Windows 10

I downloaded Windows 10 to my laptop yesterday,……So far, I like it just fine, it`s almost like I have a new computer.
Everything seems to be smooth and quick.
I really had second thoughts about downloading it, but glad I did now.

Cleaned Out My Groups

I cleaned out my groups today,…..Something I have wanted to do for a long time,
Started out with a little over 300 groups and ended up with 32.
Most were either dead or done,…and a few I never post to anyway.
I think posting to groups will be a lot easier from here on out, and it will be easier for me to stay up with group messages.

I was surprised by the number of groups that had no activity in several years, and I had done this once before.
I guess something is slowly killing off the groups.
Anyway it feels good to have that done.

More Sales

Had some nice sales in the last couple of weeks.

Sold 4 Stickers of “CHIEFTAIN”

Sold 1 Greeting Card of “Fall-Tastic”

Sold 1 Poster of “Plains Bison”

Sold 1 Throw Pillow of “Bright Day”

Sold 1 iPhone Case/Skin of “1880 Town”

Sales are alway appreciated.

Hope you enjoy your purchase.



Really sad that most RB groups no longer do features,……They do little squares.
RB really has not changed anything,….A thief could always steal your artwork.
One thing the Bubble has always done,…They never post any full size art to their pages,….So a thief could never steal a full size image no matter how large a group host posted it.

John`s Koi Pond

The title says John`s,….But my wife Polly may tell you differently….LOL.
We both have been working on this for about five years,…Most of the rocks we got from along the dirt roads here in my state, and some we got in Wisconsin along the roads.
We have bought a few also.
The kids used to play in this little pond when they were young,…It was just a mud hole then.
In my mind, it`s not finished, we are always finding things we want to do to it.
In the summer the flowers are blooming all around it.
I`ll try to post more views later when everything is blooming.

Sunburn no more.

Am 67 years old,….For the first 60 years of my life, I sunburned every year.
At age 60, I was watching this Dr. show, and they were talking about cooked tomato products helping to preventing sunburn.
I love being out in the sun, anything over thirty minutes and I have a sunburn, Even if I already have a tan.,….and I hate sunscreen lotions.
I thought I would try drinking a can of V-8 everyday, and just see if it would help with my sunburn. That was 7 years ago,….Now I go can outside in April with my lily-white skin, and I never have a burn.
Now do not get the idea, That you can drink one can of V-8 and you are good for the summer. It takes a couple of weeks of a can a day, and continued through the summer.
It does not have to be V-8 , any cooked tomato product,…..and remember to do it every…

New Product !

Love the way the bubble always lets us know what is going on.
Just found out we have a new product.

I like the idea,….But,…what`s wrong with letting us in on a few things.

I do not understand their thinking at all.


As most of you probably know,….The Bubble had a Big sale in the last few weeks,….and it seems that several of us sold a few things.
I believe it would be nice if the Bubble had their sales more often,…like all year.,..LOL.
Anyway,….I had a few sales.

Sales large or small are always APPRECIATED !.



I have been blessed with a few sales in the last few weeks,…..
I appreciate the sales very much,….Hope you are happy with your purchase.


Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery tomorrow morning.
Any Prayers would be appreciated.
It`s really a very simple surgery, had my left eye done a year ago.
Vision is nearly perfect in that eye now, hope for the same in my right.
Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.

Dear RB

I loose friends on facebook because of them using the word F—K in their
post,….Why do you think I wish to see it in my E-mail.
Did you ever hear of mature content ?,…..I guess not,Some of us are way
pass the third grade.
I do not use four-letter words in my world,…..Appreciate if you did not
use them in my world either.

Received a E-mail from the bubble with the f-word on images of iphones.
Tried to reply to E-mail,…Could not.
Reason for post journal.

Signature on Art

I believe art should have a signature on it.
No matter what kind of art it is.
With all the different products on RB now,….I was wandering what others thought about a artist signature on a throw pillow,laptop,…..etc,etc,.
Your opinion on this would be appreciated.


Sinus Surgery

When I was a young child, One of my uncles said you are just a smartass.
I was so proud,…I finally was something !
Ever since that wonderful day,…I have been working on that,….trying to improve on it every way I could.…

Sinus Surgery

I have always had a problem with my sinus,….Last year I had enough.
I went to see the doc and he said I needed to have surgery.
Couple weeks later and it was done,….Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Another two weeks and I was healing up real good.
My brother in-law came by and I was tellimg him how good I was healing up,….I was telling him how odd it was that I did not have snot boogers since the surgery,…My sister in-law over hearing this,…said,.well I guess you have stopped eating your boogers then.
I said yes !,….and I have lost 10 pounds in a week,…you should


Had a sale or two in the last few weeks !
I would like to say “THANK YOU
I hope you are pleased with your purchase.
Am very pleased that you would select my art from so many to chose from.



Red Bubble Please,…Share the Love,….Put more of it in our wallets.

Just my thoughts.

A place I worked for a long time,….The boss would come by,…He would say,…John,…You do a fine job,….and every time I would say,…That`s Great !
Put here in my wallet.


It`s not like we are even coming close to breaking even.

Dead Groups.

Hi RedBubble,… anybody out there that can hear us.
There are many groups out there that nobody is in care of,….Many have not had any activity in several years.
Is there no way the Bubble could put these groups out of their years of sleep.
What a waste of time.????

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