Most Portal shirts removed

I’m assuming Valve took them down.

I guess this means I will not be putting them back up. I don’t want to risk getting in trouble after all.

Hope those of you who got a shirt enjoy it! It was cool while it lasted.

Maybe sometime I will make more, but I doubt that will include portal shirts.

Valve complaining

Well, Valve complained and removed some of my, or just one (but probably more later) Wheatley shirts…

I really hope people who bought it recently, such as the person who bought it 2 hours ago still gets it. I’ll be really upset if RedBubble didn’t send them the shirt they paid for because of Valve being all upset that I put their character on a shirt. It’s not like I didn’t draw that myself Valve, calm down.

Anyways, sorry guys… I guess I’ll need to start putting up more…original things…

I hope the shirts went out, though…


I plan/want to make more shirts. It’s fun to do and I get something out of it, which (hopefully) pleases people as well. <3 So I’m sticking to this site.

The problem is, what do you guys want?

I want to make more Portal/Portal 2 shirt designs, and maybe some Fallout: New Vegas or 3, as well as some Earthbound/Mother shirts etc.

What do you guys think I should do?

If you have any suggestions about games, or series or etc that I should consider, go ahead and plop down a comment.

If you have a specific idea that you think I should do, try to bubblemail me and we can discuss it. :> I’m open to all ideas, it just depends if I can or want to do it. Feel free to run it past me.

But anyways, hopefully I can get some new stuff up soon. Don’t hesitate to ask about new stuff!

Stiiilll need to add those shirt designs.

I need to go ahead and hurry up and update with more of the SPAAAACE designs, and if nobody buys it yet (if someone does I won’t change it) but I may add more stars to Space v1 (Or…I think I called it that).…

I may also put some of my photography on here!

The photos may be watermarked with the name “Come0nEileen”, but that is because that name is the username of my DeviantArt Photo-Account (DA Photo Account), and my laptop lost all its memory so I only have the photos I put up on DA. :T

Oh yes!

And to whoever bought my shirts, thank you a ton!
I’m only a student in High School so to be able to make some extra money is wonderful for me. :3 Thank you.

And also whenever I sell a shirt it’s like a huge confidence booster. Thanks again.

If you guys see this note, is it possible you guys could ev

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