Painting again..........

Had a bit of a break, after 8th October and the opening of my exhibition, at the Tap Gallery.

Was sent some euros, as a Christmas gift and used part of that money to buy some canvases.

Inspired by the virtual contact with the subject of my painting: Donna and the Rembrandt Boys, I’m back to my afternoon routine of painting.

Made my cup of coffee, ready to do some painting. Pressed the button and got cricket, instead of Afternoons, with James Valentine. Was disappointed.

So, Direct from the barrrrr, it was Dean Martin and the Rat Pack, who entertained, while my assistant slept and I painted.

On the right road (unlike today!)

Having finally been to see a play: Belle’s Line, at the Fitzroy Theatre, Woolloomooloo, and having written about how much I enjoyed the experience, and why, I now feel justified, having read the review, by Byron Kaye, in the paper.…

Byron wrote: " There are laughs and twists, but like the road, this is best appreciated for its unhurried pace and invigorating scenery along the way."

He also mentions how: " Live singer, guitarist Terry Serio weaves a simply melancholy over proceedings, allowing the actors to take their time and keep it real."
I guess that’s why Byron Kaye is a professional!
Couldn’t have said it better myself!
Today I thought (again) that I should get with it! Not go the old way!
Checked on the net, and printed out the directions.
It was going to be simple, although it involved

People on Bridges

Opa Postma (maternal grandfather,) turned the Red Bridge. It was the link between the suburb of Gouda, called: De Korte Akkeren (The short acres) and the main part of the City of Gouda.
It was his last location, and possibly the longest, in his career as bridge and lock keeper.

Via the internet, and a book written by my cousin, for and by his children, I discovered that I was not the only grandson who was sometimes allowed to stand on the bridge, while he operated the device that turned the bridge, while grumbling people watched and ships laden with goods, on their way from Rotterdam to Amsterdam were allowed through.
THIS gave me the idea of making the current challenge, for the Bridges Group:
Please have a look.

Masks everywhere.

For a moment, I was confused.
I belong to the group: Behind the Mask, here, on Redbubble.
So when this came, through the email, system, for a few seconds,
I forgot which was which!
Information overload!!


Come paint and / or draw nude(s) naturally.

This is a picture of Evelyn, when she was relaxing, at River Island Nature Retreat.
I suggest, once again, that (now that the weather is warming up), River Island Nature Retreat (clothes-optional) would be such a great setting for painting ( O.K. And / or photographing ) the nude, in a natural setting.
The setting is a valley, west of Mittagong, NSW, on the Wollondilly River.
I would be so pleased to arrange a weekend (E.g., paint or photograph someone naturally, on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning_) in this great, natural setting, west of Mittagong.

I am not a teacher of art (Dropped out of the course, 3/4 of the way.) but would love to arrange for this to happen, in the coming warmer months.
(No. Evelyn won’t be there to model. She went back to Belgium. But something else could b

A Manly view of Art.

This is the view, from my car, parked near the Manly Art Gallery & Museum, situated on Sydney Harbour, four minutes walk from Manly Wharf. Opened in 1930, by Manly Council. Apparently, it was the first metropolitan regional gallery in NSW. Now, said to be a popular destination for thousands of local, interstate and international visitors each year.

Fellow boardmember (DACC) and artist, Thea Bourne, had invited me to come along to a talk, given by four different artists.

Hers, was one of four.
The first was by Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, who showed us how she relates to the experience of people from Europe, arriving in Australia, focusing on La Perouse, the French explorer.
If you have read any of my writings, on the internet, you will know how I have, so often taken visitors, on my so-called…

Ozcloggie un-masked, while chasing Sooz' work. Cryptic? Not really!

I’ve just about finished my painting of the girl, whom I knew in Bourke, in 1968.

So, my time in Bourke (1967-1968) was on my mind.
In Bourke 5 of us, male teachers, shared a house, in Anson Street.
Imagine the Odd Couple but then, with five of us.
We were not good housekeepers. Every so often Big Bruce (as he was affectionately called, who was the unofficial leader,) would decide it was time for a clean-up.
So the inside of the house was hosed. ( You couldn’t do that now-a-days, in Sydney. Or actually anywhere else, I suppose.)

It’s times in our lives like those, that might be seen as turning-points or milestones.
I gained two good friends out of that experience. They became an item while in Bourke and four of us played untold numbers of (card) games of 500 and also had the occasional g…

The story behind the pictures..... Remembering.......

These girls were participating in an art lesson, in 1967.
in Maude, via-Hay (actually 32 miles or 51 km, out of Hay, along an unmade road that was constantly in the process of being graded and my little volkswagen would have to take the side-track to the side-track when visiting the kind school principal and his family, in Hay.

Karen was one of the 22 children (pupils) in the one-teacher school.
The 22 were spread from kindergarten to year 9. The two in secondary, were doing work, sent by the Correspondence School, located in Kings Cross, in Sydney.
Karen’s parents kindly invited me to dinner and also wrote a lovely letter, a number of years after I’d left Maude.

Karen was in Year 4. Diane was in Year 6. These two were good friends.
During the time that I was there, there was an athletic…


Good fun, seeing the painting of the children doing the square dancing, in 1975, featured in the DANCE group. :)

The male nude. NOT that there's anything wrong with that! FEATURED!

A drawing which I did, in about 1970 is featured here .
Now, as a naturist, I already find that there is all this, well, let’s call it : misunderstanding!!!
Promoting naturism and trying to walk the line between the quaint image of middle-aged people playing volley-ball, or petanque (jeu-de-boule), and blokes, sitting there with their legs apart, apparently amazed that they have male genitalia, is hard enough!
I am so pleased that my drawing, from all that long ago is still appreciated. (It wasn’t particularly, at the time.)
It was just something we had to do to pass, in the course and shuld have actually helped me because, a teacher, in one of the other sections of the course, was amazed that I did not know where bits of the body were underneath the clothes of the subject that we had to pa…

Ready to colour in another one!

All right. I’ve painted her before.
Again, I want to see if I’ve improved.
I have hundreds of pictures (slides, photos, 8mm movies), taken in those 37 years of teaching but seem to come back to certain subjects.
It feels like exercising, to see if my skills have improved.

I’ve enjoyed getting this one started, yesterday, and worked on it a bit today.
Enjoyed it so much, that I picked up my accordion and played all those tunes all over again. Many of them ones that I first played in the late fifties, early sixties.
Morningtown Ride and Mummy told me something (The Pebbles and Bam Bam song), I taught to my first class, in 1964.

I worked it out, again, today. She was 11 when I took this, photo, in 1967.
Take that away from 2008 and time has moved on!
I did have contact, via the old Schoolfr…

Taking my paintings to Oyster Bay, and my past life.

After lunch, today, I’ll drive to Surf Rd, in Cronulla and collect my five framed paintings.
Then drive to Short Street, Oyster Bay and drop them off at the public school. (Today there is a teachers’ strike.)

Last year was the first time that I entered paintings in the 37th Annual Oyster Bay Art and Craft Festival. A clever way to raise funds for that school.
Retired from 37 years of teaching primary school kids, it felt funny, to cross right through a busy playground, full of kids, after a break of seven years, looking after very elderly parents. (
Unbelievable. Seven years, already?
I parked beside the playground and there were some girls sitting at the gate, obviously having fun, directing lost souls, like me and I turned into a school-teacher again.

Hard to describe what it’s like to b…

Progress report. It was the queen's birthday.......

Have been concentrating on two social networking websites, on Ning.
One for Dutch-Australians . – Reactions disappointing
and one for creating interest in yet another Maroubra Bay High School reunion .

Meanwhile, took this painting to Hazelhurst, to work on, yesterday and did some more today.
Unlike all the other paintings that I’ve done of children, I don’t know this boy.
He was at the (Dutch) Queeen’s Birthday celebration, on the 3rd of May, here in Hunters Hill, Sydney.
As always, needing a subject, for my attendance at Hazelhurst, I chose this subject to be a reminder of that day.

Meanwhile, I hope that my five paintings can go to the 38th Annual Oyster Bay Art and Craft Festival, this weekend.

The teacher was nude.......

That got your attention!
I read it, today, in the Manly Daily , at a friend’s place and followed it up on the net.
I read:…

Teacher sacked for posing nude,
by Kelly Robinson
9 May 2008

A NORTHERN beaches primary school teacher has been sacked for appearing in a sealed nude photo shoot in Cleo magazine with her husband.

The Manly Daily is on-line and there is the opportunity to leave comments.

So, I wrote:

Ms Tziolas’ skills and standing as a teacher should be the only business of her supervisors and employer. She has not broken any laws. The magazine is not part of the school curriculum.
Where is the limit to what teachers can do in their personal lives?
Who is going to throw the first stone?
Is there an over-supply of good teachers?
I hope common sense is applied and the children’s educati

The inaugural Multicultural Art Competition and my teeth.

I’m retired.
I have oceans of time.
I’m on the mailing list because of my Dutch-Australian interests.
I have no front tooth.
I wear a partial denture.
I whistle, when I answer the phone, at home, because I take it out.
I received an invitation.
I thought it was a good idea to attend
the The inaugural
Multicultural Art Competition Exhibition
I could just catch the train to Circular Quay and wander over there.
I thought that would be interesting.
I emailed Susana Ng.
I noted it on the calendar, in my iMac.
I got a phone call.
I was reminded that I have a dental appointment, on Monday.
I’m going to the dentist, on Monday.
I might see the exhibition another day.
Multicultural Art Competition Exhibition
21 April 2008 – 5 July 2008
The inaugural Multicultural Art Competition – Everyon

Oyster Bay Public School, 38th Annual Festival, here I come! 5 paintings.

