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I’m a hobbyist turn to a freelancer in the photographic world, with main interests: Landscape, Wedding, Family Portraits, and...


New Canon 40D - Preview


As anticipated Canon has today announced the successor to the hugely popular EOS 30D digital SLR. Enter the EOS 40D, headline improvements are a more robust build with weather-proofing, ten megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC III and 1D style menus, 6.5 fps continuous shooting, three custom user modes on mode dial, 3.0" LCD monitor, Live View with optional mirror-drop auto-focus, larger brighter viewfinder with interchangeable focusing screens, much shorter viewfinder blackout and a quieter mirror mechanism, a all new AF system with all nine points cross-type with F5.6 or faster lens and a new optional combo vertical / WiFi grip.

Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 20 August, 2007: Canon today introduces its latest digital SLR for adva

Grampians or Wilson Prom

Hi guys,

I’m off for camping this coming weekend, from sat-sunday …
We still havent decide which one to go at this stage …

Anyone can give some tips and hints for great locations not to be missed for landscape photo … will be great :)

Also, anybody can give a hint for star trail shots by digital, with a minimum amount of noise? Probably we can get rid of them by noise reduction software, but I dont have that … and wouldnt it reduce the sharpness and IQ of it?
Otherwise … I’ll bring my film camera … but damn … it will be quite heavy then … x(

Thanks all …


What's photography to you?

A fellow photographer, asked me this question. Why do I choose to jump into this hobby. And why not something else. And what do you hope to achieve?…

I’m interested to know what ur answers might be.

For me.
Its about capturing the moment and the beauty, that I experienced, and share it to my family, and friends, and other people who enjoys them.
Why not something else. Owh well … I’m not too good with paintings (my mum does painting, my dad does photography). Not too good with digital works, vector, etc. I guess, I better off clicking off button, setting aperture and shutter speed hehehe … :P

Hope to achieve?
Personal satisfaction, and getting people to appreciate more about what’s happening around them.
And especially, appreciate it more about one’s eyes, that enable us to enjoy things tha

PMA - Melbourne

Anybody going there tomorrow?

I just came back, attended a presentation by Jason Edwards, from National Geographic society. Excellent one.

Cant wait to see more stuff going on tomorrow and Sunday :)


Calibration & Color Space?

I was reading John Conway’s journal about color space, what we use and RB use, etc.

Is it possible for RB to clarify this one, and perhaps put a journal/shortcut, etc on color space / calibration?

All I know from John’s journal was to use sRGB.

Oo oo … gotta rework and changed my adobe settings then. I’m using Adobe RGB for my camera settings/preferences, and that’s my Photoshop CS setting too.


Ext HD is back again :D

Yay … my external HD is back … just need to do something I dunno what in my laptop, just playing around with it for a while, and its readable again. But, now I backing them up to 2 difference sources: another ext HD and DVD to be safe.

Phew, at least now I can send my pre-wedding works to be printed for my client in Indonesia and … more importantly, I can access my honeymoon photos in Bali last January … x)

Happy mode: On

Thanks to everyone that replied on my previous journal entry, and give me very helpful advice ___

Experimental Photography

I’ve started photography in June 2006, but until now, I havent developed much of my post-processing / editing technique in Photoshop, or any similar software. Well, not to the level I wish I can be anyway.

I then ventured out to experimenting with different styles. Also experimenting with different objects.
I used my glasses (-4.5) combine with 50mm 1.8.
I used a photo tube.
I tried polar 360 panorama, to create planet like image.
I tried using piece of various glasses to achieve different effects.
Then I tried different tone that I can achieve via Photoshop.

I’m still experimenting. For fun and learning.

As for me, photography is about passion and fun … :)

Sidqie Djunaedi

Disaster x(

Lost all my backup files … external HD crashed .. x(

Only few that already been backed up to DVD. I’m actually in the process of make some back ups to DVD in recent days.


I’ve lost all the important files, including my honeymoon photos with my wife in Bali last January. And all other works.

Lesson learn.

BTW, is there any way I can download my own high res file that I’ve uploaded in RB?



Sick and Stressed Out.

Watermark and Panoramic Size Printing?

Just want to know whether you guys add in any watermark (signature, name), on file images that are up for sale? Also whether you create any canvas on the image, or having them through on full size with no canvas at all?

I’m interested to know, as my previous works that i’ve edited, I added the canvas in CS. When I upload in RB, I’ve reworked some of my image (not all; probably only 1 to date), to exclude the canvas as well as watermark (signature/name, and copyright logo).

Hmmm … does RB provide any panoramic size printing? Has anyone sell/buy this format before?



Yay ... I'm In .. :D

I’d like to thank Frank Yuwono for letting me know about this site … :)

Great to see such an excellent initiatives by fellow OZ, and hoping to see this site grow bigger and better :D

Anyway, I’m new to photography. Started doing this hobby on June 2006 last year; and I’m just hooked eversince.

Hopefully I can learn more from all of you here.

I currently have a deviantArt account (, and will be moving some photos in the coming days or weeks.

Sidqie Djunaedi

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait