Help me with type?

Hey all. I’m making a new graphic for a tee, but I’m looking to put some words on it as well. Problem is, I’ve done the graphic, but I’m rubbish at drawing words, so if anyone wants to give it a shot, I’d be grateful.

is the graphic.
It should say “Such Plentiful Organs” somewhere. I’ve been putting it in the top left, but wherever is good.

More new cameras

So, I got some new cameras again:

$15 from a garage sale – Voigtländer Vitoret (1965ish)

$3 from same garage sale – Polaroid Spirit 600 CL

So, anyone know where I can get polaroid film relatively cheaply?

Tell me about my cameras.

I recently bought a few new cameras, and despite some searching on the internet, I can’t really find out much about them. So, they are:
Hanimex 35ES –

Olympus PEN-EE –

Praktica (No idea what model, but it’s really old.) –

The Praktica isn’t that exact model, but it’s the closest pic I could find, and the Olympus says OLYMPUS-PEN instead of OLYMPUS on the front.

So, if you’ve ever had one, or know stuff about them, I’d love to know, as all I know so far is that they look like they’ll take nice photos.

Intelligent Marble Intelligence add Lucky

1.marble is a kind of game that is very modern now. it collects exciment fasciration. It’s a very interestin game.It can not only trains lover’s skill and intelligence but also is a best way for lover to make friedds.It’s an intelligent game for a family to be a happy field. Spring your miracle, competition your level.
2.You’ll suprass yourself intelligence and skill through a sernies of intelligent competition actions, competition your intelligence and your skill participate in together.Play ways. (1)The two parties will judge winning or losing,according to the highest grand total. The one who get the highest grade is a big winner. (2)Before a game begins, players may also engage to shoot the five provided plastic teased peart early or late getting the grand total.We winner according…

Ow! My fucking ankles!

Well, last night, I broke myself playing soccer. Got a huge ugly tackle from behind, took out my right leg, and had all my weight on my left ankle, which collapsed under me. Couldn’t walk on it for a couple of minutes, cried like a bitch. Went and got some ice for it, sat on the sidelines for 10 minutes, came back on so we we’rent a man down, and tried to keep my weight on my right leg. Switched into goalkeeper in the second half, went out to close down a shot, dropped to the ground with all my weight over my right leg, rolled my ankle, and snapped it twice right near the joint. Now I have a fucking cast, and can’t do shit. I’m very very annoyed.

On top of that, being on crutches, I have to use only my left leg to stand on, and my left ankle is bruised and sore as fuck.

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