Too Many Birds!™ is Finally Out On Google Play!

You’ve seen the shirts, now get the Game! It’s finally here today!…


So it’s the release of our new Game!
We have Eggs, Birds, Petting, Cleaning, Feeding, Toys, Talking, Fun Facts and all kinds of fun stuff! As time goes on, there’ll be even more fun stuff!

Anyway, what are you waiting for?

I want to make an iOS version, but it will have to come at a later date if/when we can afford a Mac + whatever license fees they require. (Psst. Buying stuff off my Redbubble page can speed this process up!)

We’re also currently working on a few improvements here and there in an update that should come out in around 4-8 weeks. The things in this update just couldn’t make it safely into the first release, but now it’s here, I can power through them! If you find anything that’s super annoying (e.g

New Birds! Goffin's Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo and Timneh Parrot!

Hello! I hope you’re having a nice day!…

I’ve just uploaded a few new designs! I recently added a whole new bunch of bird squads after the success of the first squad and a request for a budgie squad! They seem to be doing rather nicely :)

On top of that, I have just added the Goffin’s Cockatoo, the Umbrella Cockatoo and the Timneh Parrot to the family today, so that’s pretty exciting!

This also approches another note: I have nearly finished the first version of “Too Many Birds” – it will be released on Android within the next 2 months (hopefully sooner rather than later), iOS within the next 6 months (hopefully) and perhaps online soon too. It will cost the grand total of: nothing! That’s right! It will be Free-To-Play! The initial release will also be IAP/ad-free. If IAP or ads are added

I have been accused of art theft.

Okay, this is super serious time. I didn’t want to write this, but I think it’s worth me doing now in case the situation escalates, just so I’ve made my point.…

I have been accused of art theft.

Originally this was discussed in private messages stating my art was “similar”, but now it’s being spread around the internet with people claiming it is theft.

Have I committed art theft? No. I would never take the work of another and claim it is my own. Why? Because I understand how much time and effort it takes to design and create something as I’ve created many things – I’m a maker after all. Stealing would be unacceptable.
It’s also been claimed that I have copied designs. Also untrue.

I’m not going to wave around name of the accusor, but if you start to see any weird stuff said about me, either

Hyacinth Macaw Update!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve update my Hyacinth Macaw design!

I’ve adjusted the beak and the eyes to properly represent their cute goofiness, rather than an attempt at perspective based on an assumption.

On top of that, I’ve also tweaked how the designs are shown on products other than stickers, t-shirts and prints.
Now it’s a repeated tile of the birds, much like the bird-squad, but with the single bird! I’ll be rolling them out on all designs over time, as it looks much better than a single bird in a void.
Don’t worry though – pocket-bird shirts are staying!

Thanks everyone!

First Post! Also something important!

Hello! It’s my first post on Redbubble – Wow!…

So, let’s preface this with who I am – I’m Michael, I’m a programmer/artist and I love birds – my portfolio consists of mainly cute little fat birds – I refer to them as the “Too Many Birds” birds, even though there’s no such thing as too many birds! I also take requests to draw custom birds (primarily companion parrots, but I’m open to anything), after which I upload them here for all to see!

One of my best-selling designs is this collection of 30 birds – Birds Squad 1 (there will be more!).
On that note – there’s a 25%-off sale on phone cases, which this design looks REALLY good on! (Use ONTHECASE25 at checkout)

Get It Here!

As to the important news – my computer recently broke down and it’s currently preventing me from both drawing more birds

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