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Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Anyone making any resolutions? Mine have to do with working harder to show my art locally, and getting myself running again….the holiday goodies have not been good on my girlish figure :)

I want to thank a few groups for the recent features:
Thankyou Bubbler Portraits for featuring three of my beauties:

Thankyou Southern United States Artists for also featuring

And a big thankyou to Buyer’s Club and to Painter’s in Modern Times for featuring my latest work:

I also want to thank Miss Stephanie Allison for purchasing a card of 11:11 Gatekeeper.

Okay that’s it for now…..Happy New Year everybody, I hope 2010 is full of creativity and blessings for you all!

I am the New Bubbler Portraits Challenge :)

I just now realized it is my turn to be the model for a challenge in the Bubbler Portraits group (thankyou Michael for choosing me). It is so much fun to see how others draw you. Please check out the challenge here. There are reference photos in this forum you can use if you would like to try your hand at drawing me :). I think I will try to add a few more for some variety.
Maybe this will finally make me do a self-portrait (I am terrified of them).

What I meant to say before :)

So this is the journal I attempted to write earlier under the Happy Solstice title! I did of course want to wish you all a happy Solstice. I have felt many wonderful gifts come my way today and I am feeling very grateful!
Firstly, I wanted to show off my Original Lynnette Shelley piece that I just framed up. Lynnette and I did a trade which I am always a big promoter of. For one thing, as artists we all love original art, but if you are like me you get tired of looking at your own stuff. It is so nice to have someone else’s work on my walls. Here is her work on my dining room wall:

Another wonderful thing going on for me right now is my reception over at the “Host Hullaballoo” happening in Solo Exhibition right now. I will have 12 of my works featured on January 29th, but for now you…

Homepage!!!!!! And I need help please.......

I was super excited to find out The Seer is on the homepage tonight. If you haven’t checked it out yet please drop by and take a looksie, it’s a beautiful homepage and I am very honored to have her up there with some of my absolute favorite works of late.

Also, I still don’t know how to make a copy of the homepage. If any of you more techie peeps could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!!

Seeing red

Just noticing I use a lot of red in my work and wondering what that might mean…hum?…..

I want to thank these fine groups for the features this week:
The Seer

featured in Painted Ladies, and A Spiritual Walk.
Celtic Raven

featured in The Outsiders
Hindu Rishi Priest

featured in 60’s Glory
Lakshmi tee

featured in Incredible India

featured by my lovely co-host Barbara in Journal Junkies
and Mucha Goddess

was featured in Inspired Art.
Once again, thanks to all the fabulous hosts and hope you are all having a great evening/morning/afternoon :)
All love,

A little sunshine on a dreary rainy day.

I was having one of those days today. I hydroplaned into a pickup truck earlier. It was a very small fender bender, and only my car was dented, yippee :( I came home after this happened and got on here and discovered someone bought a medium matted and framed print of Ariadne and Dionysus! This wonderful soul has perfect timing and I can not thank you enough whoever you are, you helped to turn my day around!!!!

Also, I want to thank the goddess Linaji for featuring me on the homepage in Vavoom. This also added so much sunshine to my otherwise depressing day.

Features and One year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have been on the Bubble for one year now.
Though 2009 went by fast, it seems I have been here for much longer than a year. There is no doubt that I love this place and all the friends I have “met” here. Thankyou all for your continued support and encouragement, it means the world to me!

Now to catch up with some thankyous for this week…..
I want to thank these groups for featuring Celtic Raven

Pathway to the Soul, Pastel Portraits, Florals and Still Life, First Things, and 21st Century Celts.

I want to thank these groups for featuring The Seeker

Dream and Fantasy Art, and also The Buyers Club. I just joined the Buyers Club and I think it is a great idea to spread the sales karma around!

Also a big thankyou to Owl Artwork for featuring Arabella

and Art by Bubble Hosts and Flow

My New Blog

Well I finally got one of those fancy smancy blog thingys. Please check it out and let me know what you think. If you happen to be on Blogger I could use some followers ;)
Also, I just posted a current work in progress on there, check it out and let me know what you think.

