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I would not exactly call myself a Photographer, I just happen to love my surroundings and share what I see. Had that unexpected...


Could give a wee warm welcome to........

Hi Folks,

Tis just after Christmas and hope you all had a brilliant time! Got all that Photographic equipment that you had on your Santa list….

Anyway, just found out that my work colleague, Charlie, has been on RB for a few months (never told me so I’ll have to have words in the new year). He has been taking photos for a number of years but only has just recently taken it up seriously.

He is still learning so if you could give a RB warm welcome and some encouragement to move his photos along, I would be very grateful to all my good RB friends out there.

Here’s a couple of examples of his work so far…….

Winter Loch

The Old Bridge



Tis The Day Before Christmas................

Hi Everyone,

Tis the day before christmas………………………….

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that everyone has a great one!

Anyway, here’s some christmas songs and spirit. Whenever I hear these, they remind me what time of year it is :-)



Back from the bright lights.............

Hi Everyone,…

Those who have been following my journals over the past few months will have known that I somehow managed to get my Ness, Isle Of Lewis – White Horses image into the commended section of this years “Take-A-View Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009” competition.

Well, I attended the exhibition and the private viewing at the National Theatre in London on the 10th December (just back by the way if you were wondering why I hadn’t been around to reply or comment) and had a wonderful time there.

The only wee disappointment was that my image wasn’t selected for the hanging selection but included in the projected element. Would have been nice to see it been hung on the wall along with other artworks but it didn’t bother me that much as I was there and included in the whole event.

What you find when you're just looking........(2)

Either when you’re just looking around or even just following a few threads via comments left by folk, you come across some wonderful artists in these wee journeys.

One such artist is Betsy Seeton

I’ve had a wee look through her portfolio and WOW! Well worth the visit.

A couple of my favourites so far.

As most of you know, I’m all about sharing the wealth so I had to pass this one on, so
why not pay Betsy a wee visit and see for yourself. Remember to leave a comment or two as appreciation.


scots bubblemeet in the borders.... SUNDAY 6TH DECEMBER

Hi all

Hope you can make it to the next Scots Are Coming bubblemeet down in the borders on sunday 6th dec when we’re planning to meet up in Peebles midmorning (11am) to give us enough daylight to spot some fish jumping (fingers crossed!) on the leithen water and then possibly out to st marys loch and loch of the lowes before a refreshment break in a cafe/hostelry..

If you’re interested contact kevin dave or maggie and we can exchange tel nos..


It is a rare thing...............

Where ever you go or whatever you do, it is a rare thing when you find something that moves and affects you to the point of reflection. It is when this happens you must share the experience with others so that they can witness this as well.

This is precisely what happened to me on this day when I visited Donald Cameron’s page. His latest piece of work is just stunning and the writing that compliments brings the whole experience to another level which the words all but fail me.


Please, please take a look for yourself then spare the time to read the verse alongside and then compare. This will take you away…………………..

Stunning work, Donald. Aspirational!

2009: Retrospective..........

It is always around this time, near my birthday, I look back at the year and my resolutions that I made for myself. So how did I do do in 2009?…

Last Years Resolutions…

A mixed bag really.

1. I decided that my portfolio wasn’t strong enough to get my Licentiateship yet with the RPS so I planned to widen my experience a wee bit. This meant the dreaded colour! Never have been comfortable with colour and this was going to be a big test!

So this year, I have diberately gone out and taken more colour images to hone that skill. Now I think I’m in a better position to go for the Licentiateship and will apply for this first judging next year (gez, a new years resolution already!)

2. Bought the 5D MkII. Tick in the box there! Never looked back since getting it. Wonderful bit of kit but very memory

Ok, another big moment for me...............

Hi all you bubble friends!…

I have just finished the basic layouts of my own website. This is a big thing for me as I have spent, literally, years trying to get this the way I want them (never happy :-s).

The web address is

The coding is still a long way off but I wanted to get the pages the way I wanted before going into any sort of depth of webstuff like that. Plus the fact, my web address is published in the “Landscape Photographer Of The Year” book so I needed to get something out there!

Just would like some comments – good, bad or indifferent.

Is it easy enough to get around? Anything there that shouldn’t? Something missing? Is there too much information on the image pages? Does the map links work for you?…………………and so on.

I’ve asked a wee group of folk

Just want to introduce.............

Just wanted to introduce someone to all my Bubbler Friends out there. His name is Mark Ozanne and he’s a friend of mine from back when I lived up towards Inverness area (Forres, actually).

As it happens, I nearly didn’t take up photography because of Mark and his wife, Margaret, as I didn’t want to “tread on their toes” so to speak. Didn’t want them to think that I was starting photography because they were doing it, if you know what I mean.

I can remember Mark doing photography as long as I have known him and over the years has produced some great images. Have a look at his collection of images (he hasn’t uploaded many yet but give hime time!) and welcome him to RB.

Here’s a couple of my favourites so far:

Got it, at last!........

Finally got my hands of the book from this years “Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009”.

There it is on p41 is my wee image of Ness, Isle Of Lewis – White Horses

And no, it wasn’t upside down or in colour. It is just perfect. How great is that?

Thrilled and cannot wait for the exhibition now!


PS. You’re going sick of me going on about this, aren’t you? :-S
PPS. Available in all good bookshops or via THIS LINK

Inspiration for the month.........October 2009: Strathfarrar

I have agonised over this for the past month, which is why this is late.…

“There are soooooo many talented photographers and artists here at RB, why couldn’t I just choose one of them?” you may ask. I ask myself the same question but this is all about inspiration and sometimes a place can give you that special feeling as well as influence from other works and interaction.

This is why that this month, I will dedicate this to Glen Strathfarrar. A small-ish Glen in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland. It is the first of the three radial Glens that fan out from Strath Glass and for me, it holds such an important place in my heart.

I have said on many occasions, that I feel like I have “come home” when I’m here and I don’t think there is a single day on which I don’t wish I was there – with m

Got My Invite And My Order Placed.........

Strange how things just click into place and start to become real.

Following my good fortune in this year’s “Take-A-View” Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009 competition for my Ness, Isle Of Lewis – White Horses, my invitation to the Private Viewing event in London for the 10th December is in the post. So I’ll have to buy a new shirt and boxers for that :-) Got trousers so don’t worry girls!

Have placed an order for the new Annual Book of the event, which is published at the end of this week on 31st October. So should be in the shops on Monday 2nd November.

Knowing my luck, they’ll have printed my image upside-down or, worse still, in COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait though :-D

Might As Well Pack It All In Now........

Well, that’s it! There’s no where else for me to go now but down the way.…

I have always said that this photography thing never ceases to amaze me but I think I have reached my summit.

Last week, I got told that my Ness, Isle Of Lewis – White Horses has been commended in this years “Take A View” Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2009 competition in the classic view category.

I was well chuffed about getting short-listed but getting further to being commended is a top achievement for me. Simply amazing.

The book with all of the selected entries will be out at the end of October from AA Publishing and all of those images within the book will on show at the National Theatre Exhibition in London between the 5th December 2009 and 24th January 2010.

So where now? How do I top this?

Anyway, jus

Inspiration for the month.........September 2009: Shelly Hiebert

Now I know it’s almost half way through September but I’ve been busy ok.…

Also, trying to decide who to write about in my journal was quite difficult as well. So many talented photographers here at RB and I have a list as long as…….well, something that’s very long :-)

I found myself compelled to share the works of Shelly Hiebert with all you RB friends out there. If you haven’t seen her work, why not? If you have, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Shelly’s work is just excellent and her passion for her own family and surroundings cannot be denied. This flows through her images and is plain to see for all.

As well as the superb images Shelly shows, it is her enthusiasm and kindness of spirit that’s quite aspirational. Something I wish I had more of!

These are just some of my fa

An Interesting Opportunity..........

I have recently been asked the do a series of lectures at my work on the subject of Photography. Being quite a big organisation, I don’t really know how big or how experienced my audience will be so I decided that the first lecture would be as if someone would be looking at photography for the first time. Then move forward from there.…

I really want the audience to want to learn photography without being frightened away by technicals and too many facts so I thought something simple and straightforward – bubble gum for the brain, so to speak.

Basically, ESP

E for Enjoy! There is no point in doing anything unless you enjoy it and it would certainly show in the frame. There are very few creative pastimes that can portray the artists mood than photography, I find.

S for Subject. Another word f

"Ever Thought About Taking It Up Professionally?"........

I don’t think anyone who is an amateur photographer has not wished that they could take it up professionally. Being able to do something you love, get paid for it and be surrounded by the subject that you’re passionate about would be wonderful and make life complete.…

But hold on a minute……….

