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Cats, Dogs, Prison

Right now, I’m in tears. It all started when I finished off last year’s “Cats Calendar”. It was a fun one with great little facts about cats. A few pages I had saved from the last few days which discussed various species of cats I had been unaware of. Have you ever heard of the “fishing cat”? Neither had I. And so forth. Oh, you might also like to look up the jaguarundi. MY GOD! That looks like a cross between a RAT AND A CAT! I was so SHOCKED. But that’s not why I’m crying.…

As I paged through the cat calendar pages, I came across one that mentioned a men’s prison in Switzerland that provided pet cats to all the inmates…well, I suppose to MOST of the inmates. Let’s not go there. But that’s not why I’m crying.

Anyway, I went online and found that the United States has many progra

The Challenge of Chinese

I’m suspended here in the in-between time of Christmas and New Year, taking a day of relaxation, reading and meditation. It feels like an awesome vacation, as awesome as was the pre-Christmas excitement and very active preparation for the Nativity. Christmas day dawned cold, and I was grateful for the presence of family, gifts, and chicken-okra gumbo…and the televised Mass from Rome. I have to say that every moment of Christmas day was as perfect as a snowflake in all its God-made glory. I could not have asked for a more perfect and joyful day. The feast of the Lord’s birth, the presence of those we love, and the joy of hot gumbo on a cold day? There’s nothing like it in the whole world!…

Which brings me to today, an in-between day, i.e., in between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I’ve

The Shortest Day of the Year

Today’s the day! It’s the shortest day of the year! One of my former co-workers always looked forward to the shortest day of the year because, he said, it was only going to get better from there! He always loved the fact that every day after this one, i.e., the shortest day of the year, daylight would last a LITTLE bit longer each day all the way to summer!…

In fact, it’s a rather nice thought, but I’m enjoying the cooler weather. Austin has about 6 months of summer every year, and quite frankly, it can be very frustrating. I much prefer Spring and Fall! YIPPEEE! Those are the perfect seasons. But who knows any more? This year, though, it’s been rather nice. I like the change in seasons, all of them. They make you appreciate the NEXT season. If life were the same all the time, we’d g

Where Have the Reindeer Gone?

I saw a photo on the net of a reindeer FLYING ALL BY ITSELF! And Santa had nothing to do with it…I don’t think anyway. And it made me think that possibly the reindeer really DO fly around on their own at night. And then I started wondering if they just fly away when they get tired of pulling the sleigh, you know? I’ll betcha they fly all over the place, over highways that cut through the woods and things like that when Santa isn’t watching. But I’m not sure Rudolf can get away with it. I mean, can you see Rudolf sneaking gently through the house to the door and trying to traipse behind Santa without being SEEN? NOT WITH THAT RED NOSE ALIGHT! I can promise you the glare from that red nose would have alerted Santa right away.…

So did the reindeer fly out the window? I’ll bet they did.

Meow, Meow, and Cough, Cough!

Well, it seems that things have been in such a tangle lately. The “Grapin” as the Cure of Ars called him. So here’s the skinny:…

Last week, Momcat, who has had 4 kittens, who are now probably six weeks old, brought one of her babies too my door. The poor little thing was crouched miserably against the wall, her eyes and nose runny, her every breath a rattle. I could see she had pneumonia. So despite the fact that I never pick up the kitties, I picked her up and she didn’t murmur any complaint. I wrapped her in a blanket and hugged her warm. She began to purr. But I knew something had to happen and I couldn’t afford a vet, especially at this time of year. So I wrapped her snugly in the blanket and put her in my backpack, her head and ears barely showing. I brought her with me to Wa

Snow and Trees

Well, so far, I’m not doing too well on my original Advent plans. Everything has become so hectic. Nor has the weather cooperated. It’s been wet and cold, surprisingly enough. Texas is having winter weather! WOW! So tonight, we actually had SNOW! It’s quite exciting for us Texas people. It didn’t stick on the ground, but it accumulated on cars and leaves. It’s wonderful. There are people playing in the parking lot – adults – and it’s 9 pm. Everyone is just excited to see snow. Me too. I took some photos, but don’t know if I’ll post them or not. They aren’t exactly the greatest, but I’ll look at them and decide. On the cars, it seems to be at least an inch of snow. What a surprise! A very nice one. Of course where I live, we do often get more of the colder part of the weather…

My Particular Advent Preparations This Year, I Think

Tomorrow is the first day of December. For us, this is the first day of Advent, a month-long period of preparing the way for the Christ Child to arrive among us. It’s also a time when we again focus on Christ’s Second Coming at the end of time, a natural sequel. It’s also the beginning of the church year.…

This period of preparation and waiting is an exciting time, as our minds wander to the events of Christ’s conception and birth and all the wonderful heavenly visitations associated with it. We also can visualize from Scripture, a time in the future, the Second Coming, and imagine what that will be like. We can people our tableau for both scenarios, placing Angels in large numbers, along with the glorious appearance of Our Lord as the mighty Judge at the end. It will be incredible,

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Tradition and Space Feast

This day of Thanksgiving is surely hard for those who have lost someone to acts of violence, such as the Texas shooting in a church, of all places. A word of great comfort comes from St. Pio, the great 20th century saint (along with St. John Paul, the Great). I wanted to share it with you on this day of thanks, that it may lighten your grief at the loss of loved ones.…

Padre Pio wrote to one of his spiritual children something to this effect, “Your little boy is in heaven, where he is preparing a place for you.” And again, he told someone, whose friend had died, “Do not grieve for your friend. You will see him again.” Those who have gone on before us are waiting for us on the other side. It’s good motivation to live good and holy lives, so that we may see them again in heaven. May G

Means of Atoning

Since I’ve had people ask me how do we make atonement for sin, I thought I’d write out a bit from what is in Scripture, and written by the saints. I know in diverse entries, I’ve written about it before, but I thought it might be nice to put it all in one entry. And before you use this with what you believe of someone else, let me suggest that the entry is for each individual to apply to themselves, because each person knows himself or herself best. There is so very much we do not know about each other.…

One article from the second century in morning prayer the other day stated, “Therefore, a very good way of atoning for our sins is by being generous to the poor.” The writer also lists fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, and says that almsgiving is so great because “love covers a multitu

Thanksgiving Priorities

Inspired by morning and evening prayers for the past few days, I wanted to highlight a few Thanksgiving thoughts. There is a potent little passage in Deuteronomy 4: 39-40…

“Know, and fix in your heart, that the Lord is God in the heavens above and on earth below, and that there is no other. You must keep his statutes and commandments which I enjoin on you today.”

There is no other god, not on the earth, and not in heaven. Nowhere you look will you find another God. There is only One. So if you’re not serving the only one God, who then are you serving? And how can you know who you’re serving? Well, make a check list. Go down the list of the ten Commandments, and figure out how you stand, and if you stand with them. Then you’ll at least have an idea of whether or not you are serving

Reports of My Death -- Exaggerated!

The other day, I had a day of work picking up trash along a highway, when as I was walking through the glorious ditch, a dark little mouse squeaked and dashed into a clump of bush. He was so fast…maybe SHE was so fast, I only caught a glimpse of the blur. She had obviously sat there watching me for as long as she possibly could and still be able to escape me. I must have been a very funny sight. I had been slipping in the mud and had fallen a few times. I’m sure she was laughing in her little mousie way, because it’s not often that mice get to laugh at humankind. Right away, when I saw her, I was charmed. What an interesting moment that was! (And I mean no disrespect for the job or those great people with whom I worked. I was just illustrating a point for someone who has differen…

How Much To Pay For Words?

Today some guys were talking on the bus, and I suspect I know the subject of their rather hostile commentary. One of them said, “You PAY what you SAY!” I was struck by this because when you examine what that really means, it’s a frightening trend that no one really wants to begin. It probably has long begun, but let’s examine what that says.…

First of all, we have lived in a “democratic society”, a “free speech” country. At least we used to. The idea of free speech is that you can comment on any news item or political issue or “women’s issue” and you’re cool. You’ve expressed your opinion, and everyone has a right to their opinion. In fact, the idea is that the more ideas floated upon the waters, the better the outcome.

In fact, we had an exercise given to us years ago, a moon survi

A Pale Green Horse, it's Rider, Death - Halloween's Theme

October is famous among our kids for what fun night? – HALLOWEEN! When we’re kids, we don’t necessarily associate it with All Saints’ Day or All Souls’ Day, but praying for the dead is actually the reason for the season, and the reason for Halloween. Halloween is always on October 31, followed by Nov. 1, All Saints’ Day and Nov. 2, All Sous’ Day. That’s when we remember in prayer those who lived exemplary lives (saints), and all of the people we know, and those we don’t know, who have passed away (all souls).…

Halloween actually means something like “Hallowed Evening”, the literal translation, or “All Hallow’s Eve”, or “Holy Evening”. It’s the hallowed night before the days of remembrance and prayer. In Catholic tradition, we pray for those who have died, firstly because we never know

What Does Heaven Say About Sexual Harassment?

Our latest big news item is Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment of women. As if no other men do that kind of thing. It’s just that Mr. W.‘s has been so overt and so prolific. Perhaps these men don’t think that this is not attractive in a man.…

Of course, it’s not really fair for the whole nation to stone Mr. W., especially when so many men do the very same thing, or even worse. Most likely, someone thought it’d be a great object lesson for the rest of the guys. I personally think it’s a great opportunity to save some souls.

What struck me about the whole affair…or all the affairs…or whatever, is that men really aren’t thinking with their big brain. They have forgotten so many things, especially the most important one of all. And that thing was delivered in a shocking way in Fatima,

Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary

We all look around these days and see what is going on, don’t we? I mean, there are mass shootings, crazy rioting, earthquakes and hurricanes like never before. We have safety issues these days we never had before. What ta do? (I’m writing this half asleep, so I hope it’s coherent.)…

Our Lady of Fatima told us what to do. She gave us what the church has called her “peace plan from heaven”. She continues to call to us, to call us to prayer, daily prayer. She tells us repeatedly to pray. In fact, today is the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary. That’s the name she gave in Fatima. The prayers are all Scriptural and, among other things, ask for her intercession with her son, which is so powerful. We recall that Jesus demonstrated over and over again that He had power over nature.

Another Fish Story

So this is the third day in this series on Archangels and fish. You won’t believe today’s coincidence! I opened Scripture this morning to read a bit, and the book opened right up to Jesus’ call to His first disciples:…

“As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea—for they were FISHERMEN. And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me and I will make you FISH FOR PEOPLE.’ And immediately they left their nets and followed Him….” MK 1:16-18

So Jesus recruits His team. Next, they encounter a man with an unclean spirit. Then he heals many people at Simon’s house, and embarks upon his healing ministry. Padre Pio also had a healing ministry, and he said that he prayed and Jesus worked the miracles. Jesus has power over evil, sin, and death.

St. Jerome and Teaching

One could easily interpret yesterday’s Archangel moments as a statement of “Go fish!”. (See previous journal entry.) So I did. I came home with a nice bit of catfish, which is going into a tomato and chili sauce. It already tastes divine, and it’s not even done yet! Divine. HAH! And I guess that wasn’t exactly what the Angels would have said to me – go eat fish for dinner. But it was a great idea! Thanks to our winged friends.…

So today it was probably no coincidence that it’s the feast day of St. Jerome. Do you know the significance of that? St. Jerome was a scholar who gave us the wonderful translation of the Bible. It is very, very good. You see, Jerome was an outstanding scholar. He was also favored by God, given a vision of the Final Judgment, and he wrote about it.


Archangels Speaking

Today is one of my favorite feast days. It’s the day we celebrate the Archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. St. Michael is, of course, our great defender against evil; St. Gabriel, the announcer of messages of great import from God; St. Raphael, known as “God’s Remedy”, is the great healer. This was the priest’s message in his homily this morning. Lovely. How great is our God! There are a number of references to these Archangels in Scripture.…

So this morning I went to Mass, to celebrate this day in great thanksgiving. It’s one of those glorious days for me, so after Mass I was in a great mood. I stopped by the convenience store to get a little breakfast and saw the line to the cashier was quite long. As I waited in line, I noticed the guy ahead of me had a HUGE

Potty Mouths

In an article on what was once called “potty mouth”
it is true that crude language is offensive and foul mouthed.
However, I must disagree with the writer’s belief
that people use it mainly to fit in.
They use it mainly to offend.
And as far as that goes
it is perhaps better to be the potty mouth
than the actual potty
through the use of one’s hands and body.

That said,
sometimes when you can’t get through to them with manners,
you get their attention with their own inventions
Suddenly, THEIR feelings are
Then when things become quieter,
your heart becomes lighter.

An Eatery

I like best those outdoor tables at eateries, where the breeze refreshes your face, and little red-headed toddlers are fed by their baseball-capped mothers, elderly gents who MAY be older than me, and young women closer to my age (ahem!), are working diligently on their laptops. It’s such a friendly environment that the grackles walk right up to your chair and check like attentive bus boys or humble beggars, for bits of food you may have misplaced on the floor.…

One of the grackles discovers the toddler in his high chair and recognizes a generous benefactor when he sees one. So he investigates and discovers a noodle, which he quickly dispenses with a few quick bites. He spends some time watching the child, but finally moves on. After the male grackles mosey away (This is Texas. Our bi

A Casual Look at the Order of the Universe and Our Lives in It

If you have never read a Tony Hillerman novel, you’re in for a treat. He so faithfully renders the New Mexico ambiance, the experience of the Pueblos, the Pueblo Indian spirit, that you feel as though you are there.…

Of course, Hillerman’s novels are fictional mysteries, whose heroes are tribal policemen. The locations of his stories are places I’ve been, where I collected stories too. I was part of a team, many years ago, that put together a little biweekly tribal newspaper. I remember all of those people with a great deal of respect and affection. It was one of those jobs that’s very hard to leave.

Our editor was a remarkable writer. He was one of those guys who had a natural talent for writing. I have to say that both pueblos loved him and looked forward to his stories. So did w

A Clarification

Some people are concerned about my opinions on various things. It’s ok if you don’t agree with me. That doesn’t bother me at all. The point I want to make is that I am not always writing something as a research paper. Sometimes I’m just posting an explanation posted by someone I have just mentioned in a recent blog, and sometimes I’m just expressing an opinion which may change as more information surfaces. My comments about the license tags for the DMV was a humorous piece written in a moment of humor and appreciation for the person who had a great sense of humor there. I enjoy the diversion on the road. So I don’t mean to pass off every little thing said here as some kind of technically profound research project. It is not that at all. There are a few subjects I feel I know somet…

Pondering Prayer, Life, Death, and the Divine

What is life? Life is a spark from the Divine. Scripture tells us that “God has given a portion of His Spirit to all creatures.” We are all sparks of the Divine, whether we know it or not. Without that spark, we would not have life, and would not have the ability to love or to reason (though sometimes we do not demonstrate it very well or at all). This is one of the reasons why the pro-life message is so important. Even unborn babies begin learning things at three months in utero, and I saw a photo of a baby in utero at 7 weeks, and it was smiling! So the pro-life message is a call to wake up to life, to wake up to our higher calling, to that Divine Spark within us. Do we hear it? Do we recognize that call or its origin in Heaven? Whether we do or not, the day comes when we, each o…

Stalking in America

Tonight I’m watching the stalking show on 48 Hours featuring Pauley Perrette. (Excuse bad spelling) Stalkers usually operate from their lizard brain (No, this wasn’t on the show! HAH! It’s my own take on it.). The lizard brain is a real part of the brain, a part that deals with primal things like fight or flight, fear, emotional imperatives, etc. Here’s an interesting article from Psychology Today:…

Sometimes people who are obviously in mental distress will revert to operating from this primal part of the brain. If we are pushed and harassed enough, we can operate out of that fight or flight feeling. There was a man in Austin who was harassed so much that he finally did revert to this prima

Trump's Comments on DACA

About DACA, Presdient Trump explained the reasoning behind ending the program. First of all, it was created illegally. President Obama had gone around Congress in order to create the law himself. This is illegal. It is Congress that makes the laws. The President is not allowed to make laws, to write laws. Therefore, Trump is ending DACA. It is now up to Congress to write it into law if they so choose, but they have never done so in the past though it was brought up a number of times.

Here’s what Trump had to say:


I really want to meet the person who assigns drivers’ license plate identification configurations. It would be most fun to find out how and why they come up with some of the monikers that appear on vehicle plates. They could probably write a book. But maybe the customers ask for those particular letters.…

For example, why was DYX assigned to some plates? I mean, did the guys have a P.I. license? I hope they weren’t working undercover…. Or were they just unkind?

And here’s another one I’ve seen on more than one car: HKR I mean, did the girls go in scantily clad, behave provocatively, or did they want to advertise their business? I’m not sayin’ this doesn’t happen….

The other day, I stumbled across my all time favorite on a big black truck: CRX. Now, how did she know? Maybe they p

Some Thoughts About DACA

Imagine that all you can remember as a child, is of your childhood in Austin, Texas, of your family being together in a nice little house with a dog. You remember elementary school, where Ms. Forester was your first grade teacher. You remember going to Jr. High too, where Mr. Ford was your Civics teacher. And finally, you recall the years in ACC and UT, where you finally received your Master’s degree in Nursing. You love the job you have now working at Seton Hospital. Your parents are from Mexico, but you are American. The President begins talking about sending the children of DACA back to Mexico. You’re so glad you were born in America, but then your parents tell you that you actually came here as a child. Suddenly, though you don’t speak Spanish, you are at risk of being sent …

Hurricane Animals

Scratch, scratch, scratch! Little noises as the raccoons seek shelter from the storm on my patio, chasing away my kitties who were tucked away in a dry spot there. For the past 24 hours, we’ve had rain. Today there were a few pauses, between bands of Hurricane Harvey’s rain clouds. However, since late afternoon, we’ve had continuous rain. My two kitties had been snuggled up together in a tiny sheltered spot on my patio, but the raccoons quickly discovered it and claimed it for themselves.…

These are “new” raccoons. The one bringing them doesn’t seem to be too much older than these two very little ones. The little ones have grown some in the past few weeks, but they are still very young. One of them has been trying to make a little bed out of a small crocheted piece I had put outside

Hurricane Harvey, Century Plant, and Mezcal

Just last week, I was walking in a partial eclipse. Today I was walking in a hurricane. What’s next? I don’t want to know. However, every day brings its little blessings.…

Mostly here in Austin, we’ve just had a lot of rain, nothing like a driving rain, just the outer bands of Hurricane Harvey. So far, so good. So I left the apartment this a.m. early, thinking to outpace what was supposed to be coming. it was already raining, of course. Umbrella in hand and backpack for my groceries, I started out. My first steps being in the dark before sunrise, my shoes were the first thing baptized by the storm. Drenched right out the door, because every time it rains, a river runs there. I had so soon forgotten. By the time I walked downhill to the creek, my light capris were already drenche

Lessons from Hurricane Rita, Cat 3 at Landfall

Hurricane Rita hit Holly Beach, La. and Camera, La. and wiped out every single structure EXCEPT for the Cameron courthouse. The watermark on the courthouse registered a 30 foot tidal surge. Rita was a Category 5 storm in the Gulf, and the people of La. prayed a great deal. The storm lessened to a Category 3. When it made landfall, it leveled the two coastal towns south of where we were living about 40 miles further north. I had evacuated my parents to another town many miles away. My mother and I had added our prayers to those of others. I prayed for my apartment complex, prayed for protection over my apartment and my vehicle, and drove my parents in their vehicle to safety. However, I returned the next day, and could not believe what I was seeing. Lake Charles had been hit as th…

Hurricane Harvey and Psalm 1

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Harvey became officially a Hurricane. This often happens. A storm hits Mexico and dissipates into segments as it passes over land. Then it enters the Gulf and reforms, becoming a Hurricane. So yesterday they were talking about it as a Category 1 Hurricane. This isn’t too bad. I think the winds of a 1 are 75 mph.…

So today, they’re forecasting it will become a Category 2 and probably a Category 3 before it makes landfall along the Texas coast. Of course, hurricanes are notoriously independent of weather forecasters (no offense meant to forecasters and those of us who like to foolishly predict where we think it will hit.). A hurricane can veer off into another direction right at the last minute, or it can make landfall and do something completely unexpected.

Have a Conversation!

This past weekend, our priest opened his homily with this statement, “It’s getting hard to have a conversation any more.” It’s the danged truth. I just posted an entry before this one, and I realized after I wrote the little funny piece that I had probably alienated unintentionally, these groups of people:…

Confederate heroes,
historians who will resent me calling the Civil War, the Civil Wart,
people whose relatives fought in the Civil War on the side of the South,
current slaveholders,
French people who are often referred to as frogs,
slaves of old,
people who want to remove our historical markers and replace them with Mao,
and frogs.

Well, actually, I don’t think the frog minded at all. He seemed to like being petted. But the point is the sensitivity of people to things that should not af

Statue Removal, I'm Here to Help!

I guess by now everyone knows just how much some people hate history. And I’ll agree that some of history is not very nice to some people. For example, WWII was not very nice to the Jews. By contrast, the Civil War (I almost said the Civil Wart, an interesting typo) reflects the history of slavery in America, not our brightest moment. I’m totally against slavery. So I can understand why black folk have such an antipathy toward statues of Jeff Davis and so forth. And since they don’t want to see these statues any more, I figured an idea my friend had was a fantastic idea.…

We have some pictures of Andrew Jackson and Grant which may be offensive to some of you. Out of absolute compassion, if you wish to send me all your Andrew Jacksons :

Who is Chief Inspector Chen?

Do you know who Chen Cao is? OK, well then, how about Chief Inspector Chen? Well, I mention him because I got one of the best recipes from him. You wouldn’t expect that from a police chief, now would you? However, he’s quite good at introducing me to all kinds of Chinese foods and cultural elements of China, post-Mao.…

When I first mentioned Chief Inspector Chen this morning, as I cooked up some tofu in sesame oil and green onions, I heard the neighbor exclaim, “CHIEF INSPECTOR CHEN!?!” They were dumbfounded, and I can just imagine that they had visions of Communist police here in our little hamlet on the hill. Well, I would say that it would be a great honor to me if he did appear and give me a few more recipes for typical Chinese food, because the tofu in sesame and green onions has b

The Story of Wounded Paw

OK, that’s enough laughter. Some days I feel like laughing and smiling all day long. Other days, it seems as though my face will crack if I smile, so I’m very careful not to. You ever have days like that? The moral of the story is, if you see me one day and I don’t smile at you, it may not mean that I’m mad at you (thought it MAY…haha). It may just mean that I accidentally stepped on Momcat’s paw, and I’m afraid she has broken bones, and I can’t do anything about it, and every time she comes to my door, she pitifully holds up the paw and I’m feeling guilty and it really gets me down. (I can’t afford a vet) I’d like to put a splint on it, but she is wildish and jumps away from any effort to touch her, which makes me feel even more guilty. What ta do about Momcat’s paw? Is it just sp…

Do You Believe in Magic?

I have felt as though I’m the object of a “flying chickens and barking dogs” campaign. I just read that expression in a book. It’s an old Chinese expression which fits so many things so well in life! Gotta love the Chinese folk! They have such elegant expressions that make you see things in a whole new light, or at least make you laugh. I’ve always liked the Chinese people, and had some great Chinese roommates when I was in college. Sometimes I miss them very much. Anyway, flying chickens and barking dogs searches! It’s easy to jump to conclusions, as we rustle the bushes. We can assume so much, which may seem true on the surface of a thing, but is not a fact. However, the assumptions (and I’m not talking about the “assumption of the Blessed Mother”) allow certain things to be over…

I Didn't Do It!

Today after a long day at a construction site, you might say, a coworker and I rode the bus back, a two hour trip for me and a bit less for him. We were sent out together, and today was the first day I worked with him. I didn’t really know him before. So as we boarded the bus, he was having trouble getting his ticket, and I asked him, by name, if he needed some change. He said no.…

He came and sat in the seat behind me, because we both had our backpacks. I asked him about his wife and kids and he told me a bit about his family. There was a hispanic woman sitting behind him, and there had been a hispanic woman sitting across from me. When she heard me call him by his name, she began smirking, almost giggling. So the woman behind my coworker gets on her phone and I heard her saying i

The Truth That is in Fatima

I’ve been doing some reading in the history of WWII and its aftermath, and I never realized before just how much territory the Russians acquired as a result. Not only did they get Eastern Europe when things were divided up, but they also acquired Mongolia, Manchuria, and N. Korea. NORTH KOREA! And keep in mind that Russia has a habit of creating discord between nations so that they may capitalize on the trouble they created. It’s one of their tactics. So when Trump petitions Russia to remove Kim Jong Un, it ain’t gonna happen. And it didn’t. Just a side note there. With the armaments received from Roosevelt, Russia took over China with Marxism. Along with Eastern Europe, they also began advancing on Vietnam. That story should be well-known in this country by now. The Vietnamese …

Weeds, Wheat, and Whackers

I had written a post earlier which I deleted because I think it may have sounded to others like I was preaching down to them. That was not my intention. So to avoid philosophizing on my own faults, which would simply be theoretical anyway…ahem…, here’s what I’m going to do:…

While I had intended to write about daily prayer and its power to alter the future, the blog I deleted, I decided that Father’s sermon this morning, while brief, was way more wonderful than my own rambling thoughts. I hope he won’t mind when I give you a few salient points, and his best quotes. I consider this “spreading the Good News”.

He began his homily with remarks that specified those who always have “the urge to purge”. I want to remember that little expression, because it covers so much so succinctly, and it

Purgatory and Apparitions of the Souls

Many people don’t believe in Purgatory, but I do very much. I’ve seen things happen around prayers for the Poor Souls, things you would not imagine could happen. Others have had similar experiences. The saints tell us that sometimes a soul from Purgatory is allowed to manifest themselves in some way to someone on earth so that the person will pray for them.…

Years ago, I used to say a Rosary for the Poor Souls every day. Then I had to move to another state for a job. I continued to say that daily Rosary for the Poor Souls until one day, I was so exhausted, instead of saying the Rosary, I decided to read one of the very short chapters in a book on Purgatory written by a priest. They are true stories of experiences of various religious and saints with the Poor Souls. Each chapter is a


Casually, I
shuffed off my crocheted afghan.
It was my own creation,
full of brilliant colors.
(I had been asleep,
it’s gentle covering
my peace.)

Up from the sofa
sitting to awaken, then
housecleaning here and there,
eating dinner as I stared
at the news.

Turning the TV off, I
swiveled in my chair around to see
my afghan fast asleep
had shaped itself a person
knees bent, a restful pose,
laughing at me, I suppose.


Persecution of Christians in Mexico

Here’s the latest on the Mexican deportations, straight from someone I know who has family in Mexico. This is URGENT. Those Migras, the illegals we’re sending back to Mexico, are being either forcibly recruited by the cartels at the border or kidnapped and tortured and sometimes killed! You either work for the cartels when deported or you die! This and the new persecution and torture and murder of Christians in Mexico!!! They are being beheaded and slaughtered!…


I’ve also read that Hispanic police officers here are reluctant to pick up Migras. I now understand why. We cannot let our Mexican neighbors be killed in this way just because they were living in the US! With this new information, please let’s drop the deportation orders! I cringe at

About Copyright Restrictions and Reference Work

According to the “Chicago Manual of Style”, at least the last time I looked at it, you are allowed to use two running lines from a work if you are giving a review of it. You are allowed to describe the book in general terms. So none of these things are illegal or unethical. A verse from a poem is usually one sentence, and one or two lines of text, though it may be positioned differently for effect. I do my best to stay within those parameters, but if I have erred somewhere in my blogs here, please let me know and I will correct the error. It is not my wish to steal anyone’s work. I probably sometimes get over-zealous, but I’m also probably unaware of it. It’s a sad truth that at times I can be the absent minded professor type. So my apologies to anyone I may have offended by quoti…

Heat Advisory

Heat advisory today. This may not be Death Valley or anything like that, but it’s 101 degrees out there right now. With the heat index, they’re saying it could feel like 109 before the day is over. I probably should give the cats something to refresh them. This is dangerous heat. Death Valley was actually having a high the other day of 120 degrees. They don’t call it Death Valley for nothing! Oh, Death Valley is a National Park here in the US, in eastern California, appropriately called, Death Valley National Park.…

I think we traveled through Death Valley one summer many, many years ago. We crossed that desert at night. On the other side of the desert, we had to shoot the horse. He was just too plumb tuckered out. Just jokin’! We would never be so stupid as to cross it on a hor

Of Cowboys and Poetry and the Hood

It’s the absolute heat of summer now in Austin, and it’s quite hot. With the heat index, it’s been in the triple digits. But today the God of weather was nice enough to send a little cloud over the sun as I was walking home, and to send a little breeze to keep oxygen in the air and a bit of cool on my cheeks. God is good. So are cowboys, it seems.…

Because of the summer’s heat, I overslept today and missed a potential day of work. Once lost, work was no longer an option, so I headed for the library. I had been reading a detective novel, and with all the Irish characters in it, and mentions of Irish literature and poetry and screenwriting, I though I’d take a look at some Irish poetry. Sadly, that little branch library I favor did not really have any IRISH poetry, so I settled for “C

On the Death Penalty-

I was watching tv or I was on the internet, and somewhere I came across something about Arizona being a death penalty state. I was surprised. I didn’t know that AZ. had the death penalty. So I looked to see how many states had it and how many didn’t. Again, I was surprised. When a little map popped up, almost the whole map was red, i.e., death penalty states. When I looked at the numbers, there are only 18 states that do not execute people accused of crimes. I was kind of appalled. With so many people incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, there has to be a certain percentage of innocent people going to their deaths for crimes they did not commit.…

So I looked up the position of Scripture on the death penalty, and the Old Testament, in the Mosaic Law, advocates killing certain

The Way to Peace, the Power of Prayer

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice! Your kindness should be known to all. The Lord is near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.” Philippians 4:4-6…

Prayer is one of the richest sources of grace and peace in the world, next to the Mass and Communion. I love my prayer time. It doesn’t matter if your prayer is short during the day. When you think about it, you can say any short prayer, maybe for a friend, or for your own issues and concerns. But morning and evening prayer sanctify the day. My day is always different when something happens and I do not get my morning prayer in. There is a distinct difference in my whole day.

I love the short chapters of the book of James. He w

Memorial Day - A Sacred Bond

Have you ever found that while reading a fiction novel, you find something profound that can also relate to a part of your own life? I love books like that. So today, I was reading another Michael Connelly novel, this one titled “A Darkness More Than Night”. Actually, it started out much slower than his other books, at least the ones I’ve read so far. I almost put the book down to return to the library without reading it, but plowed on, knowing the quality of this writer’s work. And I was not disappointed.…

The story is about a murder investigation, and the detective goes to an FBI profiler to get some kind of grasp of who might have committed a crime like this. In the process of creating a profile, the profiler looks in the back of the file, where he has characterized the original de

"I give you might, because you need it." - Ischuos

There is a line from Scripture which is one of my most favorite lines. St. Paul delivers this revelation, “It is IN GOD that WE LIVE, AND MOVE, AND HAVE OUR BEING.” WOW! And many of us don’t even know it. It is God who gives us life, and God who watches over us, and God who loves us and cares for us. Yet, some of us never even acknowledge Him. This hurts God very much, according to the saints. It became evident at Fatima, during those apparitions of Our Lady. But really, we can glean so much of this from Scripture too.…

Sunday’s Gospel reading made a similar, powerful statement which, as Father pointed out, many of us just gloss over, because we’re so used to reading it and seeing it:

“In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.”

This is not so far

Mars Discoveries

Did you see the segment on “60 Minutes” tonight about Mars? It really was interesting. You can get part of it from the CBS web site. It’s titled something like “A Walk on Mars”. What is most amazing is that it suggests something I thought as a kid might have some validity.…

You see, when I was a child, I had this idea, and don’t really know how I got this idea, that mankind used to live on Mars. However, on Mars, people got into squabbles and fights that escalated to Mars wars. Eventually, this destroyed all life on the planet, except for a few ships that made it to earth, where mankind started all over again.

That scenario was some kind of childish idea, perhaps. But what is exciting is that they have discovered that there once was water on Mars in such amounts that it was habitabl

My Experience With "Reproductive Rights"

In Nazi Germany, as most of you already know, the Nazis used euphemisms (a false name for something evil that makes it look like something good) for totally evil actions. For example, sending families to the gas chambers naked and gassing them to death, was billed as “going to the showers to be de-liced.” This obtained the family’s cooperation up to the point of death-dealing. Of course, this amounted to a BIG LIE to cover a HUGE EVIL!…

So we have a current problem in this country with an organization which again uses euphemisms to cover a horrible evil. These are the organizations promoting abortion, which you should know by now is the brutal, unmitigated murder of tender, unborn children, children in the womb, who are floating serenely before the vicious attack. It is unmitigated b

Go Make a Difference. It's So Easy!

I came across a great article which was just written yesterday, and you may want to read it. It has some great information in it, and the author even gives you a source for his conclusions. Here is the link:…

Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s the first Saturday of the month of May. There is a special request of us from heaven for the first Saturdays of the month. We are asked to go to confession, pray the rosary, and attend Mass and receive Communion. This request was made by the Blessed Mother in her apparitions to three little shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1918. It is intended to help bring the world back to order so that the world may be spared the conflagration to which it is sp

Revelations in Nature, and New Pet Advice

Today I took a break, after a difficult morning. Sometimes strange things happen for which there are no readily available explanations. When this occurs, it’s ok to hyperventilate, as long as there is no one around to hear you. If there IS someone around to hear you, o.k., now you need to HIDE for a while. Call it a time out.…

With this in mind, after picking up a few groceries, I found a nice isolated spot in nature to unwind with a wee bit o’ beer. It was a lovely spot under interlacing branches of trees, with no disturbances and a nice cool breeze. How often do we take the time to do this, anyway? It didn’t take long for me to realize I had not been doing this often enough. The peace that enveloped me was like an awakening, and I immediately knew that I needed a vacation…(knew AG

Suicide Has Consequences

What is your opinion about suicide? Some people think it’s ok, that a person has a right to decide when they die. But do they really? I mean, did they decide to create themselves? Of course not. Nor is it ok for any of us to decide to end our own lives. It is still a case of murder if you do. It’s the Fifth Commandment not to kill.…

Life is given by the Creator, and in one book of the O.T. I found it written that God has given a portion of His spirit to all the creatures, even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea, and so forth. While the universe does NOT revolve around us, we are certainly loved by God, and it is His spirit that created us and it is His spirit that calls us back. We may believe that life is unbearable at various times, but eventually things change. We don’t

Divine Mercy Tomorrow and Philosophical Proof That God Exists

Well, tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday, for those of you have forgotten. Don’t miss the opportunity! It’s kind of like an all expense paid vacation in heaven. You get in guilt free if you confess your sins w/in a week is it? or three days, I think of that day, if you receive Communion and are truly sorry for your sins and seek to amend them. It’s a turning back to God, a beautiful thing. The feast day was requested by Our Lord through St. Faustina. It’s a special day of forgiveness of sins and the consequences of sins. And we all have them…sins, that is.…

I know some of you don’t believe in apparitions. I do because so much has happened in my life that I know miracles happen. Besides, what was foretold through St. Faustina was more accurate than any forecasts of the future around he

Trauma and Psycho vs Victim, and Divine Mercy Sunday

We make snap decisions about other people all the time, and we may not realize how wrong we are about someone until we go through something similar ourselves many years later. So a few words to those who don’t know. Sometimes people decide that another person is just “mean” or “crazy”. What they may not realize is that the person is actually suffering from some traumatic event, or usually events. This does not mean they are “psycho”. They are victims. If you look at those people as psychos, you will only exacerbate the problem. If you look at them as victims, you will have a much easier time understanding them. When there is a traumatic episode, or worse, if there are numerous traumatic episodes, the victim will often develop coping mechanisms which will be automatic, meaning they…

BUGS!!! Water Bugs and Mystery Bugs

There are all these little bugs which are sometimes in my apartment. Someone called them “Water Bugs”. They are not exactly roaches, but then they kind of are. But not. But are…. They’re very cheeky. They come up to me as though asking for food and thinking I’m going to feed them. Why do they think that? It must be because they see me feeding the cats, and they decided that if I feed the cats, then I must want to feed them also. This is false reasoning. I do NOT want to feed them, and do NOT want to see them IN MY PLACE! Yet, they come up to my desk and inquire, “Do you have a little SODA for me?” I reply, NO! I DO NOT have any SODA for YOU!, and I chase them off. So they have been living in the kitchen, which is disgusting. Yesterday, I put the washed dishes on the counter, and…

About Calendars

I love calendars. Today, we have all KINDS of calendars! It’s like being in Heaven! So this year, I have more calendars for one year than I’ve ever had in my entire life! I didn’t PLAN it that way. it just happened. That’s because I always like to have a liturgical calendar, one that shows the feast days and so forth. I also love to have one with Italian scenes on it, since they are so colorful. Then too, I like to have a day by day calendar, one that gives me daily inspiration. I’ve had a saints day by day calendar for several years now, and I still read it. And someone gave me a Max Lucado calendar, and I often read his scripture quotes. Then the other day, I came across one that is “Sparkling Gems from the Greek” calendar. (I hear someone saying, “OH MY GOD!”) Well, of course…

The Rain Lilies Have Risen! Alleluia!

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday, and as I have done some Easters, I went to the park to read morning prayer. I love to go early enough that I catch the freshness of the morning, but late enough that I am not there completely alone – for safety reasons in part. So I walked down the hill and then headed for the park. There’s a large privacy fence around an apartment complex just before it, so I didn’t see it until I turned the corner. The awesome surprise of the meadow full of Rain Lilies was overwhelming. It sang to me, “HE IS RISEN AS HE SAID! ALLELUIA!” It was enchanting to find them on Easter morning, and I walked slowly absorbing their beauty. Each flower seems to have its own personality, in my own humble thoughts. They have so many different looks, like the seasons. But th…

A Lenten True Story

An interesting article I’ve posted the link to above, illustrating what I’ve been saying for years. Abortion has consequences. If Americans had not been aborting their children, this latest Muslim threat would be meaningless. We would have 60 million more Americans already. And be adding to it. But as it stands, we’ve killed them and continue to do so.

The writer of the article was indeed deploring the situation, but he ended in an unexpected way. I thought he was going to say, “We must outlaw abortion and encourage women to have their children. It’s so barbaric anyway.” But he didn’t. What he said was, “We have to get rid of all these barbarians in our country.” So who’s more barbaric…us or

Bluebonnet News

Well, the Bluebonnets are in full bloom. If you want to see the Bluebonnets in Austin, it’s time to come for a visit! Only one problem. This week, and I think next week are SXSW weeks. In other words, that music festival is going to be clogging up the streets and taking up the hotel rooms. Rooms will now be going for exorbitant prices. However, I know that there are outlying areas, like some bed and breakfast places out of town maybe, that may be able to accommodate you.…

It’s also been chilly the last few days, with night time temperatures in the 40’s. We had spring in the winter and now we are having winter in the spring. However, it’s supposed to warm up now. Today’s high was 80, but it was 42 this morning. Tonight it’s getting down to 49. Tomorrow night’s low will be 50 or so

How About A Poetical Expression of Your Own to God?

Today I was reading a Bible Guide, which mentioned David’s poetic “The Song of the Bow” 2 Sam 1: 19-27, and interestingly, in another reading in Morning Prayer, I came across a part of “The Song of Moses” Ex 15:1-4a, 8-13, 17-18. I re-read both of them together later in the day, and decided I’d like to write my own “Song” to God…or maybe “Poem” to God…or whatever it happens to turn into.…

Well, let me tell you that it is no small thing to write as beautifully as Moses and David when addressing God! I realized my limitations shortly after I started. I looked at my verses and decided that I had definitely pilfered from Moses! That just didn’t seem right. So I put the whole thing aside for a while. Later, I started thinking about it again, thinking about exact reason for which Moses was

Lenten Prayer in Quiet Moments

Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on prayer, because sometimes my spirit is restless. I guess that’s a pretty common experience. We have so many things to do that we are eager to get on to the next chore, the next thing that must be done, or we are eager to read that new book we bought or brought home from the library. Maybe we can’t wait to get to the kite festival. Whatever events are in the day’s plans, it’s good to work in some God time, some prayer time.…

So if I can’t focus for thirty minutes on an entire Rosary, how do I work in my prayer time? My favorite way is to then take it in small amounts at a time, maybe five minutes of meditation on the first few prayers of St. Gertrude on the Passion of Our Lord. Or maybe I will make a very brief Way of the Cross. If I have a b

Meditations for Each Day of Lent

Just to clue you in, EWTN online has Lenten meditations for every day of Lent. It’s on their web page:…

And they look very good to me. It’s another one of those little helps in making these forty days richer and deeper. Today’s quote, of course, is the constant quote for Ash Wednesday:

“Dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.” Gn. 3:19
Rend your hearts, not your garments, and return to the Lord, your God. (Joel 2:13)"

So I was looking in a craft store today and thought about making a Lenten Rosary. I looked through all the beads and finally found a very colorful set of skulls. Tiny ones. I said to myself, “AHA! Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return!” Then as I

Ash Wednesday and Thoughts Around It

I just want to share with you the thoughts of our parish Pastor, Fr. Misko. I thought it was so beautifully stated that I wanted to share it with you. It’s in the seasonal brochure from the lobby of our church. Here’s part of what he had to say:…

“The word Lent comes from the Middle English word meaning spring, calling to mind new life and new hope for a grace-filled future. It is a time marked by prayer, penance, and conversion to God’s plan in our lives. Pope Francis explains, in the face of so many wounds that hurt us and could lead to a hardness of heart, Lent calls us to dive into a sea of prayer, which is the boundless love of God, in order to experience his tenderness. Thus, Lent is not a time of pain or suffering, but rather a time of joy and hope.”

I really liked the express

Bodies for "Spare Parts"? It's Happening!

This article is about what happens when you think it’s ok to kill a person for their organs, sell them, and make a profit. The first part is about a bill in the Texas legislature that would ban partial birth abortion, and I am explaining why it’s a great bill, and what kinds of consequences we are already seeing to the sale of “spare parts” for human bodies. So please bear with me and read all the way to the end.…

Our legislature is looking at a proposed bill that would disallow partial birth abortion. In the second trimester, this is the preferred abortion method by abortionists. They knock them in the head and then finish birthing them, because this way they can take their organs while they are still in pristine condition, and probably, their little hearts are still beating. You can

Are Miracles "Magic", and is Christianity "Delusional"?

So, I was watching a new tv series last night, and was amazed at some of the attempted propaganda in it. Granted it was a fiction show, but it was fiction with an idea to turn peoples’ hearts away from God, if you ask me. But you didn’t ask me, and there’s the whole problem! HAH! Joke.…

Seriously, though, the show really was a bit repulsive. I only watched it to a certain point. It was a court case, and the defendant had killed someone by pushing them in front of a train. He did that because he was crazy. Now he was on medications and doing well, so his lawyer took him off his meds in order to allow the court to see him act nuts. And he did.

So the lawyer for the offense, if you will, had an “expert” give testimony about the man. She made comments to the effect that the man was “de

Un Dia Sin Mejicanos, OR A Day Without Mexicans

Today, all the Mexicans in town did not show up for work, and Mexican businesses were shuttered closed. It was a day of protest for ICE arrests and deportations. They arrested 680 people, and all of them had a criminal record. Of that number 75% had felonies like rape and murder. The media has made a frenzy out of the roundup, calling it “racist”, and describing how “FEARFUL” people were because of the arrests. They SHOULD have been fearful about the criminal element being in this country! This is a regular thing. Obama deported something like 438,000 people in, I think it was 2012 or 2013. But the media was mum, and no one even raised a cough.…

So how was my day without Mexicans? Quite peaceful, actually. There were not so many people on the streets…until you went downtown. It wa

Valentine's Day Revisited

Is it just me, or do other people give little hearts to those around them on Valentine’s Day? Some people take it the wrong way, don’t they? The truth is that I like to leave little things on my neighbors’ doors on special holidays. Valentine’s Day means crocheted red hearts. They may not have understood what I meant, but perhaps they did. So I began wondering about that. Do the rest of you think a Valentine is a thoughtful statement, or do you take it to mean something else?…

I was wondering about this, because I had some harassment on the bus the next day, not of a kind or funny way, but of a nasty, sick way. So I figured the little Valentines had been taken the wrong way. Perhaps I should have left a note on each one.

