Self exile

I’m afraid, due to the addiction I have for this beloved site, I’m going to have to ban myself from visiting for the next week, due to the fact I have already wasted far too much time investigating the fantastic works (And loosing myself in the worlds created by fantastic texts) when I should have been working. I have soooo much work to do by next Wed morning (UK time) that I can’t spare anything for here, sad as it is, because you are all too good and distracting!

So, if I don’t reply to comments, I’m sorry but I will get round to it, if I miss any fabulous work, sorry but I’m sure someone else will find it- and I will catch up next week.

Of course, that is if my will power is strong enough…

Typing errors

I know that my typing, is at best, avergage. It can be fast, but its accuracy takes it down to only about average.

However, sometimes this accuracy has its bonuses. I am slowly collecting (on various scrappy pieces of paper admitedly) numerous typing errors that in my mind could form beautiful words and names for future writing situations.

Some of them just sound so much better than the word I was tryuing to type- for example multipiple. Lol, that just makes me giggle.

Ok, so I know I’ve been at the computer too long, and I’m getting exhausted and over worked, but I have to press on. I just though I would share a moment of insansity (a stiffled library giggle) and hope I’m not the only one with this unusual tendancy…

Ok, another I just remembered- compelte.

Passing time

added as a journal because that is what it is, but I hope the style is more entertaining…

They come, and they go, and I’m still sitting here, typing, thinking. Working away long into the night.

I long to be at home, curled in my bed, my music playing in both ears, without my broken headphones, my duvet wrapped round me, my fingers flying smoothly and swiftly over the keyboard I know, the keyboard I strangely miss. Not this random stranger, different each time I visit. I can lose myself in the passage of time at home, I can concentrate on little but my work, yet here there are so many distractions, so many interruptions that I can’t help but notice the time, slowly ticking away, the numbers in the bottom of the screen changing and different each time I look.

I don’t think I’d mind it if th

Have you ever...

1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars (I guess in a tent doesn’t quite count….)
3. Played in a band (Though I’m thinking wind band/ orchestra- not a ‘rock-n-roll’ type)
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland/world_(Does the original Lego land count?)_
8. Climbed a mountain Blue Mountain, Jamaica, at 2am, in the rain- incredible. A few photos on here
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo
11. Bungee jumped
12. Visited Paris
13. Watched a lightning storm at sea
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch Does piano count as an art (even with reading the music already known…?)
15. Adopted a child
16. Had food poisoning
17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France


I told myself I wouldn’t do this, thinking it a bit immodest and ‘show off e’, and still think it might be, but what the heck. The feature itself means there is potential for my being noticed more, and hopefully that something is seen in what I have done here, which is encouraging to know!…

I’ve been featured in several groups (ok, two), one of which has been and gone without comment from my part (Thanks Pinto horses!- Thirsty). A Novel Idea has featured my halloween competition entry (mainly for that reason, as one of three entries I was placed (whoop), but even so to be on the group page means something I guess).

But I noticed today, and that is what prompts this, I am a featured member for A Novel Idea! Which is a different kettle of fish altogether I think (is it?!)

I shouldn’t expect

So many ideas, so little time...

Hey all…

I suspect, and indeed hope, that I’m not the only one in this situation, and perhaps there are some out there whit advice for me…(?)

I have three potential novels on the go atm, plus obviously a lot of uni work:

Scenting change

Changing storm

They each started life as either a practice pice/ short story idea that couldn’t be constrained to a limited word count, and each, I think, could have potential for interesting developments. In terms of time priorities, I guess Torch should take the focus as I started it first, and have finished the first rough draft. However, I know I have waffled to hell, and have the job of typing up my draft scribbles (pen on paper ones), which I am not looking forward to.

Wheras the last two are direct onto my computer and are at the moment more to

Clarity in writing portfolio

Ok, so once again procrastinating, but I have organised my writing folio so that my Changing storm entries are now in order…and hopefully easier to navigate between them as I have included links in the descriptions.

I hope this helps anyone who decides to venture into the strange imaginary worlds in my head! lol


Fireworks group

Is there a group that I can’t seem to find on fireworks and celebrations? Or would anyone be interested in me setting one up- bareing in mind that I don’t have alot of time of thinking about challenges, moderation and that kind of thing?


Decisions Decisions

Ok, So a few days ago I posted a selection of three images, all of the same photo but each tweaked in a slightly different way in photo shop, and I was hoping for some comments/ preferences, as I’m not sure which I will leave up for a short while.

They are:

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know!



A Huge thank you

Thank you all so much who have commented generously on my new uploads (my orchid series, well dressing continued, andfalconry display). There should have been a few more, but technology being what it is, the internet decided tto die on me. Maybe tomorrow night…

It is so very nice to know my ‘work’ is appreciated, and worth watching out for! I would thank you all personally, but there are more of you than I anticipated!

