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Medically retired from the Army with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I have traveled across the country until finally settling...


My Friends, Many Thanks

To each of you who stood by me throughout this mess with my step-sister these past few weeks, many thanks for your loving support. I am beginning to settle down from all this mess. I may not be able to get the satisfaction I believe I deserve, but I can settle for the victories I gained. A 5 year battle is finally closing its ugly doors. It got pretty scary for me, especially after seeing all the killings that went on during that time. Now my habit under such stress is to run away to the boondocks and stay gone for a few months. These people lost it totally and most feared my resolve being schizophrenic. If most people ever knew some schizophrenics they would see that we are really harmless until severely messed with. I thank God mightily for the meds I take and all the support of family …

Just Messing With You or Am I

One thing about insanity that I really enjoy is the fact that you can never tell if I’m just messing with you or not. When I sometimes appear joking, I’m being serious and sometimes when I appear serious, I’m joking. It’s your job to figure out which is which. I’m not getting older, just getting more creative ways on how to mess with people. LOL

Sssshhhh, I'm on Break!!

A real life dilemma has gotten me to miss out on this day and perhaps the next few days as well. My step-sister is the successor trustee of my father’s estate and has kept my brother Ray and I in the dark since his death in January of 2008. I have been searching for a lawyer to help me, but everyone wants their money up front. A price that neither my brother nor I can afford to do, so we have been helpless to do anything about it all. 2 months after the fact we learned that the house has been sold and just now got the name of the lawyer my step-sister hired to take care of the matter. I will be spending much more time getting to the bottom of this whole mess now that I’ve the lawyer’s name to work with. Please excuse my absence while I go into attack mode. LOL Who knows, perhaps we can le…

It's Now Available

The poetry book is now available to all those who want a signed copy. Just bubble mail me and we’ll get everything in order. If you don’t really want a signed copy then you can always go to lulu.com to get your copy. They are 20% off there. Right around the 1st of November it will be available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

Just a quick note … I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and encouragement. If not for you, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I am able to do today. Each of you deserve a pat on the back and a “Well done!!” You are the best!!!

New Book Coming Out Soon

I have a new book coming out soon that is called “Autumn’s Moon.” It will be a collection of most of my poetry written here on RB. There is almost 190 pages of jam packed poetry.

Robin Monroe did the front cover picture to the book. It looks super fantastic so go give her a two thumbs up for me. LOL I’ll keep you all posted as to when it will be available if you want a copy. Signed copies will definitely become available then too so let me know when it gets ready.


Since RB has seen fit to confuse the hell out of me, I won’t be posting or commenting on anyone work until I can make sense out of this “NEW” look. My biggest regret is not being able to keep up with all my friends here. I have come to know a lot of people from all over the world whom I have grown to love dearly. It is for you that I’ll plug away to try to make some sense out of this mess. However If I can’t then I’ll just gracefully bow out and try new avenues. Surely somebody somewhere will have a spot for me to belong.

Mesa Back Ya'll

Well we didn’t get the sales we had hoped for. but I did see a good avenue for future sales. People need to know you will not abandon them for the quick sale and gone again. Most everyone there did poorly as well including those vendors who are always there. It just seemed to be a bad weekend for everyone. Next weekend we plan to show up for at least saturday. If we do really well we will set up for sunday as well. There are a couple of locations we will be looking into as well with different days to play with. We just have to keep the selling days down so Sam has plenty of time to create his beautiful pieces.…

Many thanks to all of you who wished us a successful weekend. I don’t believe we could have done as well without you. Keep your fingers crossed for future sales and let’s see if we

Will Be Gone

I will be gone for the weekend and back on Monday. We are going away to sell our wares, Sam’s jewelry and my books and coins. Hoping for a fantastic return where we can meet all the bills that are left and get some toys. I had to replace my rear brakes this past week so funds are really tight until we get a bunch sold. Then the rest of the bills can be paid up to date and we can get a much needed computer for our connection to the world. Mine is on its last leg. LOL So is Sam’s, go figure!! At least his wife, Kat, has a good one for our back up if and when needed. Yea Kat!!!

We’re asking for all the positive waves and prayers we can muster. Please send them our way. Many thanks!! John

Sold a choker

One of Sam’s chokers was bought by a lovely friend here on RB. I’ll let her add her remarks, but I just wanted to say many thanks from both of us. Sam loved the email sent and was very thankful that it arrived safe and sound. It is always a good feeling when your work is appreciated. Sam pours his heart into each of his creations and is alway grateful when people want to obtain one of his pieces. A great sense of self worth and accomplishment follows each sale. That is something that I know each of you can relate to. So many, many thanks for your loving support.

Stepping Back

I’ll be away from the site for the next week or so to do some work around the house. There are some projects that need my attention, but I will still come visit every-so-often to see what’s happening. Wish me luck and see ya’ll soon.

The First Batch is Finally Here!!

After many delays and lost deliverers the package of books have finally arrived. Now I can call upon all of you who has told me that you wanted a copy, signed of course. I have decided to give a couple of my famous “Sense of Humor” coins to everyone who orders a copy. It’s just my way of saying Many thanks for all the wonderful encouragements you all have given over the years. Without all your support and encouragements these books would have been nothing more than a pipe dream.…

By the prompting of TK Rosevear, the inspirational name for TK the owl and this book’s editor, I have added an Appendix to the book which gives some details on what inspired me to write the stories and how I got to name each character. I think you will enjoy it as so many of you have an important roll in its creat

It's a Done Deal Now!!

The proof copy finally came in and now Endor: The Final Chapter is approved for distribution. I have ordered a batch of books which should arrive in a week or so. I’ll let ya’ll know when I finally get them in. Signed copies will become available as soon as I receive the batch. You can order any time if you wish and be assured a copy as I get them in, just bmail me for details. For those of you who can’t wait to receive a signed copy you can always order from Lulu.com.

I’m looking forward to a very prosperous new year. Thanks for being a part of it!!

2012 The Beginning

It is now 2012 and soon my book “Endor: The Final Chapter” will be out on the market. Then I’ll be able to advertise the trilogy instead of individual titles with hopes of landing a movie contract with one of the companies out there. That may be grandios thinking, but that’s what being schizophrenic is all about. LOL The problem is that I can really see it come to pass. Why not, everyone who has read the books have enjoyed them. Not only from family and friends, but people I have never known has come back to me with good reports. All it takes is the right person to read the books and a movie contract will be signed and underway. I have each of you to thank for all the success I enjoy now and in the times to come. Without the loving support and encouragements I would still be just writing …

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