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Year of mercy suggestions from a Man of the Cloth

For the year of Mercy, these are some awesome suggestions. They are good for your mental health, spiritual health, developing maturity (we spend our lives maturing. One is never too spiritually or mentally or emotionally developed.). I’ve done some of these things before, and they really make a huge difference, and bring peae to your soul and your life. Grace and blessings come with these practices. Just try one and see how it feels. Then you will probably want to practice more of them. For my own self, I’m going to tackle them one by one. Some I’ve already done. Some we sometimes have to do every day.

Have a joyful Year of Mercy!

About the Star

Christmas has us looking at the stars. No, not the ones on TV. The ones in the sky, because it was a star that led the three kings to the manger where the Christ Child lay. The star was very bright, and had come to rest over the exact spot, purportedly. I find this very plausible, though you may think me facile. Why do I believe this? Oh, there have been those who have plotted out the movement of the stars for that supposed night, and have said yes there was a very bright star in the heavens. And there have been those who have said that the three wise men were astrologers. These things may be true. However, I believe it for a very different reason. In all of the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in the past almost 2,000 years or so, she arrives often in a ball of light, and is h…

Kitties, Nativity, Welcome

This morning as I was leaving the apartment, I happened to see the kitten with its grandpa. Grandpacat was laying in the shade of a bush, and kitten was kind of draped on Grandpacat. It was an adorable scene, with Grandpa obligingly letting the kid hop on grandpop. But I was not fast enough with the camera, sadly. Later, I saw a similar scene with baby and momcat. How affectionate they are with one another! There is so much love there, though I see the whole family still mourns the loss of the other kittens, who were taken by someone.…

Baby has learned that when I call for Baby, I mean him. He has begun to respond to his name and comes running, hoping for that can of cat food. He eats as much as Grandpacat if they let him. He’s a scrappy little kitten, rushing in among all the big

Apes, Mankind, Angels

The entry in this journal previous to this one was my sense of humor, kind of. I hope you enjoyed it. But i do believe that it was God who created mankind. This is Scriptural. I found a web site that explains it all so that I don’t have to:…

“God tells us that on the same day He made all animals that walk on the earth (the sixth day), He created man separately in His own image with the intent that man would have dominion over every other living thing on earth (Genesis 1:26–28). From this it is clear that there is no animal that is man’s equal, and certainly none his ancestor.

Thus, when God paraded the animals by Adam for him to name, He observed that “for Adam there was not found an h

Prehensile Toes, Cultural Misunderstandings, and a Year of Mercy

Culture is an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it? It’s so easy sometimes to misunderstand something from another culture. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Sometimes it’s different traditions in different cultures, sometimes it’s cognates in two different languages, sometimes it has to do with what is considered acceptable in one culture and not in another. And we aren’t always aware of these things, depending upon what we know about the other culture.…

So it happened that when Chevrolet came up with it’s new model called the Chevy “NOVA”, NO ONE IN SOUTH AMERICA BOUGHT IT! The Americans scratched their heads and wondered why this car with such a snappy little name did not sell. Then they found out that in Spanish, NO VA translates into “Does not run” or “Does not go”. Hahaha. I

Morning of Beauty

What a fabulous morning! After another long drought period, then a few days of rain, this was an early morning rising, before sunrise, So I walked out my door to see a birhgt Jupiter not far from Venus in the eastern sky. I took some photos, but did not deem them good enough to post. Not enough magnification. But it was lovely to the naked eye. Then I turned around to walk West, and I was stunned to see a big, bright full moon sitting in a tree right above one of the apartment buildings. It had a great radiance, probably because of all the moisture still in the air from two days of rain. So that gorgeous full moon lit up the tree…and a portion of the sky. I snapped a few photos. As i walked down the street, I watched the moon change moods and colors, and saw the clouds slowly tak…

Austin SMOKES Today!

Hard to believe what is happening NOW! You know, we’ve been hearing about all the wildfires in the West. I guess we hardly imagined it would be here, but lo ahd behold! Bastrop County now has a wildfire! We heard about it yesterday. Then it was not expected to get large. But this morning, on my way to a shopping area, we drove into what seemed at first to be a huge area of fog. But this was not possible, since we’ve had no rain and we have no moisture. Then we smelled the smoke. We were getting the smoke from the Bastrop fires. Tonight it sounds as though most of the fires are around the Smithville area. That’s about an hour’s drive away.…

So the further we drove, the more smoke we encountered. It was acrid and strong. Tonight’s news filmed the downtown smoke, and it appeared to

An Idea for Safety for Law Enforcement :))

There is another interesting idea in the life of Padre Pio which might apply to Law Enforcement’s safety. (Or for that matter, for the safety of criminals who get caught! LISTEN TO YOUR ANGEL! He can save your life…as well as your soul.) Do you remember my comments about the Guardian Angels? The good Padre said that if you are going to talk to someone and you anticipate it may not go well, or there is some problem there, you can send your Guardian Angel to talk to that person’s Guardian Angel to pave the way peacefully, because his or her Angel will advise their charge through their conscience…or something like that. and Angels are not as limited timewise as we are. You might say they are faster than the internet.…

So here’s the idea. If you are a police officer and you have to make a

My Favorite Week, St. Francis, ACL Festival

Well, today’s Mass, remembering the Guardian Angels and thanking God for them was more wonderful than I had expected even. Father, of course, walking into the chapel (which is actually quite large, and it was filled today) singing “He has given his Angels charge over you…..” and the rest of that Psalm. It was heart warming to think of God’s love for us being so great that he gave each one of us a Guardian Angel “to guard you in all your ways”, and to watch over you “lest you dash your foot against a stone”. You could just feel a warm glow spread across the church.…

Also, to my surprise, we also had a Baptism during Mass of a 24 day old baby! Father announced everything so clearly and explained everything so beautifully, I think everyone was delighted. Of course, Baptism is one of the S

October 1 - Feast Day! - St. Therese of Lisieux

Today is the feastday of St. Therese of Lisieux, known now as “The Little Flower”. Her name originally was Therese Martin. She entered the Carmel while she was still a teenager, and died at the young age of twenty-four. She had wanted to be a missionary, but realized this would not be possible. Instead, she decided that her mission was “to be love in the heart of the church”. She was a remarkable saint for her self sacrifice in things small and large, living out the admonisition from Scripture to bear with one another.…

In the year 2000, I visited the Carmel where St. Therese lived as a nun. I have to tell you that that entire day was totally remarkable. I began my visit walking to the Carmel to a light drizzle. I had not brought an umbrella, and I had developed some lung congestion

Charity, Least of Us, and Trojan Horses

Today’s Mass readings included this passage from Luke:…

“46And an argument arose among them as to which of them was the greatest. 47But when Jesus perceived the thought of their hearts, he took a child and put him by his side, 48and said to them, “Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me; for he who is least among you all is the one who is great.” 49John answered, “Master, we saw a man casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him, because he does not follow with us.” 50But Jesus said to him, “Do not forbid him; for he that is not against you is for you.” Luke 9: 46-50

I was so struck by these lines: “Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me; for he who is least am

Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight - Sunday!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Don’t miss tonight’s Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse if there are no clouds where you live. Check for the times where you live, but it should be an evening event here in the States. They don’t come very often. There will not be another one until 2033. Here’s a brief little video on the event:

So grab your cameras and your tripods and wait up on your patio, a hilltop, or any old place with a clear view of this red moon event. It should be spectacular!

The Pope's Visit

WE LOVE POPE FRANCIS! I think that has been demonstrated lately! Even people I would not expect to be delighted with the Pope, are DELIGHTED WITH THE POPE! He’s a very fatherly Pastor, and everyone loves it. Along with that, his gentle and sometimes subtle teaching has been wonderful. As Congressman Paul Ryan said, he is “a unifying figure”. It has been awesome watching Congress come together to listen to and greet him.…

I don’t know about you, but I felt as though I have been moved into a better groove listening to him. Things I was seeing in a different light, I feel have been redirected to a better light. I’m sure that many others have also been impacted by his words. And this is how it should be. It does not matter how the media reports him. His own words touch our hearts and m

What is the Pope to Us?

So now Pope Francis is visiting Cuba, and will be in the US on Tuesday. This is Sunday. So you may wonder, What is a Pope? I am not a theologian or a papal scholar by any means, but I can tell you what the Pope is to me, and what I think he is to so many people.…

First of all, the Pope is a spiritual Father to all of us in a special way. He is a Father to all the peoples of the world through the transmission of grace from Jesus Christ, to St. Peter, and to all those elected by the Apostles as St. Peter’s successor and on down the line. This succession as head of the church was established back in the days of the Apostles, I think it was. They wanted to be certain that the faith was passed on exactly as Jesus taught them. That was part of the reason for all the missionary journeys, be

Mirage, Mind, and Strength

I was looking at artwork today, some very beautiful work, which at the same time made me think of an old poem/song. So I looked up the lyrics and found some interesting information. Here is what I found in Wikipedia:…

“Antigonish” is an 1899 poem by American educator and poet Hughes Mearns. It is also known as “The Little Man Who Wasn’t There”, and was a hit song under that title.

Inspired by reports of a ghost of a man roaming the stairs of a haunted house in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada,1 the poem was originally part of a play called The Psyco-ed which Mearns had written for an English class at Harvard University about 1899.2 In 1910, Mearns put on the play with the Plays and Players, an amateur theatrical group and, on 27 March 1922, newspaper columnist FPA printed the poem in “The

Thoughts on Helping Protect Law Enforcement

We are in a time when our law enforcement personnel need our help. When and where we can, we should all watch the backs of our officers, who are all in greater danger than before from insane or simply violent assailants. There are many ways we can assist endangered officers.…

Some guys have been simply guarding officers when they see them putting gas in their cars. I think we should all do this if we can. Also, I have always said a few prayers when I hear the sirens of an ambulance, fire truck, or police car, praying for the person they are rushing to rescue. It’s a custom in our church. I noticed the other day, a police car speeding down the street, lights flashing, alarm silent. I knew it probably meant there was a crime in progress and they wanted to catch the criminal without sc

The Euromaxx Challenge - Edward Munch's "The Scream"!

Back in something like 1893, Edward Munch painted a now world famous painting called “The Scream”. You can find it in the entry in Wikipedia for Edward:…

So as I was watching Eruomaxx Saturday (yesterday), the narrator was showing works of art inspired by that painting. Some of them were funny, some serious takes on Munch’s work. Everyone expresses themselves differently, and it was entertaining. Then the German narrator smiled at the tv lens and invited all of us to create our own version of this painting, or whatever it inspired in us. You can find Euromaxx on Facebook, and the particular part about Munch here:

You can also find that episode of Euromaxx on

When I f

Joy of a Sunday Morning, and How God Saved the People From Flooding

Good Sunday morning to all! This morning, I enjoyed rising early in the cool, and reading and singing morning prayers out in nature. I do sometimes do this on Sundays, because the Sunday Liturgy of the Hours usually has some lovely Creation psalms on Sunday mornings, so inspiarional to ponder.…

So this morning’s Psalm was number 104. It’s filled with such grandeur and majesty. For instance,

“Bles the Lord, my soul!
Lord God, how great you are,
clothed in majesty and glory,
wrapped in light as in a robe!
You stretch out the heavens like a tent.
Above the rains you build your dwelling.
You make the clouds your chariot,
and walk on the wings of the wind;
you make the winds your messengers
and flashing fire your servants.”

So it goes on, and then he describes the waters thus:

“…the waters stood hig

Fall Is Possible, With Some Kits and Cats

Believe it or not, we’re getting a mild cold front! YES! It should come in tonight or so. It’s just south of Dallas, and we may even get rain tonight and tomorrow! It’s our best chance for something more than a few scattered showers dumping all of a few drops. it has been two months since we’ve had any real rain!!! SHEESH! It’s so exciting to think we’ll actually get a change in this weather! It’s beginning to feel like Fall might arrive after all!…

Meanwhile, I am not seeing the cats during the day, and I’m quite pleased with that. They only show up a few times now. I’m doing my best to encourage them to look elsewhere for their sustenance. I don’t want to see them die, but they’re getting bigger and more expensive to take care of, and I don’t want to get fined either. So I’ve trie

Emoting, That's All

O.K.! O.K.! O.K.! I get it! What was in your minds was not what was in mine! You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? Well, today is Sunday. I’ve been very busy making a cover for my deteriorating sofa covering. I’m trying to hurry before it all falls apart. Ergo, I have not done a lot of laundry lately. So the only thing I had to wear today for Mass was a t-shirt that was clean…enough. You may say, “What’s wrong with THAT?” So thought I. But the thing is what was ON the t-shirt suggested something else entirely to certain individuals than it did to ME!…

First of all, I love that t-shirt. It has tropical flowers and birds and leaves around the edges of it, and in the center in Tiki style is written, “TAKE ME ON VACATION”! I thought it was hilarious when I saw it, because I w

Relief From Triples

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Lord! We had a pouring rain early this morning! It was such a blessed relief from the triple digits! Before the rain, it was so hot by 8 a.m. that I have been foregoing any real outdoor activity as much as possible. After 45 days of drought or so, a good rain dropped the temperatures by five degrees.…

One thing I have discovered is that your body actually feels the difference between say, 97 and 100 degrees in an incredible way. But 97 is still very hot. I am usually drenched in sweat by the time I get to the bus stop. I began to wonder if I was sweating or melting! Then I realized that they probably are synonymous anyway!

So I came home today and watched at least one awful movie before switching to online shows. They were much better. Summer also bri

The Heat, The Plan

Do you know the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing about this summer? We have been having a Blue Bell drought! That’s right! Forget the drought of rain and the long days of triple digit temperatures! The VERY WORST THING has been the Blue Bell drought! There has been absolutely NO BLUE BELL ALL SUMMER! And furthermore, there will be none until SEPTEMBER! My ex-husband and I may not have agreed on everything, but we both DEFINITELY agreed that Blue Bell REALLY IS the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE COUNTRY! That’s one thing we have in common…along with the kid. And I would say my great kid and Blue Bell are about equivalent…almost. I guess if it came to a toss up, the Blue Bell would have to go…but NEVERTHELESS…the Blue Bell drought is painful.…

I KNOW the GRINCH is behind all of this

Transformed By Light

So yesterday was the highest temperature we’ve had all summer so far, and that was 105 degrees. Yes, it was hot by 10 a.m., at which time it felt as though it was already 100 degrees, and it may have been.…

Today feels hotter, if that’s possible, though I don’t know if it is. I returned home at 11:30 a.m., and it already felt as though the sun was burning my skin, and taking all the oxygen out of the air! That’s summer in Texas. No rain for 42 days now, I think it is. I’m losing track of the count. The palm trees here and there look like they have already died. Even the oak trees look like they’re dragging and thinking of water all the time, looking for it in the ground. There is none. All of the rain we gained in the spring and early summer is gone, gone, gone. In many places, the

Be Careful in Triple Digits!

Well, by now you probably know we’ve been having the dreaded triple digit temperatures again!!! AND thirty-eight days without ANY RAIN! We had just seen our lakes take a lot of rain and everyone was thrilled. Now it’s going down again! NO! NO! NO! Well…ok. If you say so. Ten days in triple digits. Today reached 101 degrees, with a heat index of 108…OH MY! The weekend will see temperatures at 102. Next week, they’re forecasting 105 for a few days! SHEESH! I’m going to have to start shopping at NIGHT! Or something…..…

The weather guy tonight was showing the high pressure area keeping rain and cool away. It was COMPLETELY CIRCLING TEXAS! What does the weather have against TEXAS??? We are not to have any relief from this high pressure, high temperature, no rain, no cool weather for at

Animal News

You probably want to know about the cats and the Raccoons, don’t you…… There are a few stories in it. I’ll start with the Raccoons.…

Well, I don’t know what it was that attacked the little Kit that night. I’m sure I told you about that. But if you’ve never heard a juvenile Raccoon crying, I promise you that you do not want to hear it. it was so pitiful, I had to throw a rock at the predators. That little Raccoon was crying like a baby practically. I could not bear to hear it, so touching it was. I may have identified the predators that attacked the Kit. Though it may have been dogs, one of my friends said that it was probably Coyotes. I did not know we had Coyotes around here. Man! Would I ever love to capture a few photos of THOSE critters! But I don’t roam where they do, and i

Kitty Prison

Well, I’m going to post something that makes me suspect there will no longer be any Raccoons coming to my door. I think someone may have EATEN THEM! Or something…. I had already solved the problem. I took up the cat food. So the first night there was no cat food, I heard some snuffling at my door, then an animal body bumped against the door lightly. Then there was a light scratch at the door, as in, “Hey, Lady! There’s no Raccoon food out here!” I found it rather endearing. It was not invasive. It was very polite.…

So I took a photo of what has been on my walkway out of the door. Some wit decided to exorcise his art. My fear is that the Coons may have been killed and eaten or killed or RELOCATED? I don’t think so. Look at the photo:

The Call of the Wild...Raccoon

What an exhilarating evening! The Raccoons came to the food bowls early, and I spent a little time chatting with them as they hurriedly scarfed up food, snorting like piggies, the hoggy one shoving the more submissive one aside. They make all kinds of sounds, as I have discovered, but the kits are the noisiest and messiest feeders. Also, they really are curious. One hogs the bowl, and the other kind of looks around. So tonight, the second one ventured toward me, and was very obviously wondering if it was safe to come into the apartment! HAH! It was so adorable.…

Then, suddenly, there was a child’s screech, or scream, and then at the end of it was what sounded like a voice. I had always thought this was the children playing on the playground on the other side of the complex fence. Bu

Austin Wild Animal News

Austin is such a fun city. You never know what’s going to happen next. Now we’re having some very hot weather, mid 90’s to 100 degrees. Typical mid summer weather. But I’m praying for a bit of rain to cool things down. Meanwhile, some interesting happenings. First are some bobcat sightings in a nearby community. I am not surprised by this. I don’t think they are dangerous. They are simply looking for water sources. People have moved into their community. Actually, I was suspecting that they are more like Cougars from the fuzzy distance photo someone snapped of one. I think if people just put water out for them near the sighting, they won’t venture near homes or schools. A friend of mine has one that regularly walked along the tree line through the edge of her back yard, but s…

Raccoon Defensive Postures

My night visitors on four paws had briefly become very shy toward me, running off when I opened the door. They were tired of my camera. So I have stopped taking photos of them for the moment. Of course, as soon as I decided not to take photos, I made a remarkable discovery. It was last night. A single Coon was eating at the cat food bowl. He had chased off his sibling or mate, and was eating alone, scarfing it in as fast as he could. He’s a bit of a piggy. He or she. I’m not sure which. I read that the mothers live with their kits and raise them, and are often joined by other females, often with kits also. The males tend to live in groups of their own. So I suspect these are all females and kits coming to the food bowl.…

So last night, when the very hungry Coon was scarfing it

The Thing About Coons

After a little experience with Raccoons, there are a few things I’ve learned. For example, you may detect ONE Coon, and you may think that’s all there are. It isn’t a problem. There’s only one of ‘em. Not to worry. But the next night, you open the door….just to see…after all is quiet, and there are now TWO Coons, and they’re actually quite large, like small bears. You figure now you’ve seen them all.…

So after a few weeks, you hear all kinds of racket outside after everything has quieted down. You jump out the door to see what’s the matter, and it’s THREE Coons, two that look like small bears and a younger one, a juvenile, but not a baby. That’s probably it. Three Coons in a tree. They don’t have large families, do they?

So you forget ahout it now, and a few weeks later, the nois

News of the Flies - The Outcome

Well, this is part three. Remember what I told you about the housefly disappearance? Well, I FOUND him, and he’s NOT happy! He was not in the trash can. He was not in the toilet. He was not in the sink. He was not in the kitchen or the living room. So today as I sat at my computer, I thought I heard a faint buzzing sound behind the curtains, so I peeked, and THERE HE IS! I quickly put the curtains back against the wall! He was looking longingly out the glass patio door towards freedom, trying to figure out what is in his way. I don’t mind giving him his freedom, but the minute I pull back the curtain and he realizes he can fly out, he’ll be back in the apartment buzzing ME!…

Now I would not mind letting him out near the fly strip. On my way in today, I noticed a large addition to t

Fly Update and Sneaky Cats

Well, the fly continued his reign of terror. I was eating dinner the other night, and he buzzed my head again. Then he landed on a can on the table, perched on the edge, and WATCHED ME EAT! He was looking at me as though he was saying, “There you go again, eating in front of me!” He stared at me for some time, trying to lay a guilt trip on me. But it did not work. I did not feel the LEAST moment of guilt. He’s been hanging around for a few days, but I have to say, I have not seen him all day.…

There are several possible reasons I have not seen the fly today. I could have accidentally locked him up somewhere, he being so small and all. I just don’t always notice he’s there. Like, one day, I opened the trash can in the morning to take the trash out, and the fly flew out, buzzing angr

Flies, Cats, and Coons

For the past few days, I have been having a war of the flies. They have gathered around the cat food, so I’m not putting as much of it out. In fact, things might get a bit rough for the cats since I’m tired of breeding flies. But I am certainly NOT Lord of the Flies!…

Here’s the thing about flies. They are stalkers. And not only stalkers, but they are annoying. They follow you into the apartment and all around the apartment. Wherever you go, they go also. Wherever you are, they buzz your head. This cheeky fly in here right now was actually hitting my hand yesterday. I figured he wanted me to feed him, so I put out just a bit of food to see what he would do. HE IGNORED IT! So why was the fly hitting my hand? Was this imitated behavior?

You see, one of the kittens has a cute habi

On Spiritual Reading and Our Needless Fears

In things I write of a spiritual nature, I am usually informed by Scripture or some revelation in the lives of the saints, as long as it is consistent with Scripture. I know my own life has been enriched greatly by these wonderful things I’ve read. At the same time, there is a caution I want to add to anyone reading them.…

DO NOT LET YOURSELF PANIC! You must first trust in the Providence of God. Also remember that we do not really know the judgments of God. Only God can see the human heart. I remember one day reading in the letters of Padre Pio, and he had advised a spiritual daughter who had asked of him, that a near relative of hers had gone to hell. That bothered me a lot. An entire day I spent worrying about my own family, and thinking of how awful that would be for me if one of

ZOO - spoiler alert, and the BIRDS

I watched James Patterson’s “ZOO” tonight. It was the pilot for a series. Scared me. I knew it would. I had to watch a bit of something else before I could settle down. I hated that the lions killed Simon, and then they killed the good black guy helping the biologist. The most scary part was at the end when the lion dragged the good black guy into the tree and after he threw him over the branch, and walked away, the black guy opened his eyes and looked up. YIKES! There was a lion on the next branch!…

It’s true that we affect the creatures, though it’s in the nature of some creatures to be carnivorous hunters. I halfway expected one of the lions to jump in the truck and drive it, knowing James Patterson’s style a bit. :)

But animals do imitate us a bit. They certainly know to be

Take Part in a Birding Project!

First of all, I finally think I’ve properly ID’d the little birds from the previous post. They’re Barn Swallows, and I’ve posted the proper ID links on the photo pages. Here’s the general link for Barn Swallows, and if you click on the sound link, you can hear how they sound.):…

And as I read through the page, I found that the Cornell Lab or Ornithology is looking for people to take part in a nest monitoring survey. The info is on their page, the link which I will post here.

But there’s another exciting part to their posts.

You can start thi

Barn or Cliff Swallow Photos

Today, I was SOO enchanted by a family of Swallows. It was hard for me to decide if these were Barn Swallows or Cliff Swallows. So if you know exactly what they are, please let me know. I love watching these beautiful birds, and a capture of them is so rare for me, that I was quite excited to get close enough to take some photos. The Swallow photos begin here:…

On top of everything else, I was there at feeding time, and mom and dad swallows were flying by, and sometimes veering away when they saw me with a camera. But after a bit, they realized I was no threat, and they came and fed their babies. Without a tripod, capturing the chicks with their mouths open was difficult, becau

Storm Update

This is about bedtime, and I just wanted my bubble friends to know that the tropical storm is veering off to the east. We are just getting some more sprinkles now, and it’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Don’t know how much, but I think I know what happened.…

Despite the fact that many models showed the storm coming straight through Austin, there was a change of plan when I wrote out my decision to walk to the store in my bathing suit tomorrow. NObody wanted to see THAT! So they all prayed for the storm to go elsewhere, and by golly, it seems to be working. i’ll have to remember that for future reference.

So good night to all and to all a good night. Time for night prayer, a little reading, and bed. So before you doze off, please say a little prayer for those who have just wo

Tropical Storm

Last night, after a few short rain showers, the air was very still and warm. It was the stillness that I recognized. The calm before the storm. Sometimes when a hurricane approaches, there is first a sudden stillness, a portent, an expectation in the air of something to come.…

This morning, though cloudy, seemed to bring only occasional drops, though you could tell something was coming our way. It felt fine to leave in sandals. And so I did. This worked very well until the last stop, and by then, there was some sprinkling going on. I decided it was ok. I’d just run in to the store there in my neighborhood and hurry down the hill to my apartment. It’s a short walk, about ten minutes. So I shopped as quickly as I could, and I did find a tropical little pajama to celebrate the storm

What the Saints Say About Despair and Trials and Suicide

In New Orleans, they have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” There’s a similar thing about mankind. Psychologists say, you cannot stay in the same mental state for more than 20 minutes. So if you’re in a horrible frame of mind and feel suicidal, WAIT 20 MINUTES! As long as there’s life, there’s HOPE!…

Here’s what you can do in those 20 minutes, and it’s very, very effective. First, talk to your Guardian Angel about your angst, or about whatever is bothering you. Tell him how you feel. He is always with you and never leaves your side. You cannot see him, but he is your greatest friend. Padre Pio, now declared St. Pio (d. 1968), said that if you turn to your Guardian Angel for help, you’re sure to receive some benefit. You can also send your Angel to assist

About a Baby

I was on the bus the other day when a lady holding a baby boarded the bus. She was holding the baby very protectively, with a serious look on her face. She was stroking the baby’s back soothingly. For his part, the baby, small for his six months of age, was asleep, as babies often do to avoid trauma. The baby was clinging to his mother, with a look on his face that spoke of pain having been inflicted upon him. EVERY one on that bus wanted to hold that baby! It was something in the entire scene. We all wanted to soothe and protect that beautiful little child.…

I watched them take their seat, the baby still asleep. And then I asked her if something had just happened, because it was evident that it had. “He just got his shots.” she replied. And you could see his little feelings had b

About Cartooning Mohammad...Mother Teresa's Words

I’ve been reading a book on Mother Teresa, an audio book, which works out very well for the bus and some of my long walks. Le pant! Le wheeze! (NOT LOUISE! For the meaning challenged.) What is priceless about this book is actual recordings of Mother’s talks. If you’ve never heard Mother Teresa speak, it’s probably because the day she was scheduled to speak in your area, she found a homeless man dying in the alley on her way to the auditorium, stopped, had the sisters help her put him in the limo, and returned to the hotel to minister to the man as he lay dying. That’s Mother Teresa.…

With someone this awesome, it does well to pay attention to what she has to say…or in the case of the above speech, what she does instead. I’m bringing this up for a particular reason, but before I tell y

ROT Rally, MOTORCYCLES!, And Summer Recipes..

This weekend in Austin, there is a ROT rally. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a motorcycle weekend. Cyclists from all over the place converge on Austin for this weekend’s activities. With the shootout in Waco and 179 cyclist arrests fresh in our minds, police say there will be a heightened law enforcement presence, complete with undercover cops both among the cyclists and in the crowds. So I guess there will be safety. However, I’ve never heard of any trouble coming from these rallies in Austin before anyway. Sometimes, with all that can happen in Waco, it seems like the Wild, Wild West to me. But Waco is actually a really nice little town. It has everything I like, a university and a zoo. Not that the two are not always synonymous. :P But it’s a very pleasant little …

Namaste, India!

