Jeffrey Sinnock

Sparks, United States

Howdy how are ya,really glad to hear it. I record moments in time for a living while working in a camera store to pay the bills. While I...


Yaaaa a sale!

To who ever bought the photograph of the California redwoods in Black and white thank you ever so much.Hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking the picture and making the final image.

lunar eclipse

For those of you that live in the northern Hemisphere I hope you were able to see the lunar eclipse. If not here is what you missed…. at about 11 pm Pacific time I went out side and looked up in wonder at the shadow of the earth slowly hiding the moon. As I stood there looking up in awe and wonder,I noticed as the moon was slowly hidden by the shadow of the earth, the temp started to drop even more in the high desert of Reno Nevada. The stars that you would not normally see during a full moon started to appear crisp and clear. At almost totality I watched a meteor streak over head just to right of the moon and then a screech owl flew across the face of it, and the pond water creaked and cracked as it froze. A few minutes went by and then something amazing happened the stars seemed to jus…

22 days and counting

Well we sold the house in Washington and are in the mad process of packing up the beast and moving to Reno Nevada. Should be a fun place to start over again and a chance to get my business up and running finally. kind of tough when you don’t know when your house is going to sell. So if you want to help out buy a bunch of my work to help out with this move or I can buy more toys for my camera( yeah that’s the real reason) enjoy

You have to read this FREE book

I was searching the web this am ,and came across this free book on how to improve your business and other things as well. “NO” it’s not one of those things were it says buy this stuff to make more cash it is just simple ideas that make you go hmmmm. If you sell things on the web it has great advise on how to take advantage of that and other things as well. The great thing is that it is “FREE” which is a good thing,because i’m cheap. What can it hurt,heck you might even make more money here on Red Bubble which to me is a good thing. I normally don’t go out and scream hey look at this but it just struck me that everyone could use this that sells stuff on the net.


Yesssss it is here my new beast

Hot Damn what a fine camera it is too, my new D300 by Nikon. the few pics I have posted except for the baby shot is out of this new beast. The file sizes are huge and the resolution is WOW! I think it is now time to out and make a living off this new toy of mine,what do you think?

Nikon D300

Can you say almost here? well I can’’t hear you come on I know you want to say it. Ready ok one two three..“Almost here”.Now don’t you feel better after saying that? Thats right my D300 is almost here, I am thinking it will arrive at my house before the end of the year. Just in time for a tax right off,cool huh. With all of its new goodies inside ill be able to really take better pics. Well it is off to the nikon site to gaze in wonder and ahhh at my new addition. It’s almost like have a baby again….“almost” but not quit.

Damn I am employed once again

Well it had to happen one of these days and last week it did, I started back to work. After falling off my house last November I have been healing my poor shattered right leg. My wife said it is time Jeff to get off your butt so I have (sigh)
I have been busy though I have been taking flower pictures and other things to sell here on RB and else where but that hasnt been paying the bills. So I went out and got a job selling cameras and the other stuff that goes with them. I get my fix of cameras and photography all day long which blows the wind up my kilt(now theres a visual) My uploads of cool stuff has slowed down as you can see but on my days off watch out. Other than that went to a Nikon school now that was cool , if you havn’t ,do it is well worth the money.
If you want me not to work…

Time to pack

well tomorrow I fly off to San Francisco, a friend of mine who is a pro photographer in washington Dc is finally getting married. yaaa for him, and yaaaa for me I get to go the the flower garden in golden gate park. And you know what that means…snicker snicker. Yup more flower pics yeah baby were talkin getting excited here. Plus I get to see my old stomping grounds very cool. anyway watch for SF pics next weekend. have a great week and oh there is great Pizza there too yummers

End of the dahlia series(maybe)

after spending days maybe weeks collecting Dahlia’s and hunting them down the season is nearing there end of blooming so I have one last picture to do once it freezes(thats to keep the petals stiff) and I think thats it for the year. At least on that type of flower,as you can see by what I have up loaded and on my web site…..…… I really love flowers. They are so varied and so different even on the same plant that If I could make my living just traveling the world taking portraits of flowers and maybe insects that would be grand. Going to San Francisco next weekend for a wedding a friend of mine from High school some 30+ years ago is getting married. He is a pro in Washington DC noted for being one of the best on the east coast. Im jealous he and I went head to …

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