The meaning of 'Almost nothing'

I want to thank all of you for your beautiful comments on ‘Almost nothing’. You can’t imagine how I enjoyed reading your words and thoughts. The image provoked some speculating about the meaning of it, the symbolism in it and about the title. I truly think all your thoughts and ideas about what you saw are as ligitimate as mine are. But, to make this dialogue complete, I will try to explain my ideas behind it.…

It has all to do with duality which is a very important concept to me. The human soul is characterised by duality. I am capable to hate and I am capable to love. There is light in me and there is darkness in me. Living in duality forces me to make decisions: do I choose to hate or do I choose to love? Decisions I have to make a thousand times a day. This is the quest of life for me.

Interesting journal from Deborah Parkin

Why do we paint, write or make pictures? An intriguing question. Deborah wrote a journal about it. Her own motivation is very interesting to read. Lots of Bubblers responded to her journal and gave their own personal view on the matter. Please read it and contribute.

You will find the journal here

Body back in Holland, spirit still in Oz ...

… and – oh yeah – I have got a jetlag of serious proportions.…

MaryO and I landed yesterday morning at 06.00 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

We have had a beautiful holiday in Australia. I am still to tired to write a lot about it. All I can say is that my mind is completely filled up with memories, images and experiences. I definitely fell in love with Oz and the Oz people.

MaryO is an Australian citizen living in the Netherlands. One of the reasons of this trip was to find out if we want to go and live in Australia. Well, the answer is a very clear ‘yes’! From this day on we are going to make plans and I am going to apply for a Spouse Visa.

On our trip we met a couple of RedBubblers and it was absolutely a great experience to meet them. Ozcloggie, MBartworks, Miloman, Bodymechanic, Mar


I am busy now with the last preperations of my trip to Oz, together with MaryO

We leave from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport saturday morning and hope to arrive in Sydney on sunday evening.

That also means I have not as much time as usual commenting on your work or answering BubbleMails. Sorry for that.

I will miss you. But see you in three weeks.

Beloved Dutch artist Jan Wolkers died

In the Netherlands Jan Wolkers was a very beloved writer, sculptor and painter. On friday October 19th he died in his sleep at the age of 81 in his house on the Dutch island Texel.

Jan Wolkers started his career as a sculptor. He really became famous as a writer. A very well-known novel he wrote was Turkish Delight, which has been translated in languages all over the world. In the beginning of his career as a writer he caused a lot of turbulence in Dutch society. This had to do with the fact he has a very open and blunt style of writing about sex. Wolkers grew up in an orthodox Christian family. In his books he attacked the madness and hypocrisy of this social environment. This also made a lot of people angry. He wrote about love, death, sex and nature. He was a passionate lover of natur

Love to see your working space ... yes, I am curious

I always find it very intriguing to see where people do their creative work. I love documentaries with painters, sculpturers or photographers performing in their own atelier. Maybe you work on a small desk in the corner of your living room or maybe you have a atelier as big as a classroom: whatever is the case … I would love to see it. I’ll kick off. The picture above is where I earn my living and where I goof around with my images. The picture below shows my virtual cockpit. Yes, the bright observer can see I am flying airbus now. No yoke, but a stick.

Aat Veldhoen

Now and then I will continue with a series of journals about artists in Holland and neighbouring countries. Today Aat Veldhoen. A very versatile artist. Fascinated by everything that has to do with life and people. I am not going to write a lot about him because his website is both in Dutch and in English. So you can read for yourself. Hope you like his work as much as I do … have fun! Click here and enjoy.

Friend or friend?

Ozcloggie wrote a very interesting survey today. It is about the possible differences between the use of the word ‘friend’ in the Netherlands and in Australia. You really should read it; it is a very colourful and clarifying commentary.…

Now I will have a look at the same subject, seen from my perspective, living in the Netherlands. Dutch people only use the word ‘friend’ if they mean a real friend. A friend is someone with whom you share your deepest thoughts, someone that is very dear to you. It is a man or women whose company is very important to you. Well, I don’t have to explain what a friend is. In Holland we only use the word friend if we refer to someone with whom we have such a deep and important relationship.

An acquaintance is someone we know, and might even see often, but don’t

Huh!? Four sales at one day! Thanks a lot!

Wow. I didn’t feel very well today, both mentally and physically. But life brought a beautiful event on my path that made the sun shine again. I sold 2 cards of ‘Dance of the Seahorse’, two cards of ‘Shipwreck’ and two cards of ‘Aquatic Life’. On top of this flood of blessings I sold a mounted print of Abundance 6 Triptych. Thank you, dear buyers. This is the fuel that keeps the engine going. I sincerely hope you will enjoy them!

Second and third sale

I didn’t need coffee this morning to wake up. When I saw I sold two cards every molecule of my body was instantly awake. I want to thank the persons who bought Abundance 4 and 5. I hope it will give you a lot of pleasure.

First sale

This morning, still half asleep, I stumbled to the loft where I am working and having fun. Switched on the computer, checked e-mail and – to my great surprise – saw that someone bought Abundance 3 as a card. What a great way to start a fresh new week! It is my wish that the person who bought it will have as much pleasure of the card as I had making it. God bless you.

Pina Bausch

I am a great admirer of the german choreographer Pina Bausch. She was born on july 27th 1940 in Solingen. She studied dance at Folkwang School in Essen from 1955 to 1958 and, after that, continued her study in the United States, where she was a special student of the Juilliard School of Music in New York.…

Famous choreographies of Pina Bausch are Die sieben todsünden, Komm tanz mit mir, Café Müller, Bandeneon and Nur du.

I think my facination for modern dance has a lot to do with my passion for flying. And this passion for flying has everything to do with the desire to liberate myself from the restrictions of having a physical body. In my mind my possibility’s are unlimited, but in the physical world they aren’t. (Ask Leonardo Da Vinci.) If you look at classical or modern dance you can s

Simon Pasieka

This morning I was trying to wake up with a cup of coffee in front of the television. In Holland we can recieve a German television station called ARTE. It shows a lot of programs about … eh … yes … art. While waking up I watched a program about the German artist Simon Pasieka.…

He was born in 1967 in Kleve/Niederrhein. He lives and works in Köln and Paris. He told he was very interested in the fenomenon of experiencing things for the first time. That is the reason why the people he depicts are of young age, between childhood and adolecense. This is a period in a human life in which one expriences a lot of things for the first time.

He makes large acryl paintings and black and white drawings on canvas. He shows people who experience all kinds of things, while they are surrounded by nature.


Maybe it is nice if now and then I write something about artists in the Dutch/Belgium area. Like Panamarenko. Because of my passion for everything that has to do with aviation this is an artist very close to my heart. It is hard to categorize him in any of the known mainstreams of art. He is an artist, engineer, poet, physicist, inventor and visionary. And above all he is a very kind person with a great sense of humour.…

He was fascinated by aircraft and build a lot of them. I think one of the funny things about his work is the fact that he never made clear if his aircraft can actually fly. He always raised a beautiful smoke curtain around that subject.

For a very long time Panamarenko had his atelier in his parental house. Recently he donated this house to the Museum of Contemporary Art A

Jopie Huisman

In my view Jopie Huisman is one of the most interesting Dutch painters in recent history. From his early childhood he draw what he saw around him and touched him. He was an autodidact. As an adult man he earned his living as a salesman of old iron, scrap and rag. He had a passion for the simple and ordinary things of life. He earned his living with collecting and selling what people threw away. Those simple items facinated him too, so he started to paint them. In all his paintings he tried to tell people about the stories behind the objects he painted.…

I think it was in the late 70’s or in the beginning of the 80’s when his work got known. Collectors and individuals started offering him lots of money for his work, but he didn’t want to sell it. If he liked someone he gave a painting away.

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