I remember being asked this very question at an exhibition in London back in 2007 (at which I was lucky enough to have a few of my images showing). I did think about the reply for a moment and carefully replied, “If I didn’t have to worry about where my next pay packet was coming from, I’d love to. I think it would kill the passion and lead to the death of my art otherwise.”

In my mind, if I had to worry about assignments, commissions, etc. in order to pay the bills, it would be this that would domina

My Best Month Ever.........

When I started photography, a way back in 2004, I knew that I wanted to be the best I could be at it. I really wanted to do the landscape justice and share what I saw with everyone that took the time stop and look my wee images.…

The last month has been such a busy time. Moved house, sorting out everything that goes with that, stealing some time to get away with the camera, a very busy time with work and trying to catch a moment or two with my Redbubble friends.

All through that, a number of real milestone achievements and honours have come my way.

I had the real true honour of winning a couple of challenges. One in a group where my main passions lie: The Black & White Photography Group and the other in the Tunnel Vision Group
I think to have your images voted for is a real honour, even if

a HUGE Apology..............

Hi Folks,

Sorry about being sparing around over the past couple of weeks.

Been moving “hoose” and somewhere along the way, my internet connection became a casualty and have had limited access via my mobile and other sources.

Anyway, everything seems to be up and running (touch wood) so hopefully, back to business as usual.



Inspiration for the month.........August 2009: Veronica Ingram

There has been one great regret in my photography and that has been the lack of talent when it comes to people images. It is the capture of those candid moments, those special “thousand word” expression shots, that I just cannot do.

Veronica Ingram is one of those photographers that admire that has this talent in abundance. I can just look in awe at her portfolio and wonder.

She is obviously a people-watcher and has a great eye for those candid shots. Mixed with a excellent knowledge of exposure, composition and editing, her work is just a joy to look at.

Here’s some of my favourites:

So there’s this months spotlight. Please pay Veronica’s portfolio and visit. Leave a few comments and share the wealth – pass it on!


Don't think it can get any better than this......

Hi everyone,

Just moved house and have setup my computer (a few sweary words later) then the broadband. Back online.

Going through my wee backlog of e-mails and I’ve found a wee e-mail from the Take-A-View panel.

To my amazement, a few of my images have made it to the final panel of judging. Now that’s a big WOW! Unbelievable considering the immense competition and standard that enter this competition every year (I think over 100,000 images were entered last year).

Totally chuffed to bits and had to share the good news!

Now, This is special........

Just found out today that won a challenge in the Black & White Photography Group.

It was the Seascapes and Shorelines in Black & White Challenge and it was my White Horses At Ness image

As most of you know, my main passion is B&W. So to win a challenge in this group and against over a hundred other entries is very much a thrill for me.

As I sit here writing this, it never ceases to amaze me on just how much photography gives to my life at times. This is one of those times. Simply wonderful.

Thanks for all who voted for my wee image.

An Unexpected Wee Victory

Just had to share with my fellow Redbubbler friends about an unexpected win in one of the challenges I entered.

As most of you that know me, I love my B&W’s but every now and again, I will get a colour image that I like. When this happens I post it here and there but it is rare.

I’m not that confident with colour, I have to confess so getting this wee win is certainly a confidence boost.

I decided to enter this image:

Waxing Crescent Moon

The challenge was The Moon Challenge in the ImageWriting (2/24) Group

Totally chuffed about this. I think this is my second challenge win since I have been on RB (Note to myself: must enter more) and being a colour image makes this even more superb! :-D

Small Victories in June2009

Considering how little time I spend doing my photography and being not as active as I would like to be here on RB, I’m really pleased how my wee images have faired this month. It always amazes me considering the standard of images and talent here on RB.…

Here’s a wee list of my small victories:

Cycle Bridge

This one was featured in the Tunnel Vision Group and came in the top ten in both Perspertives – The First Challenge and The One Great Bridge Shot Challenge.
Strangely, the one item that gave me the most satisfaction was getting 7 votes in the Black & White Photography Group – Perspectives Challenge. Considering there were over 140 images entered for this, I was amazed to get that amount!

Time & Tide

Loch Katrine – Curved Rails


All three images were featured in the Unlimited Quali

A Return To Inspiriational Of The Month: July 2009

Sorry for the wee lapse in service from the past few months but work and life pressures got in the way a bit.…

Anyway, every now and again you see work that just inspires and motivates you to look at your own work in a new way – in an aspirational way, if you like.

As most folk know my main passion is B&W. This medium has a way about it that moves the emotions and changes the atmosphere of a scene that colour, sometimes, just cannot translate. For me, it’s a real art and allows more of an interpretative view of a scene or subject. Just wonderful medium to work with.

This is why I’m a big admirer of Donald Cameron’s work. His images are just techncally stunning and the atmospheric feel from each scene is sublime. A real master of the use of negative space, IMO.

Here are just a few examples

A kind request: Opinions Please?

In between work pressures and getting ready to move house (end of June so not long now!), I have been working on my own website.…

By no means is it finished yet – loads of image to upload, links to add, tutorials to add, so and so (I’ll stop there before I depress myself on how much I still need to do!).

Can I ask a wee favour from my Bubble friends and ask what you think of it so far? What can I add? Anything annoying about the navigation? Just anything really?

Also anyone who would like their own website to be added to my links, please feel free to send your link and I’ll try to add them as soon as.

Thanks in advance!

I suppose it would be an advantage to give out the web address, wouldn’t it? So here is it:

Please be honest otherwise I will not know if I’

Strange what makes you sad......

I’ve been busy with work for a number of weeks now and part of my travels allowed me to visit my old stomping ground – Findhorn and Forres, near Inverness in the north of Scotland.…

One lunchtime I went to the beach at Findhorn just to see the views over the Moray Firth but I found one thing now missing……..the Beach Hut.

This wee hut was very much a part of my childhood when I was growing up as I have many memories of sun-filled days during my summer holidays. Leaning on it whilst eating ice-cream, running through the grasses around it and even had my first kiss behind it – just very much part of that location where I grew up.

Took many attempts to get this image and I know it has loads of faults but I like it a lot for obvious reasons.

Now it’s not there anymore. Strange how the absence

Answers to a question or a number of them :-)

These are the answers to a set of questions that Simone Byrne asked folk in his own journal. His own answers are, indeed, very personal and an insight to the artist himself so, please, have a look for yourself at Simone’s Journal
Very thought provoking and has let me think about my own photography in ways that I hadn’t before.…

Anyway, here’s my Answers:

1. How did you first get into photography?
By accident. Threw my back out whilst playing golf……again. Basically, had enough of thrashing about at a ball, walking after it, thrashing about again, walking after, thrashing about again, losing the ball, walking back to where I hit it, thrashing about again……think you get the picture (had a swing like a broken toilet door, anyway!).
So sold the clubs then wondered what I would do instead. Saw a DS

Inspiration for the month.........March 2009

Following my monthly travels through my watchlist, I want to share the portfolio of Colin Campbell from Inverness, Scotland.

His work is just superb and captures the spirit of the Scottish landscape that is dear to my own heart.

Obviously, I’m biased because of the subject matter but he does capture the landscapes well.

Please have a look through his work and comment. Just a treat!

Inspiration for the month.........February 2009

A wee bit late in getting around to this month’s inspirational photographer so I apologise for that.

This month’s photographer is more like a aspirational rather than an inspirational one for me. He is one of those talents you can only wish that you could achieve the quality and amazing images that he produces. He is a truly immense talent!

He is, of course, “Mike Dawson”:

Here are just a few of his amazing creations……

I’m sure you will agree, simply sublime!

What you find when you're just looking........

In a wee moment of “me” time, I was just exploring RB to plumb the depths of other talented artists that are here.

So to continue my practice of “sharing the wealth”, I would like to share the immense talent:

Robert Mullner

If you don’t know his work, please do check his art out – you’re in for a treat!

Just some amazing images of landscapes, seascapes and scenes from his trip in Japan.

Just to show that I’m not losing my passion of monochrome imagery:


Just check out his portfolio for more amazing images! Just wonderful……..


Inspiration for the month.........January 2009

This is a new thing that I’m starting to enrich my RB experience and to share my thoughts and inspiration that drives my own photography on.…

I will each month choose an artist from my Watchlist that inspires me and why they do in their work. Quite simple really and hopefully give back some of the enjoyment and awe that their work has given me in my short time here at RB.

My first Inspiration has been a difficult one as there are so many talented photogs out there and in my watchlist but I have had to chose Mohsen Bayramnejad

Mohsen was the first artist that I stumbled upon after I had joined and his abstract self-portrait was simply a stunning image. It was why I nominated this image for the Pay It Forward when I had the chance and it was so good it won the challenge to become the avatar

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait