From Hiding

Some of my works and journal entries are now listed as “not safe for work” so if you want to see everything in my portfolio and journal, make sure you have your filter switched off.…

You may also notice that a few works I previously pulled down due to ‘concerns’ or ‘complaints’ are back up. No disrespect intended to the people I pulled them down for. This new filter means that anything coming close to the line can be hidden from those people who don’t want to see it. It does not give permission to post whatever the hell we feel like and I realise that.

If you feel I have crossed the line, I still urge you to contact me at

I still get regular emails complaining about my work. So obviously I’m still pushing a few buttons. From here on in, without wanting to sound harsh,

Selling Greeting Cards Through Stores

Recently the topic of selling greeting cards out in the real world has come up in the forums.…

Having sold greeting cards before through shops and at markets, my humble opinion and experience may be of interest. I’ve got a lot to say on this one so I’ll use headings :)

Be a Business- Not Just an Artist
What I mean by this is consider yourself a business supplier and demonstrate a level of professionality. Yes it is great if you promote the artistic merits of your work but greeting cards are a very common product and so being organised with an ABN, professional looking invoices, online ordering facilities, fast turn around etc will put you ahead of the (always growing) pack. Like all good businesses, know your strengths and show them off.

Provide Good Quality Products
It might sound obvious

Daytime Melbourne Meet Up

The last one was great but some people couldn’t make it because it was in the evening. So I thought we could have another one during the day! Yay!

Date: Saturday July 28th
Time: 10am onwards
Where: Meet Flinders Street Station on the steps
Activities for the day: Photo taking, lunch, more photo taking and if we are keen a wander around the national gallery.
RSVP: Comment here
Contact: Jo 0418 240 485 (save my number in your phone)

Can’t manage a Saturday? Pencil in Sunday August 19th.

In Just 6 Weeks

Today I went back over my profile and journal entries and realised I’ve only been on RedBubble for 6 weeks. In that time so much has happened… I’ve collaborated a few times, met people for coffee to talk art, organsied a Melbourne Meet up, helped RedBubble artists get their stuff into galleries (and sold some!), been interviewed for ‘the chair’ and am in the middle of working out how to open a RedBubble Gallery or similar somewhere in Melbourne. I’ve also learned that I can only sell photos of my bottom!…

It’s amazing what you can get done when you really believe in something and focus on making it happen. The people on RedBubble have made it so special for me. The standard of work is always improving making logging on the best feeling. I am inspired to be creative and try new things. I am

Reservoir Ducks

If you don’t get it, you’re not in on it…. hehehehehe

Haha. Great night guys. Well worth it. Looking forward to some coat openning/dining table setting up/Pyjama wearing times ahead. Flinders Street won’t know what happened!

Did I mention- you guys all rock. So glad you made it. Top company.

Just don’t forget to pass the duck.

Duck Challenge by Sharon Palmieri

Please, someone draw the line for me

I’m yet again back on on here looking for some answers after being asked to remove stuff again. I just can’t seem to get it right. Please don’t get me wrong- I don’t want to offend anyone but I’m actually finding it quite difficult to get the right balance.…

In the past I’ve put up work I think is tasteful or subtle or that has a lot of artistic merit and been suggested to remove it. I put up stuff today that this very afternoon was viewed and commented on by primary school children with their mother present and yet I post it on here and got emails from two people about it’s appropriateness. I’m at the point where if I get one inappropriate comment from someone I freak out that I shouldn’t have posted it. HEEELLLP!

I guess what I’m finding so upsetting is that I seem to be unable to predic

Blood Study

Saw by Michael Eyssens

I haven’t been on here much lately. Simply because I have been studying and SHOCK GASP HORROR actually out there taking photos. I’ve just completed some preliminary shots for a series I’m planning using a lot of blood (I found some great blood recipes- sticky blood, fresh blood, old blood etc). Looks like my ideas are going to work which is great. And the blood is fan-fricken-tastic and tastes great! I now have like, 20 shots of myself with various types of blood smeared on to see how it comes up. That wasted some time that should have been spent studying. I doubt the finished product will be kiddie suitable so i’ll have to find some way of sharing without sharing too much. Hopefully (weather and study permitting) I’ll get it all done next fortnight. Any Melbourne p

Jo in The Chair - Yay

Interview by James Pierce for Wrapped Up Issue #2

The Chair – A little more serious than the ‘The Couch’

James: Give us a bit of background about the gallery you manage, what’s it like ? What kind of work do you show ? What sells ?

