Opening Night for New Artist Run Gallery

Opening Night for New Artist Run Gallery

A brand new gallery opening in Milsons Point, Sydney run by our very own Steve McLaren.

Featuring some of our own RedBubble artists such as:

Steve McLaren aka bodymechanic
Marilyn Brown aka mbartworks
Sam aka Sunset
Andrew Bosman
Brett Keith aka miloman
Sara Lamond
Marco Britti
Sarah Moore
As well as many other amazing artists.

So support your fellow artists and attend the opening night, enjoy some food, music and meet up with some Sydney Redbubblers!

The Gallery is really easy to get to being a 5 minute walk from Milsons Point station or 2 minute walk up the hill from Milsons Point Wharf. It’s located directly behind Luna Park.

After opening night the gallery will be open 7 days a week from 10 to 6pm. If you wish to check out the gallery outside th

Photographing paintings for uploading to the internet.

Okay let me start of by saying, like most painters I’m not much of a photographer. I don’t have a studio set up with a SLR Camera, lighting lamps and tripods set up to take images of my work but then I’m guessing many of you will be in the same situation.
I am just going to give you some hints on how to present your work in the best possible light to load up onto redbubble.…

*1. Take your photos outside in natural light. Indoor lighting can colour your work a dull yellow colour.

2. If your work reflects light, ie oil paintings, varnished work and even some graphite work, then it is much better to photograph your work in open shade. This stops that annoying shiny effect you can sometimes get, and never, ever use a flash. If your work is behind glass it is very hard to photograph, so the big

Last Night I danced around the Room.

What may you asked drove this behaviour. No my favourite song was not playing!
I was lucky enough to have sold a couple of cards and a print.
The feeling is one of complete elation, so thank you so very much to the person who bought these items.

The Process of Etching

For anyone who is interested I thought I might create a series showing how I developed my image Mother_.
The First Stage of etching was to cover my plate with Hardground, from here I draw the lines into the hardground leaving the plate underneath exposed.
Place the plate in the acid, taking care to remove any bubbles with a feather. The length of time you leave it in the acid depends on the strength of the acid, room temperature and the depth of line you wish to create.
Here is the result or 1st State of my design.

For the second stage of this plate I choose to use a softground. Soft ground enables you to produce textures, and the lines drawn into the plate are softer in appearance. I place different textures onto my plate ( alfoil, onion bag, netting etc) and ran it through the press, leavin

On this cold, wet and windy day, something to share!


The wind is a pervert,
Playfully tugging at girls skirts,
Reaching down peoples tops,
And in a frenzy whipping up the leaves
Into a revolt, then sending them to mischief.
Then he stops, as if tired from playing,
Sulking like a disobedient dog when confronted.
The trees stop swaying and the leaves stop swirling,
And the world sighs with relief,
Then with an insolent smile he starts again.
He picks up exactly where he left off.
Hurling dirt, twigs and leaves at passers by.
Blowing raspberries from the heavens.
He invites his friends to join him,
To wreak havoc on the world, Thunder and Lightning.
Oh yes the wind is a pervert,
Toying with the skirts of passers by.
Then the worlds had enough.
He reaches out and hits the winds rear end,
Sending the wind running in terror followed by his friends.

by Kirsten


Recently I have realised what a gift creativity is!!
I live in a house where creativity abounds in different ways. My husband creates in the kitchen, his mind is always discovering new reciepes and changing others to create masterpieces for our tongues!!!! His audience is always left wanting more!!
My daughter who is doing her HSC at the moment creates using words. She is a great writer and often surprises me with her sense of humor. She is producing three major works, one for history, one for extension 2 english and another for visual arts. Her concept is visual arts is intriging because she draws from ancient history, the theme is Pandora’s Box. She is working in clay and if I do say so myself it’s looking fantastic!
My son who has just started high school this year has creativity that has…

Selling Work??

I would just like to know other peoples views on selling images of work where the original has already been sold.
On one hand I think that it is not fair to the purchaser of the original, but on the other hand they are still retaining the original so they haven’t lost anything.

Love to get other views on this.

The First

Well, this is my first journal entry!!! Not sure what to share. I can say it has been a great adventure so far, looking at the art work and uploading my own.

The feedback has been very encouraging.

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