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One of my favourite quotes is from Judy Cassab.

“My artwork is so intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of my being, that I cannot conceive of any sort of existence without it.”

I feel this sums up my life.

My earliest memories are with animals, drawing, and exploring the Australian country. It’s just something I’ve always had in my life. I grew up on a farm with many animals, from dogs, cats, birds (geese, ducks, cockatiel, parrots, chooks), cows, horses and even the occasional orphaned wildlife that we’d hand raise and release. That’s only to name a few. I have so many sketch books full of animal drawings. Animals have always been my main focus.

In college I was pushed towards human portraiture and in Uni I explored a more contemporary body of work. I completed my Bachelor, Diploma, and Masters degree in fine art by the age of 22. Post Uni I traveled to Europe with my now husband and lived in Berlin for three months. One of my best experiences, I would encourage everyone to travel. It’s a truly amazing experience.

I find nature to be the fundamental influence for my art. Mostly through experiences I have in the natural world, interacting and exploring. A favourite pass time, outside art, is hiking through Tasmania’s National Parks. Whether my art has referenced nature directly through representational pieces, or on a more abstract level, there is always a link back to something I experienced firsthand. And that I think is what makes it so special.

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Meaghan Roberts - Artist Biography

Meaghan Roberts is an Australian artist specialising in pet and wildlife portraits. Born in New South Wales in 1990 Meaghan spent most of her childhood in country Australia, rich with native wildlife and farm animals. Her artistic process started on her family farm in country New South Wales. Here she would draw endlessly; filling sketch books with page after page of drawings. / Meaghan pursued h…
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“A bird majestically gliding through the sky captures my attention, all else fades into nothingness. Seemingly without a care in the world it almost floats to a nearby tree where it perches and waits. As if knowing I am starring it turns to look at me, not threatened by my presence but almost content. Its gaze passes and finds something of more interest, suddenly dropping from its perch plu…
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'An Admiration for Animals'

“The beauty of nature re-forms itself in the mind, and not for barren contemplation, but for new creation.” – R.W. Emerson, Nature (1836) / Born in 1990 and raised predominantly on a farm in the New South Wales country, now residing in Tasmania, my family raised an extensive variety of animals. Occasionally raising and rehabilitating sick and injured wildlife. This inherent relationship an…
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My Story

I have been drawing and painting all my life. I may still be quite young but twenty plus years of learning and creating is still a long time. Of course I still have much to learn. Of which I am eager. One of my earliest memories is of drawing, also my most dominant memory. I remember sitting at the table with my sketch book drawing Lions and Cheetahs. I still have those sketch books. / My life ha…
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