the bad mans...

the bad mans jamma…
R .. you listning…
I’m whispring
in the wind
… it’s thin
the color
of a blouse
“a crew” knows
an echo rose
from the clouds
and a sound
is heard
to be seen

“what does it mean”

… means to say….

“where you been”

a bag of bits...

within the boxes
of moving matters
there lay traces
of life in shatters
pictures and plants
the dresser slants
a broken dish
the kitchens wish
for bags of bits
from closet pits
… my life as
exhaustion falls
yet yes
to flirt you
is all I can do ;)

“nibbles and bits”

true story... the "readme"

…. good morning Mr…., I’m sorry can you say your name?


…. … .. . pause,smiles .. good morning Mr. Wygod, how can I help you?

“I’m having knee surgery today and I need a car”

…. oh my, I hope it’s not serious, I’ll call for a driver

“no it’s out patient, forty minutes and I’m a new man”
“I haven’t had an ACL in centuries, … nods skiing”
“figured I better get the new knee for the rest of it”
“my god!
is amazing,
40 minutes,
a new man”

…. dear me Mister, Wygod… you have an interesting name ….



the bellaware special
valley of 12 knights
and a mention
of sprinkles

moans not
of a lease no
and the waterways
are all ways ;)

happy hollydays

and Yule log it too

7 bad boys

spank them
flank them
shank them too

seven bad boys
make for great soup

stuff them
dip them
tender what’s rough
put them on ice
so they don’t
get tough

peel them boil them
til they bubble up blue

seven bad boys
to be served
on the menu

for my friend;

the elite

12 characters as an inch
4.7 as a…
88.8) constellations later….
704 god became a writer
we now call Creator
and of type … ing ….
is of a type “being”
as in
in the beginning, there is

thank you very much.

tickle tickle... ;)

“hey, what about that ’ t ’ part… "
it’s a constant giggle and
while not a fickle tickle
… a semi tease all the same …
better off called ‘hi’ ggs!

I know, I make them fun of but I do love to watch their eyeballs collide center nose…



and oh, but you “dizzy girl”… why a fermi.tive?

why not I say… they conCERN with guessing…otherwise

Q on stickhead… bubblegum cheek … she scans the table….
we’re playing the “god part…” right?
it’s a wicked bank shot….

let’s chalk….

where are we from...


seven sees
four songs
an enigma asks…
“where are we from?”

in the clouds cover
the light is undone
a fair travel
this far horizon
the moonlight, lover
is real in the sun

through seven seas
there is just one
who comes
a shadow pines
the whisper done

much “touch!ness”

and of time
wondering why
travelers gliding
slowed motion to fly

beginning the in
to visible sight
living in love
upon the dawn
of a midnight
came from

invisible light

and so it was printed…
four suns

songs of Enigma



is it the god part...yet?

If confirmed next week, this will be the biggest news in the history of physics since the birth of the Theory of Relativity: CERN scientists may have already found evidence of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson. THE FORCE, dudes.
A respected scientist from the Cern particle physics laboratory has told the BBC he expects to see “the first glimpse” of the Higgs boson next week….

and also….
Cern scientist expects ‘first glimpse’ of Higgs boson….
at the BBC

“… go yoda!…” ;)

Vasco deGama


a nice story ;)

I wrote this 6.2010 for the cute beast lol

A Geek.Can.Ease……….

Alpha said to Beta
So, How’s that flat?
My Gamma built a Delta
What do you think of that?
Machep sounded off,
“My Beth!” he cried
Epsilon’z ETA, is
exactly what we need!
Eats in the cooler,
if you make god.speed.
She gave the Ta
and with one Iota
proclaimed “Yo, dates! “
I swear I told you?
I dared ya,
to a Nu game and
Kappa the lamb did too….
So, How can
be in only one place
when a woman
is always in two?
our best phenomenon
How do, you like your Pi?
In a Rho, sea glass
filled to the brim?
Served …
with a scampi
and why?

The Sigma signaled and
the meanings mingled
said a tometa,
was a Stigma.

Thank You @Phi
Chips! it is.

did; the





“altitude adjustment”…

I have plenty while my means meager
My frame slight while my appetite eager.

I am Entity Plenitude with a plentiful attitude
And I’ve been about hear the whole time.

My friends have called me Plenty Times
but many times, they forget my name.


curious man …
if I had said
in the bath
how would you then
with just a ‘bye’? ;)
my friend
oh my then I
might not
have said
the truth
back when
you asked

“path to the bath”
makes wet what math

“yes, that IS
the quest.imon”Q.

wtf... are my eYes??

“… and my eyes?…”

“Harvey removed them too, and they are still floating in a safe deposit box in New York somewhere. Isn’t that a cheery thought?…”

“…. the contrast between the popular assessment of my powers and the reality is simply grotesque…. "

In some ways, the saga of his brain would probably have left him appalled.
In others, though, it might have been what she wanted.

“… ah and so the pupil speaks… "

Yes dear Albert , she does :) ;o))

… and that’s “a where the…”


if she were here
I’d ask my mom
how long it’s been
that I’ve been gone

a minute of days
an hour of song
so many ways
centuries on

living life over
and given one

“are you awake?”

as am i and
as you are
i am as you

“au jus…?”

“better joint works”


god speed you’re in creation
gods peed during creation
gods peed urin creation
and they said it was about
location location location
so long as the tree grows
i’m good ;)

hey 1331

it’s ‘me’
3 1 1 3
C a a C …. say it ‘chalk’

and I won’t look
to see that it’s you
and you won’t look
because you know
it’s true…
ttyl ;)
I said hi

what the testament meant....


TEST – an assessment intended to measure the respondents’ knowledge or other abilities

AMENT – A person with severely deficient intellectual capacity.

… so, what does this mean??? ;)

" are you still laughing? "

weird o things

the conduits between
membrane or something
wormholish maybe…
but a catch is to receive
and one needs many mits
while not necessarily of might
or mighty, but of receptive
like sticky and not icky
rather like tick as in ST and Y
the why of it being very small
as if to be like V, man it can be
a bit confusing for sure…
but to assure

one doesn’t need an ass to ride



“is it ?”

been her_e

whole time

;o ))

sharp turn


we are


u c

we are

… ttyl
is ‘now’

we are
“in it”


u an
a ;)

otto, man
said fly
and Jeppesen
knew why
this could be

a How
is the word
enabling see
what it should
be and come

two appear
amid a row
Who knows
and with some
it is
for us to show

“Legends of …”
a good woman
the write of
a great man

a ghost
upon a land
…. and
in the silence

a great shift
is at hand

the force of nature
is a sight
“four eyes…” ;)



there in soul
gentle as he goes
motions in mind
who quotes divine
strides of hand
and a man who
on the wind

“did I say…
you could
come in?”

for us...

seven sees
four suns
eyes see
eye to eye
when the hour
has come

for us

is to know
what things


for us
to show


no mistaking
what’s here
to be taken

are the souls
who force.aching

and of abandon
be replaced
in making
there will be

no contagion


A Red Booth

and the call came in
near a Parish Church
names of the same
silently heard
boats in the harbour
with mooring secure
a bench near the sea
where a calm
is the cure


it’s an order
of a sort clutter
a distorted luster
on a contorted user
an amuse
of the best guess
or was that a guest
whose prose was less
and more desirable
in the condemnation
of a plate
the mention of higher
in the color of slate
a state beyond fire
shows in the glow
of a heart felt desire
the air of a star
shooting far
now as loud
as “wide”
is to bar

a domain named

watch dog...

howls a corn god
the owls on fire
a sirene sang
for words desire
so the games began

the axis fundid;
is one and the same

a match date mate
requires a flame
“an amaze”
is just but a name

“cheezy, I know”


the beehives hat
is a beesting
" am I missed
behaving? "
it’s the flavor
in the water
sweetly ours
two savor
in the labors
of delight

‘do you tango’
she asked
the knight
in the mangroves
is a ruby of light
just a rub of hers
write onto his right


hat makers maker
baked a red cake
and Ptolomy said
no men can fake
what it takes
to be felt

sandras bee
back to see
a call in pursuit
of light years root
and so he greased
Olivia’s loot

in silver boots”
the color of green
grew fast in scene
a background static
of all that’s been

is the draw of one
a desert rose
on a crystal form
the men of this place
misplaced when born

feathers in a cap
crimson bound
sting of a heart
coincidence found

is your name
a How word?

of the same
have stated
their names
for the sake
of a claim

“no steaks”
in my world
“well came”

no tricks
or games

he pitched
she yawned
and so began
a new day


I could hear
him say How
and in a word
I said now
and in a turn
we said wow
“… it’s you …”

is it true?

within time
of this space
there’s a day
within pace
that a wind
in chase
just knows

it is, this

for us to show


it isn’t
in the something
of the one thing
to be found
it’s the nothing
in the one thing
that’s the something
in the sound

to be
heard to be

coffee bowl

ever stare
into a bowl of
thick deep dark
steamy solid gold
stimulates us
a mystery
in the mist to
elate us

ti’s time
to find one
feeds the owl

a force of nature


1872000 = 2023580 / 13 = 155660 * 20 = 3113200
… go vertical

in this place...

the displacement

to cleave stone blocks
one wets dry stalks
intuit in the water
increases the volume
resulting in pressure
splitting the matter

great the magnitude
of knowing this power
a stem forms the base
of a sun inside flowers

absorb in this place
a head in the tales
of time and space

“Mac a dame” Ein…

“welcome to the acadame”
~nut ;)

the pass

a walk about
the root of elders
baby cries to be held
daimons follow
making well
what ales the pan
in Dora’s spell

psst… she aint sick
and by her will
she marks “pass”
on the heart
of our sole

into the grove
four watched
her grow


do play
with ease
when you play
to please these
bare bones


it was money
on the make
to take
what in tone
might seem
to condone


to test this
manifest form
of history

and with
a mystery
it was shown

the heart of a lion
“the eyes are

she weighted for

the horizon


JUST JUST JUST on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everyone should smile. :)
it feels great. xoxo


some push
and some pull
(laughing so loud it hertz)
but when you know
are not what ‘matters’
… then you can


and this is what’s wrong with the world…
someone with a ‘fat’ ego
just has to have a scale


can I vent?

to wake up in a world
where you are judged
by idiots

what a romantic concept
we call ‘life’

and how did such moronic existence
evolve to the place of judgement to begin with

a timeless quest on…


and so to continue the cycle
we barf our ‘wanna be’ off onto generation ‘next’

then the ancient one said…
“put it away kid, it aint worth much on this end "

new game

hey pop ;)

Who could have known who they were

It seems like so long ago that they came
but it’s less than thirty one days again
and I guess it was just a matter of time

“… do you have a riddle for the rhyme? …”

yes and not but a fiddle as true
quiet in the middle
of you too

“… we came for you …”

sent a Joker to be sure
what takes a poker to know

“… five cards …”

are you ready ‘guise’?


dear god
i’m bored
is that all you got?

oh look!

“… WELCOME to the planet NowWhat …”
and what a markeey!


got a bing
instead of a ping
flushed it
cherry pitt us
is a right sour grape

“…his phat lady …”
is still ‘at large’

bitter as the word ‘diet’
on a soda can

“… ashes ….”
they all fell down

food products
it’s always the
of someones hand
do you know why
they dye them like that?
I do too….

epic dreaming
oh come on…
it’s just key strokes… right?



there must have been a typo
there’s only one date that spells that


waits for tomato and a rotten egg…
oh wait
that might have just been a sprite can


there must be a catcher somewhere
hmmm…. or a batsman

go do something worthy
it’s been a long time

its not what they think...

to hear without doubt
to know of what matters
and to feel without fear

" … it’s all in my mind …"

I’m afraid to be right
the human kind
is not of mine

in the wind is a song
I can hear tomorrow
I look to the light
hope isn’t in sorrow

I don’t want
and so go alone
into the storm
for a soul of my own

"you dont know me"

a sad state of being
in the face of seeing
how we could
butter and buttons
are boring
the sky is of thunder
and pouring
sheets hanging
blind to soaring
ghosts of the past
keep sour

on a soul
what you think
you know

old demons
kicking and screaming
old meanings
licking at the dream

“I want to stay with you”
dripping from the beams

butt whats really sad
is the pleasure I’ve had
watching what bursts

“come Grover
it’s but a clover”
and they’ll never
really know what I mean


oh dear gabriel
from heaven he fell
with a stuffy hello
a broken halo
a choking cough
and a
smokin’ colfer…
it was just
too much
for the king

my robes eloped
probability spoke
and a heal me
was all
he could sing

“they wanted that wheely thing”
I know

to say the least

dogon it!

Vogon Jeltz….
come on down!
welcome to the games
are u new to this town
and say
whats news is around
who’s tube is sound
and what the heck
are you doing
with a boat girl?

James the gorilla Gillray
wants to know

it just started to show….

you know… who you are

Vogon Jeltz reading poetry…. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxyz… what a ball

and of lytt

tall ships top hats
the chariot wears a shoe….
the biga a triga is rigged
is better than a quad
or two
hold on to the brim
top cats gonna dance
in a motion of spin
the invention
a construction
of lytt

a carpet
is about to ignite
as a wave unfurls
a wind in a cave
can be heard

call the rain
dogs barking
center of a park
and in the dark
is a spar
of the brain

“your madd hatter”

welder said to tell her
… he walked

the whole way

yes another...

“…. pretty face ….”
and not just so ‘just’
a gorgeous life
upon her hands

no theft in her eyes
no stealing of souls
no word spreading lies
no attempt at ego…

just another pretty face

and a story untold

and of the recent glory
all sparkle and shine
of the recent reason
calling yours then ‘mine’…
it doesn’t compare
the glamorous stare
concealed in cake
immature and fake
… doesn’t hold a candle
to what’s ‘just’
in her face….

inspired by CanyonWind
his image and writing are wonderful viewing…

evenly odd

evenly odd this pair
testing two test
my aware
“yesing” to muse
my amuse
easter is wrestling
with mice on the loose
and resting just are
two dice in a shoe
trice as nice
is too

“I dont count cards”
but I do
count you.

600 year

I will be
Six hundred years
It was a test to
See without fear

And soon
A ‘settle’ means two
Levels amuse
What a muse is to do

“the odds are even”
high five at noon
cheers at that


for you…
my beloved night
to hear you see
“… edges on the galaxy …”
have a seat dear
its been a long time…


words linger in mind
a shape scares crow
a form worn blind
a crown upon thorns
to be heard…
those who have crossed
do know

hell of a…
show! show it
the show!
must go
and so going on
two across
a constant
waste not
what wants a soul

“remember us”

dogs barking
just want to ‘go’…

it’s bigger than this
so I’ll be back…
dishes and all

dont speak?

“dont talk to aliens…”

what do you mean!
you’re one of them
speaking through
the machine….

“so what’s my name…”

oh steven…
ha! you’re a king…cup cake

absolute most least

the part where within
the one percent
there is the one who
“acts like the rest
of the 98 percent”
of the same one percent
… who isn’t.

“who the heck do you think
you’re dealing with”

and so I replied….

a caterpillar this one is knot
in a mortals externals
is a comical plot
a conical hat
a fortnight gap
…. that’s real ….
and a slight
of the mind
to feel
“Gabriel” …
slow as molasses
to come


it isn’t undone
… from me
a Pharaoh’s hat
She… twice even.



“… you should act …”
and so I did…

cast to cast
master waster
the last past

“… keep it
moved forward …”

barishly bodo-garo

love the patterns ‘pam’
… but obvious …shhhh

where are we?
in the freakin’ twenties… and not slipping. :))

my friend...

" I want to be your friend
for a very long time "
eyes deep in the lie
" I’m here for you "
a gang rushin’ to spy
a maze in the mesa
to rhyme in good byes
" secondary objects
falling from the sky "

don’t say it
it won’t be fare well
" don’t threaten me "
or I might just spell
your name
" trigger finger "
welcome to hell
I replied
are the lashes
earned upon
the ashes
of time
" guard in her "

to a bed of mine…

" say the name…."
say it right

and in to visible
there came a Knight…
" the real deal "
he said in flight
a voice of static
undeniable sight
…… all around me
the confusion
a fusion of vision
shared in the motion
of the ground


we’re back….
my friend
do you remember?

" you know something "
the image is sound
in seasons found

" don’t forget me "
on account three
before he left town…

pass the plate please...

" circle turns to clover "
it was square
in a one by mile there
" i know who I am "
I said and then I did
I returned him
to the corner
from where he came
" Gabriel,
isn’t his name "

in a parish
there stood a man
fallen were his wings
and simple his plan
look left……..there
to see right……. leap
" we’re all in sane "

in the morning hour
in the pouring rain
standing there
" it is my name "
he said again

and then I went home….
I know he returns


" reach for me "
a dream is trying
screams for crying
without a voice
running on air
spinning dares
a loud pound
a force is sound
a motions ground
and a sleeps a where
a dream is trying
to be found
“hangin’ around”
doing up there
whats natural

“knock on the wood”
in red it’s been written
that we could

" I’m Gabriel "
he said…

dear love...

“… i remember you …”

there are no doubts
“… some want it all …”

and I only wanted you.
“… built to know …”

now it’s all about ‘show me’ … my love.

a jingle

a ho bo jangels…

“ever play
on eleven of six?”

just weighted
for a moment
like this…

rips.on a.cord
and more
I heard him

a square tease
a teenie bops way
dipping chips

“so steady his…”
wavy quillus
a lava lampda
is a damn lamb

of genius
a genuine linus
dining finely
a bit toasted
in the postit’s
too but hey……..

“champagnes away!”
let us be goeth
to showeth
our knoweth
wraps a lioness
older than
swearing pink
licking balls
in halls
of stink
let us buggy
on your

tamper with
an ‘amper
I got a
2 B A pro
for a G
beg a pope
and be

“the appaRAT us”
is a mighty quiet
of linens n’fire

“so ting!”
gui is a duck
on a string
the yokes dope
is a sing along

mary janus
is a dancers
stroking coc

eighty nine

a constellation said
a constant ellation
is an action
of attract
“…. step back ….”
it’s on
per Zeus

“…. I got a racquet …”
hows about you?

light reading

This month’s full moon will pass almost directly through the center of Earth’s shadow on Wednesday (June 15) in what will be an unusually long total eclipse of the moon.…

The lunar eclipse will occur just two weeks after a June 1 partial solar eclipse, when the moon blocked part of the sun as viewed from Arctic regions. The eclipse won’t be visible from North America due to its timing, which places the event in the daylight hours when the moon is behind the local horizon.

But the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth will be facing the moon during the eclipse. This hemisphere, centered on a spot in the Indian Ocean to the east of the island nation of Madagascar, will have a ringside seat for this event. [Video: Inside the June 15 Total Lunar Eclipse]

a six pack

not short of red
skies bright
and a back
is what I’m
says ‘drink me’
topps a hat…

have I sent you this one?


a grave dig dug out of a ball park
a brave gig ‘gulps’ out of a big cup
but to wave is just a smile

2 20

“shovel dear?”

the beast in...


devils in the details

and …

i got butterflies


my demons mine


so he gimme the watch….


“what?….what what??”



“…. I came for you….”


…..shall we then……..

hi dad or... the ds O d


devil on display
pull her out
push her away
deliver a soul
that’s gone a rye
who wants to know
what’s in her eyes
where shes been
what’s in her lies
who wants to know
why she won’t die
so god said go
go get her guise
bring her here
to speak her cries
and let me see
who writes her life
and let me hear
her judgement fly
poke her ribs
and stroke her hair
break her spirit
to see her care
and dare her fire
to attempt a stare

a devil on display
is everywhere
but the one
I question

one ‘there’
………..god said

“looks up looks up”
hi dad
I know………..
i’m not quite dead
“… and I know
I’m just on a Loan….”


“the pumps are working
the machine is speaking…”
next in
the cloud

“look at the time”
mirrors on it

“what slant”


rumors humor me
“zoom” they say
to an island room
swaying in the sun
Phoenix …
rise and come


“… do you know WHERE you are …”


dearest little
is a boy name blue
took a test that wasnt true
tipped a scale with a broken toe
dipped a pen into ink called ‘know’
“… are you board yet? …”
on a mark, can you set a so…?

well comes

“… to the game …”
for lack of understanding
pressures in the mind building
an arch to check for sure
the nature if a structures pure
delighted to meet you assure
“… flight, wears off with a scab…”

hy brah

what makes a question
and answer

this makes the answer
why question

many heads are
better than one
we are

heads a toe
heal a staff

guise wired

“yes i know and a great sculptor at that”

oscar admires
a hot dog
and the Myna
is a finer
type of bird

refinds the fine
on a duffle bag
shuffles the line

ruffles… darling?

wags for wagers
stem centers
a cage

“bet me”
but don’t get me upSet ;)
I’m a light heart in soul….

Q. 17 Lost Pyramids found... yesterday :)x

Scientists at the University of Alabama also found 3,000 ancient settlements using a new technique of infra-red imaging.
The astonishing results have been confirmed by archaeologists with picks and shovels, who have located two of the pyramids found from space.
“I could see the data as it was emerging, but for me the ‘aha’ moment was when I could step back and look at everything that we’d found,’ Dr Sarah Parcak told the BBC.
“I couldn’t believe we could locate so many sites all over Egypt.”
The team analysed images from satellites orbiting 400 miles above the Earth, equipped with cameras so powerful they can pinpoint objects less than a yard in diameter…. read more at the lin

six minutes! RATS!

hey guise….
hardy boys…
“what time is it”
3 2 1… smiles!
“… do you know where you are? …”
YES… I do.

I’m over here :)
lookin’ at you

was that a …… curve ball?
" belle amor e "

“circle turns to clover”
square ;)

looks up looks up

if you’re pee
then i’m wee
“… Herman …”
hear yet?
hops on…

have a beer dear :)

9:16 by the della
9:14 by the cello…
1830 ?
1230 on the stella :)

and that’s a full 360 Mr. Anderson…

and thats new news and who knew
what’s a she to know


tickle a pickle
and coil a rod
quick as a fiddle
a cat says ‘nod’

got his dic
in the crack
of an arse
and of course
that choice
was for not
but it gave her
a voice he forgot

" vulcans
glance a lot "

I dance a lot too
when you’re near…….

rings the fire

circles a cube
plate clears
a tube
and you
sway in the sun

" I’ll grill for you "
your a grill IN me
" and you grate "
my mind willingly
" too kind "
to be crude
and too rude
to be blind
so nude is the one
not bland in the brains

" says well
come on then
to the games "

heals a toe and
grouts a doubt

see oil said the sea man

twenty in hours
for the power
of sea
twenty four dollar
for the tower
in me
plenty of collar
for the worker
in bee
so saddle her
was a rattle in we
“… I always win… "
he stood there saying
“… I AM I Win …”
he repeats while swaying
bring a card
to the desk
she says
while smiling

I can add it
to the rest
do you need
help dialing?

and into a
it went.


forgotten eye
knots the sky
dots the dark
walking parks
sparking sparks

not really a gash
on a long eyes lash
but rather a gather
of a musical laughter

“… if you please…”
she did say ‘cheese’

stitched together
" at the brow "


the duck dodged the ball so the game … went on

“armageddon” was a made up word ….
“… get on…”

:) all to most
time to swim

“…. dear population ….”
you won’t drown
so you should swim


angel's angle

angels and angles
there on the wall
angels and angles
do hear me call
don’t anger them
“you. wouldn’t want
to see them”
if you do…..

this one’s albert
and the other one
isn’t telling you
;) strange how it happens
e.vents in our lives
this one
is a kilted bee
that one
…………a trunk
and a gilded key

the makers mark
is a johnny

who's sinus?

who’s in us
isn’t a question
but rather a mention
in the isle of skye
“… sleep lies…”
and into the night
a bara tones
dare a bones
into sight
is a “catch up”
not a makeup
of ‘amends’
a parish delights
shredding the rights
to my eyes
“oh look honey
we’re friends”

the board

“… come here kitten…”

she came to collect
tell charish and protect
what really matters

“… close the door…”
it’s not a cigar
opens more
“… he has a guitar…”
said once before
“… the doc…..
you meant to write”

and it was chance this time
that became a way
within my rhyme

“… oh ma,
you called me a poodle…”

a pair annoyed?

are you….
a pair annoyed?

I can read a void…….
and it doesn’t
really want
to be a scene
just thinking to self

“… what the hecks with green?…”

hornets chase to erase
what they think
can be seen
mean while…
I set and wander a spell
ponder the heavens to hell
as I shake my head
thinking again
to myself…
it was just one time
I could come to rhyme
and everyone just
plans to be dead?

craps for a deal
it wasn’t whats real
so I looked over
my notes again
all the way back
before time began
and double checked


it is quite right
wasn’t written to fight
a peace within light

(…. some things were
in for ‘drama’…)

fixes typo

“… now where was I…”
write…we are about
“… the nothing
was an unjust
no thing, after all…”


cuter ‘puter
knot a cutlers butler
and a jeweler said
“oh look
it’s a gardener"

hey I thought I Quit!……………………

“… you can never quit
being who you are…”

looks up looks up
left left to write right
“…whoah echo…”
said the pixel

“… wtf?
they called me a pickle?…”

see dot come in

sincerely clear
makes a beat
come near
but knots
alot at
the end
so when
does time
start over
and again
they asked
and so just then
i began
an again
all over again….
but they said
it was up here
i said up where
two a row?
but so
as to show
two are a stitch
not a bit too slow
she squeezed
on the bees
honey dew
“… fly to water…”
is this

“…. she’s aliiiiive….”

softs tough

“… how are you…”

just another of those days
got kicked in the teeth
haven’t seen but haze

and this one hurt
tore out my heart
never fitting in
soles falling apart
it’s always only me
and i don’t even care
but for my family

he isn’t looking at me…”

it’s the same
as it ever was or will be
there’s nothing but illusion
to live in this tree

“… I owe you a maple…”

“… it’s time to go….”

I hugged him gently
touched light to his cheek
I cried to myself

but I didn’t feel weak
“… life isn’t fair …”
and I know this speak

i packed my things
invisible stings
so no more names
and with no strings
two cats one case
and a pair of shoes
their skins


I thought you said path…

path to the bath?
how’s about a compromise
wise guy

“… she must be talking to her dog…”

muddy fox whole?

mom’s come to collect the smog
dad’s been lost in the fog
but a decade she stayed
to learn what’s hard

“…don’t lose a spade…”

hearts larger
than a card been played

bons what?


“… hows your constitution…”

no ass ever cracked
over these blue genes…

bons not
but a fire
on a beach
atop desire

“… peaks…”

what a cherry

maltza balls!
“…. what’s up doc….”


she stares…
neither one of them
ever heard me
“… she said parsecs …”

“… snacks…”
they called you a dame
there there


“….. take us out helmsman…..”

steady as a go board
was a gord of a lord
dressed for less

“… in range yet…?”
not yet
yet to fly us in
“…. she’ll fly apart!….”

fly her apart then……..

Q. “what time is it?”

Our Sulu.

ring for the butler

alone was just
along the way
while maybe
back in the day
it was taught
that a She
must not
be what
she thought
she might be
or could turn out
to be….. but
it is of today
that a she
and a he
can just be
however it is
we please….
so it was to be
that a they
came together
on a lovely day
and smiled

“… what’s with all the feathers?…”

what feathers?
I’m bald.

“… beer with that?…”


since it sent
a scent of sense
in sensibility
a reality
in bits
of her in.sane IT

“… he IS comin’…”
oh shit!

it seemed
a matter of time
before a door
would become
a rhyme

“… who’s bread…?”

she’s not really dead
but a bit red
in her reason
seasons green

“… so he left his things …”

clubs a bit boring
without an outpouring
don’t you think?

smoke in rafters
laughters chore
extra on the pickles
“… and tomatoes?…”
no more

was a primer
of a mental

“… I’ll come find her …”
remembered he said


" steady adjustment "
a red line
in the grey

“… he pitched …”

she yawed

“… rolls to shadow …”

I got you. ;)

ships a shape

trims a time

cups a leak

saves a dime

“are you listening…”

ties a shoe

caps an ass

picks a knows

washes cache…

“ignition sequence…”

to hold a truth

to cross a tee

she dots an eye

“you can’t catch mee….”

shuffle a card

pickle a shoe

truffles are a good

“…I’m coming for you…”


taps a toe….

ah heck
it’s me who wants to go…
stay there…
I’ll be along


“…artists never die…”
because a trist
is always tried
before our love
is tossed aside
“… remember
who we are…”


and in the true spirit of ‘god’…

“… my father just killed me…”

dear daughter
so how does your garden grow….

“… father forgive me…”
it’s for real I must know
“… it was only a show…”


b link
b l ink….

the time is too slow
“… it’s all I could do!….”

dad… what is it?

“…. I’m disappointed in you… "


no lines
no self between the cries
piercing daggers falling apart
“what timing timing”
stopped her beating heart

“whats there
dead in a row”

used to be
where my
garden grew


are you breathing?
if I do
a whole will open
exposing true….

counts down...

the count is down
the sound is hot
steaming boils
a calm to knots
temper rises
spine on fire
piercing eyes

“… refine
dear Shire…”
best to breathe
be a push to the light
“slide to the left”
recall to the right….

“…. Time’s Up….”
we’re fresh in

….looks up, looks up….
“who’s flighty?”

things we notice... cured cancer last week....

Canadian researchers find a simple cure for cancer, but major pharmaceutical companies are not interested.…

Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.

This drug doesn’t require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies.

the story… just in case

Canadian scientists tested this dichloroacetate (DCA) on human’s cel


and the singing rings
a bell so able said well
and the tell became a how

“… I don’t leap
for the money…”

couldn’t sleep
without you now…
a knowing deep
so close an’near
geometries chance
to really be a where

“…knot a man of faces
in a mask of one…”

toasting a glass
a dance called there
and plucking strings
are magical things
we can share

so ho

“… well i am said tell…”
ah hell
he said hello
“… echos echo…”

so fresh
this prince
and the price
of this write
is nice

“… we won’t be starving…”

it’s a patty daddy
and a craw dish abby
so who knows who’s
got your tongue?

“this who’s the one”


“… a scratch in time…”

might it save
and will it save
my mind…

looking ahead
and so behind
looping a thread
so hears “you’re fine”

“… psyche dialectable…”

it is pretty special
E S Pe n’s a ball!
especially special

“… what sports…?”

delectable this
deliciously bliss
directly erect dialect

the bull is bushed
the bush unbrushed
there wasn’t a tush
or a dish unwashed

“… I got… yo babe…”


“… oh!
so there’s me…”

“… and this time
we’re fresh…”

“healing shields…”




“… mom, the dog was named pumpkin… not me…”

sorry folks, she gets a bit confused when she has to come back for stuff….



“… I’m running late, will you check my reservation please…”
“… I’d like to make sure, I’m there…”

a noticeable pause…
a softly tough swallow…
May I have your name please.

“… yes. It’s Zuesan Ford…. F O R D, Ford… like the car…”

drops the phone….

“… his name mom…”

Ford… like the car…

“… yes. Ms. Ford… you’re here…”


I thought you were dead?

doubles down

and of the heart
while they play games
it watches all the same
save for this flame
while it cries…
but the realize
is that the saving
doesn’t need to be done
he came and she came
and they became
to be their one

“… it does take…”
a real man time
to be of the body
and to be of my mind

yet what of a distance
the resistance felt
that it did fall on…
“… Mr. Talons …”
you say?

“…don’t trip over that…”


oh… you did get my faucet built…

the next Us?

dear ;parchment…
what about the tapestry?
and of the dapper deary…

“…a change of cloth…”

enrich me meant
not to wean a man
from a cent of sense
or a scented pen
he writes
to delight you when
you’re just a bit…

“… oh probably…”


“… you can not
tell the staff it has bad hair

he was busted
being him again
but quite alright
as agreed just then
just happens
to be
in need
of a magician…


you can pick your friends
you can pick your names
you can pick your knows…
but you can’t pick your family…. uh….
“… at least not after you’re already here, that takes some forethought…”
make a note.


“… can you build a house…. around this?”

yes sir I can as a matter of fact
a good gardener
carries her own spade

and a good sailer
navigational aid

“…. testing… war of the roses….”
it stayed where it laid

“…. testing …. bombshells away….”
had nothing to say

“…. testing…. WOMAN! I said lets play!…”
two and once more
an extended stay….

“… is the enter.prize right?…”
while I smile
and change your flight…


to the sea...

“it felt like a motion sickness”

being around too many people
all at once and their emotions
odd s and evens are too

gives us a ring…

eyes eyes eyes

“…no sporting…”
“…no tomato…”
no wrinkles

starboard sir…
“I dont blink”
I’ll have a glass for sure…

foam on that

her gaze

burning candles
both sides a flame
turning matches
into fire and games
lemons aid
the demons fade
the limes refresh
where flesh displayed
a self less made
……it was her way
and there she cared
for the word less day
“how are you”
was all he could say
“is that your bed?
there unmade?”

“… i got the bacon, melted INTO the cheese… what else do you want?…”

ok ok ok ok…
“you know what you’re doing… I’ll be back and you can drive”


…………. extended stay……. I mean play…………..


“… dont worry, I dont gamble…”
have yet, another ramble….
and it wont take 1000 pages or anything….
the word pressed…
and so she moved.

dear roses

sorry lady
i dont cut the blooms
i like them ‘natural’
i like them as they are

dad said
cut’em and weep

we’re not ‘greedy’
like that

cut to force more
he said

and i thought
we are of the nature…

so I never did

give them space
there are some
granny smith apples
too bitter to enjoy

steps they said
…. ah heck
who knows
just rambling…


the word “devil”
was just a test…
‘it’ lived in the details
and that’s the one
I fired;

oh look, she shot the right shit…
“whatcha know…”

pressed a digit?

dear magician….
was a bit slim
on the driver

fly write
to the river…
“pick a dollar”
he said

and I wondered
who he was….
until we laughed.

all most late

“…try a byte….”
try a tryst…
trying words

“… oh, i thought you said twisted…”

“mmy bad” lol!

service returned

“… and what was given?….”

two sticks
but not two stones
merry spirits
who weren’t alone
made to return
and a trust
he didn’t have to earn…

“you are
my friend”

I am.

good ay...?