Jo: We have three galleries around Melbourne and specialise in affordable original art. It’s really challenging and creative work and I get to meet some very talented people. Most of my day is spent promoting emerging artists to our lovely customers and sourcing artwork to sell. We exhibit most forms of visual art including paintings, illustrations, sculpture and prints. I find many customers are looking for artwork to fit a particular space in their home. Often they buy something because of its size or colour. Other customers come in for a browse and fall in l

Photo Editing Help

If you haven’t already noticed, I am completely and utterly useless with photo editing and manipulation. I take photos, I don’t make them.…

BUT… I am starting to think it could be a bit of fun to mess around with some of my shots. So I googled Photoshop only to find out that it costs a hell of a lot of money and considering I might play with it once and decide it’s not for me, I don’t think that idea is going to work.

I don’t really know what I’m asking here? Can anyone suggest a more budget concious way of finding out if I’m into the whole photomanipulation thing? Should I take a class? Or is there a free trial of something I can download? Or something else? Bear in mind I am the most extreme kind of amature with this kind of thing. I clap my hands if I successfully crop something!

Your a

Collaborate With Jo O'Brien

What can I offer collaborations?

  1. I can take photos especially for a collaboration that contain particular objects or scenary or that fit a particular theme
  2. I can model for Melbourne based artwork
  3. I am an experienced stylist who can help put together a concept or theme for an artwork
  4. I can write a short story or piece of prose inspired by a visual artwork

Contact me at or leave me a message

Deleting/Blocking Comments

Just throwing an idea around in here before sticking this in a forum.…

How do you think it would go down if artists had the ability to delete ANY comments made on their artwork at their discretion and bypassing any offical reporting procedure? A more extreme version of this is blocking particular members from commenting on any of your work in cases of say, creepy or pervy vibes.

My thinking is that it would allow artists to ‘draw the line’ on the tone of comments found acceptable by the individual. Recently I got a few comments that I’d rather not have had visible to the whole wide world that were not ‘bad enough’ to report. They were more a refelection of the commenter than of my work and it would have been nice to delete them so as to encourage more of the mature and constructive comment

Where I'm Coming From

I just want to take a minute to let you know where it is I am coming from in terms of my art both visually and written.…

I have almost no hang ups and laugh in the face of most taboos. My art reflects this and I sometimes push people’s emotional buttons for better or worse. I certainly hope you enjoy my stuff and I do make every effort to ensure those people who do not want to be exposed to it are not. The subjectiveness of art means that I can mean one thing, but it is interpreted as another. In the interests of maintaining the amazing tone and quality of this site I will happily remove any works if requested.

I do tend to use myself as a subject, mainly out of a lack of options, but also out of my perfectionist nature. Again this is something that really changes the dynamic of art and a

I got to wear wings today

I just got back from a photshoot with one of the artists from my work. We had suggested to him that he use more ‘normal’ looking models and somehow Sharon and I volunteered to be photographed for his work in a spur of the moment kind of way- and he took us up on it.…

He was a great guy, very professional and VERY creative. I’m just dying to see the finished product. He had this massive set of wings made from peacock feathers- SO impressive looking. I had wing-lust. We got a few different sets of things. A predator/prey type set, a draping across furniture set, a bundled into a ball on the floor set and an embracing set. It’s been a long time since I was in front of the camera- I’d forgotten how much fun it is. Gotta love being the centre of attention for a couple of hours and getting to pl

Selling Photography

This is based on my experience working at markets and in “painting and sculpture” galleries. I have heard of exclusively photographic galleries (collaborative- not just for a single photographer) which are an easier market but I am yet to find one in Melbourne.…

DISCLAIMER: The opinions presented in this journal are not a substitute for professional advice and are based on analogical evidence

Things that I have found help to sell photography are:
1) Taking a strikingly lucky, creative and one off image that others would struggle to replicate
2) Presenting your photos in an original way
3) Providing support material to the seller about the image and yourself
4) Signing the image and providing info on the back
5) Having a variety of photos available for sale
6) Only having one copy of each image

Selling Art Through Galleries- My Advice

I recently received an email from a fellow RedBubbler and thought I should share my response……

DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion and advice so don’t take my word as gospel!

Hi Jo,

I ’discovered ’ you on Red Bubble and love your work..

You mentioned you work for a gallery that takes work on consignment.

I’m interested in getting some of my work into galleries but don’t know how to.

My stuff is here…

So just wondering if you have some advice??

Cheers & thanks,

Hey M

First thing is you will notice that the footer of this email has all my phone numbers- please do not hesitate to call me and we can have a proper conversation about this. I have a lot of artists ask me about this and am only happy to help out.

I have found that the best way to get your stuff into

My thoughts on using photo manipulation

See here for a recent heated discussion RE photoshoping of google images.…

I try to think in terms of how I would feel if someone used one of my photoshop-free images, tweaked it and put it back up as their own.

Personally I would be wrapped and honoured if someone used my work to create something new, but I would just feel used if they didn’t really make anything new out of it and slapped a filter or two on it and then called it their own.

It’s a matter of how much time and energy I put into creating the image against how little time and energy the modifier put in. I’d feel a bit ripped off.

I think it’s good manners to ask for permission to use someone’s work, however I strongly believe the orignial artist has an obligation to set their terms before the modifying artist begins doing thei

Have You Photographed Uluru?

I am rewarding myself for all my hard studying and working by having a few days at Uluru in early August.…

The thing is, I keep getting conflicting advice from people such as…
1) The rock looks stunning all the time in all sorts of light
2) The rock only lights up and looks fantastic for about 10 minutes at sunrise and sunset
3) Don’t take you best camera because it is doomed due to all the dust and grit in the air
4) Take your best camera because you will regret it if you don’t
5) Do a tour to find the best spots (photographically speaking)
6) Take yourself to the rock to find the best spots (photographically speaking)
7) Find a local to show you the best spots (photographically speaking)

So who can lend me some realistic advice on how to structure my time there to best suit my photographic ende

I'm cooking

I moved out of home when I was 14 so I never really leaned how to cook. My partner and I tend to live on $6 Parma nights and $10 steak nights at the local pubs and supplement that with good and cheap Indian, Italian and Thai food from Lygon Street when we feel like we’ve been eating too much crap.

I love it really, choosing somewhere, walking over, choosing from several meals what you feel like, telling someone how you like it so that they can cook it for you just right, eating it amongst other people, all the banter and talking about each other’s day, and then the best bit… handing someone a VISA card and leaving without having to clear a single plate or wash a single pot!…

Well recently due to budgetary constraints the ‘eating out 6 nights a week’ habit had to go and I have begun cooking.

One of those days

Today was one of ‘those days’ were you just want to get the hell out of there and go home and that last hour just crawls and crawls and crawls and suddenly you realise all these irritating little habits in people you otherwise like and then you wonder if it’s rude to lean forward and say “speak clearly” or to lean over and say “breath quietly” and then you realise YOU are doing it too. You are mumbling and breathing loudly and there is nothing you can do about it.

Well I’m home now and for some reason I feel compelled to take photos of clocks and nice relaxing big wide spaces. Maybe I should put my clock in a big wide space and take a photo of that?

Here I am

So as the story goes, I heard along the grape vine about this site and boy am I impressed. As soon as I got my profile set up I threw some random shots of mine up but I really need to sit down and go through my stuff- the quality of artwork on this site is amazing. I don’t feel worthy of being on here with all you creative gurus!

Please feel free to go through my work and pick it to pieces. I’m really keen to learn and get better so all your advice and ideas are very appreciated. I’m really looking forward to engaging with this big happy RedBubble family.


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