$20 Voucher Up for Grabs! | Challenge reminder

3 days left for entries into the $20 Voucher Challenge

Hello all, don’t forget to check out the Make An Impression Voucher Challenge there’s only three days left to enter and we would love to see more people participating in this.

Voting starts in 3 days, please don’t forget to vote because we need a 1st place image with a minimum of 6 votes to award the voucher – otherwise we will carry it on to the next challenge.

If you are interested, please let me know, I’ll check out your stuff and send you an invite. We are a new but steadily growing group with Lots of talent and we can always benefit from more! This is a group to share and be inspired by excellent photography as well as get some more exposure for your own work!

Some of the Talent

It's that time of year - Calendars for everyone!

I recently sold a personalized version of one of my calendars to a very satisfied customer and this has given me the impetus to put my new-found graphic and design skills to the test.

Please check out the latest additions to my body of work and of course, feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism you may have! If you are interested in making a personalized calendar of your own based on my work all it takes is a quick bmail or you can contact me at and we can discuss your ideas and plan out a design.

On another note, I’ve just recently put together my facebook page Damienne Bingham Photography . It is early days yet so any support you would like to throw my way would be much appreciated! And of course, if you have your own arti

Make an Impression - Challenge Time!

I’ve just launched my first challenge at Make An Impression . So I thought it was time to drum up some more interest in the group.

There is a $20 voucher up for grabs – but it is contingent on the winning entry receiving more than 6 votes. That means – vote early and vote often! If you enter the challenge please, please vote at least once – it is just considerate! If no one votes, no one wins. It’s all for your benefit!

The topic of the challenge is ‘Old and New’ – so we want to see the contrast of the old and new together in one image. No restrictions on the object of the image – that means you could enter a photograph of old and new buildings, plants, people – whatever you think represents the contrast of old and new!

Send your entries in now .

The first viable entry we recei

Make an Impression - The Group and the Talent

Greetings all and welcome to the first (possibly the last haha depending on your interest!) Showcase journal for the new(ish) group Make an Impression. I first experienced this group when I was voted into a challenge by the participants of Make an Impression to be a guest host for a time. Well that guest stint has now turned into a full-time co-hosting position alongside the group creator Jason – and as a co-host it is my duty to the group and to all of you out there to let you know what it’s all about and encourage you to get involved. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The Group

Firstly, I want to start with the basic ‘Mission Statement’ we’ve come up with (Thank you Jason!)

We would like to develop a group where fantastic photography can be shared. To do this we ask for me

I Made a Sale | Thank you to all the kind people who support my work!

I made a couple of sales in the last few days and so I have decided to keep this post as a rolling inventory of my sales and a continued thank you to those who are supporting my work, not only through sales but through encouraging comments, features and faves.

My Recent Sales

I haven’t sold a huge amount of work but I’ve sold a few pieces in various products and sizes, mostly to anonymous buyers, and so I want to say thank you to whoever they may be. If you are reading this, you know who you are!

It is really encouraging for me when my work sells, even if it is as small as a greeting card. When people enjoy my work enough to actually want to spend money on it, that is very encouraging and gratifying. And it reminds me why I love this site, the quality of work, the talent and

iPhone cases, mark-ups and colour space issues!

To continue on my ‘Civilized Protest’ mission…

Bravo RB for making a few new changes that most people are actually appreciating!

Love the new edit page layout – although it is taking a little getting used to, I love the new way to review and add your images to groups – and having a link to the group rules is a great idea.…

I bet that makes all you long-suffering hosts out there very happy! (Yes I’m one of those people that pisses off hosts by forgetting the rules, but thankfully most people seem to be forgiving! Thank you!)

The new iPhone cases:

I’m in two minds about this. It’s nice to have another product to display one’s work on, and I’m starting to think more like a designer these days – but I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for photography on RB? Clearly tshirts and

A Civilized Protest WEB-RING: An Opinion of the RB Layout Changes - Please add this to your favourites if you agree - we want RB to hear our opinions!

Update: Work Stats

Recently, I’m not sure when – maybe yesterday? Our pages have had ‘work stats’ added to the bottom of the column on the right. Very handy for all of you group hosts out there – I sincerely hope that makes life easier for you guys.…

It’s nice to see yet another baby step taking place, I’m trying to decide if that gives me encouragement or if I am disheartened that RB has addressed that small issue without even commenting let alone fixing the issue of the image descriptions.

How’s everyone else feeling about this? We’ve certainly had time to familiarize ourselves with the new layout and personally I have to say, the longer I use it, the more frustrated I get.

I am continually frustrated by the edit button being so close to the mybubble link – it is excrutiatingly frus

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