The majestic swirl
a day when a ghost
can be a girl

it’s not too late
this delicious date
when a trick
is a treat in pearls

" jason "
let your toes uncurl….

they don’t know
my name.

a cross

my weight
is light
as a feather

my back
is straight
as a board

my magic
is flight
through the ether

my reason
for being…
a Ford.


the ‘inner section’

three one eight

318 : she was the death of him.
138 : and while the sun rose and the day always came…

he never cared to be born.

223 : there was nothing left to do
225 : so I began life by turning around

22 8)) there’s always a smile somewhere

projection vs prediction

takes a light display
as prediction
has a slight delay

what is chance
if the operators gone
and the dance
is the ball gone long

is it you
who sings the song
when the tide
has gone all wrong

or is the clue
where faits been drawn
and the reason
has always been known

what illusion
do you serve as sung
when delusion
is all you’ve sewn

for you’ve yet to see
who is you
might just be me


the comet
eyes on
the sun
while some
say atoms

they really are
" events "

do the eggs come first
or the chic.can
" you "
define random…

Annus Mirabilis

it came to all
who would receive it

a force less tangible

information, unbelievable

of a space, unimaginable

it changes our way
to a place unknown

yet most won’t go

and still… undeniable


formulation to inception
the dissemination
is coming

has no meaning

what it means

I am not of star seed
rather a high breed
of life form…
I wasn’t born
yet torn
from a time

I wasn’t shown
so as to see
from where I’ve been

I am not of human
but have in common
what you call a soul

" and you are more "
than perhaps you know


for what it means
to be seen

I am scheduled
for 113 years
and I have no fear….

" you don’t know my name "

self less

Within flesh
………. I’m self, less mind
modeling what rich bards found
in a book with binds undone
the words of time, less sound

and there
a domain remains

grateful to the dead who claim
knowledge of a hidden clause
is the work of a type, in sane

as for me

myself, unnamed
I move
through the wind
without pause

“the madness of a pen in guise "

No Room in Nation

" A red line "
threatens population
as standards fall
and the governing law
" for we the people "
who speak as all
question a face
in the place of grace
" exactly what "
intention calls
from upon a hill

A world of war, too
… remember…
An angry public
aware of somber
applaud not
a haste of measure

Once feared a formula
where influence caused
the death of a city
as history paused…

the shock of awe
in a chemical weapon

" recount your words "
else we
" weap on "

corn dog

the fabrics torn
and worn
are the daze
long gone
or gone too long

the madness
becomes my way
and the sad less
a notions maze
form thought
clear of haze

" my nameless identity "
the endless story…

an eternal note
the fondest memory

" I want a bite "


Q. In a world of burning questions
A. There are always smokin’ answers

A. The wind
Q. Who signals the mind


so the Austrian’s cat said…
" hey you, et al, I ain’t dead "
go ahead;pet me…

" how did the cat survive,
when she got to the other side
as a god sent a dog, gone scribe "


they were
so on their feet
she squared the dipper

what’s major’s mine.or
" you can see it my way…"

" little bear, BIG engine…"
and the cowgirl says
“how d; " ay

that plot o’ North
" ain’t Santa’s "


left to write

I’m left to write
what you’re right
to leave….

well enough
isn’t alone
to dwell upon
where’s yet to go

" the house of god "
wasn’t made just so
“and to metre "
is to scale the moon

" a doubt of measure "
is the treasure, of one
not least at last…
the pyramidion


ain't no crime

my titty’s kinda gritty
but they say it’s so pretty
it’s the real deal
so get you a little bitty
you can’t bust a rhyme
without my little ditty
and there ain’t no crime
to being sublime
cuz the primers all ready

purrrr, dog
says the little kitty

The Sun

Ain’t no sunshine
Where I’ve gone
And it’s not warm
When you’re all alone
This place
Just isn’t home
As the darkness
Stretches on

But I won’t be long

I won’t be long
and yes know

I’ll know

When I return…

Data's um

They spoke
what we didn’t hear
and they were shocked
but we didn’t care
so now again
to make us aware
they will mark
on these who dared

I am …
of Data sum
and that of who
we’ll know to come
for the declaration
of many is one
gives only this…
as the single

" but you can call me, Alice "

Maya Blue

" what makes you ? "

as the pig meant clay
for a color to say
" show the count "
and in this way
we’d know….
if a rose is true


0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 … 987
011 235 813 213 455 89 144 233 377…

110 ‘voltage’
23.5 axis
813 this side
213 that side
455 count
89 the sound
144 days…

987 then turn
1776 a way…

a nip please

along the nile
isis is
with her smile
kissing lips
worth the while
swaying hips
on every isle
… a penile grand
beats a pineal gland
any day …
she said;

we are

we are…

No. one
and we are
… come
to see
of a count
a shadow sphere
bares the sun
times come

we care
thee aware
have dared;
to be… so

On Nation

we pledge allegiance
to our flag
colors of the brave
yet perhaps ragtag
within the public
where it still stands
One Nation…
of underdogs
remains to be grand
in our liberties
and our justice
.. for all.


" do you like

my script "

Superman’s flight
was due
to the lack
of his sight

" Lumins write "
without a fight
on the back
of my hand

with no demands
a " holy shit " moment
for those who can
to remain
in sound

play tonic
is a solid
" I am "

x gene

FOX Phi Beta
came later
but Thoth
thought better
and sent his letter
a head;
the life
of a file clerk
" hey Superman!
She ain’t dead "


I’ve been looking for
in this time
that I explore
as my name
within sanity
I exclaim
to be you
who was me

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