Thanks again!

Manual settings

This is a quicky as I am exhausted, and had thought that I had solved this problem, but maybe not.…

Last winter as I tried to play with my camera’s (Canon 620) Manual setting, where I can change both the apperture and the exposure settings, plus other elements (please don’t think I truly know what I am doing, whilst I would like to learn more, that is not on the cards properly atm), my photos took on a blue tinge to them, and even over the summer (on the hottest weekend of the year) in glorious sunshine they became blue, so I resorted to auto. I have since started replaying with this, and this summer have got some nice photos from it without the blue. But now it seems to be back, on a rather over cast, slightly damp grey ‘summers’ blustery day in manchester. Perhaps some one here can help.


I know this isn’t really photo related, but I’m rather pleased with what I got through the post this morning. I made it through to my last year of university! whoop! I was a little concerned after some of the comments I had received, but I did it! One more year left to beat before I can fully earn money! And design! And can develop my future further! My career in Architecture is getting closer! Whooop.


Photo found finally

At long last I have found the image I mentioned in earlier entries! I am sorting and clearing my photographs on my computer onto cd, so running through them and naming them. It is paying off! I may be able to get myself into good filing habbits once this is done! (I hope!)

Organising Finally

Well, having submitted about three (or is it four now?) of these entries promising a sort out, I have finally got round to it. I have removed about fifty photographs, to enable me to put new ones in my gallery. I want to try and keep my folio limited to 150 photos, so that viewers don’t get lost or bored, but trimming down is really hard! I am still 25 off my target, but really don’t want to remove some of them- either they have been favourited (Thank You king people!) or I really like them! Oh the dilema.

The photos I have removed are just hidden so if you particularly miss one, I can re-instate it.

So all thats left for me to do now is to upload more! I have a large selection, so even more tricky decisions. Its a hard life this one, is it not :-P.

Slow organising process

Ok, so the pre mentioned spring clean is beginning to be triggered- the essential organisation has started with categorising my work. Which will be followed by a clean out and new up date. However, just this part is taking ages! I’ll get there in the end though. Learning something more about computeres/ internet as I go is always a good thing. lol

Cloister PLay

I have been playing with photoshop high pass filter on my Chester Cathedral cloister image, as advised by Melissa Hintz (and I agree that they have come out better than the original), but there are a couple and I can’t entirely make up my mind as to which one I prefer. So I would appreciate your advise. Unfortunately I don’t know how to add a link here, another thing for me to learn over the summer.

Any advicce or thought will be much appreciated.

Spring clean in the offing

Ok, so in about three weeks (give or take some relaxation time) I will have finished my first year of the post graduate degree, and will have more evening time (I am desperatly hoping for a day time job) to sort my photos etc. Therefore I will have a big clean out- I think that seven pages is too much for people to willingly look at, so I will reduce it down to 100 images (getting rid out about thirty odd). If you have any thoughts as to which ones should stay/ go (I won’t be offended) please let me know. I may try and rotate the images for public viewing, and will hopefully add more over the summer.

Thoughts are always welcome

New group

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of setting up a new group (once I’ve figured out how to do that, regulations etc) focusing on architectural features, specifically targetted at stairs, but other details included. There should be no complete buildings pictured.

However, I am going to be a little busy for the next few weeks, and then once again in september, and wondered if someone would be interested in helping me with this? Or indeed if people thought this was a good idea.


Competition submission

Ok, quick querie- I am thinking of enering the This Is England group, the only requirements being its of an urban environment within the UK. I have just uploaded a couple of interesting shots of Nottingham, that I think are slightly different, and wondered which was best submitted as the competition entry. If any one could help make a suggestion/ give advice that would be great- Nottingham Street, and Nottingham Alley way. (sorry, I don’t know how to do the link, or attach the image below to make this easier for you). Currently the Nottingham Street is the one I submitted for the comp, but I can change that. The deadline is the 30th April.

Thanks all


Spelling Query

Ok, I have a question, based on my pickyness about English language I’m afraid. I can’t decide how and if to comment on mis-spellings in titles or descriptions. Should I? I know how easy it is to let a typing error slip into titles and descriptions, and indeed other written pieces on here, I do it myself frequently, but its not these I’m specifically talking about. (And obviously for non-english speakers this is also less of a niggle, I wouldn’t be able to spell in their language so the occassional spelling error is understandable!)…

I think for photos this site is to display the art, not the writing quality (obviously different for written pieces)! But from my uni presentation moments, a bad spelling can just ruin a presentation- sadly they draw the eye don’t they?

What to do, any thought

Self build curiosity

Ok, I’ve been toying with this entry for a while, and have probably left it too late, but anyway, I was wondering…

Has anyone on here under taken any self build project? And especially one built out of anything not timber? (By self buld, I mean actually had a hands on involvement in the construction of something.)

I ask, because I am doing my dissertation project on self build and material choice, and am trying to contact and talk to as many people who have been involved in one as possible, to get some personal experiences. (However, hence I think its too late) My deadline is a week tomorrow…)

I would be very interested in hearing from you- maybe a bubble mail is the best way if you have some longer thoughts (that maybe I will follow up…)

Back in the UK

So, having returned from a fantastic Jamaican holiday I am now engrossed in catching up with life generally. Some photos and maybe a written piece will follow shortly, but to start with I am going to hide a few of my current images to keep the number visable to a viewer friendly number, however if there are any you want to see again, or reinvestigate, please let me know.

The images hidden are;
Happy Birthday
Last Legs
Fading Frills
Iris Gold
Fallen Majesty
Purple Temptation
River Trent at Sunset
Norfolk Wall Covering
Sunny Steps
Curious Glances
Winter Gold


For all those out there who are very kindly watching me, and for those who I am certain I would comment on your work (because it is undoubtedly beautiful), I should let you know that I am off on holiday on Monday for two weeks, and will have a frantic week upon my return so may not be on here much for three weeks (at all for at least two). I am very excited about my trip (to Jamaica) and hope to have a great time and get some good photos to upload onto here when I can…

Interesting observations

It is quite interesting having put various samples of work up here to see which ones get the most attention. By far and away my most ‘successful’ or rather popular piece is Wiloughby Rooflight with 206 views in about a week! I didn’t think that it would get as much attention as it has- more ‘effort’ on my part went into my flower shots, and I thought the balloon images would be the most different in the portfolio. Yet the most interesting thing, I guess, is what I am up loading. I guess of the creative arts I would say I am first and foremost a writer- Ihave been doing that as a hobby for about 10 years, yet the number of pictures I upload suggest otherwise, and the comments and views I get for my images by far out weighs that for my writing! Maybe over the summer when I have more time to…

Uplifting comments

I love logging on here and getting a great buzz from all the reactions to my images. I know it sounds incredible vain and …I’m sure there is another more appropriate word…of me, but it gives me a great boost reading the generous (overly in some cases) comments on various pieces of my work. When in a low for whatever reason, its great to have that source of confidence and support to look through. I am over-awed by the response I am getting about my Wiloughby Rooflight- which is actually a cupola as I think it was Stevie Miller pointed out.
And hearing how other people are responding to my comments on their work-useually more than justified in my humble opinion. I’m really pleased to be able to give others the confidence that they and others are giving me.
This is a great website- a source …

Strip of Light

I have up loaded a much better image (I think) of this shot taken another day when the sunset was a more brilliant colour (slightly different title), so I thought I would remove the old one. Unless of course popular opinion is against it. (As I noted a couple of favouritings against it- thank you- I thought I should let you know before I remove it).

Catching up

I’ve only been off here for less than a day, and already I can’t keep up with additions of New works and comments/ replies! There is an incredible turn over of work and viewing going on- I guess thats the benefit of internet being a global phenomenon! But it does make keeping up with updates harder! for short bursts of on line activity from this end! If I miss anything (which I really don’t want to do) I shall attempt to find a quiet time to investigate properly, and comment as I’m sure is deserved. Its no wonder that this is such an addictive site with so much activity! (Am I the only one ‘struggling’ with this? I hope not!).…

There is such a high quality of work on here I can’t hope to comment on all of it, but consider this a general ‘Incredible shot, beautiful capture and great composi

lost photo

argh, I appear to have so many images on my computer that I can’t find one! I spotted it on my screen saver and thought it might be appreciated here, but can I find which folder I have saved it in! nooo….. ah well, shall have to dedicate a day to organise…one day….sometime…

So many lovely images

I keep skimming through various groups, community images and everywhere I look I find images I like- beatiful, stunning, incredible pictures that take my breath away. I can’t wait to be able to buy some of them (when I finish my studies, eventually) and have somewhere to display them! (That might take longer). But the problem is there are just so many of them, I think I would need to win the lottery and live in a mansion with walls lined with the images!
It does get daunting at times, looking through them and then considering my work. I can’t possibly be good enough to display amongst these incredible images. And then I read the written pieces…should I even be submitting my work?! But then I get comments that prooves that some one somewhere likes something I have done. I can only thank the…

Titling problems

Is it just me, or is thinking of a name for images (photographic in my case), and writing pieces really hard? I can’t decide if I should be clever and apply some form of double/ twisted meaning, or to just name it for what it is- which in some cases would result in a ridiculously long title, or would be incredibly boring! So, if anyone is appaled by my titles, my appologys, and if you have better ideas, please let me know!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait