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Meditation Moments on the Nativity

Christmas Eve, 2016, and all is quiet in the house. The Christmas tree is glowing, the candle that lights the little family is dancing, throwing lively light around them. In the distance is the city with its noise, but here in the stable there is a peaceful quiet, with only the cattle and sheep around the little family. Mary speaks softly to her newborn Son, as she soothes and rocks him to sleep. He is wrapped in swaddling clothes as he dozes in his mother’s arms. She places him in a manger of straw. The animals surround his manger, giving him some warmth, and there is a strange lightness to the darkness outside. Joseph walks out to find the source of the strange brightness, and sees with wonder, an amazing and large star is shining right overhead. Is that a STAR or an ANGEL?, Jos…

Who Lifts You Up?

Psalm 145 says, “The LORD upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.” We are not left alone here on this earth. We have help from Heaven. During this Christmas season, there are going to be people who are feeling “bowed down” or that they have “fallen”. There are many reasons people have a difficult time at Christmas, but no one should ever despair, because we have help from Heaven. Even now, you are not alone. Standing next to you is your good Guardian Angel. You can always ask for his help. You can talk to him as your best friend, which he is. Padre Pio, now declared a saint, said that if we do this, we are sure to receive some benefit from it. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel depressed or “bowed down” or whatever. It means that you have sure help from the Lord, …

What's Good In Gossip?

People jump to many false conclusions, especially in some places, and especially across cultural divides. We’ve seen the clash of cultures so vividly in today’s world. It can result in many false stories. And some expressions keep it alive, such as “Where there’s smoke, there must be fire!” REALLY? Around the hood, I have been so amazed at how fast people arrive at major falsehoods from nothing at all.…

I’ll give you an example. For the past month or so, maybe longer, I’ve heard the same thing being repeated by people whose native tongue is Spanish. They say I am “always opening the door”. They say it as though it’s a felony. It makes me paranoid. They watch out in the parking lot, so WHAT ARE THEY DOING SPYING ON ME FROM THE PARKING LOT? :-P That’s the accusation and it’s spoken

To Thank You!

I’m glad there is a “Thanks-giving”, because it reminds me to count my blessings and to thank those who deserve it the most, people perhaps of whom I have been completely ignorant. Sometimes it’s good to remember where we’re ignorant and where we may actually know the tiniest piece of the puzzle that is our lives. If we’re lucky, as we age, we understand more and more, and if we’re even luckier, we may develop a tiny bit of wisdom. So the very first one I wish to thank is God, for the wonderfulness of life, for this very great gift, the very first gift, without which there are no others. I wish to thank our Heavenly Creator for my life and for the lives of those around me, and for the great opportunity that life gives us, the ability to savour everything around us in so many ways, as …

New 3D Images

I am posting these new 3D images of unborn babies in the womb. This new 3D photos of the unborn are truly REMARKABLE! It is more educational than a 500 page book could ever be. The cover photo is of a 10 week old baby in utero, and it’s a WOWZA! But there are many others if you click on the photo. So here’s the link:

If you know someone who is trying to decide what to do about a pregnancy, you might recommend these photos.

Raccoons and the Food

This may be the last post I ever write. Not sure what is going on around here. We’ll find out tomorrow.…

At any rate, Raccoon news. It was pretty funny the other night when I was talking to the kittens, and here comes a Raccoon ambling toward us with a bit of hesitation. As she approached, I said to her, “Are you coming to eat my kitten’s food? This is the KITTEN’S food! You’re not supposed to eat the KITTEN’S food.” She stopped a few feet in front of me, put her hands together in front of her on the concrete, and lowered her head to her hands in a kind of bow and prayer, as though to say, “Please, I pray thee!” I had to crack up. It was such an obvious and graceful way of begging for food, I was completely won over, and I told her, “Ok, ok. You can have the food.” She rose up an

An OUTRAGEOUS Murder Rate and the Elections!

OH MY GOD! Did you know that 120,000 AMERICANS ARE BEING MURDERED EVERY DAY? WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! What if it’s the RUSSIANS doing this on the QT? We have to STOP IT! Now’s the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their countrymen!…

So what am I talking about? Is it really the Russians? Well, there’s a history to it. Back in the 50’s or 60’s the Russians said they were going to take over America without ever firing a shot. So how are they involved? They have done it very quietly. it’s a tactic they have used in their own country and in Eastern Europe after the war. And it was so deadly that they have since stopped it in their own lands. It has decimated so much of the population that some towns are almost empty. And so they exported it to the United States.

WOWZA Solutions to Everyday Problems from the Saints

I’ve always loved Mother Teresa. I went through a period of reading everything I could find on her. She was so inspirational. In death, she remains inspirational, as those who knew her continue to write about her, and those who learned from her example by reading about her also wrote about her. In this way, we continue to keep her with us, which I totally love. It’s an endless supply of words of wisdom. Profound words of wisdom, which resonate even more today than ever. And it is so with many of the saints. That’s why I have read every interesting book on their lives that i could possibly find. Some authors have taken these powerful admonitions from various saints and compiled them into books, taken from different angles.…

There’s a great book I want to recommend to you along this

Drama of the Bee and the Achemon Sphinx Moth

What do bees and moths have to do with each other? I’m meaning those humminjgbird size moths. You know the ones I’m talking about, bigger than an ordinary moth and often mistaken for small hummers. I wondered this when I saw what appeared to be a bee attacking one of those moths. The moth was still not totally adult size, but still large. It’s wings were brown and pink. It was flopping around on the ground, and that’s what attracted my attention. I thought it must be dying or something, and I wondered if there was anything I could do, but when I walked over, I saw a bee on the moth’s head. The moth was absolutely frantic, and the bee was tenacious. I tried to shoo the bee away, but it was determined and held fast. I had to get my hand very close to the bee to move it from the mot…

Raccoon, Noseycat's Teacher

Tonight I had a great revelation. Do you recall my comments about Nosey cat? He hogs all the food. If the kittens come to eat, he hisses at them. He guards the food for himself. He’s also very sensitive and emotional. He used to be affectionate until I went kind of Rambo on him hogging the food. Now he’s more reserved. Nevertheless, remember that he was the one running to me saying, “Um-phy!, Um-phy! Um-phy!” for “Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!” I used to ask them, “Are you hungry?” and then I’d feed them. That’s when he was little. I was so amazed that he tried to say it, and of course I understood right away. He’s a smart cat.…

So later…tonight…I was watching the raccoons at some chow. One of them was hogging all the food! The other three tried to get some, but the hog laid down on


We all must have moments when we’re misunderstood, and moments when we’re the ones misunderstanding. I’m sure I’ve had my share of both. I’ve become more aware of that as time goes on. So I don’t hold it against anyone when they misunderstand me.…

People see life through their own lens. This was very well demonstrated in the famous Japanese movie, “Rashomon”, where a happening is told from four different people through four different perspectives. None of them were exactly the same. Some were totally different. Culture also can dictate how we see things. What is considered kosher in some cultures, or humorous in some cultures, is not seen the same way in others. And of course, there’s always the troublemaker who deliberately misinterprets someone in a negative way in order to caus

40 Days, and the Case of the Telltale Heart

We are now in a 40 Days for Life campaign, and there are posts of many unborn baby photos, like this one:…

The truth is out there.

Here’s another telling link, what I call, “The Case of the Tell-Tale Heart”:

One doctor testified that when doing a dismemberment abortion, it was not uncommon to remove the limbs,do substantial damage to the little one’s body, and then find

Strange Day, Busy Traffic, FREAKY!

Oh what a strange day! Since this morning I’ve noticed a police presence. I decided at first that they were just all over town, because the traffic today was horrific. Even the bus driver was wondering what was going on for all the traffic. He was running 20 minutes late because of bumper to bumper traffic. He said his main concern was for safety, and he is an excellent driver. So even if I had not seen all the cars on the road, I would have understood that it was an abnormal day. I thought perhaps early voting begins today. I’m not sure.…

Later on, a cop w canine was even involved. I worried then that something had happened and they were looking for the person. He was right near me and his dog barked at me as the officer tried to enter a locked gate. I just walked through. I tr

"Choices", Cures, and Miracles - Election Talk

They say abortion is a “choice”. So is kidnapping, bombing places, burning down buildings and setting fire to people, pedophilia, rape, violence against children (oh wait, that’s what they’re calling a “choice”!), having sex with goats, ramming airplanes into tall buildings, poisoning people, cruelty to animals, robbing people, bank theft, scamming people, creating false stories about people (otherwise known as lying), beating up the elderly and small children, drowning someone, beheading people, and shooting police officers.…

In Hell, there are many caverns with appropriate punishments for all of these crimes.

“CHOICES” HAVE CONSEQUENCES! And mass crimes have mass consequences. What you do not repay on earth, you repay in eternity. It is much easier to repay your crimes on earth than

Reflections on Prayer

Today at Mass, Fr. spoke about prayer, and his conclusion, after some elaboration, was that prayer is just being in the presence of God. That set me to thinking about how I have often felt about prayer.…

Sometimes in life, we go through difficult times. I’ve found that a regular prayer life, CONTINUED in difficult times (or even started in difficult times), is like a light beam connecting me to God, and I hold on to that beam at all times. It’’s like a friendship. If you talk to your friend every day, your friendship is usually strengthened. Only, with God, He never fails you. Friends may leave, but God does not (no offense to my friends). That constant connection is a lifeline. And indeed, St. Paul tells us that it is IN GOD that we live. An awesome thought. Since God is the SOUR

Animals and Culture

This afternoon, I walked out to go to the mailbox, and as I opened the door, there was NOSEY! He’s not here all the time. He just shows up sometimes. But the amazing thing about him was that he made a very evident effort to say something to me, energetically and vociferously – “umf -phy, umf-phy, umf-phy”….or something like that, over and over again and with urgency. I knew exactly what he was trying to say, “HUN-GRY!, HUN-GRY!” over and over again. I was very impressed. That’s because when I see the cats outside and they come out to see me, I ask them, “Are you HUNGRY?” Usually, the other cats either blink their eyes or lick their lips as an affirmative reply. But not Nosey. He was trying very hard to say, “HUN-GRY!” That earned him a can of cat food. Clearly, wherever he was b…

St. Francis of Assisi, POW, Prisoner of War

There is a new audio version of the life of St. Francis that sounds really interesting. Here’s the link:…

I just listened to a “trailer” of it, if you will, on the above link, and it jogged a thought. I’ve written here about St. Francis before, but of course I left out a lot. St. Francis of Assisi was a fascinating person partly because he was many things.

Francis was what you might call a rock star of his day, because he had a beautiful singing voice and he alone knew the songs of the French troubadours, taught him by his mother (she was French). He was a party guy too, giving lavish banquets for his groupies.

Francis was also a soldier and a POW! YES! St. Francis was a PRISONER OF WAR! If it had not been for the fact that his parents wer

Raccoon Acquaintance

Well, I’m learning so much more about Raccoons. Did you know that they can hiss like a cat and growl like a dog? I mean, seriously. They also mumble as they shuffle around, rather like I do. So I started wondering if they’re just copying what’s around them. Too funny when they mumble. But I assume it’s really Raccoon talk. It doesn’t make any sense to me.…

So again, they appeared the other night when someone put some critter food near my door, middle of the night. I don’t mind, because I am rewarded with the sounds of their snuffling and mumbling and crunching and snorting. I did get up and open the door a ways. There were two Coons there. I said, “Hey! That’s CAT food! That’s for the CATS! You should GO!” Immediately the smaller Coon assumed their defensive posture. They form

About the Guardian Angels

Before we leave the subject of the Angels, remember that the feast of the GUARDIAN ANGELS is October 2. Since each of us has a Guardian Angel, we can all thank our Angels for their stellar care of us, and for all the times they have steered us clear of danger. We can also ask them to help us be sure to reach heaven.…

Padre Pio was famous for being able to see the Guardian Angels. He told his spiritual children to “Send me your Angel”, if you need my help. So when they were in danger, they would send their Angel to the Padre, and he would pray, and they would be saved from the danger. Interestingly, when they would see the Padre, he would say, “Yes, your Angel woke me, I already prayed for you.”, before they even spoke.

There’s a great book on the Guardian Angels called “Partners in Ho

A Most Astounding Capture!!!

I just came across a wonderful capture on the “Mother Nature” facebook post. It testifies to something we may not have suspected. Here’s the link:…

I hope this gets you to the photo. It’s really incredible. Yet, I can imagine a raccoon doing this. I’ve seen them stand on their back feet like this. Sometimes when they come up on the cement, they will hesitate and then stand up to investigate. It’s so delightful. I love watching the raccoons. They display a great deal of intelligence.

The Coon in this photo looks like a female to me, but what do I know? That would explain her concern for the cat. It seems that mothers in many species show a motherly concern fo

Fall and Cicadas

Sometimes a person can be so misunderstood that it reaches a point of hilarity, and I suppose I have reached that point. Kind of. And it’s also the overall statement of my astrological chart, if you put much in that. Must mean something that escapes me…obviously. :-[]…

Neighbor was up at 4 a.m today, his usual time to get up and get ready for work. But I could not go back to sleep. So, dragging through the day, feeling a chill in the air conditioning which I don’t usually feel, so I brought along a very light poncho I bought way back in the summer. Thought it’d be good for the Fall. In fact, today IS the first day of Fall, and indeed a few trees have some orange leaves. However, that’s because the persistence of high temperatures with heat indices of 100 or more is KILLING THEM! I

Seeing Ghosts & Update

Lately I’ve found some interesting fiction about soldiers returned from war. They speak of seeing ghosts of dead comrades. One novel quoted a soldier returned from war who said,…

“In Iraq, the dead stay with you. You can’t walk outside your tent or drive into the desert without feeling them all around. …In America, we don’t know how to listen to our ghosts.” —from “Blood on the Tracks”

While I haven’t had the experiences of soldiers in war, I am very familiar with the stories of the saints, so immediately I recalled those stories, which fits in with some of what this (fictional?) soldier says. And btw, we always pray for the dead, and there is much grace in that. We also know that those in heaven can see us and do pray for us. However, the souls in Purgatory need our prayers and som

Masked Bandito Gang at Night With UPDATE!

I had a great surprise last night. It taught me that there are more eyes watching us than we might imagine, and our behavior noted and action taken based on it.…

It all began, actually about a month ago when I came across a cat near the dumpster. I wrote about it in a previous blog. She was a skeleton with fur hanging off of it. That shocked me. I could clearly see that not only was she starving to death, she was nursing at least four kittens. I was deeply moved. She had not abandoned her babies, despite the fact that she obviously was desperate for food. So I spoke to her gently, and told her by word and action that she could come to my place and I would feed her. She didn’t come right away, but later in the day, despite the fact that she was very untrusting and wild. She still

Free Program for Vets - Headstrong - Vets Helping Vets!

CBS news just reported on a program to help vets. It’s actually vets helping vets. The program is called “Headstrong” and it is free. There is a web site:…

I think I have listed it correctly. You might also find the info on You’ll hear a vet speak of his difficulty banishing the demons of war.

Sometimes I think there are many demons roaming the world these days. Many of us are struggling, even those who were not actually in the military. So please get help if you are struggling with the effects of war.

I’m also going to suggest you read about St. Faustina Kowalska. She had visions of Jesus and was given the message of Jesus’ Divine Mercy to spread out in the world just prior to WWII. It becomes obvious that the Lord wanted soldiers not to despair after


Every day, 22 or MORE veterans commit suicide! Every dang day. There’s definitely something wrong with that. Do you think they’d do that if we greeted them and drew them in to our circles or our little niches of friendships? I don’t think so.…

Perhaps vets come home with scars, both physical and emotional. It’s hard to readjust to the end of their war tour, to reintegrate into regular society. In war, they had a mission. There was always a mission. But right now, in our country, we have a huge problem on our hands, and our vets can help us solve it. It’s a NEW mission, a DIFFERENT kind of mission. Our nation needs prayer support, and there are exciting ways to look at that. Perhaps reading Psalms is a great starting point. The Psalms were the prayers of David, mostly, I believe.

Chicago Violence and Solutions?

I’ve been hearing on the news that since January of this year, 459 people have been killed in Chicago. Then, this past weekend, just ended, 59 people were killed. What the hey is going on in Chicago?…

So tonight I was surfing and found a prayer procession taking place in Chicago. MY GOD! How many people were taking part in it!!! This is EXACTLY what Chicago needs! Bring God into the equation. I don’t know if this link will work, but here is a short video clip of that procession:

I think EVERY CHURCH IN CHICAGO ought to conduct their own prayer procession ALL OVER THE CITY!

Do you know why I think that? Because in 1916, after three little shepherd children kept shouting out, “HAIL MARY!” and “AVE MARIA!” out from a

The Tenderness of the Child

Today a beautiful young Hispanic girl got on the bus about to burst into tears. She had a lovely face. There was a tenderness about her that spoke of her young years. She must have been somewhere between 9 and 12 years old. Could be 13. I think she went to the Junior High. You never know, because some Hispanic children are short and age is indeterminate. They are such handsome people.…

What struck me was that when she spoke to her mother, who asked her what was wrong (they were speaking Spanish), she spoke so low I could not hear what she was saying, but it was obvious that her finger had been hurt somehow. It reminded me that as we age, though we still feel the hurts of life, we do not feel them as keenly perhaps as the young. There is such a tender-heartedness in the young. Her

Simone and God Won the Gold Medal!

Well, a few posts back when I said it was 115 degrees with the heat index that day, I misunderstood. Since I was distracted, I didn’t hear the weatherman say….“in Houston”. However, today at 3 p.m., Austin hit a temperature of 105 degrees, with a heat index of 116! While some have to watch weather reports especially in the winter, we have to watch weather reports especially in the summer. If you ride the bus and have to walk any at all, you want to know when to go out and when to return, avoiding the top heat of the day on dangerous heat days.…

So did you see Simone Biles at the Olympics? WOW! She is a champion. That girl has such control in those gymnastic exercises. It’s truly amazing. I’ve never seen any gymnist perform quite so perfectly. Then she said she prays for half an hour

About Individuality

After I wrote the previous post, someone seems to have taken offense at my joke about the Chinese Olympic Gold Medal winners. So I wanted to clarify that it was a joke about China’s huge population, WITHOUT taking anything away from the athletes. Most Americans will understand my joke immediately. But for those who did not, I have a few things to say.…

First of all, I watched a few Olympic events with joy. I realize these athletes work very hard, and I also realize that each one of them is a unique human being who must strive like the rest of us to attain anything in this world. it was not an effort to diminish that achievement at all. Nor was it an effort to give affront to the wonderful Chinese people for whom I’ve always had a great respect. That said, my first thought when I saw

Heat, Meteor Shower, Olympics, Hobos, Compassion

NOT AGAIN! Temperatures, that is the heat index today, was up to 115 in one part of town and 111 in another. That’s in the shade. It’s 105 in the shade right now, and I can tell you it’s HOT out there! Oh, and it’s almost 7 p.m.! All of this to say, it should be ICE CREAM FOR DINNER…oooooor POPSICLES!…

HOWEVER….I think it’s Thursday and Friday, we’re going to have an awesome view of a meteor shower. (Actually, I need ANY kind of shower at the moment….) It’s expected that there will be around 200 meteors per hour!!! THAT is double the usual annual array. I don’t know what our night sky will look like, but we should be able to see something. I think the time range was from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., or something like that. Check it out online for better accuracy. They said you’d have to leave

What My Camera Means To Say

What is a camera? Aside from being a simple, or not so simple, machine, or tool, what is it? A camera is many things to many people, different for different ones. Some use a camera to earn their living, and I’ve been pondering this as a possibility. So I was distraught when I thought I had lost it. As it turned out, my offspring found it! :))) It turned up in lost and found somewhere.…

But that’s not the only reason for owning a camera. We look upon the world, and in our haste, we only see the works of man – cars, highways, offices, computers, phones, tablets, restaurants (or le resto in French slang). It’s not too often that we really take the time to stop and contemplate with wonder the great works of God. We’ve built so many things, we block out the awesomeness of nature. But if

John's Dragon Tree

Going through my followings today, I came across a photo that I found very intriguing. It’s by John Butler and it’s called a “Dragon Tree”. And if the picture were not fascinating enough, when you read the comments, it’s kind of mind blowing. Here in Austin, we have a botanical garden that has a section devoted to prehistoric plants, but I have to say they are nothing like the Dragon Tree. John wrote, “the dragon tree is a remnant of sub-tropical forests that died out millions of years ago in the Pliocene epoch.” So here is a prehistoric tree. We can only imagine what creatures were walking around in this forest. Here’s the photo link:

I hope you enjoy it. John’s work is excellent.

The Morning Visitor

Today I had a lovely visitor. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned it, but I now have a small cart that has an insulated bag on it, so that the groceries I buy do not all thaw out before I can get home in the heat. I’m amazed at the difference in my groceries when I get home. The bag is narrow but tall and fits everywhere and I can throw everything in it.…

So today, my black bag on the little cart got a few sprinkles of rain on it, and I was holding my lime green umbrella aloft. As I walked I had not noticed the cart had picked up a rider. But when I turned around, I immediately saw an incredibly beautiful lime green grasshopper on the black canvas of the bag. Fascinated, I leaned in for a better look. I looked at him with my pink glasses, and he looked back at me with his tiny, bright red e

Real Awesomeness

Some years in Spring and Summer, I have spent joyful hours out in the park or other outdoor areas taking photos. There’s nothing like being out in nature to inspire our wonder at the total awesomeness of our world.. A conversation with someone today made me recall the many incredible moments that made me have to say, this is a work of God.…

With my zoom, I found a little bug family. I’m not sure what kind of bugs they were, something like Antelope Horn bugs, but not those. These, if I recall, were red and orange and black, or something like that. I focused my camera into the group and took some photos. it was when I got home and downloaded them that I made the discovery. It was indeed a bug family, and the parents were looking up at me, trying to shield their little ones from me, th

Let Them Eat Ice Cream!

This danged heat is making me feel like fry bread. I think I know now how fry bread feels. The sky is a lovely shade of blue, and my skin is becoming an unbecoming shade of fry bread with honey on it. Maybe it’s my imagination. I’ve just been out in the sun too long.…

If I had money, I’d be in the mountains right now or on some lovely beach, swimming with the sharks…..! SHARKS? Wait a minute…. Have you heard that now the sharks are coming in toward the beaches, because they realize it’s tourist season? Hah! As for the woods, there are bears. But I don’t mind the woods. You can run from a bear. I guess.

In the summer, there are some lovely places to be if you have the means. Summers in Austin are like winters in Alaska or Minnesota. You get cabin fever. You leave your home early i

Must Be a Misunderstanding

O.k., disclaimer. My truth terrorist story was not about anyone personally. I took my ideas from tv shows I’ve seen or books I’ve read. Just everyday things we accept and think or see or do as a society. If anyone was upset by that, thinking I was targeting you, you are wrong. I tried to express that in the blog (the one before this), but I guess it didn’t take. I’m not accusing any of you. I’ve been very lucky to know some wonderful people, and I know I’ve been helped by some wonderful folks. I have my own problems, and I would not be trying to skewer any particular one with the Truth Terrorist story. It was just that the plot sparked some thoughts about how the title could be applied, thinking humorously, not personally.…

Just so you can feel better, I know I’ve been grouchy lat

Truth Terrorist?

Have you watched any of the new series on PBS called “The Tunnel”? It’s really outstanding. It’s a take on the original Swedish equivalent of “The Bridge”. Of course, Americans made the “The Bridge” version, but the Swedes started it all. I have not seen the Swedish version, but did see several seasons of the American/Mexican one and thought it was excellent. It’s a bit racy and raw, but it tells some truths. Captivating and jarring.…

So “The Tunnel” is the British/French version of the same idea. All three versions begin with the discovery of a corpse straddling the line between the two countries. (But the actual stories are not the same in the three different versions.) It’s a detective series, of course, and because of the body found in two countries at once, two detectives, one

Their Angels Behold the Face of God

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” — Matthew 18:10…

This quote has always been one of my favorites, especially when I was little. See how that is? When we’re little, this means so much more to us than it does when we’re callous adults concerned about our own “freedom” and “rights” and “bodies”. WAIT! There’s ANOTHER body there! And that’s the unborn child. And you know what? That child likes the above passage also.

Did you know that the unborn child has his or her own Angel too? And that Angel accompanies them through their nine months in the womb. The Angel consoles and guards the baby and keeps it company. You do not see their Guardian Angel, but they do. God does n

Doncha Jus Luv Summer?

It was SOOOO HOT when I walked to the bus stop this morning at about 8 a.m. that I thought, OH. MY. GOD! It’s going to be TOO HOT this afternoon. I’m going to get what I need at the store and GO HOME! Which I did.…

SO I was at home and at home and I worked on some stuff and got sleepy and laid down and took an involuntary nap and got up and was at home and at home and at home, so I watched a short bit of netflix and got bored and I was at home and at home. DANG! I said, I need to GET OUT!

By this time, it was about 3 p.m. I checked the internet. It was 100 degrees. I said, oh it can’t be THAT bad. I’ll just put a long sleeved shirt on so my skin does not get any darker and fall off.

THEN….. I walked out and to the office…and THEN….. I CAME BACK HOME and turned on the A/C!!!! Le pant!

Austin Night Sky and News

If you didn’t notice, here in Texas anyway, and probably all of North America, not only was the moon a lovely half-moon last night, but the sky was crystal clear. And off to the side a ways was an orangy glowing Mars. I was pretty sure it was Mars, and then I looked it up. What a beautiful sight that was as the sky was still a dark blue instead of fully black. To the naked eye, it was quite stunning. My camera cannot capture that, but I’m sure some people did. It was totally amazing. If you did not see it last night, I encourage you to check it out tonight. There may be clouds, but you might still be able to see it. Worth watching to see. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Mars that distinctly. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention to know that it was Mars in the past. But…

Scam Solicitations

Have you been getting a lot of phone solicitations? I sure have. it is getting on my last nerve. Legitimate ones I don’t mind. It’s those such as today’s “Foundation for American Veterans” that makes me aggravated. I like to check up on any charity to which I donate any amount of money. That’s because I have so little of it, I want to be certain it’s going to a good cause that really reaches those in need.…

So today, I got a call from these guys. The first speaker was a guy who was very chipper and said how they were helping vets, homeless vets and so forth. Sounded good right off the bat, but I was just curious, as usual, and when I tried to question him, he sent my call to the “verifier” before I could finish my request. When I asked the verifier for the name of the organization,

Heat Index in the Shade!

It is July HOT! Triple digits for a solid week. Yesterday’s heat index was up to 109. The actual temperature was 100, and all these readings were taken in the SHADE! I think I heard that Bastrop today had a heat index of 112. WAKE UP, MOTHER NATURE! THIS IS NOT ARIZONA!…

This severely limits my time outdoors. Alas! It’s already hot by 7:30 a.m. And now the low for tonight I think they said is going to be 80. OMG! I might have to buy one of those kiddie plastic pools and put some water in it and SLEEP IN IT!

But I know what has happened. David danced before the Lord, right? The Native American Indians do a rain dance, right? So what have I done? Complain. ERGO, I need to get on the ball and do a rain dance and convent chant or something! Heck! I might even invite the neighbors to jo

What Padre Had to Say About Suffering

Supposedly, the motive for all the racial violence is that black people suffer. And they must suffer the police when they commit a crime. (DUH!) Whatever happens in life, we all go through some suffering. I don’t think anyone gets through a lifetime without it. That’s the nature of earth, a life cycle that includes some deterioration of things, but also a rebirth, new birth, new life. The notion black people have that they’re the only ones who suffer and the only ones who matter, is of course, ridiculous! Every single life on the planet matters. There is meaning in every single life. We may not know what it is, but God has a purpose for each one of us, should we decide to accept his will for our lives.…

So, the question must be asked, what is to be gained from shooting police offic

Who You Gonna Call?

When you’re in trouble, when there’s a burglar at your window, when someone is attacking you, when you’re afraid of someone running through the neighborhood with a gun, WHO YOU GONNA CALL? You gonna call GHOSTBUSTERS? HELL NO! You gonna call the BLACK PANTHERS? HELL NO! You gonna call PROTESTERS? HELL NO! Who is most able to help you the right way when you’re in that kind of trouble? THE COPS! YOU WILL CALL THE COPS! So why are you trying to kill them now? That is self defeating. Build more positive outlets for your feelings. First of all, if you come home from the military feeling useless and awful, you need to retrain.…

Heck! I need to retrain, and I have college degrees. I’ve tried a variety of things, and now I’m taking free online classes. You can do it too through the library. J

A Jackrabbit Find

There just isn’t anything like coming across a West Texas Jackrabbit at night as your headlights catch them. At first you’re amazed at how LARGE they are! And my! How tall their EARS are! And OMG! How FAST they are!…

So today, I came across a Jackrabbit photo in the “Found” section, and lo and behold! There was one of those Western wonders I so love finding. For a more realistic look at this animal, VIEW LARGER! It gives a better perspective. So I will give you the link right here:

There still are wonders to find in this world, and the Jackrabbit is one of them. These guys are as big as a dog. This particular capture was taken by someone in, I think, Arizona or some su

Spiritual Reading and Why I Write

Spiritual reading is important, because it inspires us to reach for the heights of life in the Spirit, it renews our hearts and minds, and it keeps us close to God. It can prevent us from falling off the path that leads to Him in eternity. Heaven is a real place, and so is Hell and Purgatory. Visionaries have been shown these places, and Jesus Himself referred to Hell many times. But all that aside, I totally love the glimpses into Heaven that is consistent in the lives of the saints. It is a constant encouragement to me.…

I do not claim to be a saint, btw. I have to work hard on living a holy life. The world around us these days is not always easy. Someone today was speaking about not following a “false Apostle”. I’m not sure who that is supposed to be. The Apostles were those w

About My Mind Food

For some feedback I think I received in town today, I just want to say that the two CID officers with whom I said I was keeping company are two fictional characters in the book I’m reading. HAHA! You do not need to worry about me!…

As for my comments about Fr. Berrigan, what i can say is that nations who have refused to defend themselves have been enslaved by atheistic systems. I do not believe that this is God’s will. Any householder will defend his family and home from predators. Why would anyone allow evil people to destroy others? It does not make sense. So no, I am not a fan of total do nothingism with regard to aggressors seeking to take your life or the lives of family members. HOWEVER, I would never just go kill someone because I was afraid they would come to my home. Rather

Summer Reading

Thought I’d put out a query to see what everyone is reading this summer. With triple digits here, it’s great reading weather, sitting in front of the A/C, eating ice cream or something cold. Thought I’d start it out.…

Right now, I’m having so much fun reading “Programming in C for Absolute Beginners”. Forget the author. Yes, it’s for the class. But quite a bit more interesting than you would imagine. Who doesn’t want to learn coding? It’s the new big thing. I’m also enjoying the company of two CID officers, Earnie Bascom and George Sueno. (Of course, Sueno, with the "n"ye, means Dream. I wonder if he was a dreamboat! :D) They are the two detectives in “Ville Rat”, one of Martin Limon’s fiction stories of his time as a military detective in South Korea. Enjoyable company.

Today i f

Heat Advisories and Crazy Weather

The previous entry (which I canceled! HAH!) was meant as an informational entry for anyone who feels they need some form of assistance in dealing with things traumatic or issues of conscience. Now that July Fourth has come around, it may be a problem for someone. I never did totally agree with Fr. Berrigan. A nation cannot be limp on defense, especially not in today’s world. I am grateful for our military and the defense of the nation.…

Aside from that, the heat today shot the heat index up to 108 in Austin,in the SHADE, and in some places reached as high as 112 and 113! This is unthinkable! It’s only JULY! Days now have to be dealt with differently. Walking a mile in triple digit heat is dangerous. We’ve had heat advisories for the past few days and there is another one for tomorrow.

God Bless America!

If you read my previous entry, I am not saying that we’re all just “bad code”. :P It’s all got to do with the code we write every day. It’s inevitable that some days we may write bad code. However, St. Bridget of Sweden summed it up quite well, “The world would have peace if only the men of politics would follow the Gospels.” It’s all there, tantalizingly close, right at our fingertips, if we would just reach out and grab it.…

Today is Independence Day, the Fourth of July. I just finished watching fireworks at the Capitol, Macy’s, and finally Austin’s. It was quite lovely, along with a little thrown in outside my complex as well, where some have been shooting off bottle rockets, roman candles and other nice displays. I love the Fourth of July! Always have. Today we realize that w

Debugging the Program

Somewhere in the future of my class (and I’m still about 4 weeks behind the class – started late and so forth and so on), I’m going to learn about debugging the program. After an amazing realization the other day, I understood that we humans have the SAME PROBLEM!…

See, this is how it is. There are operators called Boolean Operators, which create loops and conditions for those loops. The program will run this loop over and over again UNTIL or IF or ELSE, and such as this. We do the SAME THING! It works a little differently in human beings. Here’s an example. Let’s say your mother tells you to do the dishes. You reply, “NO! I am busy playing War of the Zombies on my iphone!” Then your mother says more loudly, “DO THE DISHES!” You reply, “OK, OK, JUST A MINUTE.” Mom hears “ZING! CRAS


ARGGHHHH!!!! TRIPLE DIGITS ALL NEXT WEEK! I QUIT! I’M GOING TO AUSTRALIA! IT’S WINTER THERE RIGHT NOW! Oh, excuse me! I didn’t know anyone was listening…. I just watched the weather report. Monday through Friday is supposed to be all triple digits! Not again. Not again. I can’t believe we’re going to have another summer like this. When you’re on foot and have to walk a mile to the bus stop, IT MATTERS! Take today, fer instance. The actual high was 94, but I think they said the heat index was 105! I believe it. It was HOT at 7:30 a.m.!…

So welcome to Austin. If you don’t have a car, I hope you have a manservant, or a moto of some kind. I’m kind of hoping for an air car, myself. That way, I won’t have to worry about traffic lights, though maybe low flying airplanes, since they do


One thing about computing that I want you to know is that you have to be VERY PRECISE, and you have to tell the machine EVERY LITTLE THING TO DO! It’s a kind of robot, after all, I mean, if you think about it. So I guess I could call it robot programming. But that’s not actually the name of the class. And I can tell you this. It’s easier for the robot than it is for ME! :P At least at first. Because at first, you don’t realize how you have to specify EVERYTHING: Do this (in computereze), end line, go to next line! REALLY?…

For the past week, I’ve had my head in a computer programming book. Before that, I was learning computer operating basics in a simulated program called “Scratch”, made especially to teach students basic computer concepts. It’s all a blast. I thought I was going

Hottest Day of the Year So Far!

Today, June 28, 2016 was so hot when I walked out this morning around 8 or 8:30 a.m., that it felt as though I were walking in the very hottest part of the afternoon! I thought, Oh no! This is going to be a VERY hot day, hotter than predicted! Since I’m never out in the heat of the day if I can avoid it, especially if it’s predicted to be very hot, I said a little prayer, “Oh Lord, please send us a good rain!” Le pant! Le wheeze! Le can’t breathe it’s so hot! So I hurried and ran my short errands and came back home.…

An interesting thing happened on my way home. As I walked down my street, clouds came up, and a breeze was blowing slightly. It actually seemed at least 4 degrees or more cooler! Maybe we WERE going to get some rain, after all! It’s been about four weeks since we’ve had any

Rage Rooms, Habits, and Improvements

Interesting stories on the evening news about RAGE ROOMS! WOW! These rooms are furnished with household items like appliances and TVs and plates and glasses, things like that. The person who is apparently angry or stressed, I guess, can go into the room with a baseball bat and destroy whatever they want. Apparently, it’s become popular. Is this a good thing? So the reporter was asking. Well, I think I can give a few clues on that.…

Way back, many years ago, there was counseling about “the Primal Scream”. Do you remember that? Maybe you’re not old enough. Anyway, some people dealing with anger issues and I guess stress, were encouraged to just…SCREAM! (I can just hear people all over town screaming…not a good image, is it?) Also, there is the encouragement to let all your feelings fl

St. John the Baptist's Day and "I AM"

Today is the feast day of John the Baptist. I always think of my Grandfather, whose name was Jean Baptiste. And no, he was not an evangelist. He was a farmer. But he was very pro-life. He had twelve children! In a nearby town, the church is also named John the Baptist.…

It was on the feast day of John the Baptist that there was a terrible storm in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia in 1981. The lightning and hail were so bad that people thought the world was coming to an end. So said the people of the village. The next day, June 25 was the first apparition of Our Lady of Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace. She is always calling for prayer, reconciliation and peace from that spot. She is still appearing there. It’s an incredible experience to go there! Highly recommended!

So I went to Mass to cel

Heat Danger

What a HOT DAY! It’s only June, Lord! I think the temperature should be a few degrees lower….OR we should have a nice rain shower or two. I mean, just my humble idea. I could not believe how I felt outside today! I left my place around 8:30 a.m. this morning or 8, not sure. But it was already BROILING! Had to use the umbrella. Not too long afterward, I was truly feeling body distress, heat distress. I was having trouble BREATHING! It was SO HOT, the air was almost not breathable. It was so distressing for me that I could not stay out in it long enough to finish the day’s chores. And frankly, I was surprised. I don’t remember feeling this bad in the heat of previous years. Yes, I felt it seriously, but it was the breathing problem that was more noticeable today. Literally, the …

The Longest Day

Today is the longest day of the year. It is the Summer Solstice at 5:34 p.m., CST. There will be over 14 hours of daylight. I had noticed the sun was already up at 6 a.m. or so yesterday or the day before. Depends whether or not I’m up at that hour, though I often am. It has also coincided with a full moon. And the June Moon is called the Strawberry Moon. According to one web site, after the full strawberry moon, we’re supposed to have a nice storm. (I don’t see one yet. I think it went to Mexico.) One news outlet reported that we won’t see all these coinky-dinks again until 2062. (Sorry! I’ll be outta here, folks! Guess I’d better look out the window now, hunh?) What a day, eh?…

So from now on, the days will shorten a little bit every day. You might wonder when the shortest da

About A Man

There is a line in a work by T.S. Elliot that goes like this: “I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling the floors of some silent ocean.” Some days are like that, days when we just want to scuttle away to some silent hidden place to commune with God, the universe, creation, to ease away from the babbling crowds. Sometimes that’s how they seem, like babbling crowds, who talk much but say nothing significant. I feel that way myself some days and think, “Gee, I’ve wasted my whole day on nothing.” But sometimes we need a “nothing” kind of day, to recharge our batteries, to be able to cope with the insolent, the aggressive, the intrusive, the violent. Sometimes, we need to allow the gossip of the crowds to flow right over us while we ponder the sad news we have just discovere…

Plant Intelligence

In the month of May, we here in Austin had quite a drencher of rains, so much so that the lake levels are at a high rarely seen. Because of this, water has been released from the dam and Ladybird Lake has risen quite high, even with rushing white water in places. The current has been very strong. In Lake Travis, several swimmers have drowned because of the strong current.…

What interests me about the whole thing especially is a little discovery I made as I walked along part of Ladybird Lake. An entire plant of Plains Coreopsis had started walking away from it’s site, AWAY from the LAKE! I will fetch the photo of it for you:

Now this may not be so much in itself, because plants do tend to move around a bit

Moonstone's Inner Light

Today at Mass, the proclamation before the Gospel reading was this: “Shine like lights on the world, as you hold on to the Word of life.” And it reminded me from whence we come. In all the apparitions received by visionaries, proven by prophecies fulfilled (such as Fatima and the apparitions to St. Faustina and St. Padre Pio), the apparitions were made of light, brilliant light. This is actually the source of our own lives, as St. Paul wrote, “It is in God that we live and move and have our being.”…

So this musing led me to recall the lovely Moonstone gem. When Moonstone is polished, it seems to give off a beautiful inner light, a light all its own, as though it was hiding in the rocks just waiting to be set free to glow for us. I never cease to be dazzled by real Moonstone and its t

Where Your Safety Rests

I hope I’m not violating copyright by posting the words to this song. I find it so beautiful and such a way of peace. It was the morning song in a divine office liturgy. Here are the words:…

Alone with none but thee, my God,
I journey on my way.
What need I fear, when thou art near,
O King of night and day?
More safe am I within thy hand,
Than if a host did round me stand.

My destined time is fixed by thee,
And death doth know his hour.
Did warriors strong around me throng,
They could not stay his power;
No walls of stone can man defend
When thou thy messenger dost send.

My life I yield to thy decree,
And bow to thy control
In peaceful calm, for from thine arm
No power can wrest my soul.
Could earthly omens e’er appal
A man that heeds the heavenly call!

The child of God can fear no ill,
His chosen drea

What About This "Particular Time"?

So, if this is a “particular time”, then how does it manifest? (Picking up from the previous post.) I was thinking about this. We see all that is going on in the world around us. Mostly. But I sometimes wonder if we’re seeing the big picture.…

First of all, look at the lingo we hear all around us, and the effects of that lingo on what people are doing. There’s abortion, being portrayed as “a woman’s right”. Put the word “right” in there, and suddenly everyone’s confused. We used to know that it was not right at all. So the result? We have allowed the murder of 57 million unborn Americans so far, and that’s just the ones reported. Secondly, we are also seeing opiod deaths among the strength of our nation, our young, and adults in their prime. It has become very significant with 80

Despair and a Cure

What’s at the heart of the large number of opiod abuses and deaths? I’ve been pondering this, and I think I have some insight. We are living in “a particular time” according to the Blessed Mother in certain apparitions. What does that mean? In French, if you refer to an event as “particulier”, you mean that it is rare, unusual, extraordinary. It is most obvious to me that this is so. I have seen the changing times. Many are struggling in one way or another. In fact, this is going on all over the world. Does that make you want to escape or give up or despair? No. But what is despair?…

The Catechsim says this about despair:

2091"The first commandment is also concerned with sins against hope, namely, despair and presumption:
“By despair, man ceases to hope for his personal salvatio

Dying Revelations

Today I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, and it was an amazing story she told me. I will not, of course, mention any names. I asked her permission to share a bit of the story with all of you, and she thought it was an important story to tell.…

You see, my friend was caring for two elderly relatives some time ago, and one of them died. She said she didn’t think too much about it then, because she was still taking care of the other one as well. However, as it turned out, the other one passed away this past month, and now my friend has time to recollect all that transpired, and has moments of sadness and grief. She finds herself pondering the events with the second relative, because of the amazing things that happened.

When a person grows old and begins a slow appro

Brazil's Rainforest Issues are Ours

The following is taken from the last page of a fiction novel, “The Ways of Evil Men” by Leighton Gage. You can look inside the book here:…

The fiction story was interesting reading, and the last page tells of the factual problems Brazil is having with illegal incursions into the rainforests.

In Brazil is the Amazon, the giant rainforest which is being decimated bit by bit. There are over 100 native tribes who live there, who have no contact with the outside world. When the cattle ranchers and loggers invade their area, these natives die from diseases brought by the outsiders. But this is only a small part of the story.

In t

The Two Ways

Can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this before, but I sometimes refer to the Didache. Didache, if I remember correctly is Greek for “The Teaching”, and the book’s title is actually “The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles”. I remembered this when I was reading today’s passage in “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day”, an excellent and attractive little volume I recommend highly. It’s written by Father Frank Pavone, who writes like an angel. You won’t regret buying this little volume. It’s inspirational every day, I’m tellin’ ya!…

If you’re interested in hearing some of the Didache, check out this Youtube video:

You can also find some background on the Didache in Wikipedia:

Anyway, on today’s date, he quoted the op

Discoveries - Bird, Cats, Possum

Ahhhh! What a lovely day. It’s overcast, had some rain, got my errands done in the morning, not too hot while I was out, just plain beautiful. Mass was lovely. Came home, found a great new photographer on this web site, whose photos of insects, frogs, monkey, birds, are pure inspiration. (To find him, check out my favorites!)…

But perhaps the most remarkable parts of the day were little discoveries. I normally stop for a bit of breakfast at one particular spot, a Tienda, Mexican for Store. I bought a little pastry and went to sit at the bus stop to munch and drink some nice steaming coffee. Normally, I throw out a few bits for the birds if they come looking for food. This morning, a little Sparrow came when he saw I was eating and looked at me in petition, and I threw a bit for him

Another Fentanyl Fact from TV News

Fentanyl is 30 to 50 times STRONGER THAN HEROIN! This is why so many people overdoes right away when they take it.

Just thought you ought to know before you foolishly take it just to prove you can. Trust me, you probably can’t. It’s not worth dying over, and you probably feel frighteningly awful right away. I’m not a nurse, but sounds logical.

Thanks to KEYE TV News for this bit of info!


Heard on tonight’s news, and not trying to scoop anyone in any way, but as a caution if you have not heard it, did you know that Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than Morphine???? Morphine is only given to people in serious pain. This is why people are dying from Fentanyl overdoses. I believe tonight’s news reported that 13 people died this weekend from Fentanyl overdoses.

Please don’t use this drug. You are needed in this world. That’s why God sent you here. And may he bless you richly.

Cats are NOT People

Hmmm. It’s possible from some blowback I’ve gotten that someone may have misinterpreted my remarks about the yellow cat in the previous entry. I was speaking solely about the cat, not about any human who may have identified with the cat. If you did this, don’t feel too bad. In today’s world, you nevah know…. But I was speaking of a cat who has aggravated me. His howls are grating and very, very loud. He could wake the dead. And they’re not nice howls or regular howls. They are aggressive and siren like howls. And he fights all the Papa cats who have grown up on my patio, and the more acceptable papa cats who come a’courting. I can’t have that kind of violence among my kitties who are otherwise peaceful. On top of all that, I have caught him mistreating Baby, and that is simply…

Rain, Cats, Popcorn

Well, I’m water-logged! But at least I had my morning bath outside this morning…unintentionally of course. Today is 100% chance of rain, chance of an outdoor bath, chance of no cats, chance of flooding. Because you see, the cats do not come out in rainy weather. Cats hate water. Have you noticed?…

Anyway, so this morning, there were NO CATS at my door. They had already found shelter. Probably next door. As I walked out through our labyrinthine parking lot, I suddenly heard a cat’s piteous complaints – “meeeeoooowwwww, meeeeoooowwww, meeeeoooowwww”, as though he was telling the world in no uncertain terms that he was miserable – WET and miserable. It turned out to be Nosey Cat, who ran out from under a car. I could also call him Stubborn Cat, or Lovey Cat. He obviously belonged to

OMMMMM! - Structure, Exercise, Prayer, Yoga, Balance

Start this off with this WONDERFUL little article link with some great photos, and it says what I’ve felt out in nature. So here it is:…

This article is going to give you some practical means of overcoming that sense of not being able to deal with life, of drifting, of being confused or lost or hopeless. Many people have many problems these days and struggle with so many ideas and beliefs floating about on the ethers. Hopefully, these humble ideas will help you restructure your life in a way that is constantly charging your body’s life force, your mind’s strength and renewing your heart. And, btw, creating a routine, and having a structure to our day, all by itself, can make a huge difference in our lives.

The solutio

About Atonement, expanded edition :P

Many people do not believe in Purgatory, but even the Jews believed in Purgatory, referring to a purgation on the other side of this life, a purgation after death. They also believed that we on earth could intercede for them with alms and prayers and other forms of atonement. This latter is found in Maccabees.…

In the New Testament, Jesus referred also to a place of atonement on the other side. He may not have named it Purgatory, but it also is a place of purgation, after which, the soul who is not damned forever, may eventually make it to heaven. There are a number of references to being purified as gold or silver. That’s a reference to Purgatory.

But the good news is that atonement may be made voluntarily on earth, where it’s much easier to atone for any sin. The Jews have an annual

Opiod Addiction Is Killing People!

If I could put a big red warning sign on this page, I would. If you begin using these hard drugs, you will most likely die from it a bit further up the road. Does that sound scary? It SHOULD! If you watch the “Border Wars” show on the Justice Network, you will sooner or later learn about the increased strength of opiod drugs, and the danger of fentenyl which they are adding to them.…

CBS news tonight gave more information on the current SERIOUS problem with opiod epidemics. Why is there a problem? There is a problem because PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM IT IN LARGE NUMBERS! In Ohio alone, in 2014, 84 people died from opiod addiction. However, in 2015, 503 people died from opiod addiction. Let’s look at that again:


2014 – 84 deaths from opiod addiction
2015 – 503 deaths from opiod addict

The Catholic Church Built Universities

I’ve been reading, off and on, a book on the history of the Catholic Church from the perspective of its accomplishments, its contributions to science and agriculture and all kinds of things, its study of philosophy and the classical texts, its active debates and its universities. It was actually the Catholic Church that started universities. By the time you get through the first three or four chapters, you realize that the dark ages were not dark at all.…

So I was reading an article from facebook, written by a Muslim. He was thrilled to make these discoveries. In fact, he wrote a rather long summary of the book I’m reading, “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization”. Here is the link to his article. I hope it works for you:

Our Lady of Fatima - May 13

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in Fatima, Portugal in 1918. It’s such a powerful and beautiful story, but also one of warning to the whole world. She foretold events which have since come to pass, establishing herself as a true prophetess. By appearing in Fatima, she also was laying claim to the prophetical traditions of Islam, since Fatima was the daughter of the “prophet” Mohammad, though Mohammad never foretold future events, as far as I know. His was a line of comments which supposedly came from God as a result of questions put to him. I don’t really know a great deal about this, so don’t go off on that. And finally, she also called to the Jewish tradition by her manner of dress, with a star shining brightly near the hem of he…

Don't Become Lost!

“Don’t become lost in the dark night through which your soul is passing,” wrote Padre Pio to one of his spiritual children. We can become depressed over events around us, saddened at sudden losses in our lives, or distressing turns of events, or our own personal sense of failure (or even, as some tell us, “backsliding”. I always find that term rather humorous, the foibles of humanity.), or maybe even reverting to a former addiction, btw. But Scripture reassures us of a great avenue of hope and help:…

“If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, then He who raised Christ from the dead will bring your mortal bodies to life also, through His Spirit.” Romans 8: 11

There is more truth in this than meets the eye. Our human, mortal strength at times does not seem to be

Mother's Day - God Bless Our Mothers

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all Mothers. Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? Aside from the fact that we all love our mothers, there is another reason we celebrate Mother’s Day. We celebrate the life that comes through mothers.…

Woman have this wondrous ability to carry life within them and give birth to that life in the world. LIFE comes THROUGH a MOTHER! Mothers are LIFE-BEARING! That wondrous feeling of a tiny child moving serenely within the womb, the child’s tiny kicks to propel him or herself, and later its little poses in readying itself for sleep. We wonder at the baby’s unusual movements at bedtime, for a few months before birth. We say to each other, “What is he doing?” or “What is she doing?” We laugh because it seems so cute, a little mountain rising up in Mother’s belly. It’s a

In Defense of Life

My previous post was on senseless violence, attacking someone because you want to steal $4. You could have asked your neighbor or friend or other people at the bus stop. Someone would have helped you. Or there’s the case of killing someone with your fists and kicks because he asked you and your gang to clear out of the bus stop. That did not deserve his murder. These are mindless killings.…

Now, if you are defending your own life against an assailant, or the lives of others against a dangerous person, that’s another thing entirely. People on subways have defended others in danger of death from gangbangers and thugs. Things like that.

The other day, when the cab driver rescued a woman being attacked by a man, he and his companions did not kill the guy, who escaped. That’s ok too. T

About Respecting the Boundaries of Others

“The spirit of vengeance always sets an inferno ablaze.”, wrote the author of “Minute Meditations for Each Day”. And this seems to be well known in China as well: “When you set out for revenge, be sure to dig two graves.” This does not have to be the case, of course. But I thought of these quotes tonight as I was listening to news reports about a student who was being bullied so viciously that the student took his own life. What a terrible waste. And what a horrible crime to do these things to a young person.…

To students out there who are being bullied, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE! You will be giving the bullies exactly what they want. I have two pieces of advice for you, and they will be helpful. First of all, place the problem in God’s hands. He is a sure help in times of trouble. I

Suicide is NOT Painless

Perhaps I should explain something. Here is Austin, there is from time to time a news story about a suicide. I think these stories affect me the most, because it is a needless loss. What I write here about God’s mercy, as revealed to the saints, I wish I could tell every single soul who is greatly tempted to suicide. We all may have moments or even months of feeling that our lives are worthless, but that is a deception of the devil. And suicide is NOT painless! The death of the body in suicide is great suffering. Not only that, but it is painful for those you leave behind. Don’t do anything like that just to make them miserable. Find a way instead to peace and happiness with them.…

There are many reasons people begin to feel a sense of hopelessness. I’ve seen it before. In the ve

Harassment and Heroin

News Report: There’s a rise in Heroin use. And it’s not a minor thing. In 2006, I think it was stated on the report, a hundred and perhaps thirty people died from heroin. NO death from heroin is ok. But we’ll go on to 2016. Suddenly we see 3,000 people have died from heroin! MY GOD, PEOPLE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Maybe I can understand a little bit of the reasons for this to happen. Let me think.…

First of all, in some circles, drug use is a form of social interaction, as in mary y juana. This is deemed an acceptable form of drug use. I understand that completely. However, even these two girls can be dangerous. Think about it long term. From this, a number of people graduate to stronger things, and it becomes a habit. And it distracts you from important things you could be doing

My Strange Day and the VIP

It isn’t just me. It’s been a very strange week. Uranus must be in the works, squaring something or other. It’s not just me dropping things and bumping into things. It’s not just me spilling things or almost tripping or having quirky little problems I don’t normally have (not that I don’t normally have any problems. That would be unreal. So GET REAL!). I mean, even the library book that was stolen! I got the police report this time, brought it to the library, and the librarian looked at me suspiciously and said, “It just says ‘stolen property’. It doesn’t say anything about a book.” SIIGGHHH! I hadn’t even looked at the printout when I went and picked it up at the police station! I was just happy to have it! NOOOOOO! SAY IT AIN’T SO! (Whatever happens with that, it’s not her fau…


It isn’t just me. It’s been a very strange week. Uranus must be in the works, squaring something or other. It’s not just me dropping things and bumping into things. It’s not just me spilling things or almost tripping or having quirky little problems I don’t normally have (not that I don’t normally have any problems. That would be unreal. So GET REAL!). I mean, even the library book that was stolen! I got the police report this time, brought it to the library, and the librarian looked at me suspiciously and said, “It just says ‘stolen property’. It doesn’t say anything about a book.” SIIGGHHH! I hadn’t even looked at the printout when I went and picked it up at the police station! I was just happy to have it! Boo-hoo!…

From the website for the Secretary of State of the United State

God is Light

Light is always associated with heavenly apparitions. And apparently, light is also seen when the sperm meets the egg. A spark of light, which scientists attribute to zinc or some such. Yet, at the very moment of conception, there is a flash of light. Zinc or no, it is God who creates life. If you haven’t already seen it, look at this video of the sperm meeting the egg:…

Let’s just look at a few facts. Visionaries always see beings from heaven, such as Angels, as beings of light. The children of the Fatima apparitions (1918) said that when they agreed to the request from heaven, they were immersed in a light which came from the hands of the Virgin, a light which they knew

DON'T PANIC! There's always Mercy


If you have read any of my blogs and decided that you are hopeless and that things you have done in your life leave you no hope, that is SATAN talking to you! Jesus Christ was all about REDEEMING MANKIND! And HE STILL IS! If you feel you have done something against the Commandments, repent of it, go to anonymous confession to a priest during confession times, preferably in another city if you’re not wanting anyone else to know, and accept the priest’s absolution, change your life, avoid that sin or sins, and forgive yourself. Go ahead with your life and do good things in the world. Make your peace with God and you will feel immensely better. If you do not want to confess to a priest, at least do so privately, because repentance is the key to salva


Faces. They’re everywhere. People have them, animals have them, insects have them. In fact, even the tiniest insects have them. Amazing. More amazing still is the fact that many FLOWERS also have them! Have you ever looked closely at Foxglove blooms, for example? If you peek inside the bloom, you will see what appears to be a little runway on the bottom petal, with landing stripes and so forth! :P Really. And in the background is what appears to be a face on the flower. Amazing to see a flower greeting a little insect with a sweet face. I really found that delightful the first time I saw it. Well, at least some foxglove blooms turn out that way, and some other flowers besides.…

Nowadays, here in Austin, and perhaps parts elsewhere, there are people who draw faces on EVERYTHING.

Mercy For Abortion

From my last entry, perhaps you are beginning to understand why we need this wonderful and beautiful Year of Mercy! Judging from the 57 million abortions in America, and Padre Pio’s words that without repentance and confession of it, you will go to hell, then we can understand why this Year of Mercy, which ends in November, is profoundly important for all of us. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a special effort to repent, confess, and make atonement for this sin which the Padre called “a very serious sin, a great sin”, Please do what is most important and save your soul if you have had an abortion or paid for one or took part in one, or if you are or were an abortionist. It’s not too late.…

Why do I put so much confidence in Padre Pio? Because of all the at least two million mirac

Which Lives Matter?

Today, as I was walking through a parking lot, someone yelled at me with great emotion, “Black Lives Matter!”. I was surprised that they thought my opinion varied from theirs. All lives matter. If this were not so, we would not be here. Sometimes, we must become creative to make others aware of this. I realized, as I thought about it, that I am very grateful to the people of color who began chanting that slogan in very public venues, because it brought the issue to the forefront and made everyone aware that even the tiniest, most unknown person among us is important. God has a reason for every life to enter the world.…

Now, lest we become hypocrites, we must think about the meaning of what we are saying in broad terms. Black parents matter, black adults matter, black teens matter, b


Something important has come up in the past few days. Muslims are very concerned about potential American violence toward them. REALLY? They have training camps all around the USA and Mexico. One woman interviewed by tv reporters said that she is very concerned about mosques in the US, because that is where the radicalization usually begins. She said they tell them about the Crusades.…

Now THAT really got me right there!!! The CRUSADES?? SERIOUSLY? DO YOU KNOW WHY THE CRUSADES OCCURRED??? BECAUSE MUSLIMS HAD BEGUN TO INVADE EUROPE AS WELL AS OTHER ARAB LANDS! They had begun ruling Spanish territories in 711, invaded Genoa, and were blocked from invading France by Charles Martel and his army in the Battle of Tours in 732. The ongoing invasions in diverse places (Arab lands) continued u

Two Beautiful Things You Want to Know

I was scrolling through facebook today, having fallen way behind in my facebook time, and I found this incredibly beautiful hymn mix, sung by 4 very talented young men. And right below it was an amazing story about a completely different person in a completely different place. So first, I want to share the link to this lovely singing (It’s Christian, btw):…

After listening to this song, I found a story when I scrolled down from the video. I deeply regret not posting it to facebook right away, because I wound up losing the link. So I’m just going to try to tell it myself, though not as well as the original writer.

It’s the story of a woman who pulled up to a gas station in ver

About Swearing Unto Death. SERIOUSLY?

Do you like to read? Since I was a little kid, I have loved reading. First my dad used to read to me all the time. My mom, who had seriously limited vision, would tell us stories. Also, we’d listen to the radio in the evenings, us kids and my mom, while my dad was at work. There were all kinds of radio programs, detective stories and such. I really loved them.…

Later on, I learned to read for myself, and I began reading mysteries and horse stories and whatever I could get my hands on, actually. And so it went through school and into university studies. You can imagine my tastes in reading changed somewhat, but I still love good mysteries. So I was reading this mystery novel by a former reporter. He describes a gang tattoo of a prison inmate. He writes that it swears allegiance to

Your Life Has Value! You Have a Future!

Many of my working years were spent as a research librarian and a reference librarian and so forth. One of the reasons I chose that type of work was for the sense of being able to help people. It’s the same reason that I post articles regarding things like opiod addiction. I don’t post these things to degrade anyone or to make any kind of personal announcement. It’s merely informational. I was shocked when I heard the number of deaths from these drugs EVERY SINGLE DAY IN AMERICA!! MY GOD, PEOPLE! YOU ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT!…

I know that many people become addicted by accident or through an illness that required opiods to overcome some condition without too much pain. But I’m telling you that it’s worth overcoming so that you can get on with whatever it is God wants you to b

Opioid Addiction Death Toll!!!

Something I heard on national news today has me inspired to write about it. The statistic the national news provided was shocking: Every day in the United States, 78 people die from opioid addiction. SEVENTY-EIGHT PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY FROM THIS!!! OH. MY. GOD!!! OPIOID ADDICTION! That’s 549 people a week, 2,184 people a month, and 26,208 people a year!!! STOP THIS! WE NEED YOU!…

If that many people are dying EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THE UNITED STATES, WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANY OF YOU WANT TO START IT? It’s one thing if you need the opioids for recovery from an illness. Then let the danged things GO! WALK AWAY FROM THIS! Everyone needs a rock in life, something stable to hold on to. However, the world is changing so fast. The most solid and reliable rock in the world is Jesus Christ. He doe

Jesus And Mother Angelica Are Risen! Alleluia!

Some very sad news on this joyful day. Mother Angelica of EWTN, its foundress, has died. However, to die on Easter Sunday is very auspicious! It’s as though the Lord is telling us, “I am raising her up to Heaven today.” Of course, we do not know God’s judgment, and perhaps it was Mother who often said we should still pray for her at death. And I have already been responding to her request. She was an awesome person, and I’m sure a great nun. Her vision established a wonderful television network, Eternal Word Television Network.…

While I feel grief at her passing, I’m amazed and not amazed at the day of her death being Easter. She was an incredible woman, a holy woman. She accomplished what no other religious had been able to accomplish when she established the network. She had no

Will There Ever Come A Time?

A tv show featured a newborn baby found in a trash can. Unfortunately, this happens. In the case of the show, the father had taken the baby and threw it away. I was surprised they did not file charges against him, but that was not what was featured.…

How many people throw away their babies? Perhaps the father has done something covertly and covertly discards the baby before it’s born. Then there are those who throw their babies away in abortion. So this made me start thinking about something.

At this point in time, it is legal for women to throw their babies away, which we call “legal” abortion, legal according to governmental laws, but not God’s. So why has someone made it so easy for women to abort their babies, and why do they fight so hard to continue the practice, and why do so

Bluebonnet Thrill

After a week of rain, today is sunshiney. The air is so clean, the morning sun seemed absolutely brilliant. You know how those days can be. And the wildflowers, at least along a few different roadsides I know, were abundant. At least in some places. The only downside is that the weeds have begun to grow also. Always happens with lots of rain during wildflower season. So taking Bluebonnet photos early rather than later, is probably a good idea.…

Among the Bluebonnets, there are often anomalies. Someone told me that the pink and red ones have been engineered. I love the pinks, and I found one today. I posted it for you. They’re really quite delightful, and make a fun change in the Bluebonnet scene from time to time. Bluebonnets have different seasons. First they’re young and per

Spring Critter Surprises

Animals and birds are our companions on this earth, and they often make us laugh. The internet is full of delightful animal videos. And sometimes the creatures around us surprise us with recognition and intelligence and humor.…

As Spring dawns here in Texas, I’ve been treated to a few critter surprises. One day I was sitting at the bus stop, and a lovely yellow butterfly wafted right up to me in its poetic way and landed on the string of my crocheted cap. It looked up at me, and I looked down at it, and we silently greeted each other this way. I instantly thought of my ex-husband, and another time many years ago, in another state in the Southwest, even before my son was a twinkle in his dad’s eye.

We were in a nature preserve, and to our surprise, we came upon a swarm of Monarch butte

The Truth About PTSD

What is PTSD? So many people don’t know. If you’ve never been attacked in any way, or never had a traumatic experience, you may believe from TV that it means sufferers are violent. I don’t even think that violence is a typical reaction of PTSD. It is far more likely that the victim will be hypervigilant, sometimes believing the event is happening again, or having flashbacks. And sometimes it is happening on a repeated basis with long term abuse. This web site describes PTSD and its symptoms:…

If you believe abuse victims are violent, you will be on the wrong page. While it does seem to be true of some war veterans, there are other people who have never been to war who are nonviolent, but who

Soundless Vacuum and Life After Earth

Did you know that there is NO SOUND in a vacuum? There isn’t. If you are in a vacuum tube and you shout something, you can’t even hear yourself, and no one else can hear you either. It would be a bad time to cry for help. So why is this so? Because sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum. I suppose they need air to travel. Have air, will travel.…

So I started thinking about this, and it reminded me of “nothing comes from nothing”. There has to be a first cause. For example, a ball does not travel by itself. Someone has to throw it or push it. Or, the wind can blow it, or gravity can tug it downhill, or it can be caught up by the waves and carried to the ocean. Perhaps a bear can grab it and run away with it, or if it’s small enough, a squirrel could take it up to his nest. But in

Reasons for Our Hope, the Gift of Tears

If you read the previous entry and found yourself concerned about your afterlife, or if you found yourself in tears, THAT’S GREAT! You say, it IS? SURE! Our Lady has said that tears are a sign of conversion, or turning back to God, and this is a sign of salvation.…

St. Francis of Assisi was quite a popular playboy, a kind of rock star of his time. His father was rich, and he dressed beautifully, and had an incredibly lovely singing voice. Like the pied piper, he had a following. But he had a heavenly intervention. He was given dreams and visions showing him his future. He famously told someone, much to their surprise, “I’m going to be a great saint!” They thought he had lost his mind from the severe circumstances they were all experiencing at the time: they were in prison after a fai

About Journalists - A Recognition of the Good

Oh my! I just realized the left-handed insult I have unintentionally dished out to my favorite TV news anchors and some really fine journalists I know. Please do not take my comments about a Planned Parenthood journalist for yourselves. Also, it is very typical for news stations to favor a certain candidate, and that is their right. One news outlet used to always be Democratic and the other Republican. I’m not so sure now. Also, some news stations seem to give news to favor the practice of abortion, while others are more leaning toward life issues, which are of critical importance.…

Because so many people are not really paying attention to some of these issues and have not delved deeply into any of it, I do a bit of my own reporting on this journal. Just informational bits, things le

You Are NOT Beyond God's Mercy

After the pro-life marches, and after our thoughts and discussions on life, the unborn, the indictments of pro-life workers, the evil of a certain abortion group, it’s time to stop and remember those who have had abortions and abortion providers in the words of St. Faustina.…

St. Faustina Kowalska has become known as “the Mercy Saint”, because of her visions of the Lord, who instructed her to propagate his Divine Mercy. She was reluctant, and said, “But Lord, this is already in Scripture.” He acknowledged this and still insisted that he wanted her to follow his directions. Because of this we have the Divine Mercy image, which he directed her to have painted. He indicated that to receive his mercy, we must BE MERCIFUL. He told her there are 3 ways of being merciful – by the merciful wo

"...HELP THESE WOMEN..." - St. Paul

(I am writing this in defense of several good and honest people who are now indicted for exposing something inhuman. Please allow me to write their defense. It involves substantiating my comments, so it goes into a few different directions. Just bear with me for a bit.)…

It seems that I need to clarify my credentials for some of the things I write, and at the same time comment about one of today’s news reports. First of all, I have three college degrees, and much of that has to do with research. I was trained in research, and did take some journalism classes, and have worked with research most of my life. I did not pursue a degree in journalism at that time because it did not feel honest to be learning about “slanting an article”. The idea was that you could take an issue, and slant

We Gave Them A Voice

A tiny heart
beating under mine
alive to love
to grow and to shine.
I gave him a voice.
I made the right choice.

A friend of mine
victim of a crime
a tiny one
then came along.
She gave him a voice.
She made the right choice.

They grew and grew
and we became older
our kids became bolder
Now they are strong
and we are not alone.
We gave them a voice.
We made the right choice.

Thank God above
for all his wonderful love!
He sent us little blessings.
We gave them a voice.
We made the right choice.

Today a thunderous crowd
shouted out loud
We gave life a voice.
We made the right choice.

Thank God above
for all his wonderful love!
He gave everyone
a life.

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