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For the Love of Life!

It’s certainly impressive seeing so many people gathering to save their own lives with tears and sorrow over the deaths of their fellow students. Of course, they are right in saying that it’s wrong for all the violence to be taking place. But there’s a glitch in the works here.…

Look at what they’re saying. Look at how many of them have shown up like puppets on a string all over the country, right on cue. What they are protesting is guns. You would think the guns hopped off the shelf by themselves, walked to school, and began shooting all by themselves, killing many kids. Of course, that’s not what happened, is it? It was always the kid who was left out, the kid who was harassed by other students, the kid who was abused or mocked or ridiculed. The question is, was it the gun or the

Remember Divine Mercy Sunday, the Week After Easter

A quick note. Remember that the Divine Mercy novena starts on Good Friday, a week from tomorrow. A novena lasts for 9 days. It ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, which is the Sunday after Easter Sunday. It’s a feast the Lord requested through St. Faustina. He offers total pardon of sin and punishment to anyone who says the Divine Mercy chaplet on Divine Mercy Sunday after going to confession (the Saturday before is fine.) and Communion. Also, the person seeking God’s mercy must show mercy themselves through acts of mercy, words of mercy, or merciful prayer.…

If you also want to do the novena, it’s very simple and takes no time hardly at all. You can find information on this promise and its requirements online. I’ll look for a web site. Here’s one:

Outside of Time

Had a great reading today in my Lenten meditation book with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I see the author is Heidi Hess Saxton. Very well done, btw. Today’s thoughts come from her comments about a passage from John 8:…

“Then the Jews said to him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?” Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS, I AM.”

(Caps are mine, not in the text.) Ms. Saxton commented that Jesus is the eternal Word, and that the Word was God, was in the beginning, and is outside of time. She said that thus Jesus has no beginning and no end. (page 120, “Lent with St. Teresa of Calcutta”)

Remember too that Jesus promised he’d be with us until the end of the age, Ms. Saxton wrote. So he promised us that we should bless the bread and wine a

Epic Honey

Here in the middle of Lent, I had a…well…epic experience. Shopping for some good well-crafted and healthful bread, I saw a vendor giving samples of honey. I thought I’d try it out, just for the heck of it, and the taste KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF! I don’t think I’ve EVER tasted honey so delightful and interesting.…

But first, let me tell you about “Rescue Honey” and “Rescue Bees”. These are feral bees whose hives had to be destroyed. The bees were rescued and placed with various “keepers”, where they created new hives, all fed in different locales. The bees forage within a two mile radius of their hives, so wherever they are kept, the local environment supplies what will become the nature of the honey.

There is a partnership between Texas Rescue bees and African bee keepers, but the samples

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