It’s true that traditionally Valentine’s Day is associated with

What I've Been Reading

One last word on the previous newspaper stories. As I said, it’s my favorite newspaper. The stories are interesting, even when two reporters see things in two different ways. That’s even more interesting. I often find the style of that little newspaper refreshing. I just wanted to make it clear that I was not criticizing the paper. I like it.…

I read all the time. Sometimes all I want to read are mysteries, fictional mysteries mostly. I recently discovered an author you all probably have known about for years – at least those of you who are mystery novel fanatics like myself. The author’s name is Alan Jacobson. He has had great reviews from actual profilers for getting it exactly right. It’s the true life of a profiler. He knows an FBI profiler, and he attributes his closeness

Newspapers, Contradictions, Perceptions

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the news, and I always enjoy a good newspaper. One of my favorite things are some of those newspapers published for minority communities in foreign languages. If you can read those, you can often pick up some wonderful stories. So I was reading one of the local Spanish language newspapers the other day. It’s my favorite one. The stories in it are quite interesting. The front page story caught my eye. It was about human trafficking, the article said. So I began reading it, and I was amazed at the numbers of people it said were trafficked in the US. I think it said something like 800,000 people were trafficked here last year. WOW! I thought, that’s a larger number than I anticipated. I read on. It said that these people are used, esse…

Delusion, Magic, and Miracles

There are those who would call the miracles of Jesus Christ “magic”, but He was followed by a cloud of witnesses. The historians of the time even mentioned him. In fact, he was so able to cure those who would otherwise have been hopeless that he had a huge following.…

Not only did Jesus heal in the past, but he still does today. The miracles of St. Pio, still known to many of us affectionately as Padre Pio, were all worked by Our Lord. The Padre made that very clear. He said he only interceded with the Lord in prayer, and we know he offered sacrifices to God also for those healings. This is completely in line with Scripture, that if we could not heal someone of something, we must pray and fast. So the Padre did. And so miracles happened which cannot be explained by medical science.

Why Teach Creationism?

Yesterday’s local news was all about a school teacher raging about having to teach Creationism. She only wanted to teach Evolution. In one respect, I can understand the complaint. Creationism used to not be taught in the schools, but neither was Evolution. As time went on, Evolution began to be considered to be correct science. The only proof for this, of course, are the skeletal remains of things of the past. I think they did discover one living creature they say has evolved. Oh well, who knows? We all change some as we grow, depending on the degree of our labors. So what’s the bruhaha all about?…

The problem began for Christians when Evolution began to be taught in the schools, partly because it suggested to youth that it was not any god (small g) who created the world. The wor

About the Faux Leather

I have a faux leather jacket, which I wear when there’s a wind and in temperatures in the upper 40’s, the 50’s and sometimes the 60’s if it’s rainy and chill. It’s the best windbreaker I ever had. My hoodies always let the wind go right through, no matter how thick they are. Since I have to walk down a long windy hill in the mornings, I usually wear the jacket this time of year. But it has a stigma.…

My poor jacket has done nothing wrong, but I sometimes get evil stares when I wear it. People cross the street if they’re on the same side as me. They go to sit in another part of the bus than me. Not the people who know me and talk to me all the time. Strangers think I must be dangerous wearing that jacket. In terms of danger, I’m a chihuahua, like my mom’s little dog, Maggie. She w

Butterflies, Cats, and Raccoons!

We’ve had some Spring weather in January! And we’ve broken a few winter high temperature records. The result of that is butterflies!!! The weather was so beautiful today, which was a “cold” day, with highs in the 60’s, that I had a picnic in the park. While I was eating, a large yellow and black striped butterfly flew slowly up to my bag and then landed on it! I looked at its lovely and long wings in surprise. For it’s part, it crawled a bit further up the bag to look at me, as though asking, “Do you happen to have any NECtar?” It had large black eyes, and what I can only call a sweet look on it’s little yellow face…maybe not so little. I was struck by its wing span, which seemed large to me, looking down at this beautiful sight. Was it eight inches from wing tip to wing tip? Perhaps…

Benefits of Crochet and Knitting

If you have not learned to crochet or knit, you may find it a very rewarding form of stress reduction. It’s even being used in prisons, and they’ve found that it calms the whole prison population. I saw a tv news report just before Christmas about prisoners who were crocheting toys for kids. The work was superlative! I was very impressed with the toys! They had crocheted stuffed animals that were really spectacular. When they interviewed the guys making them, they said they put their whole hearts into the project.…

Online, there was a great article about the growth in crocheting and knitting in the country. More and more people are learning to knit and crochet, even guys and kids. It’s good for your heart, your blood pressure, and golly!, just about everything! Here’s a link to t

The Call From Darkness To Light

When it comes to the pro-life movement, many people get angry that others are showing them the truth about abortion, the truth about taking lives, especially for such crass reasons. But no one is thinking that maybe God put those people there for you to have to face, so that you would actually be faced with the truth. Of course He did! For when His people stray, God always calls us back. Here is an excerpt from this morning’s readings from Scripture:…

“I have appeared to you to designate you as my servant and as a witness to what you have seen of me and what you will see of me. I have delivered you from this people and from the nations, to open the eyes of those to whom I am sending you, to turn them from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God; that through their faith

Christmas and New Year, 2017

I was just catching up on some back reading, and in Fr. Pavone’s newsletter, he quoted this line from Scripture:…

“Behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for ALL the people…A Savior has been born FOR YOU.” -Luke 1:10-11

Fr. said “He excludes nobody.” So if you are out there thinking you are a “bad” person, this message is FOR YOU! This Christmas is the same in a way as the very first one. A Savior has been born this December FOR YOU! You can start over…. Remember, He is not dead. He walks among us. And in the secret places of our hearts and minds, He speaks to us. That still small voice you think is a thought, the one that saved you from certain death, or the one that guided you to the right place when you needed help. That’s Him.

Fr. Pavone, of course, was

Environmental Protection is CRUCIAL!

In December of 1952, in London, England, there came a fog, a smog of heating by coal. The smog lasted four days. People were getting sick very quickly, and the ministers were calling upon Churchill (then Prime Minister) to do something about the air pollution. He kept shouting that it was JUST A FOG! It was just weather, he insisted, and that when the sun was hot, there was drought, that when it poured down rain, it was a deluge, and when it was a fog, it lasted a few days and then lifted. Many efforts were made to move Churchill to do something, and when he would not, they began an effort to unseat him. To his great shock, his beloved secretary, a young woman for whom he had a great respect, was hit and killed in that smog. This was the turning point for Churchill, and in his shrew…

What's Wrong With Obamacare

Who scrabbled Obamacare? Obama believes it was Bernie Sanders supporters who did it. REALLY? Here’s what really scrabbled Obamacare:…

First of all, against all of the nation’s protests, Obama put under “health care” the destruction of unborn children, who are actually children in the flesh and in consciousness. So it is neither a matter of “health”, but death, nor a matter of “care”, but hatred and cruelty of a whole new level. This offended many people, that they were going to have to pay for these horrendous acts of others, thus sharing in their crimes. While it is true that abortion has spread across the land, many have come to understand the pure evil that it is and no longer support it at all, much less be willing to PAY for someone ELSE to commit these kinds of crimes. That’s th

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