Behind the scenes - a work in progress. Not yet finished.

I scribbled over Georges van Raemdonck’s illustrations, in my – now – most treasured book, ‘Alleen Op De Wereld’ (Alone in the world, translated, in 1940, from Sans Famille_, by Hector Malot) 60 years ago, and and I’m still doing it, by copying the illustration in charcoal on to canvas.

And colouring it in, in oils.

Very much missing going to the art class, at Hazelhurst and having Melissa advise on proportions.
The book:

" I scribbled over Georges van Raemdonck’s illustrations, 60 years ago, of my now most treasured book and and I’m still doing it. "
Example, of my efforts, 60 years ago :

The current painting, still to have a lot more detail added, including relevant text:


The book was given to me when I wa…

I still colour in... Don't do it this way!

When I enrolled in an art class, in recent years, I believed that I might learn how to properly construct a painting, i.e., how to build up the layers.
It didn’t work.
I understand the theory but I’m now 65 and I’ll never change.
I draw and I colour in.
I actually like the idea that, sixty years ago I scribbled over Mr Georges van Raemdonck’s illustrations of my favourite book, Alleen Op De Wereld (Alone in the World), translated from Hector Malot’s Sans Famille and I am still colouring in his illustrations!

So this is how not to do it.
I.e., copy the illustration, in charcoal on to canvas.
Blow or brush away the excess charcoal.
Step back a few times and correct a little bit.
Start painting straight away, searching for the right colour by trying it out on the canvas (instead of the palet

Heading for a thousand visitors!!!

That’s the longest time I’ve enjoyed remembering a birthday party, in my life, I reckon!
Art exhibition, at the Tap Gallery, what more can one want?
Cannot believe my luck that it was videoed!!!
Did not know at the time that I could expect to see my birthday celebration, on YouTube!!
Thank you!!
By the way……….…

“Someone who’ll watch over me!”

Are you going to see………..?

The theatre, as a setting for this play wants, you to appreciate the talent of these young people. The building has had better days. The people performing in- and organising the production are (in my eyes) so young and are breathing so much energy and life into this well-worn place.

Not that I see plays very often but sometimes, when the actors have been much older, better known and perhaps even famous, I have sat back

This will amaze you!

…actually, I’m quoting from this:

One of these stars is a very close relative!!
another close relative has a bit-part in the clip!! (LOL)
Enjoy !!!!
Musical ability mainly from my side!
Technical talents, from his mum!! :)

Lucky he takes after his mum........

They talk about cars. They have a sense of humour. Their YouTube site is called: MightyCarMods . They had 4568 viewers, so far, for this episode.

The clean-shaven one is a relative. His grandfather and great-uncle were the first to work for Victa Mowers, in the very beginning . He gets his mechanical know-how and love of cars from his maternal side.

I have a YouTube site too. You guessed it: 200 views!!
So which one of us is pleasing and impressing the YouTube audience more?
I ask you now! :( :)
I wear their t-shirt a lot!

P.S.. Voice and musical skills from his father….. :)

P.P.S. – THEY’RE SELLING IT!! (The now famous car!)

Not happy

Can’t win ’m all.
Should have read the rules!

These *paintings, done in my happy retirement, of subjects who are now, themselves close to being retired, do not qualify.
No children or pets!
(Almost sounds like one of those apartment buildings that elderly people retire to. :)

Those "dear little gazanias".

Went and bought two good brushes and lemon yellow and painted again, this afternoon. My inspiration?
The shape of the canvas and my contact with memories of 1967/1968, via the internet.

I’ve told this, often, before (See my part in the Making of Modern Australia.).
After my first three years, out of teachers college, at Riverstone Primary School, which ALMOST seemed like country service_> (I lived first in Matraville, Later Eastlakes.) I was still sent to Maude-via-Hay, in 1967.
The principal of Hay Public School had been asked by the inspector to keep an eye on we one-teacher school appointees and so we were invited to the principal’s residence, in Hay, beside the school.
(Please read Sydney too far away and I woke in fright

No it isn't!

This is not where the administration of the Dutch Australian Centre is handled.

The administration of the (now) Dutch Australian Cultural Centre, is taken care of, as it always was by a volunteer committee, called The Board, and is conducted in a light industrial area, further west of this purpose designed building.
The contents of the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre was moved there too and the report in the Dutch Weekly, published at the time of the opening of this museum, no longer apply: " Er staat nu een klein stempeltje in Chester Hill met een steving kloppend hart. " Roughly translated: There now stands a small (Dutch-Australian) imprint , in Chester Hill with a strongly beating heart.

But management of the Abel Tasman Retirement Village realised that the building was needed for r

Dutch-born, Sydney-based artists, tell them! Join us!