oh ouch my ear said…
oh touch me it played…

oh now i hear strings….


pack rats
back rats
Rat Pack
Grats ;) x
and you’re great you, true, genius man. lol


manou knew
minos was two
wises in
many ways too
… the write
isis playing and
moses knows it

what’s a dime
on a meter
when a diamond
on a demeter
means weave…
got it made

5:12 plus one


we said


some they twirl
some they grow
some are sticky
… might not but
but wants to know…
“are you a dic”
doesn’t seem so
staring hard about
about what mounts
a row

glasses on a counter
which amounts
to show
“she doesnt drink”
~but a coffee rothko

“what about some punk”
i think it’s junk
ah crap and oh shit
how we gonna work
when the musics a bit
“soft” she said

you are
a son of a bitch
“say it… female”
call me wench, boy….
and we gotta a deal
“it’s a milestone”
“fuck you”
in stereo baby…

“whos got the book”

I do

sheese adorea ashington………
“come’on down!………”
and wellcome
to the games

are you in synco

hey chica
you thinka
i know hear
well i do sir
and a good too
it’s you me
and a me you
in a menu
for a just two

who the fuck
are you?

are you talkin’…
to me

“… what year is it….”

;)~ear 2 no fears

busta snicker

how now
i feel better
in just one pounce
a bite size bag
and just one……..
small ounce
of the four.forty
are you adorea?
or ja’dore
before explore
and before
the right do
was that
just you too
when an ashton
spent for an ash
on me and
can you see
this might be
if it were that a we
became only but(t)
a cup of the sea
and a snicker……!
she said its thicker
than that
what we’ve done
with a two ton hat
and a spatted
“cats eye” guy.

and I don’t give
two shits
if you
understand me
or not
am i too hot?
some say
but mild in spice
so you can too, play
ha! “i don’t bite”
lesson you wanted me to….

thanks for the berger and glass of wine
was a nice change of time



what delightful bullshit

what am i reading
what am i feeling
why the tricks
why the needing
why do people do
what they do
and why do we too
by a fire in fuel…….
who are you.
what the fuck
do you want
in my life?
my space
my time
in my
i ask
should i
“little boy”
are you scared
that i cared and
are you scared
that i dared to
show you

“fuck you”


strange knights
came to offer gifts
one had books
and another
other shifts
the third gave food
a burger and a fry
“study it” he said
with a weary eye
and what of you
asked a counter
named Sue
staring back at one
and then at two
do you share
of a heart
and what of art
if nothing in the
other is true
“its Rothko”
of who was so…
oh I dunno…..
“what do you want
to do”
was the question
and in pause
I didn’t show
that I also know
the man in black
with a cashmier hat
and a card he calls …
“let go”

“oh god and what now”
do we do
when a girls got part
of a hearts cargo……
“hi honey, i’m home”

quantum wtf???
in a cab of alamode?

do I know you?

… gimme a minute….

from the sky

it was just a moment
when I saw it
falling from the sky
it was green and
like a glowing eye
looking back at me

the strange things
we see

the drive to work
last night….
at first light.

true story


for a radio
to be active
rebel a spell
to be selective
and reflect
to detect
a momentum
of observation
call it elation
and be grateful

“she isn’t mean”
but she may be
what weans you
from your woes

go board
chips a set
a grid rhymes
of write minds
“there are shades”
in the grey lines



good god goddiva!
a devilish deva
red hot Shiva
lingers on
a sleeve
beedy peeps
in speedy ways
“whos asleep”
she has to say
and take it baby
to make it
a just write
swing left
and up a street
best to broaden
coming for

its aFiata

“ahura, is that you?”

;) maybe

“i’m gonna call you hauntsAlot”


upon a time it went
when once was upon
a morning spent
that a fig meant
of an image sent
to see a mount
for moments count
on thumbs bent out
not wrapped in doubt
“who needs to shout”
the cathodes hot
and heating spouts
of trippe routes
and paths laid out
in gardens green
not stricken down

a fig meant sees
to mean a gift
my friend….

forms of
and exploreus!

a firm meant two
dances of the sky
a fountain on
a mountain on
a moment
came by …
and dyed
where time
marked rhyme
with just one word
to become a mind



in just this way
and it became a him
and a her he swayed
as a heart displayed

“motus velocitas”

and then they waved

“wine deer?”


the rain is pouring
i’m thinking of you
wondering if lines
are charcoal or blue
and what does it matter
when matters whats true
are your droplets color
or can I see through
and what does it matter
when splatters pursue
what parts my heart
on a canvas for two


its been four years
what more do you want
it’s been for tears
this endless haunt
the ghost who hears
a whispering count
tumbles my mind
with more than i thought
to chase a phantom
into a plot
is a place for who
is a want of knots
i based my heart
on sounds of parts
and paced my feet
to rhymes of tarts
to find the place
where chase of days
burned into means
of hazy ways
i turned the tales
of head to toe
and placed a rock
where pebbles grow
to hear the sounds
of long ago
and put my X
into flickers glow
to sign a seal
for candles know
what really reveals
where fallen snow
that hallowed came
became a row
“and a how
have you been”
my friend.

dont mind me
i’m having more
strange conversation


“by special request…”

“bants on”

sure to be sure
pure to be true
true two brew
brews that do
but rems a brant
and not a brent
she wasnt data
nor was he spent

“pants off”

spock’s socks
are in my drawers…
and a pocket
might be “rockets”
if the sparks all work…


right foot...


“where is it”

this time
is an easy


“slide ways”

can you forgive me
for being this way
things in my mind
appearing to say
“she’s just a bit crazy”
all though alright
“she’s not quite lazy”
just in gods light
“she’s got the daze on”
and dog on right


some inner sight.


test oyster one
test is he
test he is

test ‘this’ she says

trumps a card
“what’s he doing?”

I think he’s showing them it takes someone ‘this big’ in spectacles, testicles and wallet… to win… watch.


“never leave home without them”

denim bluejeans….
wined and dined
in the nude
some neon shows
report to know….

“don’t play with fire kid”

~strikes a match
“I ain’t a kid, dude.”


easters western southern snow
“the gods they asked”
asking what’s to know.


we vote to seat
we seed to grow
we reap in reward
when our planets
in a row
time after time
it was spoken so
blind leading blind
just so we could know
“there’s kaos”
in them thar woods
they said
“there’s payoffs”
in them thar goods
she replied
“we’re the agent”
of the super
nerd kind ;) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
oh look no ‘t’ on that terd;…. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
oh shiiiiiiiiiii!

hey, that comb? honey?
means heaven
she said so and so
cobras neon sign said… fly
diamonds headed by…
“yours truly”


cats got....?

cat, got your tale…?…

“…. triple plays….”

;Dogon Sang a dragons Song…

Mali 9:11am Friday (GMT)
Sanga or Sangha is a group of thirteen villages in the Dogon Country region of Mali, lying east of Bandiagara at the top of an escarpment. The most important villages are Ogol-du-Haut and Ogol-du-Bas. It is known as a centre for traditional religion with many temples and shrines, and as a base for visitors to the local Dogon villages. Most of the ethnographic work by Marcel Griaule was carried out amon…. ",_Mali

Constellation Leo:

Denebola (β Leo, β Leonis, Beta Leonis) is the second brightest star in the constellation Leo. It is an A-class star that is about 36 light-years (11 pc) distant from earth, and has a luminosity about twelve times that of the sun.

scooby snacks

nigh the eye
she said
a minds by
wings all fly
near bourne
a graphic cry
of light
in the sky

do we profit
and do we try….

“… scooby do a snausage …”
this is the question why


ticks and tones
may break some bones
but with skill
it might not kill you

licking cones
may be great with scones
but the byte
might make you ache some

so ben said to cherry
who said to make jerry
a little garcia alamode
that pen said to tell her
he’s a fine kinda feller
who would eat
a log lady’s rocky road

making circles
into sands on a board
folding fans into air on a cord
scribbled words from abroad
“there’s a girl
making senses out of god”

degree of separation

Mathematicians use an analogous notion of collaboration distance:22 two persons are linked if they are coauthors of an article. The collaboration distance with mathematician Paul Erdős is called the Erdős number. Erdős-Bacon numbers are a further extension of the same thinking. Watts and Strogatz showed that: Average Path Length = (ln N / ln K) where N = total nodes and K = acquaintances per node. Thus if N = 300,000,000 (90% US pop.) and K = 30 then Degrees of Separation = 19.5 / 3.4 = 5.7 and if N = 6,000,000,000 (90% World pop.) and K = 30 then Degrees of Separation = 22.5 / 3.4 = 6.6. (Assume 10% of population is too young to participate.) wiki



it's official....

the household spatula has just gone missing…
it went missing well over a year ago, so time is catching up…

“it was a test, Art” do you know where your, spatula is?

hang onto your bootstraps
“things just got started…”


“… the universe, is changing… "

“… we are in,

notice the date.

tap your 'feet'

“…missing dot…” December 21, 2013 solstice

12×21 x 20×13 = 65520 / 144o = 455 / 91 ‘steps’ = 5
“thumb up and smiling”, Cooper ;)


f 6…………t20

Theta Sigma

404 × 3 = 1212
404 × 6 = 2424
404 × 9 = 3636

404 × 13 = 5252
………………20/20 yet?

“mirror 52 to BE”
777 … U … “twenty one”, Jack.
747 “flying?”



. TT .
. YY .

zz is the Top Q.vark
“tap back”

“Theta…it’s you.”

Theta Sigma

“…. that’s a pretty red phone you got there…”

The Phoenician letter name ṭēth means “wheel”, but the letter possibly (according to Brian Colless) continues a Middle Bronze Age glyph named ṭab “good”, ṭayyibطيب in modern Arabic, based on the nfr “good” hieroglyph,



and what’s up with that?
for all this time, we deny what we know
and then for know reason at all, someone calls the jesus

can you explain this to me please?

… i’ve got this whole thing calibrated for ‘god’
the jesus must be something else…


Earth’s gravity revealed in unprecedented detail
Best view yet of global gravity

31 March 2011
After just two years in orbit, ESA’s GOCE satellite has gathered enough data to map Earth’s gravity with unrivalled precision. Scientists now have access to the most accurate model of the ‘geoid’ ever produced to further our understanding of how Earth works.

The new geoid was unveiled today at the Fourth International GOCE User Workshop hosted at the Technische Universität München in Munich, Germany. Media representatives and scientists from around the world have been treated to the best view yet of global gravity.
The geoid is the surface of an ideal global ocean in the absence of tides and currents, shaped only by gravity. It is a crucial referen


Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily.…

Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, outlined the scenario to Betelgeuse, one of the night sky’s brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing. It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time.

When that happens, for at least a few weeks, we’d see a second sun, Carter says. There may also be no night during that timeframe.

The Star Wars-esque scenario could happen by 2012, Carter says… or it could take longer. The explosion could also cause a neutron star or result in the formation of a black hole 1300 light years from Earth, reports….

But doomsday sayers should be careful about speculation on this one. If the star does go super-nova, Ea

Dear RB techKnowGuru...

Please help OB1… I experimented with a category and now it won’t go away, yes, I unchecked the ‘show’ button so it should not show but it does and I DON’T LIKE IT
please help get rid of it before I throw my computer through the wall…
thank you kindly. Fan of Mr. Baxter hoping this is enough smooze to get my profile cleaned up. xoxox I’ll wash your socks so you can take the Mrs. out… please, I almost promise this….

A Perigee Moon

If the moon looks a little bit bigger and brighter this weekend, there’s a reason for that. It is.
Saturday’s full moon will be a super “perigee moon” — the biggest in almost 20 years. This celestial event is far rarer than the famed blue moon, which happens once about every two-and-a-half years.
“The last full moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993,” said Geoff Chester with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington. “I’d say it’s worth a look.”
Full moons look different because of the elliptical shape of the moon’s orbit. When it’s at perigee, the moon is about 31,000 miles (50,000 km) closer to Earth than when it’s at the farthest point of its orbit, also known as apogee.
“Nearby perigee moons are about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser moons that occur on the apogee

space invader

tick tock
fiddles your clock
how long
you been watchin’?

slick talk
settles your lock
how long
you’ve been being.

get a pace
within your space
and step inside
to enjoy your ride
for the place
you’ve invaded
is Me.

“now”… it’s boring…
get out of the clouds
you’ve been snoring
quiet yet loudly
and all too proud.

I hope you’ve enjoyed
what you’ve gotten
it’s the fat on your back
making you rotten

I’d off load that
if I were you.


“… Siriusly, you don’t think
she’s been alone this whole time …”


… the doctor does little
to create her rhymes
they come from a time
where fiddles are chimes
and the riddle is simply

“there’s really no forced.aching
tales of the told are as old as faking”

you’re in the Nature of
Head Strong.

“… CanToo serves a radar
of the bace, her son


“sizzors” … did I mean scissors? no i did not.

… just one more chip HAL? well I’m sorry ;DAVE I simply can’t inbulge …

bites a papaya and wraps a cabochon…
:) springs coming. xo



NOVA Honey… 11.1 :) remember me? oh yeah.
“…who’s got the ball?…”

Shock waves from supernovas, long thought to be the origin of cosmic rays, may not explain new data collected by a detector in orbit around Earth. A supernova is shown above as a bright spot (lower left) on the outskirts of galaxy NGC 4526.NASA, ESA, The Hubble Key Project Team, and The High-Z Supernova Search Team…..

now that’s a proper flip dear. ;)

Q 'est

You call me
I answer

who’s lost?
bounce a pounce poeta
Neo! poesie ever to see

“mr anderson posed”
for poetry pondering
a wandering eye ’spose
you could say…

Morphweus was just adoracle.


“… i got a job for you…”

Spock Data
Data’s Spock
did you know that Spock
that your data’s Data’s
and that Spock’s data
is your data Data

… she stares at them both.
“… okay, spoxon then…”

a cybert rolled a joystick
zanado became a polish hotdog
a bunny spit Pez chips
onto a pizza salad and
the trampoline bounced in steletoasts

all Bones could say was….

“… good GOD Jim! she’s gone mad!…”


there are only six pair in what we count.
12 legs

but there are 14 hands
yes there are dear
glass of wine?
thank you. :)
“giddy up”

“… she counts the Q…”

in the sky…c’mon! what do you think I count?

“someone give me a goddamn telescope! no no no no no, A BIG ONE!”

T 12s day and counting….
daylight savings.

“andromaeda enough for you?”

“… don’t worry, 13 didn’t go anywhere, that one’s me….”

fathom that?


turtle stew for you…

a true torqueus
might sound like a dork
but in a moment
s/he’s gonna reckon
s/he is one too…

nice Fx arT

“I like your bracelet”
a torc he can trust…
per me this is
a play
“for thought”

… are you in it?


light worker? know, I’m a hard worker…
night worker? know… the Knights Audit…


you don’t think the ‘light’
was invented do you?

still in bed dear?
can I help you with that?

Sacré bleu!

the sacred blur?
oh! praying to the poor sol in god?

“dont mistake it”
ping pongs a great game.
what do you want?
“… my soul, mate…”

I’ve come a long way
s/he says…

“to get it”


from where
to here
and back

your mind
to tell
of a tale

was a stroke
of mens
of a trophy
in genius
back then
to be only
for those
of the penis…
this genius

of the
who in you
where ever
you go
do find
a Luna
must know
a hot form
of birth

“torn to be stone”

next are
the known
for desire
in Fire
does show
a care to
the dare to
a meaning

you came.
one hand
to my mind
pen as
you are

“the tree of life”
no questions
about it.

Solar X-Flare....

Enroute… UK…

Sun Unleashes Huge Solar Flare

The eruption is a so-called X-flare, the strongest type; such flares can affect communications on Earth.

Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft recorded an intense flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation emanating from a sunspot.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has issued a geomagnetic storm warning, and says observers might be able to see aurorae from the northern UK.

The eruptions are expected to hit the Earth’s magnetic field field over the next couple of days, causing an increase in geomagnetic activity.

The monster flare was recorded at 0156 GMT on 15 February and directed at the Earth. According to the US space agency, the source of this activity – sunspot 1158 – is growing rapidly.

Solar flares are caused by the sudden relea

Nibbles & bits


“…just a byte…”
and a word
that’s write
about a MAP
and a tap
of a type,
“…Corona Cornman?…”
“…the moon ain’t cheese…”
Spock said it
so please…
don’t mistake
a smile
fur two long

440 bards
make song
“…and a link
880 ’cuter bits long…”

KUfu played
220 fathoms
to swoon
three hands more
to the center of noon

One steps forward
from out of the past

and a second steps first
to create
At las’t

“…oh I’m all about,
conversion dear…”

Love, takes over the planet…
’cos you can do nothing
about it. hahahaha!

for us.


Data Spock
do you have it
Spock’s data
is it dated
the data
that Data has
at the data base?

dust to start dust
“they brought us home”
invited in.
don’t you watch the twilight?
cave of the winds mind
one lakes echo
a holofossil
is a hallowed vessel
leave the lights on, will ya?

hey, don’t trip on that…

“Captain’s Log…”

what they say...

strange days
I been
watchin’ ‘em
even strangers
ways are
matchin’ ’em
and yet
the strangest
thing of all
are the ones
I can catch

like eggs

they wobble
if you jiggle ’em

is it rude to say

looks like her
and he’s
as cool as him
do they
share a chin
or do you
have a twin

his lover’s mother
look like you
and her cousin’s brother
it’s true.
what they say….


in hebrew 3 is g
so 5,13,3 is e,m,g
eg. m


“groooovy baby!”

grab it see
it’s gravity
electrically mated
to being

he brews a stew she spews
hey! was I talking to you?

“don’t freak out, it’s a fiction”


dear sphinx
“… how many candy are in a single PEZ head?…”

“…hook line and stinker…”

“corn candy is not an anchor”

and the koolaid ‘man’
is one of a kind…

If it stands another 13000 years, then you can have 5 back.
Otherwise, this girl gets to ‘keep’ it.


. sometime later .
“… you should know by now, what my stare does …”

wally beers

seventy seven
beers on the wall
and just two days
to drink them all

telescope in hand
butterfly nets
might stand
a good clearing

counting on cheers
the reservation
is a mounting fear
jest is just
the jokers gear
so jest not

when you’re counting, dear…

do dishes


a sway
on a
sunny day
I looked up
and saw
a cloud
as it
looked back
and it laughed
out loud
monkey faces
with ruby lips
in ocean reeds
on mountain tips
hands in water
for how long
in the distance

“… wonders where I’ve gone…”

doing dishes
just a one on one.

“… I like it in here…”

Seven Sees

Seven seas
four suns
“the bridge isn’t needed”
says an ancient Egyptian
“I am the scribe”
and for reason came
thought transformation
by way of Names.
“You are the heart”
I am your tongue
Keeper of the record
Creates in a Season
“and Tablets Green
will bare a flame”

I wrote it Lefty
… ;) but it’s all the same.

ok love

12 × 55 = 660
12 × 155 = 1860

1860 and 660 = 2520 TY, is what I’m waiting to hear you say… ;)

oh come on….

1860 – 660 = 1200 (you can’t remove, what you’re built from)

logic… 660 is 220 three times… so

1860 × 3 = 5580
“oh, look who it is” ;)

“… yes, I called you a pickle…”


to begin
place an ear
upon a rail
“… the company…”
never fails
to hear
what you want
“… is this real…?”
the smoke
and the trail
and the scent
of a mint
billows about
“… look now….”
but don’t shout
do you have
or have not
your totem
don’t pout
it’s a wheel
within wheels
upon wheels
and a base
the ace high
wind blows by
and by oh my
the guy said…
decapp a chino
“…magic man…”
it’s all a dream, no?
“…and what if…”
your reality
the reel.

“… did they have cell phones back then?…”
you’re a really old man.
did you know that about you?
my dear friend.

inspired by
the movie.

Dear Welder

for some reason
I know that you are SEVEN
“… ring ring! honey, answer the call…”

and for some reason
I know that I am THIRTEEN

I know too
that Earth is X
and that Venus is you.

So I’m asking…
What happened to the THREE?

the new zodiac...

“who can?”
ob can ;)
a peak?



I say

oh, his cannoli’s opus

nic nac batty… ;)

oh, there’s a ‘base’ on a ‘hill’ under some… layers
“hi”, he said;


Dear you,
Do you realize that people don’t even know it’s not me?
I think this thing is so amazing because I am me and so I know it’s not me…
and I thought for the longest time, that people would just ‘know’ this about me,
but it appears they don’t.

So when I do this, it just looks like that.
Most people aren’t even interested in that either, so not only do they not know it’s not me, but they don’t even want to find out.

So I’m writing to ask…
now what?

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