Try Wordpress as your shop front...

I was trying now a lot of ways how to present my collected work in a professional way…

And as I find Wordpress is a very good way to do it….

It’s really very easy, gives a lot of possibilities and looks (means cool themes) and the shop front looks very professional at the end….

Please post here also your Wordpress-Blogs… I would like to see them too…. ;)

Here the RSS FEED

Childhood Shop

Islamic Shop

Kitchen Shop

Lovers Shop

Peace Shop

Satiric Shop

Screengrab! - A wonderful Add on for Firefox...

Screengrab saves entire webpages as images.

It will save what you can see in the window, the entire page, just a selection, a particular frame… basically it saves webpages as images.

It takes screen shots – that is, shots, of web pages.

Install the Firefox Add on and in the right corner down you will find a little Screengrab icon, which you just need to click…. And you have saved the Website as a picture…. :)

Here you can download Screengrab 0.95 for Firefox!

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Examples for guerilla and viral marketing...

  1. Guerrilla marketing ambushes the viewer and grabs their attention when they least expect it.
  2. Viral marketing is advertising that you voluntarily pass around because it’s cool, not necessarily because you want to help build publicity.

Taken from Guerrilla Marketing

Now here some new examples, which I have found…

Here new pictures

Read also Leonardo da Vinci: Engineer of our modern motorized toothbrushes…. or NEW Great music… or Do you know the Google Translator…???

NEW Great music...

When you think German music sounds like this then you are not really up to date…… ;)

I will bring now here from time to time great music to hear and download…

You just need to check this link at my website, or look in from time to time…..

  1. Today I present PETER FOX and the beautiful new song “Haus am See”

(just click the great music link above or the picture down…

And when you want to download this song for your mp3-player or your phone, then you can do it here…

download mp3 Peter Fox – Haus am See

Enjoy it…………………………

Nuh Sarche

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download mp3 Culcha Candela – Comeback

Leonardo da Vinci: Engineer of our modern motorized toothbrushes...

Taken from Leonardo in Your Toothbrush…

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in Vinci, a village near Florence, Italy. He was trained as an artist and sculptor in the studio of the well known renaissance artist Andrea del Verrocchio and worked for the Duke of Milan for many years. Leonardo died in 1519 at the palace of the French King Francis I at Chambois.

Leonardo has been called an artist, painter, and architect by art historians, but in fact his surviving artistic works consist of less than a dozen paintings, including the Mona Lisa in Paris and the Last Supper in Milan. A good part of his career (1482-1500) was spent as an engineer designing civil and military structures for “Il Moro”, Duke of Milan. After Leonardo’s death, he left hundreds of drawings of machines, machine elements, a

Tricks how to sell more...

I show you here some tricks, how to sell more……

But first some basics….

  1. Don’t forget, that you are selling to real customers, not other RedBubblers (even when it sometimes happens…)

And because of this, the customer has to find you, when you didn’t call his attention on your own, already….

And how he finds you…. mostly through Google of course.

  1. That’s why it is so important, that you tag your work right…

But even when you do this, it needs a little trick, that the customer also sees your work…

Here an example:

When I look for my work at Google and type for example “Shirt Allah”, I will see this pictures And what did I found? I really have found some of my shirts… This is great! But when you click at the pictures, you will find a little trick behind this….

When you click at the pictures, you

You can see live, who visits your site if you want...

It is possible to add a very useful tool to every site (RedBubble Profile, Bubblesite, any Art-site or T-Shirt-site…) to see directly and live, who is visiting you…. :)…

For me it is very informative…….. maybe for you too……….

Now I will describe how to do this…………..

You have to go here to FEEDJIT and you will see there in frames, under “Cut and paste the code below into any HTML page for your own instant Live Traffic Feed” a code, looking for example like this:

Just copy it, paste to the site where you want to see your visitors (write it for example in your comments of a new photo, which you have just posted)…

Now you have to copy the last html-address (in this exam


To help a six year old girl who has cancer.

One small gesture on our part can make one huge difference for a little girl!

Hope for Chloe

So in short:

  1. Pick one of your images.
  2. Make sure the title reads Chloe’s xxxx- your name (Chloe’s Rose- Nancy Fischer)
  3. Email it to

It will be posted here on RB on the “Hope for Chloe” page.

All proceeds will go into a special fund that RB is managing for Chloe.

Alternatively you can email if you would like to make a separate financial donation.

Spread the word! Feel free to copy this and paste it into one of your own.

A 6 year old girl needs our help!

One small gesture on our part can make one huge difference for a little girl!

100% of my profit from all sales of pictures down here, I will donate to the help for



Does it exist?

Have you ever experienced it?

Maybe you did, but have forgotten, or when you remembered you added well-intentioned something because you are not sure?

Today I have decided to write something down, something that happened two days ago…

I have a 3 years old daughter… and she spends most of the time with me… But latterly she goes to the kindergarten…

I brought her there in the morning and happy about my free time I returned home to work on my photos, what I didn’t do for months…

Since there is so cold and autumnally I have chosen this older picture to make me a little “warm”…

But I was very unhappy about the brown grass leaves behind (at my original photo)… They have totally destroyed the harmony of this picture. So what I have done? I used some filters and made t

How I promote my work outside in the "real world"................

An idea from me how to get more people to know about your stuff………

I create give-away promotion-cards from all of my work,

print them out as 10×15 pictures in a photo-store,

cut in two pieces

and approach my customers with small handy product-cards with all useful informations……….

(did you have seen my easy redirected shop name down the card? Because I’ve made shops to put all the together belonging work together…)

and the customer can find the interesting work now easier in all the “big internet world”….. :)


feel free to download it, use and share…. :)

do you promote your work?


Nuh Sarche

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Free buttons for your website...

I made some free buttons for your website and feel free to use them.

When you need another text, just ask me, I will do it for you…

You just need to copy the address under the button (or any address of any picture at the internet, it works with .jpg and .png) and copy it to your profile
My bubble → account → edit your profile → tell us about yourself

You write for this the copied address between two exclamation marks without a space
!copied address!

After this you write a double point and the link url-address (…..). At the end it should look like this:
!copied address!:link

And at the end a little tip….

When you would like the visitors to see also your older work, not just only the first page… then lead them randomly to any page in your collection…

All you

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