Features and My faves of the week

Firstly, thankyou to these wonderful groups for featuring my work this week:
Pathway to the Soul featured
Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks featured
The Patchwork featured this in a tee
And I am super honored to have my first feature in International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration, and World Domination with

Now on to my favorite artwork from other Bubblers this week. These are all clickable images so go check these out if you have not yet. Also feel free to add your favorites pieces of the week down below.

Whew, it is hard to narrow it down to a few favorites; there is so many creative souls on this site! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Features and My Favorite Art this week

Firstly I want to say thankyou to C.O.R.E and A Spiritual Walk for featuring these two ladies:

Also I am going to copy F.A. Moore here and give a shout out to my favorite of my faves this week. Some new some old, but hopefully you might find one you love that you haven’t seen before:

by skye oshea

Celtic Raven
by Beth Clark

PaiMei the Mermaid
by KimTurner

Desert Caravan
by NinaVelvet

A Barn Owl eyes up its prey
by aquartistic

A mans best friend
by alan mattison

You are welcome to post any of your favorite of your faves this week, I would love to see them!

Ya come back now ya hear....

Just wanted to give a big Southern thankyou to F.A. Moore for featuring my Hydrangea Faerie in Southern United States Artists!!! I am so glad there is a group that celebrates the talent of us Southern bred types. If you live in the South and you haven’t joined yet…well what are you waiting for…get over there and join!

Now off to play my banjo and dance a happy jig…..

T-shirt bliss!!!

I think you can find the best t-shirts around here on Red Bubble, and I am very happy to finally be selling a few of my own. I think wearable art is such a cool thing!

Thankyou mystery buyers of


and “OM Shanti OM”

Sorry about that, I do love George, but that is just too cheesy; even for me!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, have a great Tuesday everybody!

Thanks T-shirt buyers!!!

Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to the buyers of these t-shirts:

I hope this brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees you in it mystery buyer:

And I hope this t-shirt helps her buyer awaken her own inner high priestess:

I am off to spend the day working at a funky art, music, and craft fair here in town. Wish me luck, and have a great weekend everyone!

My new job

I am now co-hosting Sisters In Arms with my sister Tammy.
I am very excited for this opportunity. This is a small group with a community feel that celebrates feminine connections. These can be any positive female relationships.
Many of you know that I am no longer hosting The Divine Feminine. When I first started that group I had a vision of it being like a Red Tent Gathering, a coming together of women to celebrate our inner divinity. I hope I can carry this vision over into SIA.
To celebrate my new job, I just started a little challenge called the The Red Tent Gathering. Here is it’s description:
After the book The Red Tent by Anita Diamant was released there has been a slow and wonderful movement forming around the world. Women have been coming together for gatherings with other wom

Wooohoooo, Homepage!!!!!!!

I just happened to jump on here and lo and behold my Sophia is on the homepage. This is only the second time for me, so needless to say I am a little giddy!
Thankyou Red Bubble, and whoever put this lovely blue and red homepage together….it looks fantastic!!

Okay I am not really sure how you do that thing where you put the whole homepage on here. I will try this

not sure that will work! Nope it didn’t. I would really appreciate it if someone copied the homepage for me in the comments so I can save it somewhere….Thankyou!!!!!

But very big happy dance going on here……

More of what is going on!

Well it seems quite a few of you can feel that the energies present right now seem a little different judging from the reaction to my last journal. I briefly talked about Mercury Retrograde, but I would like to go into deeper detail into the significance of this past month and what is currently going on energetically speaking.
Mercury turned direct on Sunday but many of us are still feeling the effects of it’s Retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde communication often breaks down, computers and internet problems abound, appliances break, generally anything that will annoy us tends to happen. This past Mercury Retrograde was in the sign of Libra, so a lot of our issues being dealt with had something to do with finding our balance.
I want to leave Mercury behind for now though, and spe…

What is going on?

I know Mercury just went out of retrograde, but dang there seems to be a lot spats between Bubblers lately. I almost want to stay completely out of the forums as I notice people patronizing other Bubblers left and right. I also have to stop commenting on peoples journals that have anything to do with a Bubbler complaining about another anonymous Bubbler. Twice when I have done that the other anonymous Bubbler has emailed me to give me their side of the story. People I don’t even know.…

The thing is with all of these journals, comments under artwork, and public forums everything you say is left there for anyone to see forever. I think all too often we speak our minds, and then start regretting it as we worry about what others will think of us.
Sometimes this place seems to be the place

Art Pendants

I don’t know if I have ever shared these with all of you, but I make little pendants with prints of my work in them. You can check them out on my site

You can request any of my artwork you might want in them and I will adjust it to fit. You can also pay with PayPal right from the site!


I have not been a very good Journal Junkie lately. I am not setting a good example for my fellow junkies. I am very sorry for that!
But I am very happy about the wonderful features that have been bestowed upon my work this week!
Thankyou to these groups for featuring
The Dream and Fantasy Art group, Myths, Legends, and Fairytales group, and the"Inspired Art group":

Thankyou to the Painted Ladies group
for featuring

And thankyou to the Faces and Florals group for featuring

Whew, I am so sorry to lump all of those into one journal. I know this is a big let down to my fellow junkies and you may even look a little like this right now

but… I will promise to try harder next week :).

Good Karma

So last week I did a portrait of Linaji as Kali, and thank the goddess, she liked it!
Now I have discovered that Lynette K has done me as Sarasvati! How cool is that? Good karma comes back to you fast these days I guess!

I am really blown away by the color and detail in this. Go and get a closer look here.

It is really cool to see yourself through the eyes of others. Also, if you haven’t yet, join Lynette and Anita’s group Bubbler Portraits. It is a lot of fun to draw your fellow Bubblers, and then get drawn yourself :)!!!!

Exhibit Sept.19th

If you happen to be anywhere near Lexington, Ky on September 19th make sure you go to the Unitarian Church for the Pagan Unity Festival. While you are there check out the art exhibit called “The Web of Life”. This show will be showcasing my art, along with the phenomenal artist and Red Bubbler Patricia Ariel.
I am really excited to have my work hanging up next to Patricia’s. It is just a shame it is only for one day.
Some of my works that will be in the show include:

I will post pics of the show after it is over since I am sure most of you won’t be able to come.

The Goddess is Good!

I want to thank my beautiful co-host in the Divine Feminine, Amanda G. Wright, for featuring two of my works today (yeah, this time I didn’t feature myself ;).

I also want to thanks anyone who voted for me in the Works on Paper Green is Good Challenge. My “Willow Faerie” placed in the top ten. Congrats to Lynda Robinson on winning…she gets a really cool prize for this one!!!


I have to say, I have not had so much fun on here laughing everyday since Barbara and I started the Journal Junkies!
We feature journals in the group. What is really funny is that we then feature the journals that thank us for the feature. OMG, this is a hoot!!!!
Checkout this journal for an example!!!
We wonder how long this could go on, and if we will run people out of our group because they will actually get sick of getting featured…hahahhaha.

For all of you in the US:

Journal Junkies Unite!!!!

I just roped Barbara Glatzeder into hosting yet another group with me. This one is going to be a hoot. It is the place to send all of your “I’ve been featured”, and “I made a sale” journals. We will even feature the really interesting journals.
We will also accept artwork and clothing. Send it all to us!
We really felt that journals are an over-looked part of the Bubble. We plan to change that. We also just plan to have a laugh or two.

Journal Junkies

You're so Vain!!!

Got that song in my head today. I don’t know why….maybe because I featured myself in The Divine Feminine. Thankyou, self, for featuring Lakshmi.

Also, a true and honest thankyou to Incredible India for featuring Kali!!

I am going to turn up the stereo now and:

(now this is what I am talking about Babsi ;)……..

Moms are First

I can’t ever decide to thank groups for features in journals or forums or just after they leave their banners on the page (which is the easiest). I seem to be doing it different everytime these days. Sometimes it feels too self-involved to announce every single feature….other times, I feel like it is fun to share this with all my buddies here. So what do you all think?

But I am very pleased to have artwork featured in the groups: Moms 4 Art (my 1st ever feature there), and First Things.

Thankyou Divine Feminine!!!!

Well, I wasn’t exactly expecting to win the challenge that I designed. But a win is a win, and since they happen so rarely for me I am very grateful to all of you who voted for me. You are all such talented artists and I am so honored by this!

I am over the Moon!!!!

I woke up to find that some beautiful anonymous buyer purchased a large framed print. Wow, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou buyer!!! Obviously, this is my biggest sale on here yet, and I am tickled pink this morning!!!!

5 Top Tens in Painted Ladies!!!

I guess I am addicted to joining every challenge I can in Painted Ladies. 5 Top Ten placements today, congrats to all the winners and thankyou to those who voted for me!

All the colors of the Rainbow:

Females and Flowers:

Shades of Purple:

Just Faces:

Painted Fairy Lady:

HOLY COW!!!!! HOMEPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I had given up hope that it would ever happen to me….Red Bubble goes and surprises me with the homepage!!!! Woohoo………
(sorry, I am a little beside myself here)!!!!
Thankyou so much RB for the honor!!!
And What a beauty of a homepage it is too with some of my absolute favorite artists on here sharing it with me. It is a very gorgeous homepage full of the feminine spirit.

Thankyou Buyer!!!!!!!

I am about to go camping for the weekend, but before I leave I wanted to thank the awesome buyer of my Om Shanti Om t-shirt. Thankyou so much, you have made my weekend even better!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!!!


I was just sitting here thinking about the evolution of music. How it expands and evolves with our ever evolving brains and consciousness. It was not that long ago I could keep up with both popular music and underground/indie music. Now I often feel like I am drowning in a sea of music, and I can’t keep up with all the new music that gets released. I have no idea what is popular, and I am overwhelmed by the amount of amazing indie-style music that is coming out everyday. The same could be said for all the art on here. So much wonderful art, and it is so hard to keep up.
Luckily, I heard a “World Cafe” show on NPR the other night and caught this band The Wooden Birds!
I think they have been around a few months, but I would have never found them if not for World Cafe. They have a very m…

An Australian defends "Americans"

Someone forwarded this to my email and I thought I would post it here. I am not the most Nationalistic type, but this really struck me. Mainly because it was written by an Australian, and the point he makes about what an American is is poignant.…

Written by an Australian Dentist….

To Kill an American
You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American.

So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is. So they would know when they found one.

(Good one, mate!!!!)

’An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian

I'm back....

Well not that I ever really left, but I have been away from the computer a lot this week. I feel like I have fallen way behind on commenting all of your beautiful work and on replying to your lovely comments. I will try to catch up.
I did a local New Age Expo this weekend and had a fabulous time doing readings and a workshop on Past Life Regression. I have a lot floating around on my plate right now and not a whole lot of time to create art it seems, but that’s okay for now.
I do want to give thanks to a couple of groups that featured my art in recent days.
Thankyou The Feature Fraternity for featuring:

and thankyou to Fine Art of the Female Form for featuring:

I am very honored by both of these wonderful features!!

New Intuitive Reading Forum and addressing the current energy trends!!!

We now have a whole forum dedicated just to Intuition in The Divine Feminine! You can check it out here!!
Our first intuitive reader and recipient are announced in the forum!!…

On a side note, I have had a few of you email me personally and almost state the exact same thing. You are feeling disconnected, and extra emotional lately. I want to talk about this some and see if we can get a clearer reason of why this might be.
First of all, both Mercury and Chiron are retrograde right now. Mercury deals with communication of course, and Chiron is the wounded healer. Both of these bodies can reek havoc on our lives when they are retrograde. Together, they are causing us to go deep and do some major healing right now.
You are healing the deepest parts of you, your wounded inner-child, but you

Intuitive Reading Sample finally up!!!!

For those of you that have been wondering….
I finally completed the Reading and have it up as a sample in The Divine Feminine Forums. You can check it out here!
Please let me know if you are still interested in volunteering to give the next reading.

Won a Challenge with Emma!!!!!

My girl Emma Wertheim and I won the Let’s Collaborate challenge in the Live, Love, Dream group!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote a poem to go with Emma’s beautiful image “Eternal Flight”

Eternal Flight 4-24-09

Deep within the waters
of my subconscious
I fly
I fly
in my slumber
and I fly
in my waking dream
The truth is always veiled
But I know
I will know
I am the Raven
in the Ocean of Void
I am the Crow
aloft in the waters of night
I no longer need to fight
against the tide
I am free to create
I will soar once again
in my eternal flight

I do not really consider myself much of a poet, but I am very inspired by so many of your works on here!!! I am so honored to share this win with Emma!!!!

Runner-up in Enchanting Challenge!!!!!

Nimue and Merlin was runner-up in the Enchanting challenge in the Hairstyles group!!!!
Thankyou to the 3 peeps who voted for me:)).

Oddly enough, the winner of the challenge got 3 votes too. So I guess the system just automatically picks a winner when there is a tie. Now that we can see how many votes we get we can see this. Oh well, I guess you win some you lose some :))……
Being Runner-up is pretty darn cool too!!!!!!!!!!!

Faerie Festival

I just got back from the little Faerie Fest I did today in Newport, KY. It was actually my first time being a vendor at an outdoor event. I have only done a few indoor exhibitions and New Age Expos. It was a lot of work trying to figure out how to exhibit my work outside. I used a Gridwall grid that I found at a local retail display store. This worked real well and I plan to invest in one or two more ( they are about $60.00 a piece). If I do anymore outdoor art fairs I definately need to invest in a better canopy.

All in all in was a great day. I sold a lot of prints, did a few readings, and best of all I sold the biggest original piece I had for sale today “The Sidhe Moon Maiden” to a nice Irish gent who is going to give her a good home :))

Bartering, the way to beat the Economy!!!!

I know I have been talking a lot today about intuitive readings. Well here is another truly wonderful aspect of it. I have probably done more trades for readings than I have done readings for money. Many of you have probably also traded artwork for other services and goods. I have gotten massages, energywork, and one of my personal favorites….jewlery!!!!…

Infact I just did a trade with the partner of a Red Bubbler Jan Landers, Donna DePauw. Together they own Turtle Dove Creations. I am setting here so excited to have this beautiful perfect pendant that Donna created for me, I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is so great to trade for something I probably would not have bought (because money always needs to go somewhere else) but am sooooooo happy to have!!!!
If you have somethin

Sisterhood Win, faeries and wind.....

WOW!!!! Barbara Glatzeder and I won the Sisterhood Emotive Duos challenge with her art and my poem (BE)Longing!!!!!


A HUGE thankyou to all those who voted for us. I am so honored. It makes me want to start writing again (though I am pretty sure it was Barbara’s wonderful art that won this challenge for us)!!!!

I also want to thank the Ancient Practices group for featuring “Tempted Faery”!!!

and The Patchwork for featuring “Spirit of the West Wind”!!!

Beltaine Blessings, Happy Cinco De Mayo, and Merry May to you all…..

Spread the Love.....

I am feeling a lot of love in my heart today and I want to give a big thankyou to these most awesome groups for featuring my work:

Feminine Intent
with it’s three beautiful hosts for featuring:

and to Quorn
and it’s foursome of dynamic hosts for featuring:

I am very, very grateful for your kindness!!!!!

Missing in Action....