Did it last year, for the first time. Plan to do it again, this May.
Shall submit five paintings and walk around there a lot, on May 23 ( from 7:30 p.m..) and May 24 and 25, 2008, again.
Take some photos and particularly have a look at how my paintings shape up to the competition.
First heard of (read about) this annual event when my children were very little.
So little that there weren’t very many places we could go.
Saw the ad. for it in the local paper and thought that an art exhibition and ‘fair’, held, at a public school would surely be child-friendly and it was.
Last year it was fun to meet up with two colleagues there too.
They were the principal and his wife.
He and I had shared refereeing the soccer games, quite a few times, when his teams played against mine and she and I worked…

If you were in one of my classes, during those 37 years, you

…may have been someone who posed or at least were asked to draw a fellow-pupil, at least twice or more during the year.
I always got one of the pupils to pose, on a desk, with hands on hips, feet a little apart and talked about how many heads there were in the whole body of the model.
About the spaces between the body and the elbows betwen the legs. Etc.
Later the finer details. Eyes, nose, mouth, hair, fingers, etc..

This must have been a later lesson. I even spuspect it was when we had clubs and the children could nominate a club (activity) that they wanted to join.

I always sketched also and usually gave the finihed product to the child(ren) who posed.
Don’t know why I still have this one.

It's a world of laughter and a world of tears, but particularly, a SMALL one!

From my Flickr messages: (As Jo Mulholland)…



a small world

Hello Jo
you sent me an invitation to add my photo to your Clean Beaches group, so I looked at your profile (as I do with everyone who contacts me on flickr) found you were from the Netherlands.
Our family has a new interest in Holland as our son has a Dutch girlfriend who will be applying for Australian residency at the end of the year.
So then I went to look at your web site and found you had a book crossing table at Smithfield.
You wouldn’t believe it but we had just taken the Dutch girlfriend to visit the Smithfield shop and I was so excited to find the bookcrossing zone there – and I picked up a book which turned out to be one of yours.
This letter is really about nothing but to say what an amazingl

Oh! I did like to be beside the sea-side! Oh! I did like to be beside the sea!

I just visited a Redbubble work, where the creator asked if the picture made me nostalgic for holidays by the sea.
Well. Yes and no.
The picture is called: Memories of Cornwell
I’ve never been there, but in Australia, we have absorbed so much English culture, through literature (at school – Wind in the Willows, The Forsyte Saga, etc., etc..) (and later films and particularly t.v..) but my memories of going down to the sea again, are of Katwijk aan Zee, and Scheveningen (Near The Hague).

I’m in one of those moods again where it strikes me as a little sad that we three cousins, in this old picture were only ever together like this, once (in 1954).

This is a cousin, on my mother’s side of the family. (Luyt Postma).

This is a cousin , from my father’s side of the family. (Wijnand Mul).

And …

Bridges, Bourke and being creative.

It’s no great work of art but I was being creative in those years when I was sent (relatively) far from home, to teach primary school children.
Actually, I did drive that VW Fastback across the North Bourke Bridge, in 1968 and I did sit and draw it. That’s why the photos of rosco79 brought back memories to me.
In those years, 1967 and 1968, while the school holidays were on, and I was back in Sydney, I printed off photos and stuck them in albums , so that one day, when I would be retired (Like now) I could look back on those experiences.
So I added litle newspaper-style comments, typed on my little portable type-writer. or stuck in cartoons taken from various magazines.

There are at least three photo albums, lots of slides, a various items in scrapbooks. Not artistic enough for Redbubb…

It was OUR heartbreak high (before it was sold!). MBHS Reunion.

This is not my photo. Somehow, in my day, some years earlier, such a photo could not have been taken, in the grounds of Maroubra Bay High School (later to become the set of Heartbreak High, the T.V. series.

In 2009, it will be 50 years since Maroubra Bay High School opened. (It was closed in 1990.) First used as the setting for the Heartbreak High T.V. series and then replaced by a lot of town houses.

In 1959, a lot of my fellow South Sydney Boys Junior High School students, were transferred from Randwick to the new school, in Maroubra Bay.

Not sorry at all!! The new school was co-educational and that meant: Girls!.

Being started with girls only in Year One, and being made up of students from Year 1 to Year 5 (The Leaving Certificate year.), the ratio was rather in favour of the girls…

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