A former student is now on Red Bubble

One of my former students, Briar Richard, has joined Red Bubble. If you can, please take the time to view his portfolio. You will be blown away by his moon pictures; I think they are unique and without parallel on this site. I’m so proud of Briar and am blessed to have taught him.

Here’s a moon shot!

Jan Pillar sent out this alert about thieves at FlickR

This is the first time I’ve ever had one of my images stolen and posted as someone else’s on another website. This person brazenly took one of my pictures and claimed it as her own. Please take the time to read Jan’s journal entry and look at the FlickR site to make sure none of your own pictures have been stolen. Big thanks to Jan Pillar for discovering this travesty.

Jan’s journal entry

Tidbits of good news from the Gulf

Some may consider these only tidbits of good news coming from the Gulf, but I latch onto anything positive I hear. Lord knows, there are enough negatives streaming in on the news daily and in various blogs. Here are the bits of good news I’ve heard concerning the oil spill:…

1) Hurricane Alex, though it did not directly impact the spill area, managed to churn up the seas considerably and according to reports I’ve read has broken up large plumes of oil into more workable masses.
2) Natural microbes in the sea are at work, attacking the oil and breaking it down. Evidence has been seen as a mayonnaise looking substance has been washing ashore. According to an LSU ecologist, Mother Nature is doing her job very well.
3) Although we complain about the extreme heat here in south Louisiana, the hea

A word of encouragement to everyone

I just had to share this bit of news with you. I got a bubblemail from the buyer of one of my cards, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Her note stated, “My friend had just seen a cow with its head through the fence trying to get to the grass when, just behind her, was a huge, green pasture. This was a profound statement for her and how she is living her life and changed her way of thinking. So, I found this card and thought it is perfect for her new journey!! Love it and thank you!”…

The reason I am sharing this publicly is that it is so gratifying to know that something we do can resonate in another person in such positive ways and can help confirm and affirm a better path they have decided to travel. May this journal entry affirm your work, dear artist, and as

A silver lining

This morning, I heard a young woman from St. Bernard Parish in southeastern Louisiana, being interviewed on CNN. She lost her home and worldly possessions during Hurricane Katrina; now she and her family are faced with the devastating oil spill in the Gulf which is her “back yard.” When asked how she is coping with all this, she said that she tries to keep a smile on her face and reassure her family, friends, and neighbors that as dark as this new cloud is, it, too, has a silver lining.…

Some might call her little speech a cliche, but I was deeply touched by her faith and her hope. She refrained from the hate speech I’m hearing so much and though she is at ground zero of this enormous crisis, she offered a word of hope for better days. That’s what I call integrity of character.

Whatever st

Molly the Barn Owl

If you have not yet tuned in to the live stream of Molly the Barn Owl, you really are missing something special. Molly and her mate McGee are in the process of raising a clutch of owlets with a birdcam situated in the nesting box for everyone’s viewing pleasure. McGee comes every night, several times a night, with rabbits, mice, voles, gophers, and a variety of other rodent type creatures to stock Molly’s pantry for her young ones’ ravenous appetites. Molly is a dutiful mother, tending to her babies with amazing patience and fidelity. If you’re a bird lover, you won’t want to miss this: Molly the Barn Owl telecasting from San Marcos, California

O when the Saints go marching in . . .

I don’t think anybody in Louisiana wants to turn the lights off tonight. God has smiled down on us! People are ecstatic. O, when the Saints go marching in . . . to the Super Bowl! What a reversal for a city and a state that were drowning just a few years ago. I’m happy to be celebrating! Geaux, Saints! Who dat?

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