The board (committee) of the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre is planning to organise talks, to be presented by Dutch-born, Sydney (and environs)-based, visual artists.
Inspired by a such an address, given to members of the Art Society of Manly, by D.A.C.C. Boardmember, Thea Bourne, the board wishes to spread the word further, regarding the works of Dutch-born artists.
Please spread the word.
As I’ve written here before, SO MANY people (It honestly happened again on Thursday) SAY: Oh! You’re Dutch? I knew a Dutch family, in our street.
Let’s not be invisible!! If you are of Dutch background and would like 10 or 20 minutes to show your work (via audio-visual means, as in: On a screen) to fellow Australians, please contact us and help us organise it.

The Making of Australia - my part.

Thank you, ABC. (Thank you, Akky, for alerting me to it.)
My pupils (primary school students) used to be amused by my favourite expression: Letting off steam!
I have found a place to do it. Just as I use RedBubble, also.
It’s called: The Making of Australia and it’s a website, associated with a planned t.v. series.
And I’ve dropped off three stories so far. They’re the ones that I tell so often anyway. (Comes with mature years. Also known as old age.)…

Again, the one about: In Australia the sun always shines (a statement by my uncle that gave my father an excuse to escape Dutch weather and the insurance company that he was working for. Mind you, this uncle never left Melbourne, in the early 50s, before returning to Gouda. I wonder how much sun he did see?)

The one about my father making a l

Ike exposed and painted.

Might do a series of these.

I only virtually know Ike. It was via another website, where he showed off these self-portraits, mainly taken in the Netherlands.
It may not be as daring, in the Netherlands, to take your clothes off and take a self-portrait, as it is in most other countries, but it still seem cheeky to me.
A kind of a Puckish activity.

I have based a painting on Ike’s activities before and I entered that in the Inspired by Rembrandt competition, in 2006.
Ike knew about that and wrote that he was flattered.

As always, I am about 70% finished, painting this but putting it here, gives me a different perspective.

Flattered to be featured. But am I artrageous enough?

I don’t think so!

Featured on the Artrageous Redbubble artists and their creative adventures group" , I am honoured but left wondering!!
Am certainly not *out*rageous.
Have always been on the conservative side (Not politics – but nature).
Speaking of nature! For quite some time now, I seem to have slipped into becoming a non-practising naturist.
Yep. Still believe in it and shall do my bit, here and there, but let others fight the good fight, for a while!
Just thought I’d journal that thought!

Back in the saddle - so to speak - with brush in hand.

It’s a start! Got it started, Friday afternoon. Working on it a bit, yesterday (Saturday) and spent another hour or so on it, today (Sunday).

It’s from a photo which I took, in 1997, just before returning to Sydney. It was of the street where we lived before we migrated, in 1956.
The unit (flat/apartment , depending on in which country you’re reading this) had been allocated to a young couple, with a little girl, who were happy to swap it with my parents (and I) who lived in an ordinary house.
The two families got to know each other this way and we migrated together a year or two(?) later.
In 1997, I visited the street. Spoke to people getting into a car near our unit. They did remember old neighbours.
I then took the photo from the park, on the dyke, where there used to be two little swi…


It’s been a year and two months, since I last wrote in my journal, here, about a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed, in the late seventies:
Presenting one-hour radio programs, in the Dutch language, via (SBS) Radio 2EA, in Sydney, a few times (3) monthly.
A week or so ago I was reminded of those days again, when I was shown the old and the new studios, in Ultimo, where my son works as a sound engineer/ technician.
To me, studios have a special atmosphere, that draws me.
Not that I have been in many.
They’ve been…….
o a recording studio, in a converted church, in Balmain.
o The old 2SM studios used by (SBS) Radio 2EA, in the early days.
o The temporary ones the Community Radio 2SSR, in the Sutherland Shire used, when it was waiting to get a licence.
o The community radio station, in Gouda, …

I'm the Dorian Gray, of the Fine Arts Group!

I’d forgotten about it and then it was so nice, when going through the groups that I belong to to see my own face (collage of self-portraits) among the avatars.

As always, I see links.
At the moment I’m working on a copy of 8mm film of our Muck-Up Day (Last day of High School) at Maroubra Bay High School, 1961.
I am trying to transfer these scenes to the MBHS59 50 year reunion website.

As you can imagine, the movie is of the quality that 8mm movies were, back then.
But it was so good to see a 17-year old me, very briefly several times, in the playground, including me skirmishing for the camera with the young girl, who was then, kind of sort of my girlfriend, at the time. :)

Life drawing. Where should I go?

Yesterday, for the first time, I went to the Arthouse Hotel , and very much enjoyed having a go, again, at drawing, in a life drawing situation.

It was quite different from my previous experiences.
That had been in 1969-1971, at the Art Teachers Conversion Course, run by the Department of Education, in the old East Sydney Technical College.

Being able to have a drink and listening to the kind of music that I tend to have on when I’m painting, was quite different from painting in the buildings which now have the name: The National Art School. (I have not been there,again, since, end of 1971)

Turns out that there are many short poses. (I guess they were three minutes each?)
I have often done that excercise with my pupils but then they kept their clothes on! I.e., the quick one-minute sketc…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait