For all you admirers of black and white prints from large negatives I have an artist you probably never have heard of yet. I refer to her when the subject of “art” comes up on the internet. She has become a friend and I have done my best to support her work and her. We think she is about to be discovered and I think it is overdue.


The most recent submission of mine called “Cucamonga Falls” brings some thoughts to light. It is a photo taken long ago when I was 23 I think. I have been to this location since and have maybe ten other versions of it. Some of those have a log next to the waterfall that fell there, others are in sunlight and the exposures suffered. This slide was on the bluish side and covered with dust and paint splashes. It took three hours just to remove the flaws, another hour to post process it to my liking. I could hike to the waterfall again in that amount of time! However, there is no water in it now, and rubble from recent fires may have filled the pool. Taggers have probably spray painted the rock walls since I have been there last but it has been four years, though I hope they have not. I may g…

The fires are "almost" out.

This is a relative thought as what is still burning would be big news at another time. 1500 homes have been lost so far in various communities, more damaged and some lives lost as well. You may ask how can this happen?It starts with the dream of having a home in the country. The “country” in Southern California is usually in the chapparral (brush) or in the trees of the mountains. At this time of year the plants that grow in the “country” is referred to as fuel by the firemen. So think of your home sitting in a pool of scenic gasoline…It is allowed, desired and the envy of all to live this way. It may cost more to insure but we want to live like them because most of the time it is cleaner, more beautiful and a secluded way to live. You often own horses, grow groves of some kind and just l…

I got my stuff!

I got my cards today, lots of them. Twenty from you all and about a hundred of mine. I also received a wonderful large laminated print of “Yosemite Day” which by the way will be a gift for someone in my family Christmas. The card quality is indeed very good though on some I have questions as to how they determine the crop. I would like to see more control over that aspect of the operation. I would like to see all of my image on a card when possible and it looks possible.I also sold a T-Shirt and one of my images “Navajo Falls” as a laminated print.

I live in Southern California which some of you may have heard is on fire! Yes though whole place is burning up and the winds are making sure no one feels safe tonight. There is nothing pleasant about the “Santa Ana” winds, 8 % humidity, trees …

Taking off!

Not me, the site Redbubble is beginning to feel “busy”. Comments, features and Bubblemail are starting to increase. People are learning how to work the site. Neighbors are saying hi to each other. Fine art is pouring in. Happy artists are glad to have another venue to share their work. Artists talking about art. It may not get much better than that for us folks who are compelled to create something and share it with others. Enjoy.…

On another note, I myself have a lot of work up here and Redbubble says it should be your best work. I’m torn as to whether I should keep the number of pieces around a hundred in my gallery. I think the quality is fairly high on all my work but very few people go through all of a persons gallery, and then there is Fave fatigue where you realize you just can’t fa

My first purchase!

Yeah, we don’t see this every day. I bought a bunch of cards of my work and quite a few of my favorites from other artists, plus a large laminated print of one of my own called “Yosemite Day” which I have always liked. This site does not charge us a dime to be here and I suspect I will get some of this money back someday. The holidays are coming and every year I do more and more shopping online for it, so I may be back soon after I decide just who may want what. Thanks to everybody for your support, encouragement and advice.

My first sale

Thanks to whomever bought a card of Mammoth Hot Springs and Elk. I soon will be purchasing a variety of Redbubble cards for the holiday season. I hear the quality of the cards is very good here.Thanks for all the Faves and wonderful comments. It is so nice to have a place to share our work and support artists too! One could easily spend “all” their time here meeting new people from so many different parts of the world and immediately seeing what is interesting about them becomes addicting. I do try however to keep time aside for producing my work as that is the reason I’m here.

I still shoot film.

The pictures you have seen in my gallery are all derived from film. Usually 200 asa Gold film. I scan them with a Nikon SuperCoolScan5000 film scanner. This takes quite a bit of time to get maximum quality. Maybe as much as 15 minutes for one photo. I then do some cleaning up in photoshop, plus I do accentuate what I like about the photo. This takes time as well.

I may go digital in the distant future, but only after I have retired and can jump in entirely will I spend that kind of money. My set up does pretty well but does take time.

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