be for

I was trained by Day 1
to be Day 2…
affecting Day 3
to be Four


“… we can’t explain everything we see when our eyes are open …”
Impossible happens… and then… we are Shield;
“Marvel TV”

A. firmamentum…
is a volt
in the vault
of God’s heart

muster Anderson....


“talk to me”
and so she said

are the product
of what a life did
to become as love
in a world undone
as never before
has there ever been
a time of waste
of haste and lack
and never before
has God wanted for…

“this planet back”

so a place in space
set motions pace
on a race

“for humans kind”

changing minds
and hearts to date
matching us up
with Natures rate
… of speed

“Gods like that”
and so he peed;
You’re in.


Neo’s Flight

in the light

a beginning is
where points
of write
become sight
and a convert
of one ordained
takes the vow
to begin again

“…it ain’t over, clover …”
as a rover says

look up

“it’s on”
the bright side

Smith’s Fight

“mustar Anderson”

the rush is on
never before seen
the sun undone
as a crooked cat
is Sumers fun

Sitchin did say

“it’s on the One”

as the f


in the garden of need
God did a good deed
and created
from his own seed
the Atom…

and it was good
beyond fathom
this thing God gave

for your soul it would save
in the ways enslaved
without passion

“it was cached”

in the name of Heaven
and turned to days
by way of Seven

so in the beginning…

it was God
who was willing
to be what we
can believe in

“paradise can’t be lost
before it’s found”

it’s in the sound


within One…

“they’re you”

yet wanting
the same outcome…

and then there’s me
and if I can see…

then it makes me real.

“the original”


a flock of egrets
the stocks of regret
beget a feather set
for the measure

the weight
of a heartfelt treasure

2191 is the count for sure
“in seven”
these days are true

… and if I were ‘you’ …
I’d check for TOEs
in my hidden shoes


Nemes is…
a head dressed for duty
a mirrored jury
of Echo’s fury…

flowers . Narcissus

" my name
is a quilling word "

the gilt of a sword
dwarfs what Hydra hears
…. to be read ….

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