Xmas gifts !!!!

Christmas card collection in a range of bright winter-colours and sizes (greeting cards, postcards, framed prints, matted prints, canvas prints, mounted prints) all are available here

Choose your favorite…and make original present to your family and friends!
Wish you all great Holidays !

NEW painting

My NEW painting Serena/ – created by simple nail-polish …..I have already placed the Photoshop textured reproduction of it !!!


THANK you for purchase !!!

THANKS to the unknown buyer for purchasing my T-shirt “Moulin Rouge” !!!
I deeply appreciate your interest to my design and hope you enjoy your purchase!!!
Wish you good luck and Merry Christmas Holidays !!!

Pure ART+Texture

Hello my friends,
here is the selection of my recent collages, all based on my original ART works:

All the included art-works are available for SALE (photographic, framed, canvas, matted prints and also posters, cards/postcards).

Steal my work !

I have found out my KISS STOLEN , placed as an illustration to the poem at some blog ! Not any mention of “Manana11” or my profile link ….I conceal the link not to promote the blogger..

SOLD a Moulin Rouge T-shirt !

Yet another wonderful announcement on my SALE, in just one day !

THANK YOU SO MUCH ANONYMOUS BUYER !!!!! I do really hope you enjoy Moulin Rouge T-shirt !!!
I have started day with wonderful message and get another one by the end of the day !!! It’s just a great reward for my today sufferings at the dental clinic.

NEED Help!

Please anybody tell me HOW CAN I SEND PAYMENT REQUEST?
But pls., don’t tell me when I can get my money ,…I just need to know HOW can I send the payment request (the email, or maybe there is another way to let the admin. know that I want to get my money)?.
I have chosen the way to be paid by cheque …

My work will be published !

I am so HAPPYYYYYYY to announce that my image: CONTACT has been chosen by the editorial committee of the “Artists Wanted” org. to be FEATURED in an upcoming PUBLICATION – “Art Takes Times Square” !!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a part of a message I have got today:

“…Dear Maria,
We have exciting news. After reviewing the work you submitted into the Art Takes Times Square competition, our Editorial Committee has chosen one of your pieces to be featured in our upcoming publication, Art Takes Times Square.
Out of the tens of thousands of artists …You can take pride in knowing that your work was among the best we saw, and we believe this special coffee-table book will be even better with your art included….”


Highly unfamiliar RB ! All the rearrangements must be are for good and inevitable …. but I don’t feel comfortable yet ..
Besides, I CAN NOT FIND COMMUNITY….!!!! To listen what people think and share my own opinion !! Where are you please somebody answer me!

Welcome !

Good morning, good evening everyone!
You are welcome to Manana11 store!
Come to see all the recent images by Manana11!
Ha, ha, ha …. I know it looks very like an advertisement, but very primitive and innocent one)

SPECIALLY for the unknown BUYER

Several weeks ago an unknown buyer had a “courage” ) to bought my image KISS ,…. now I have submitted the same image of much HIGHER quality ….! Dear, unknown buyer if you ever see this message, this is specially for you !

And besides I have submitted full size of KISS !

... so what

My Umbrella has been featured !

Yes Features are good, its a consolation prizes for commercial not very successful artists!!!
I am doing my best to stay in good mood , but can’t resist my disappointment by a terrific stagnation in SALES ….Maybe it’s a financial crisis , though it has started much earlier …besides some artists do great sales: several cards, framed prints, a canvas and many more in a day , or at least per month …
Meanwhile others are HAPPY to sell all these products in 6 month period or even more … !( It is so sad ( There are so noble and very talented works remain without attention …. I don’t know who gonna read this, but I have been honest and share with you my worries !
Thanks you if you waste your time on reading my message ….

SPAIN is a CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPAIN is a CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My congrats to all the fans of SPAIN football team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!LOVE CASILLAS !!!!!!
GONNA draw something dedicated to this exceptional goal keeper and brilliant team !!!!!!!!!!!!

just wonder ...

Hello my RB friends, I feel a bit upset with a recent low level of sales …
I am just wondering who make sales almost each day or a week, and what they can advice ?…

Happy !!! I have become a PREMIUM entrant in "Art Takes Times Square' grand show !!

HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!! I am HAPPY to announce that I have become a PREMIUM entrant due to your votes/collects !
Here is a part of the message I have got this night:

“….Congratulations Masha Hakobyan!

As an Art Takes Times Square premium entrant, your work will be displayed during the upcoming Art Takes Times Square billboard premiere event! …
As an Art Takes Times Square premium entrant, you are entitled to:
.Guaranteed showing during the June 18th Billboard Premier
.Guaranteed showing at the Art Takes Times Square VIP Party
.Entry to the VIP party "……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DORIS is featured !

It’s always a great pleasure to know that people favorite or feature your work!
This time my 1-st digital image DORIS has been featured in Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork group!

NEW Calendar - VOGUE!

VOGUE – my new calendar !

This time I have collected in one place my original drawings and paintings and their digital interpretations ..

The cover image is one of my recent images VOGUE!


Want to show you some of my Variations. Space is my original drawing

, and X Mind is the digital interpretation of it …

Which one you like more ?
Share your opinion …

Men / part 2

…. Most favorited and RB homepage Featured See me Cry

Very talented British movie actor Ben Wishaw (“Perfumer: The story of one murderer”…. movie)

MEN / part 1

I want to show you some of my most popular and SOLD images of Men:
WOW ! I love the movie, the book and this PORTRAIT ….
Harry Potter is one of my most fav. and commercial images ….

Despair is one of the featured ….


I was so glad to find out that another of my works: REDHEAD has been featured in COLLAGE with Traditional mediums group !

Thanks to the host!

Black Heels

I have been absent for only one day and find out 2 features at once !
VOGUE and Black Heels have been featured in " Bubble Boutique" and “Feminine Drawings & Paintings” groups !

I am so thankful for the interest toward my works, especially in such “feminine” groups !

NEED your opinion

Why among my “Top Selling” images appear those, that I haven’t sold at all ?
If somebody has any explanation,… please share it

Thank you in advance !


Can anybody explain me why, when I arrange my images by “Top Selling” … in the 1-st places appear ones, which I haven’t sold at all …. ?

Thank you in advance!


OMG!! I have just noticed that have reached the amazing result – my portfolio has been viewed 50 thousand times less then in a year and a half !

I think it’s quite a good result!

RETRO club

My dear friends I’d like to introduce you my recent work mixed media/collage “Retro CLUB” !
It’s based on my black & white drawing, then I add some textures, typography and collect it in Photoshop….

I ’d love you to visit my Facebook page and share your opinion .


I hope you will enjoy it ! I shake your hand on a distance)

Can’t resist my emotions I am so proud and happy !


I was so glad to know that my recent Valentine card “…the way to my heart” has been featured in “Special Occasions” group !!!

Thank you so much !

THANKS !!!!!

2 of my works : be mine and Silence between us has been featured at once in “Brain Science, Brain Arts” group !!!

What can I say WOW !!! I am very glad to reveal the fact that a number of good people is still dominating in RB !!!

Thank you my friends !!!

ILLUSION ... featured

My new MIXED work “ILLUSION”, I have submitted only 4 days ago, has been featured in 3 groups almost at a time !

by Manana11

So I want to to thank ART UNIVERSE, Feminine Intent, NO! NO! NOT THE COMFY CHAIR!!! groups’ hosts ! It’s very pleasant to know that your work has been valued…


Surprised ?!)
Sounds odd, isn’t it ? Yes, but it’s an old tradition on the area of ex-USSR to celebrate “old new year” on the 13-th of January !!!

So, another brilliant chance to say all of you "HAPPY NEW YEAR " !!!

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