My Children's Book Trailer!

Hello one and all!!!

I’m peeking in to share a VERY special thing with you!! It is the trailer for my children’s book “The Kingdom of Trill: King Coda’s Reprise”! We are still in talks with various publishers, but wanted to share this with you to give you a teasing tidbit about the story!! I am so excited to share this with you along with my co-author Chris Dane Owens – The beautiful Aeone Watson created the music and is the voice of the Kingdom of Trill!

Please take a moment and watch, and let me know what you think! Aimee

Off to Hollywood Again!

Hello all!…

It’s 2013 ALREADY?! My goodness. How did that happen?! Heheheh.

2012 was a whirlwind year, and this year is starting off with a bang too! I’ll be in Hollywood for five days next week, working on some details regarding my children’s book, and also working on some green screen backgrounds for my first foray into video work! I’m creating some fantasy backdrops for my awesome co-conspirator in all things creative… Chris Dane Owens!

More puzzles are coming out through MEGA Puzzles, some of which are already in stores now. And I have more merchandising announcements to make very soon! Since I’ve finished my book, I finally have a bit more time to work on more ‘one-off’ artwork that I hope to start posting here ASAP. There’s been so much inspiration lately, I’m overflowing with

Children's Book Update

Hello all!…

First, allow me to thank every one of you who has visited my page here on RedBubble over the past few months and left such kind remarks for me. I’ve seen all of them, and though I’m sorely and woefully behind on responding, they have all lifted me to the moon and back with their kindness and generosity. Thank you so, so much!!

My last post was in June, after I returned home from my trip to LA! After that, it was a whirlwind of activity, finishing up the artwork and writing for my book. We had added scenes, finessed others, and in the 11th hour I realized an important plot detail that needed to be added. But as of last week, finally, FINALLY…. everything came together, and the book now sits in the hands of arguably the top literary agent and publisher in the world. At his

Children's Book, LA, and Warner Brothers!

Hello all!…

Thanks to everyone who left such uplifting and fantastic messages for me on my last update! I just wanted to fill you all in and say I had a BRILLIANT time in Hollywood! My trip was more than I could have ever dreamed.

Here is a picture of me in Conference Room 15 at Warner Brothers, with the images to my children’s book spread out on the biggest conference table I’ve ever seen!

My wonderful collaborator and host made sure I saw all there was to see in Hollywood, and of course being a girl of the 80’s, I was THRILLED to see ’Duckie’s’ star on the walk of fame!

At one point I was even given a golf cart and released into the wilds of Warner Brothers all on my own!! I couldn’t stop giggling! So fun driving around the sound stages and faux city streets!

My creative collaborator

Hollywood, here I come!!!

Hello all! Or those of you who still check this now and then.…

If you haven’t noticed, my time here on Redbubble has scaled back to a tiny smidgen of what it once was. But there is good reason! For the past year and a half, I have been delving into the literary world. I have been working tirelessly on my very first children’s book! It has been a total labor of love, and has taught me so much. And at last, I am on the cusp of finishing it!

Next week (Thursday the 14th!) I am flying to LA to meet with my writing partner Chris Dane Owens, and we will be putting the finishing touches on the text of the book. After that? Off it goes, into the waiting hands of three different publishers. Who it will end up being published by is anyone’s guess… but trust me when I say that any one of the

Massive updates and goings-on in Foxfiresland!

Hello all!…

It is only January, and this year is ramping up to be a really exciting year for me!

I am still going full throttle with my children’s book. The final stages of art are in progress now, and our goal is to have it in the publisher’s hands, signed sealed delivered, as of March.
And here is a little bit of information about my puzzle line! As of now, A Mad Tea Party completely sold out it’s printing run in all chain stores. Wow! Good news is, it is being rereleased in April at Fred Meyer, KMart, and WalMart Canada.

Butterfly Ball is currently for sale at the US WalMarts, WalMart Canada, Meijer, and KMart. It will also be listed from the main company on here shortly.

Craft and hobby shops also are a good place to check. They often have the ability to order somethi

The making of a children's book

This past weekend I had the amazing pleasure of having a wonderful friend and super inspiring guy fly up from Hollywood to go over some of the final details of a children’s book that we are creating together. His name is Chris Dane Owens, and he has been the catalyst this past year that has enabled me to live out a lifelong dream… and that is to become a children’s book illustrator and writer.…

We have been working on this project for a little over a year now, crafting the story, fine tuning the artwork… and seeing our visions come to life. We are finally in the final two months of work as we polish everything up. We have some really exciting things lined up regarding this book… and even though I can’t divulge those quite yet, I can share a few pictures from this weekend! I can’t wait

Vacation, and Blowing Bubbles!

Hello all!

Just got back from 10 days of vacation!! Wonderful fresh air at the ocean, and lots of peaceful wave gazing. So nice to come back to so many beautiful messages!! Going through them all now.

On our last day there, the mist closed in so we couldn’t see the ocean – but I decided to blow some bubbles as my goodbye to the sea. My brother Brent McCune has provided the music, and my lungs full of hot air (ha ha) have provided the bubbles. Enjoy!!

Your vision vs others

I recently posted two versions of the same image. One is called The Yellow Brick Road, and the other is called Her Yellow Brick Road.…

The original, Her Yellow Brick Road, can be found here:

And the alternate, revised version is this one:

When I originally made this piece, it was intended to be a very melancholy type image. Something that spoke of a poetic longing. A journey in progress, or perhaps even a life left behind for whatever is beyond in the unknown. That is why I specifically left the ‘Emerald City’ out of my original. Most of the time, we never know where our ‘Yellow Brick Road’ is going to lead us. It is different for everyone. I put a dark, tea-stained texture on it as well… giving it a feel of age. Well worn, long traveled, then…or now. It doesn’t matter. Timelessn

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