100 Tshirt Sales!

I dont often post about sales, but today i’ve reached my 100th Tshirt Sale, a nice even milestone for me.

33 were of my headphone design

11 of my PAL TV test pattern make it my second best seller

25 of those sales were one off sales – ie a tshirt that has only sold one copy.
And the remainder of the sales were tshirts that had sold 4 or under.

and this one is my favorite;

Hopefully theres more in the future

Can I ask a Favor?

The great Diesellaws had suggested i put my triangles are green design on to TheNeatest website – which meant taking it off here, which is ok, ’cos it was hardly looked at.

well they’ve accepted the design, and im after your vote.

if you head here you will see my design – THE TRIANGLES ARE GREEN, and if you can take it in your heart to vote for my design id love you.

Diesellaws own artwork is on there too – vote for his as well !
and RPGesus also has his girl zombie on there too !

Kit Chambers Art

Finally my friend Kit Chambers has a website of his own which i would love to share with you.

I have one of his works which i received as an 18th birthday present.

My parents own a lot of his work – we get paintings and he gets windows and doors in his house haha.

this is the one i got for my 18th – its don quixote attacking the windmills

take a look as his work will blow you away.

Voting in the USA

The world has its eyes on the US elections, im here at work listening to the radio as the day rolls on.
Already tehy say a record number of voterrs have turned out…

Just wishing you american comrades the best for your future, and i urge ALL of you to vote – whoever you vote for.

regards from down under !

oh you can see the results via this link google 2008 election results

Some Happy Customers

Just showing off some merchandise that various very nice people have posted on the buyers booth. 2 are photos of my own, one my sister.
I’d love more if any of you out there have my art..

Karin Taylor gives some Profile advice

Karin Taylor has recently created some journals that might help those who are newer to redbubble or who have never made their profile page fancy…

She has asked i post a link here as we apparantly have different peeps on our watchlists


enchancing your redbubble profile page


linking and enhancing your rb profile page

Karin has spent a lot of time and effort on these, and they answer a LOT of questions on layout and setup of a profile page.

New Video - Finding Harmony

This is the latest video from the redbubble Group i started ages ago – the Video Montage Group.
This time, for the first time, its run by the sublime butchart – so it was his vid editing and choice on artwork – my music only.

hope you enjoy

no i dont know how they do that.

I'm Back

Had a great weekend watching crazyness in 4wd ing.
We managed to get the car we were in have its front wheel a meter in the air.
Great sight seeing and i got some cool pics too – expect a few uploaded and i apologise for the soon to be influx.

I also just noticed a new Tshirt comp (umm no link here) but its for silhouette T shirt as the comp – so im uploading something for that too.

anyways i hope everyones weekend was/is nice

Most Helpful Redbubbler

Somehow against such monumental fellow nominees ive somehow “won” the most helpful redbubbler. The annoucement was made here

Anyway i just would like to have this opportunity to say you have all humbled me beyond mere words. I dont know what to say except the biggest thank you to one and all.

and please, the “runners up” deserve massive congratulations, for ANY of them could have easily as been the winner.

natalie tyler
karin taylor
mark german
christopher ewing

congrats to you all, as i said any of them could have been the winner just as justifiably.

onwards and upwards and viva la REDBUBBLE !

Radio PLay

For those kiddies who get up bright and early on a sunday morning in south australia can tune into FRESH FM radio and listen to a track of mine.
heres the set they are playing for the “JUST CHILLIN” show…

Just Chillin Playlist 05/10/08
Category: Music

Protection (Sirius Mo Remix) – Ben Mono
I Can See The Future (Ski’s Main Mix) – Incognito
I Got To Swing – The PQM Project
Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz
Sigh – Praful
Le Vicomte – Soel
Next Chapter – Tanghetto
Kiss Kiss – Parov Stelar
Remember Tomorrow – Mo’Horizons
Sous Le Soleil (Cuba Mix) – Major Boys feat. Aurelia
Nogo – Issa Bagayogo
Father – Quantic Soul Orchestra
Trance Dance – Hamid Baroudi
Miss Q.In – Zap Mama
Close To You (Fulton Remix) – Beanfield
Whistling In Tongues (Vinyl Edit) – Felix Laband
The Chase – Muscular Teeth
Inspire Me – Lowrider

Most Helpful Redbubbler

somehow i have been nominated along with a lot of crazy individuals in the most helpful redbubbler award thingy-majiggy.

Well it seems the competition is hot and fierce with most nominees posting up journals and emailing groups asking for your vote. So why should i be any different?

So perhaps have a read here and choose someone to vote for by bmailing their name here

Please vote for the person you actually feel is the most helpful, and if any vote for me i am forever grateful.


Please Welcome a New Redbubbler - Suzanne Gee

Hiya Peeps, as you know i occasionally let people know when new arrivals rock up at Redbubbles door.
This time I’d be ever so grateful if you welcome Suzanne Gee to Redbubble. We met via youtube as she is also a talented artist.

Anyways go there and make comments and all those things that would be nice to someone new to redbubble.

I couldn’t wait for her to upload more work, as im a frantic creature.

Can you please...

Make sure you say happy birthday to butchart in a few days time ..I belong to another group (artmesh) and the machine tells me:

“butch curran’s birthday is in 2 days on 09/24/2008! "

It says on his profile that he is 1 ! so hopefully this year he turns 2, but who knows how it works.

Go say happy birthday and bombard him with some love.


Milestone for MuscularTeeth - Video Hits

Heya Everyone !…

Today i reached a nice little milestone of 30,000 video hits on my youtube account .
The tipping point came when Redbubble went down for the upgrade of Calandars and people were given a link to the redbubble montage black and white vid… I got just over 500 hits getting me over the milestone.

Youtube represents a largish proportion of my “brand” for my music and video side, so its important. Adding up all the hits from all the vid sites i exceed 60,000.

So I’m very proud of my accomplishment and would ask you go get a glass of champagne, beer, wine, vodka, or poison of your choice and celebrate with me…

and i will leave you with 2 favorite video links of mine;


The latest Redbubble Video – Monsters, foklore and fantasy

Enjoy. .. and thanks to EVERYONE for being a viewe

I won the Mad colour comp

Yaaay !
unexpectedly i have won the mad colour comp with my pattern in colour design

here and apparantly ill get something shown off on another website.


SO many people do this- when they sell a shirt or get featured or whatever – which i usually dont do.. but i thought this would be wothwhile.. its the 2nd comp ive won on redbubble (the first being winning the Avatar pic for the mecha mecca group)

A New Frontier

I’ll make this brief but today is important.
Today scientists in France have officially turned on and have begun testing their massive machine called CERN or “Large Hadron Collider”.
Now you may or may not have heard about it, but its so important you should know……

First this thing is a wonderful achievement in cross border relations – dozens of countries got together with scientists and built this machine that has cost 10 Billion Euros.

So, whats it do and why is it important say you?

I’ll keep this very simple so we can all understand;

Basically we know that all the rules of physics doesnt fit the way the universe acts.
We all know of gravity and we can measure it and predict things like bungee ropes, orbits of satellites, ballistics in cannons and so on….

Now, the Universe and the galaxie

Possible Scammer?

Hiya Peeps !
look what i got via bubblemail :…

XXX (ive removed their name) wrote you a BubbleMail 2 minutes ago:
From RD.
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Dearest one ,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your name and contact from our country chambers of industry (internet department). I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to its esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trust worthy person that I can do business with and by the recommendation , I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business .

I am Rita Daniel only Daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daniel . My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan , the economic capital of Ivory coast, my father was

My Writing On

Hiya Peeps
One of my short stories, AIR , has been picked up by and is being currently shown on their front page here

I dont pretend to be a writer (yet), so this is truly a great achievement for me!

Pop open a glass of wine or champagne or beer or poison of your choice and celebrate with me!

Please say hello to Venus Ψ

Hiya People,
I’ve been introducing a few friends to you all, and have another person you should all check out and that is the wonderful Venus Ψ

Her Tshirts are great, and I hear, anyone wearing one instantly is a better human being…an amazing attribute for a tshirt

Hey everyone - more redbubble Groups have been unleashed !

A big backorder of redbubble groups have been unleashed into the community – why not take a look and join some?…

Theres the peace group (and i only recently deleted my peace sign tshirt !)

oil painting group for all you talented painters..

Quite a few based on location like the new hampshire and london life group..

for those who like the night, there is the after dark group.

chocolaholics anonymous sounds like some fun…

then you have eerie lighting ive already submitted 2 works for that group !

more animal ones like hummingbirds of the world and parrots and cackatoos of the world
as well as rabbit rabbit group and the rescued pets group..

please understand this isnt even an exhaustive list of all the new groups out and about… take a look and join a few ! its a great way to meet new people.

The Cold war returns - we have the technology

Well im sure you all have heard of Russia’s threat of a nuke strike should Poland allow the USA to setup its ballistic missile defense system..

well, i made this video a long time back, when i thought the cold war a joke we could look back on and write history books on.

Now it seems this is rather more appropriate for the time than i had thought.

New Art

Hiya peeps,
my friend MALKMAN and I have just finished a new robot. As is was originally Malkman’s drawing it is on his profile.
When i upload something i get a fair number of people looking (for which i thank YOU!) but Malkman being new has only started gathering a following..
so without wasting your time further;

take a look-see

Please welcome a new Redbubbler - MALKMAN

Hiya people.
You all are always so kind and good when i upload things or post info about whats going on.
Well ive finally convinced a good friend of mine to join redbubble.
His name is MALKMAN and i hope you can stop over and take a look at his work and make him feel welcome.
Some of the art in my portfolio (like ninja girl) is malkmans work.

thanks for your time !

I won a comp in the mecha mecca group.

Apparantly i won the comp for the mecha mecca group – for a new avatar.

I won in the only way i possibly could – by eliminating the opposition.
Like Robert Mugabe in zimbabwe i was the only constestant running – no one else submitted anything.

So i humbly accept the award – my very first $20 voucher from RB (apparantly ill get contacted for this – im not sure how it all works) and an in the moment book too !.

im rather pleased despite winning Mugabe style and now i feel a little closer to that dictator.

this was what won.

HEY ! im baaa-aack

I’m Baaa-aaack !

and i bring a present; the latest redbubble video montage – MONSTERS, FANTASY and FOLKLORE

I sincerly hope you enjoy watching it – it took ages to make. both music-wise and the editing of the video side. the new transparant gif issue has slowed the whole thing right down…
and i had moved houses as well…

i also return to find my writing piece air featured in the writing section. a very nice suprise.

If you are able to send the video to family and friends it would be appreciated.
the more viewers, the more potential members here at RB and SALES !

Moved Houses

I’ve just moved houses and i dont have no net.
Im “awak from keyboard” for a weeks – ill pop in now and then like now, as i visit my sister and steal her laptop.

hope to chat soon.
mr teeth

Stone Age

Can you imagine stone age technology? You know, caveman stuff.

I wonder what a contact lens would have looked like then – just a big bit of rock in your eye.

I want somene who can draw properly, to draw a caveman with his contact lenses in.

it should be hilarious.

Lets focus on... BUTCHART

Unsuprisingly, the interview with Karin Taylor went well, and we all had a good chance to say how much we thought she rocks our RB world.…

Today, I have my sites set on another solid, interesting foundation of the RB community, a one BUTCHART from the US of A.
Insiteful, deep, witty, social and very creative, BUTCHART is our second target of this little “LETS FOCUS ON…” thingy.

Without further ado, lets begin;

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Actually, rather than affect it..I think it runs my life. I believe creative people see and feels things more deeply. This can be both a blessing and a curse. When others may see a tree… i see a work of art. A simple encouter can become a story of love or a tragedy of spirit quelled. Creat

Lets focus on... KARIN TAYLOR

Ladies and gentlemens, I’ve been asked by the Redbubble Powers-that-Be to find two artists i respect and like, and ask them some pre-set questions, to which we shall see their interesting and erudite answers.…

To begin with I have started with the great and wonderful Karin Taylor , whose works often grace featured status wherever she goes. She’s a champ. Very nice.
So without further fanfare, lets begin !

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

(…or perhaps the question should be reversed to read – how do other aspects of your life affect your creativity lol)

1. Well, here goes! I am poor but I have a lot more confidence these days in who I am and where I’m going and how I want to live my life. Whereas, when I worked in the bank, the

I Need Your Help


I’ve recently uploaded a very important music track to Australia’s Triple J Unearthed competition .

This track, Coming Together, was used in the redbubble video BLACK AND WHITE

I humbly beseech you to go to my artists site at JJJ unearthed and listen to and vote for COMING TOGETHER.

On the page, to the right are the 3 tracks ive got on the site; Merciful (which reached 1st in the elecronic genre), COMING TOGETHER (which i want you to vote for) and RISE (which was also used in a redbubble video).

You can download for free all 3 tracks.

To vote click on the RATE button and vote away – id love comments too.
and apologies, you will need to register, but please dont let it dissuade you – it only takes seconds…

I cannot thank you enough for reading this, and hopefully, listening to and v

mishun statement

In celebration of redbubbles own mission statement, i thought id join in on the fun of it and create my own set of mission criteria – in the form of an essayed bulletform statement.…

an essayed bulletform statement is something that exists. i say so

MuscularTeeth MIssion Statement

  • Has no specific mission, unless its – be the ripple in the pond.
  • Doesnt really want to state anything except to say perhap, maybe the following;

E) lightearted and lightheaded. A place where the imagination should really be locked away but isnt.
A) Concerning large congregations of moose (meese); its positivly not allowed.

J) MuscularTeeth wants to impart a sense of the impossibly weird into the uncharted realms of spontaneous combustive explosiveness in a nice, non threatening manner much like a fluffy bunny with a

Video Montage Group

Hiya peeps.
I run the video montage group, and we are currently running a theme based on MONSTERS, FANTASY, FOLKLORE type art.

If you have anything you feel might be appropriate, please join the group and submit that piece of artwork.

The idea is that with many artists involved we create a montage film of all the art and post it on youtube. Each artwork gets a written title and the artists name beside it.. so youtube viewers can head on back here and buy that art.

Video Montage Group

A previous film as an example of what we do

If you know of others who have great art, let them know too.
remember its based on the theme of MONSTERS, FANTASY, FOLKLORE.
so demons, witches, ghouls, ghosts, all that sorta thing..

New video out - DISCO

Ladies and gentlemens, it is my pleasure to show you a brand new video, just released, which i sincerly hope you watch and enjoy.

Entitled DISCO – its just a piece of music i wrote with some nice dancey footage.


id love your comments and feedback !

mr teeth

Redbubble Video Montage - TECHNOLOGY out !

Just letting you all know that the latest video instalment of artwork from the redbubble community has just been completed.
It was themed “technology” and thus all artwork supplied had to fit into that broad criteria.

Technology Vid

Hope yo enjoy it, the music was made by the band i am in called SONTAGE

Enjoy the vid and if you like it enough, send it to others please !


What the fark is wrong with some people?
how can you so badly abuse TAG systems? i mean sure, try and come up with every related tag to your artwork is fine, but ust linking random words to a piece of artwork is just uncouth and not on.…

If YOU see unreasonable TAGS, let them know, and shame them. Redbubble apparantly is powerless to stop this themselves at this point in time..
If tags arent used sensibly,they dont work.

here is an example of the tags added to a tshirt. only a handful could possibly be construed as related to the subject matter – the rest are just to grab any one trawling through redbubble.

9dartfinish a_mind_blogs aaa aahhhh aan_de_jury aaron abc about abstract abstraction afica africa agenda ai aibo alchemy alea algorithm algorithms alice alife alphabet amoeba analec

Why not

No real reason for this;


well, i just didnt like the last journal being on the top – “mteeth being refused a record label”
im honest, but i dont like to linger on these things..
so somethign more light hearted deserved to be on the top.

MuscularTeeth gets refused a record label

you may recall this journal

Well the record label that asked me to send some stuff to them declined to take me on board.
They liked a single track (the audio for this one here ) but said a simple ‘no’.
I didnt think it would happen anyway but its nice they liked even one track.

So, its business as usual, ill make my own MuscularTeeth CD and sell it without a middleman.

I told them it was very nice of them and that when i do make it big theyve obviously missed the boat.
In fact all this has done has highlighted the fact that my own determination and abilities are whats needed – dont rely on someone else.

im twice as focused as i was 10mins ago before the email.


We may need YOU


Per Ove Sleen and myself have been busy chatting away about ideas.. and we came up with something pretty smashing.

Hows an online video in comic book style sound? using redbubble artists for the artwork?
with links to an online podcast, whos membership sits around the 500k mark?

sounds almost good doesnt it? (except theres no mention of chocolate)..

anyways, if you want to know a little more, you should check Per Ove Sleen’s journal.
I CANT take credit for this, he approached me first, so he is the Evil Genius, or Mad Scientist or whatever… im just the henchman,.. call me Igor lol.


Soon we will have a group created… with more details coming up later


I’ve been asked to do a radio interview im my works for FRESH FM.

i shall be interviewed as a recording (thank god its not live) tomorrow at around 4pm.
Im terribly nervous, but once i know when its on ill let y’all know… ill even record it and post it on the net..



For anyone who is a painter in Australia you might be interested in this;

The Great Wall of Triple J

Basically they are asking for submissions for a mural 3.5 m high and 2.5m wide.
It has to reflect JJJ radio culture, but thats it.

“Well we’ll invite you to Sydney to complete the work for the wall, and hand you a cheque for $2500 on completion”

There are some amazing artists here at Redbubble, and no small number aussies. So, go to the link and sign up – be quick !


Hey a huge thanks for all of you who have voted for me in the JJJ unearthed competition

I have 3 tracks on with the comp; Merciful, Rise and We have the Technology.

All 3 are in the electronic charts – ranked 2nd, 3rd and 5th.
AND even better im in the overall charts;
Merciful has reached the highest at 37th overall, Rise is at 43rd and We Have the Technology scraped in at 100.

There are at LEAST 26 thousand other unsigned bands and musicians im competing with here, so by voting for me i thank you hugely !
(you can still vote by the way)..


Redbubble in the future...

HA !
i know a secret. perhaps some new functionality here at redbubble may be implemented soon…

Paul Vanzella wrote you a BubbleMail 29 minutes ago:
…from Peter Styles:

Hi Paul – can you let him know that this is something we will be doing in the next month or two … we’re calling it ‘collections’ at the moment.



MuscularTeeth wrote you a BubbleMail about 13 hours ago:

hello mr paul.
just had this sudden idea and thought perhaps you could let someone investigate its possibilities…

you know your favorites?

well ive been favoriting “smoking” as a theme..
so all the images ive got in my favorites are of smokers or cigarettes or whatever…

now i want to start collecting robot pics too..
i dont want to add them to my favorites cos then it just doesnt look like


I recently release a music track entitled MERCIFUL on JJJ unearthed.
The track was used in a redbubble montage for artist ATOMIKBOY

Please, please, please, if you have any chance PLEASE vote for my track here at

For those who have any of their artwork displayed in the video montage groups videos, i humbly ask you to register and vote. It takes less than 5mins, and it would seriously be a wonderful repayment for the hours and hours ive spend making the (Currently ) 8 videos so far.

This means so much to me, its really really important.
All i ask is that you vote, but even if its 1 star out of 5 i dont care – just vote…

many many thanks,


I am really curious on how many people are interested in a muscularteeth cd.
they’d go for a ballpark figure of 20-30$ aus.

im assuming the numbers will be low, and i dont want to make a run of 40 cd’s say, and only sell 1, to my mum…. sigh…

so if your interested, and i mean actually seriously interested, please let me know..

Video MOntage Group reaches over 200

I got me over 200 members now in the video montage group.
with this sort of numbers i dont know how to keep everyone satisfied.
im mortified i missed a few artists in the last vid..

so if anyone wants to make a video for redbubble contact me regarding co-moderationshipnessing the group.

Radio Play

Hail one and all.
IF your in South Australia; you can hear my track RISE on FRESH FM RADIO (92.7).
its on the Just Chillin show between 6-9am and im sorta in the middleish ..

I hardly expect anyone to be up at this ungodly hour, but yes, its nice to get a bit of radio play..

you can hear rise here – its in my myspace player – the last track.

or you can vote for it here

as always my regards to you all, and hope you are well.

New video

Ladies and Gentlemens,
i have finished another video, this time for fellow redbubbler ATOMIKBOY

it can be found here

and yes, this is something that may happen again.


Featured T

My Robot Blue got featured as a tshirt.
first ever piece of artwork feature by me (shame it was that, but other wise yay!)…

Radio Play

Hail All !
hope the weekend see’s you creative and happy – above all happy.

anyway, ive been told im getting some radio play on local south aussie radio, and because i have the track on the internets i can let you hear it too.

Better than the radio scum, you get to see visuals too.

So here is Threat, which will be played on Fresh Fm on Sunday morning;


enjoy !


for the influx of artwork that ive added over the last week or so..

i now have some 80 odd tshirts, which is too many.

Please be warned im going to be removing some of my tshirts; most of the stick figures will go, as well as some of my drawn images..
if you want them, buy em now…

as an aside, if anyone wants a particular tshirt in long sleeves, let me know and ill remake it.

mr teeth.


I got a nice email today from a UK record company asking that i send them a CD of my music…
It’s very premature to say how this will all go, but i must confess it took me by suprise and has made me feel absolutly overjoyed that even the hint of a possibility of being able to make a pro-level CD…
man this could be sooo cooool..

all this could turn to dust, and nothing happen, but i thought id have to let people know.

As a bonus
is an electronic CD of mine you can download.
it has all the neccesary bits and pieces to get the 2 music files, covers and all that so you can burn the cd and have labels and stuff to have a physical cd too….

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait