Lazarus and the Rich Man

Lazarus sat at the rich man’s door, but he was never invited in.
Lazarus watched as the rich man dined, but he was never given a crumb.
Lazarus suffered from wretched wounds, but the rich man looked the other way.
Lazarus’ tears flowed down his face, but the rich man laughed in his lavish estate.
Lazarus longed for the warmth of family, but the rich man hoarded it all to himself.
Lazarus died one cold rainy day, but the rich man was oblivious he’d even passed away.
Then, without warning, the rich man died, and the roles were reversed in a startling way.
The rich man sat at heaven’s locked gates and felt the chill of Lazarus’ life.
The rich man watched as the revelers dined and felt Lazarus’ hungry plight.
The rich man suffered from wretched wounds and the deep rejection Lazarus had known.
The rich …

The hardest people to love and what makes for holiday peace . . .

I think the hardest people to love are not those who have hurt us but those we have hurt, and why is that? Because Pride chokes the conscience and won’t let us admit we’ve wronged another. Pride binds the tongue and won’t let us say, “I’m sorry.” Pride is the school yard bully who locks Love in the closet and stands guard at the door, making sure Tender-heartedness never emerges to reveal our weaknesses and vulnerability. During these holidays (more accurately translated as holy-days), if each of us rescued Love from the closet and locked Pride in, we might begin to revolutionize the world, one relationship at a time.

Faded Letter makes the Home Page!

It’s been a day of surprises! Sold a framed print earlier and got this news a little while ago. My image, Faded Letter, made the Home Page! I’m feeling kind of numb! I’m not used to this many surprises in one day! God knows I needed some encouragement! Thank you, Lord!

Faded Letter

Another pleasant surprise--2 days in a row!

Well, folks, another pleasant surprise, two days in a row! Today I sold a framed print of an image I posted over 3 years ago! No additional comments have been made since that original posting, and the image went into “hiding.” Like I said yesterday, the message I’m getting is “Never give up.” Something that seems lost and forgotten can be resurrected without warning! Thank you to the kind soul, the anonymous buyer, of this framed cardinal print. God bless you!

Pretty Boy

A pleasant surprise

I’ve kind of been losing interest in Red Bubble as the activity has really slowed down and the fun interaction seems to have flat-lined, at least for me. Still, I haven’t lost contact with the site and keep hoping for renewed vigor. Sales, however, still come, sometimes in a trickle, sometimes in several per week, so that is encouraging. Today, I had a pleasant surprise. I sold a card of an image I hadn’t had any activity on in THREE YEARS! I guess the message is never give up hope! Thank you to the kind soul who bought a card with my little bunny as the focal point!

California Giant Bunny

Word of encouragement to all artists

I just got notice that someone purchased 32 postcards of one of my images. I posted that image a long time ago and really had forgotten about it, so I was quite surprised when I received the email with this news. I just wanted to encourage everyone to hang in there, be patient, and be thankful that RedBubble is so generous and allows us unlimited space and time to display our work. We never know when it will jingle the cash register or better still, satisfy someone’s need for a piece of art that fits the bill for a specific need. God bless the buyer of these cards. I am very grateful. (I thought this was very appropriate timing, too, as I had just returned from daily Mass and the recitation of the Rosary when I received this email. Maybe Mary was saying, “Thank you for responding to my c…

Vicki Sawyer

If you’ve never seen the work of Vicki Sawyer, stop and TREAT yourself right now. What a delightful portfolio of artwork she has. You will laugh, be enchanted, fall in love with her creations. Thank you, Vicki, for your awesome ability to make people connect with your characters! I’m an ardent fan!

Thanks, Kimmie!

Special thanks to my long-time good friend, Kimberly Palmer (Kimmie), for encouraging my efforts by buying a print of my work, Songbird Summit. God bless you for your kindness, Kimmie, and may the songbirds of Sunset serenade you in Sacramento! (Whew! That is alliteration alright!)

Tribute to Ronnie Gaubert, my favorite nature photographer

One of the greatest nature photographers, in my opinion, was Ronnie Gaubert. For years I looked at the images in his online gallery and marveled at their beauty, their naturalness, their ability to transport the viewer to the cypress swamps of Louisiana that Ronnie loved and to the quiet, hidden places he frequented in search of birds, butterflies, wildflowers, and tiny bugs most eyes never noticed.…

“If only I could meet him,” I thought. “I bet he could teach me some valuable lessons.”

It was wishful thinking but not out of the realm of possibility because Ronnie lived within a little over an hour’s drive from where I lived. I emailed him several times and was privileged to receive replies but an actual visit didn’t happen. A couple of years slipped by and I lost touch with him. Then, for

Half million mark!

I’ve been waiting for this for a while—I have finally reached the half million mark! Over 500,000 people have viewed my artwork here on Red Bubble, and it happened just a couple of days shy of my 62nd birthday. I think that’s a pretty nice present. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. I really appreciate the support. God bless you!

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