Namaste, India!…

India is a country I have always wanted to visit. To an American, it seems so exotic, so different, so full of wonders. There’s the Taj Mahal. There’s that photo I had for a while of someone in a turban sitting on a riverbank at sunset praying. Everything was bathed in a golden light, and across the river was a temple. How beautiful that was! Then there’s Ghandi, whom I admired very much. I read his life story when I was young. I thought he was an incredible person, a noble man. I heeded his advice. Or should I say his example. His hands were never idle. When he was home, he would spin cotton. He was always active. So when I’m home, I do my best to be certain my hands are never idle. So you can see, I have always had a love for India.

So you may understand wh

Experimental Results of the Chikungunya Expulsion Experiment

Well, I know you’re all breathless to know how my Chikungunya expulsion experiment worked. Let me recap. First of all, I was feeling extraordinarily tired, like to the point of almost death. No jolke. Whatever was going on with my poor body was draining the life out of me. I could barely make it to the store to grab some lunch. So I heard on TV that the Aedes mosquito, which we have here in Texas, carries the Chikungunya virus. So if you are bitten by one carrying it, you can be very sick for from 7 to 10 days. Well, darn, it turns out that some of them chikuns were around here, and I had all those dedgummed symptoms. Ergo, the Chikungunya Expulsion Experiment, which I posted in the last post.…

So what was my experiment? It was the Chikun inebriation experiment, which was dealt wi

A Chikungunya Expulsion Experiment

I have been flat exhausted from the time I woke up this morning to the present, and to the point of prostration, whatever THAT means…. I was tired yesterday, but today is incredible. So I decided to check out this Chikungunya (See previous entry in my journal) in Wikipedia, and this is what it said:…

“The incubation period of chikungunya disease ranges from two to twelve days, typically three to seven. Between 72 and 97% of those infected will develop symptoms. Symptoms include sudden onset, sometimes biphasic fever typically lasting from a few days to a week, sometimes up to ten days, usually above 39 °C (102 °F) and sometimes reaching 40 °C (104 °F), and strong joint pain or stiffness usually lasting weeks or months but sometimes lasting years. Rash (usually maculopapular), muscle pain

Chikungunya? REALLY?

With all the rains of May, we now have a nice crop of mosquitoes. After flooding, mosquitoes.…

This takes me to my own current problem, and a problem I’m certain they are also having throughout Texas, and that is CHIKUNGUNYA and MOSQUITOES. It seems that the mosquito we have in Texas right now carries Chikungunya, which causes joint pain and fever. It only lasts 10 days. TEN DAYS??? And some people get hospitalized with it. HOSPITAL! NOOOOOO! Then I realized I’ve been having joint pain…. Do I have this Chiken stuff? Wait a minute. I’ve BEEN having joint pain. For a long time. It has just gotten worse. AND I’ve been feeling extremely tired for the past few days, wondering what’s wrong with me. It probably has nothing to do with those tiny mosquitoes that are buzzing around. They

It's All About The Water

So here are the statistics on all the rain we’ve had here in Texas in the past month:…

I hope this explains why I’ve posted few, very few photos lately, and why the ones I’ve posted are not picture perfect. I will probably leave them up as an example of this historic month. Truly it has never happened this way before. I truly wish we could ship some of our water to California.

Speaking of California, to add to our worries, we hear on 60 Minutes tonight that California is at risk of running out of water. Entirely. This is because they are drilling into the aquifers to water crops.

Rain, Rain, and IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Texas has been the focal point of a month-long deluge. I felt as though I went to sleep in Austin one night and woke up in Seattle for the next month. National news reported that Texas has had 35 trillion gallons of water, enough for 8 inches of water across the entire state. So let me first give a warning to drivers who are not aware of this: YOUR CAR CAN BE TAKEN OFF THE ROAD BY JUST ONE INCH OF WATER!!! This is why people are warned not to cross bridges that are flooded. Water can be a powerful force. Even water in small amounts can be a powerful force. Just keep in mind that your tires will leave the road in just one inch of water. A bus driver told us today that she was ordered to pull off the road by their command center when the downpour commenced. She said she was trying …

A Death on the Road

Today the planets and stars are surely in some kind of profound alignment, because it has been an incredible day. Sure, we’ve been having rain in a city that doesn’t usually get that much. Going on four weeks now. We need it. Not a joke after three years of drought. After an entire year of sporadic rain,and then this latest month long deluge (as I said, we need it), our main lake is only up to 57% full. So that should give you some idea of how bad our drought has been. Entire lakes dried out, and those that did not, those that had marinas, had boat docks in mid air. Restaurants along the lakes have had to shut down. Then, this afternoon and evening, we’ve had a drencher, five to seven inches of rain throughout the city, and the creeks went bonzos. Some downtown streets turned in…


We’ve been having weeks of rain. We had 9 inches of rain in one day, unheard of for Central Texas. Those looking to put their boats out on the lake were ecstatic when one of the boat ramps on Lake Travis opened yesterday, and by the time the tv crews rushed there to capture film footage, there were 10 boats in sight happily gliding along the waters. And despite weeks and weeks of rain, we’re looking at more weeks of rain. Not total 100%, mind you, but I guess some rain during the day. This is a complete reversal of 3 years of drought with almost no rain at all. How DRY I was….. The heat was getting to me. We’ve had trees just falling over in a storm because they were so weakened by those years of drought. Sad.…

California has drought conditions now, and that’s even sadder. They’v

Inexpensive Scar Cream Can Help Vets - Really Works

Today’s news had a piece on cream created to erase scars for veterans. Apparently the cost of these creams is as high as $25,000. It seems that the VA will no longer cover the cost of these creams. But I have a solution that is probably much, much better than those creams.…

I’m going to give you the link first, and the explanation second. So here’s the link to the “Scar Cream” which has helped so many people:

I think I read that it may not work 100% of the time, but that it has already worked some amazing cures. I have used some of the remedies from this website myself, and they have worked 100% and prevented surgeries for both me and my son. I’ll explain.

Years ago, I became very holistic health conscious, and I be

Wildflowers and Cats

One grace about being on foot so much is that a pedestrian is slowed down, as it were, to smell the wildflowers. And sees far more detail than anyone speeding by in a car. There is so much serendipity too. Bees and butterflies, sudden flashes of light, dew on a petal, cats, mushrooms. This is all unless, of course, you don’t even go out often. So if you don’t go out often, you can glean through my gallery and have a little walk outside yourself.…

Most recently, I had that lovely stroll through some red poppies. It was an experience that continues to lift my soul every time I look through my photos. I remember all the bees, butterflies, bumblebees, doves, an incredible array of life, buzzing and busily collecting pollen from the poppies as they zipped under a petal every time I tried

A Partial Solution for Vets

Austin is a forward thinking city in many ways. Many cities have homeless populations these days, and many of the homeless are veterans. Some cities have been experimenting with solutions to the problem of homeless vets, some of whom have PTSD. So people looking for solutions ask what can work to help these people.…

One of the elements of the problem is the camaraderie of soldiers during war. Returning vets suddenly find themselves alone, with returning images of war, of the trials of war. One solution found in a northern state was to place vets on a ranch or large farm. There they receive room and board while working on the farm. They also have other vet comrades working along with them. This has worked well for most of them.

Here in Austin, the city has built small (as in some of

Where I Take Photos, and About Funerals

This is specifically for those who get homicidally upset when I take a wildflower photo or make a new friend. And btw, you need to see a psychiatrist and get your meds.…

It seemed to me at first that the whole problem was that someone did not want me taking photos in the park near my apartment. So I no longer take photos in that park. Since the last horrid reaction to my photos, I only take photos on public property, and mainly on the leeway of roads, as this is open to anyone. Public parks are also fair game. These areas belong to the public, and since I am a member of the public, it is permissible for me to take photos there, though I have not been doing so.

The problem seems to be particularly local to my neighborhood, though I’m not really sure about that. I have begun avoiding my

They Cry

I have been seeing photos on facebook of little unborn babies, fully formed and healthy and beautiful, being left to die in abortion “clinics”. They cry, and cry as they lay on cold tables all alone. They cry REAL TEARS. They can’t believe that no one loves them and that no one is going to help them, as they lay helpless and frightened. It made me think of a quote I read, a quote someone took from “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll:…

“’If I wasn’t real,’ Alice said—half laughing through her tears, it all seemd so ridiculous—‘I shouldn’t be able to cry.’

‘I hope you don’t suppose those are REAL tears?’ Tweedledum interrupted in a tone of great contempt."

Truly this quote reminds me completely of abortion clinics. How anyone can birth a live baby, one able to survive, a heal

About Veteran Suicides!!!

I was so shocked when I read an article on Facebook today about how man veterans are committing suicide EVERY DAY! The number is 22, TWENTY-TWO of our good men are committing suicide every day…EVERY DAY!!! Here’s something we can ALL do. Every time you have the chance to make a difference for a veteran, do so.…

To Veterans: YOU MUST NOT COMMIT SUICIDE! No matter what your life has been or what you have seen or done in war, no matter what your life is now, and no matter how miserable you may be, there is no sin that God will not forgive you when you turn to him and ask for it.

A friend gave me an inspirational calendar by Max Lucado. It’s titled “you’ll get through this”. Every day, he paraphrases Scripture, and the message is so potent. It can make us see our trials and tribulations

The "Night Funeral", An Easter Story

It was a dark and foggy night. Someone told me a story, a true story, of a black funeral he attended as a 13 year old child. He said he thought it was a “night funeral”, but it was actually the wake. Everyone had assembled and settled down. The minster was speaking, though my friend can not remember what he was saying. His memory is of what happened next.…

Here were all the ladies in their nice dresses and the old men in their best dress clothes. And remember it was night, and foggy and dark outside. Everyone was there, when all of a sudden, as the minster was speaking, THE DEAD MAN ROSE! He sat straight up in the casket, his arms still crossed over his chest.

“OH JESUS! OH JESUS! OH JESUS! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD” the old folks were screaming as everyone ran for the exit. “You know”

Improved Bluebonnet Photos?

Today I worked to improve my Bluebonnet photos. So I’ve added more photos. I personally think they are better than before, but I could be doing the same things as before! Happens every year! Nevertheless, I’ve worked a little more thoughtfully on today’s photos.…

They say it’s best to photograph Bluebonnets right after sunup and right before sunset. I have not yet tried that, but I did notice they looked great when I took a pic when the sun went behind a cloud. It never ceases to fascinate me how the colors change according to the time of day, lighting, and the angle of the photo towards or against the sun, or even sideways. Haha. As you can see, I’ve given this some consideration. Still trying to figure out why my photos of bluebonnets look so different from everyone else’s. So I t

About Photographing Bluebonnets

Today, on my way to the store, I found quite a wonderful grouping of Bluebonnets and other flowers. The wind was chilly, and very strong and gusty, so many of my captures were blurred, but I did get a few to post for those of you out of town. I’m still sick, so I was not as determined a photographer today as I usually am, and I had to turn around and come straight home.…

When it comes to photographing Bluebonnets, there’s a real trick to it, I’ve decided. You can take photos of large swaths of Bluebonnets, and it’s kind of hard to mess that up, but if you want to capture the essence of Bluebonnet, and some up close photos, it’s not as easy as it looks, depending….. Why I have trouble taking Bluebonnet photos escapes me, to be honest. Even little kids can take better Bluebonnet photos

Bluebonnets Are Blooming

Well, the Bluebonnets are blooming! I’ve been sick, feeling puny, and only took a few puny photos, which also LOOKED puny, so I have not posted them. It is hopeful that sometime before they quit blooming, I will actually get a decent capture that was not taken on the shuffle from one bus to another bus, lugging STUFF (and I don’t mean plutonium! That’s info for the Feds…:P).…

Every year about this time, Spring bursts on the scene in very vibrant blues with the Bluebonnets. The first time I saw that, I had my nose stuck to the glass of the car. Good thing my then husband was driving. I noticed the Indian Paintbrush was already up also. They usually appear a bit after the Bluebonnets. But i’ve been under the wether, so maybe I missed something. There are fresh yellows and golds and pu

A Surprising Story of Muslims, Miriam, and Issa (Mary and Jesus)

Slogging around in the rain today, and it rained ALL DAY!, I encountered a very nice Muslim girl, and her words combined with the words of other Muslim women I have spoken with recently give me an entirely new picture of ISIS, ISLAM, and CHRISTIANITY. So I had to write this…

Here’s the scoop. It seems that Muslim women have been friends with Christian women, and the two faiths have traditionally shared holidays, such as Christmas and Arabic religious times like Ramadan. For Christmas, Muslims often join Christians at table. For Ramadan, after sunset, Christians often join Muslims at table. One startling comment was, “ISIS, these terrorists are violent people, and they are NOT ISLAMIC! Islam is a religion of peace, and we have lived in peace with Christians and gone to their churches.”

Windflowers, Rain, Freeze!

March 4, 2015…

Well, it’s time for Spring here in Texas. It actually began in February when the weather warmed up for an entire week. Things started blooming. Then a freeze struck. The little flowers on the ground disappeared, but the blooming trees kept blooming. Then a week of cold hit, drizzling rain and freezing nighttime temperatures. But with a few days in warner temperatures, even though it was misty, foggy, and drizzly, I went out hunting wildflowers. To my great surprise, Speedwell was blooming, Dandelions, and WINDFLOWERS! I love the Windflowers, one of the earliest bloomers of Spring. Some years they don’t appear, but they have for the past three years. So out in the mist, I began taking photos.

Usually, I try to capture just about every Windflower out there. Don’t ask

World Domination, revised edition

I take it all back. Mexico is going to rule the world. Hahaha. It’s because of that famous Mexican cooking.

But I really wrote this because I want you to reread the previous post. I altered it with new information. This whole thing is like shifting sand. You never know what is really true until you know what is true.

World Domination and Islam

I came across something from “the Blaze”, an interview with an Islamic lawyer:…

We’ve heard over and over again that Islam’s main quest is to take over the whole world. Gee, I wonder what happened to the Communists? I thought THEY were going to take over the whole world. And then there’s the “illuminati”. I thought THEY were going to run the world. Sigh. Life is getting so difficult to dicipher!

Now here’s another article:

Here Muslims fig

An Apology to My Muslim Friends

Oh, gee. Now I feel really bad. I seem to hvae offended some of my Islamic friends with my comments about Mohammad. I was very concerned about my previous ideas about Islam after the rise of ISIS! I can say that many other Christian friends of mine have been feeling the same way. But then I finally read all of the article in the Atlantic magazine on the Ideology of ISIS. I’ve also been reading more and more about surrounding countries to the ISIS phenom, and I have to say, there really ARE moderate Muslims.…

My previous comments were questioning whether or not there are moderate Muslims, based on comments on facebook. There is one commenter, whose last name is Shabat. He says he was once a member of terrorist organizations. It is from that that he claims there are NO moderate Muslim

Acceptance of the Faith of Others

It is not my intent to demonize Muslims or Islam. What i find objectionable about ISIS, many Muslims also find obejctionable. That’s why many come to the United States. Some do come to escape the killing fields of Islamic extremists. We must remember that, and respect their faith in God.…

I love talking to Muslim people herre. They are generally devout and very interesting to talk to. I have been reading more, and I find that there truly IS a difference between ISIS and what other Islamists believe. ISIS is trying to bring back the violence of Mohammad’s day. They say they want to hasten the “Judgment”. If they knew what they were truly saying, they would do an about face! But i have not encountered that mentality in the local Islamic people. I would hate to see us antagonize the

Propaganda of ISIS Versus the Truth

It’s hard to believe that young people are rushing to ISIS to fight in the cause of the devil. If you don’t believe that is what it is, then you should look at what they do. The cruelty and barbarity of assulting the innocent with knives and swords and fire and guns is the most idiotic thing i’ve ever seen. It is a certainty that these people are choosing to go to hell at death. They are going to a foregin land to do this. Absurd. it is NOT a glorious quest! The testimony of men who have been able to escape and return home verifies this.…

When one goes to fight with the terrorists, they are often used for suicide bombs, or they die in war. If they see such horrible gore, the brutal killing of women and children, and it turns their stomachs, and they want to come home, they are not a

The Truth About the Judgment

Here are the ideals of ISIS, and why some say the war cannot be won by killing them. Here’s the link:…

For a homicidal and suicidal culture with the ideal of destroying the whole world, the main attack needs to be ideological. It seems important to counter such destructive ideals with the truth we know in Jesus Christ. God did not create us to destroy us.

When it comes to the final Judgment, they clearly don’t know what they’re tlaking about, as is the case with so many people. They see themselves as pushing us into the Judgment, more or less, bringing on the Apocalypse. This is a false idea which needs to be corrected. It is easy to misunderstand the Final Judgment, so they have. Let me explain.

In t

The Truth About the Judgment

Here are the ideals of ISIS, and why some say the war cannot be won by killing them. Here’s the link:…

For a homicidal and suicidal culture with the ideal of destroying the whole world, the main attack needs to be ideological. It seems important to counter such destructive ideals with the truth we know in Jesus Christ. God did not create us to destroy us.

When it comes to the final Judgment, they clearly don’t know what they’re tlaking about, as is the case with so many people. They see themselves as pushing us into the Judgment, more or less, bringing on the Apocalypse. This is a false idea which needs to be corrected. It is easy to misunderstand the Final Judgment, so they have. Let me explain.

In t

A New American Injustice

There is a budding injustice in America. While we’ve heard so much screaming and ranting about not teachinjg Christianity in our schools, we are now seeing Islamic teaching forced on our children. Here is an example of some of the posts on facebook. Today’s posts seem to be all about this happening in Florida, but it has also been happening in northern schools. Here’s the post:…

This is just an example of the many that are being posted recently. This is fertile ground for lawsuits, and there are legal firms whose sole job is to take on such cases. Why not file lawsuits? These things MUST be ch

My Favorite Fifty Shades - A Whole New Way

I have not read the book and I never will. I absolutely hate domination and abuse. I would not even want to be tempted to become a killer, thank you. So I stay away from it. Then I began thinking about what my favorite fifty shades might really be. Fortunately, others began doing the same thing, and they hit some of my absolute favorite fifty shades, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here’s the first one:…

I made this one my desktop background. I think the author of that book most resembles the bird on the right. But this is not my only favorite fifty shades. Here’s another one:

If you have ever walked

Valentines From Heaven

So TOMORROW is Valentine’s Day. I wanted to give you the very best Valentine of all. I looked and looked at the pictures, and I was so amazed. I thought about love and what it REALLY means, and I thought these photos said it all without saying anything at all. Here’s the link to the photos:…

To see these babies laughing and smiling and waving from the womb astounds us. Yes, we know they are truly alive, but the photos show a great intelligence even in utero, a comprehension we may not have thought of, a SWEET hello, a conspiratorial little smile. What is the baby thinking? Probably, “HAH! Mom and Dad are PEEKING at me!” In the laughing and waving photo, I’m sure the kid is

Flame of Love

Today I wanted to briefly write about the symbolism of fire in religious experience and practice An interesting article appeared on facebook today. Psychologists attempted to describe the psychology behind the sado-masochistic behavior of terrorists in Islam. It’s fairly interesting, and they focus a lot on the use of fire, though this is relatively new effect, as far as I am aware. Here’s the article:…

This has to do with initiating fire for the purposes of hatred, murder, and sadly, sado-masochism. I think the psychologists covered that aspect fairly

Artificial Wombs Are Here

A horrifying new potential for using human beings for spare parts – ARTIFICIAL WOMBS:…

Why on earth would we want ARTIFICIAL wombs when so many babies are being killed in HUMAN wombs? If so many people do not want their children, why are we seeking to produce them artificially? It is quite questionable.

I recall many years ago when it was suggested that babies could be “manufactured on assembly lines”. WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE WANT TO MANUFACTURE BABIES IN FACTORIES? Well, I have one idea. A baby grown in utero is loved by its parents usually. This makes it much harder to use them for spare parts, or to condition them as unemotional and uncaring killers, or to create the ideal Nazi or Communist society, the

Cats Are Pro-Life

Cats are very brave, courageous, and fierce with predators, even very dangerous ones many times larger than they are, yet they are tender caretakers of life. In fact, you might say cats are pro-life. These things have become very evident lately with some amazing cat videos posted on the internet.…

You may recall a few posts back I wrote about the Russian cat, Masha, who literally saved a newborn baby from death. She cared tenderly for the baby in very cold conditions. Had it not been for the cat finding her, the baby would have died. The child had been abandonned by her mother, but Masha came upon her and surely thought, “Oh! Someone has LOST her little one! I will just take care of it for her until she returns.” She wrapped herself around the child and took care of her. Now Masha i

About Working....

If you’ve noticed I have not added any recent photos, it’s true. I have not. For one thing, my camera has gone on strike, and I don’t know when it’s going to have a change of heart. It’s a bit like my microwave and a few other things. There are GREMLINS in this apartment, but they hide, so I can’t ever catch them. Hm. Maybe they’re DRONES! YIKES!…

This is how it went this past week. I went to heat a pizza in the microwave, and when I pressed the button, nothin’ happened! That was the first time I’d had this problem. So I tried it again. I hit the “clear” button, punched in two minutes, and hit “start” again. DANG! I uttered aggravated, because the oven takes some 20 ridiculous minutes or so, and I was very hungry. I tapped my brain and tapped my brain, until I had a brainstorm.

About Red's Double in Austin

Well, I could swear that today i saw a Red Reddington double. Do you watch “The Blacklist”? I think I saw it either on TV or on facebook, that there will be doubles of Red Reddington, from the show, “The Blacklist” in various cities. I forget what you win if you tag one of them. But I didn’t.…

So why would I not tag one of Red’s doubles? First of all, it was druing Mass. It’s not kosher to disturb the sanctity of the Mass. Such a mystical event is taking place during Mass. Even the words from Scripture need our full attention, right? Because if we don’t let the words sink in, it’s as though we are not present and therefore we gain nothing from the attendance. And I didn’t want to disturb the focus of those around me either. I was having to work to focus, because my mind kept getting

The Truth About the Crusades

For revisionist history, we have the stories of the crusades. Now who in their right mind would see what is happening now ith Islam, know what has happened in the past with Islam, and not realize that the Crusades were necessary for the safety of Europe?…

So you say I say this without basis in fact….that is why I am adding this link from a historian scholar of the middle ages:

There are always those who seek to slant a situation to their own advantage, trying to justify themselves. That is actually a journalistic tool. It is also a political tool, and in this era of political correctness, so much of what we hear is pure baloney. I thought the article by this schoar was most interesting. I d

Speaking to Muslim Women on the Bus

Since the controversy has arisen about Muslims in the US, I have begun talking to a few of those living in my neighborhood. Are all Muslims like ISIS? Do you think it is necessary to kill Christians? So far, it’s very interesting. A few weeks ago, when I began talking about ISIS, the Muslim bus driver immediately said, “THAT IS WRONG! WHAT ISIS IS DOING IS WRONG!” He was adamant and sincere. No mistaking that.…

So today, I sat near a group of Muslim women, and one of them spoke English fairly well, though they were all on their way to English class. She did not understand all that I said, but she understood enough. She told me she spoke three languages, and one of them was Kurdish. AHA! I thought, those brave Kurds. I mentioned to her that I thought the Kurds were brave, and a stra

PTSD & Suicide - Project Cohort

What is the cost of PTSD? I mean, we have so many vets in the country now who have come home from war with serious cases of PTSD. I just read an article on AOL about a vet who came home, married, and then just disappeared for a few days. His wife was surprised to find her husband had developed a drug problem and lost his job. The story was that the strain of PTSD was just too much to cope with. So his wife, being a nurse, decided to help him. She and her husband met with General Casey and have begun a program to help vets returning with PTSD. It’s called Project Cohort. You can Google it. The couple are both involved in guiding those suffering from PTSD through the program. It is specifically geared to vets.…

The numbers on returning vets who commit suicide every day? "She said, “

Stand for Peace

Our police chief, Art Acevedo, spoke out today about the Muslims at the Capitol day. Here’s the news station’s commentary on it:…

It’s very true that everyone has rights in America, and I saw some comments from some of the Muslims that they renounce terrorism. They spoke of extremists as opposed to their own peaceful ways. They said that they just want the same things we want.

I liked the fact that Art Acevedo said he stood with the Muslim community with regard to their rights. Treating them badly can result in their radicalization. There are people who claim there are NO moderate Muslims. We do see mosques here, though so far we have not seen any violence. My thoughts o

There Be Angels!

I was listening to Father Rocky’s facebook post today about the Angels. It was very good. If you have never listened to Fr. Rocky, you should check him out! One lady commented how much she has learned from Fr. R.’s short audio commentaries, and they are indeed excellent. All those things you wondered about, or only knew a bit about, Fr. R. explains in greater detail. He even gives Scripture passages.…

I never knew that the Protestants had taken out the book of Tobit! YOU POOR PEOPLE! That is one of the most wonderful books in Scripture! This book tells about the Archangel Rafael, who is assoicated with healing. If you read Tobit, you will understand. It’s pretty short. I don’t know why Protestants took that out of the Bible, because I’m a kind of Bible history dummy. I need one of

Muslims at the Texas Capitol?

January 29, 2015
Austin, Texas…

Well, we had quite a scene at the Capitol yesterday. It was Muslim day at the Capitol, a day they seem to have proclaimed themselves. I happened across it quite by accident. I heard loud voices and lots of people, as I headed to church to go to confession before my doctor’s appointment. So instead of walking around, I walked THROUGH the Capitol grounds to see what was going on. Soon it came into view, and there was a Muslim crowd covering the Capitol steps. An imam was speaking on a loudspeaker they had brought themselves. Americans were standing in opposition yelling things like “NO SHARIA!” They were holding signs in protest. I took some photos, but have not had an oppotunity to download them yet. There were MANY police officers!

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A Russian Cat's Views on the Life of Humans

I have a long preface to Masha, the Russian cat’s story, for a reason. But if you want, you can skip down to the cat’s story towards the end of this entry.…

One of the practices of those who do mental prayer, is to first place yourself in the presence of God. There is more than one way to do this, but I had been pondering the words of St. Paul for quite some time, “It is in God that we live and move and have our being.” It is amazing how this applies to so many current issues of our time. Anyway, I was reading an excerpt from “Introduction to A Devout Life” by St. Francis de Sales, and he used this quote from St. Paul. as one of his means to put himself in the presence of God before prayer. He wrote, that God is in the center of our spirits and our hearts: “He enlivens and animates i

What We Have This Moment

When I was watching “My Life as a Turkey”, the narrator made a very interesting observation. He said that what he realized about the turkeys he was raising was that they lived in the moment. They enjoyed life in the moment and did not think ahead to anxieties in the future. This was his interpretation of it.…

That comment came to mind today as I was reading from Padre Pio’s letters. He said that we must have great confidence in Divine Providence so that we can live our lives simply. We must trust that God will take care of tomorrow. He reminded the reader that when the Israelites were in the desert, they were forbidden to gather more manna than they needed for one day. He wrote, “Do not doubt…that God will provide for the next day, and all the days of our pilgrimage.”

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YOUR LIFE MATTERS! Grieving the Deaths....

From Sirach 42:…

“The universe lives and abides forever;
to meet each need, each creature is preserved.
All of them differ, one from another,
yet none of them has he made in vain,
For each in turn, as it comes, is good;
can one ever see enough of their splendor?”

This appropriately from this morning’s prayer readings. So many LIFE issues right now! and THAT Scripture passage is the answer to them all! God has not made ANY of us in vain. Each one of us is loved by God and has a reason for being created. We should never despair, even when we feel alone. For we are never alone. God has given each one of us an Angel Guardian, who is with us always. We can talk to him when we feel despair or loneliness and we are sure to receive some benefit from this, our very best friend. No matter

About the Male Cat

OK, nix that on the it’s delightful to have a family of wild cats here! The big males have been attacking the kittens. One poor little kitten has become the target of one of last year’s males. He is mating with her, though she is not ready. She screams and hisses. He threw her against the door with a great deal of force, and he drags her around. I tried throwing water on him, but then ALL of the cats ran away, except for Momcat, who has remained in her box the entire time, looking out with what appears to be apprehension. The males, I discovered, were apparently on my patio earlier, or during the night, and left little unpleasant surprises all over it. Whether this was of the feline species or homo sapiens, I can’t say exactly for certain, but I think it to be feline, since I obser…

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