No, actually it stands for Music Inspired Art…..
I want to give a huge thanks to the hosts of the M.I.A. group for featuring:

I love this group, it takes viewing art to a whole new level with all the music links!!!

What's with the big eyed girls....

Just having a random thought here. Why are we all so attracted to images of these little girls with big heads, delicate features, and huge almond shaped eyes? It seems to me this style is wildly popular right now. I am not sure if there is a name for it, but certainly others have noticed that these types of images are hugely popular here. Actually everywhere I look I seem to be seeing these girls. On the cover of free local publications and everywhere on the net.
I am in no way trying to say I don’t get it, and I am not making fun of this style. Infact I am just as in love with them as the next person. I am just wondering why. Will art historians someday refer to the early 21st century as “the big-eyed girl” phase. What do these girls represent? Do they represent our lost innocen…

Why the Klimt style?

Some of you might have noticed I have been doing my last few works in a kind of Klimt-ish way. Besides paying tribute to one of the greatest painters the world has ever known, I have a more significant reason that I thought I would share.I am a certified hypnotist and practice Past Life Regression. As a student of hypnosis I have learned that when our logical mind or conscious mind is confused or stressed it goes into a sort of fight or flight phase. This breaks down the filter between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. This is hypnosis. Think about those times when you were driving home from work during heavy traffic. When you got home you realized you didn’t really remember the drive. You drove home in a state of hypnosis. This means your subconscious mind was easy to “ge…

Please come join our new group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barabara Glatzeder and I have decided to start a new group here on Red Bubble called THE DIVINE FEMININE. This is our first group to host and we are both very excited about it. I know many of you have artwork that would fit into our group so please come join us.
Here is a description of the group:
This is a group dedicated to the Divine Feminine within us all. In Hinduism the Divine Feminine is known as Shakti and it is the primordial force that moves the Universe. There are archetypal representations of the Divine Feminine in cultures the world over in multiple forms of the goddess. This group is not centered around any one religion or path. We want to see your art of goddesses from all cultures, and we want to see your art and writing of your own journey of birthing the goddess wtihin.…

Acrylic Painting Feature!!!

Wow, Arianrhod was just featured in Acrylic Painting. This is my first feature in that group and I am greatly honored by this because it is such a large group and full of talented artists. Thankyou to the hosts….I am giddy!!!!

Wow, unexpected Feature!!!

I am so happy to find out that “Tribal” got featured in Feminine Intent. This was so unexpected!!! It’s funny, this was just me playing around. I was not expecting a feature. It sure feels nice to get rewarded for playtime!!!

Checkout this new artist!!!

My friend Patricia Ariel just joined RB. If you haven’t seen her work yet go check it out, and prepare to have your jaw drop! Patricia and I both live in Kentucky, a place where galleries are full of paintings of thoroughbred horses, and yet her art is highly spiritual,emotional, and well…amazingly beautiful! Enjoy!
Patricia Ariel

Featured Artist in Sisterhood!!!!

Thanks to the splendiferous group THE SISTERHOOD for featuring 3 of my pieces tonight and putting my face on the homepage as a Featured Artist. I noticed some of my favorite sisters from RB are up there with me. It is a real honor!!!!!

Featured Artist!!!!Whew Hoo!!!!!!

I got featured in the Pentacle Passions group and I guess I am a lil’ excited. It is my first “Featured Artist”, and I am just so honored by this!!! I feel like I just won an Oscar or something…haha!!

Also, these 2 works were featured there!

Blessings all around,

Top Ten...Yay!!

“Frida” got into the top ten in the “Paint the Painter” challenge in the 1:1 Fine Art of Portraiture group! Thanks so much for the votes you guys,

Thanks for the votes

“The Mermaid and the Crane” got into the Top Ten in the Mystic Creature Avatar challenge in the Mermaids and Mystic Creatures group. If you voted for it I am very grateful for your love….
Tammy (MoonSpiral)

PS…someone needs to teach me how you post a neat little sample of your work as a laminated print. I am so clueless about that…lol!!!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait