Set up links to other sites using redbubble

Here’s an example of how it will look:

Setting this up is very simple.

1. First Click your Avatar at the top of the page. This will take you to your profile page
on the top right place your mouse over the the red “Edit”.

2. A menu will appear click the Selection “Edit your Profile”

This takes you to the main page for editing your profile.
3. On the left side of the screen there is a list of items to select click the one “Link to other Sites”

4. Now Just fill out the form for alll the sites you want to show the ones left blank will not show on your profile page.

5. Don’t forget to click the box that will show these links on your profile.

6. Now just click the “Save” button at the bottom and your done.

Happy Bubbling

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How to Download your images from Redbubble

Keeping a back up of your files in more than one location is always the best way to protect your hard work….and many tears when your Computer crashes…but on the slight chance you cannot retrieve your image from your many back up’s Redbubble has made it very easy for you to download it from the server where it is stored…How awesome is that…Here’s how..
First find the image in your art collection..once you find it click the “Edit” link once you are on the edit page there is a download icon next to the small thumbnail.

You can click on it and it will load up your image in the Hi-Res format that you uploaded it in…
To download it just right click it and select the appropriate menu option to save the image to your computer..
Walla your image has been saved thanks to the Redbubble Tech Team…

I can h

Posting Facebook Badges on Redbubble

this is my fan page badge.…

So I created a fan page on facebook and was thinking it sure would
be a good Idea to link my redbubble profile to it, but The ordinary
text link or image link was not enough, I wanted the cool ones facbook lets me create and customize, so here is how to get the
profile badge (facebook) on your profile page (redbubble)…
Note: You can use the profile badge for either your facebook profile
or your fan page so if you do not have a fan page you can use a
profile badge that links to your facebook profile. To get to the link that
allows you to create a profile or page badge you need to log-in to
facebook then go to your profile page by clicking the ‘profile’ link on the
top right of the page … when the page loads scroll down and look on
the left side as you are scrolling there

(Host Tutorial) Group cleaning

This Tutorial is for all the host out here that are trying to keep a limit on the pages of works within the group that they host….
I have gone through many blogs and instructions to create a JavaScript that would take care of this automatically but I do not speak or read alien…Should have not taken French in high school.
So from what I have found searching for an easier way was in an add-on for Firefox called “iMacros” by “iOpus” basically what this add-on does is records the things you do on the web and then it can do the same thing by itself or “macro”…You will have to tell it to start by double clicking a link or click a link then click play…It works pretty well I have asked the Hosts over in the "All that is Nature’: group to allow me to figure out weather or not this thing works and su…

(Host Tutorial) Copy & Paste time saver

Awhile back I discovered an add-on for Firefox that is used for adding an e-mail signature with just a few clicks of the mouse and thought this would be perfect for storing the code used for featured images in my groups and in one group we send out a welcome message that is jammed packed with awesome information about the group it can also be used for many other things that I need to either copy from one place then paste it to another and how much time this takes… so below I have some basic instructions on how to get you started using this really great add-on to save your self some time while doing your hosting duties….Just keep in mind this is how I use this add-on but I’ll bet you can find more useful ways this will help you all around the web..…

Step 1
If you do not have the Firefox web

Small Product Preview Updated

I have Finished updating my journal for Using Small Product Previews

I have also included the instructions for posting the larger than needed sizes as well.

If you have tried this in the past and were not happy with the difficulty of doing it the new image addresses have made it a lot easier. I have Archived the old version
(old image addresses) for those of us that have posted product previews using that method but it should no longer be needed. (Using Small Product Preview…Archived)
Happy Bubbling
Again here is the link Using Small Product Previews

Get the Firefox and Internet Explorer Tool bar for Redbubble Here
See more info

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(Host Tutorial) Group Banners

If your group is using banners for challenge winners and featured images there is a way to use the proper size to keep them the right size for posting in your members comments without overdoing it and having the group member getting frustrated and deleting the image from their comments section……

First thing to keep in mind that the image does not need to be poster sized to work well. As long as you maintain an aspect ratio (or shape) that you want to post in the comments..The ones I’ve created have been 650 × 360 pixels and they work great..

When you upload them to your profile make sure to check the box next to
Hide this work from the public? (You can still see and buy it)

Then you can go to your ‘art’ section and lick the edit link next to the banner.

Now with the edit page open ‘righ

Tutorial: Add a flag counter to your bubblesite or profile

Add a flag counter to your bubblesite or profile

This can also be used on a groups overview page
most of the images below can be clicked to see them larger
Start by going to the Flag Counter web site.
hold down the ‘ctrl’ key and click that link above to open it in a new tab

You can set the different options to your liking just follow the instructions that are provided on the site…

When you are done click the ‘Get your Flag counter’ button

On the new page that appears click the text box on the bottom.

Then right click the text.

now select ‘copy’ from the menu that appears.

you can open notepad or any other word editing program…I use notepad as it is the easiest and fastest to start….
hold the ‘ctrl’ key and press ‘V’ to paste the code into will look like this


Now to make this work

Tutorial: Embed YouTube Video

Want to post a video
in a Journal entry
but not sure how…

To do this is fairly simple if you know how to copy and paste text, if you want more info on how to copy and paste see HERE

Now to the nitty gritty the easiest way to do this, would be to open a new tab in your browser press and hold the control key or ‘CTRL’ on most keyboards and press ‘T’ or you can click ‘File’ on the menu that is on the top of the browser and select ‘New Tab’.
Once the new tab is open find the video you want to post.
On the page that the video is on there is a box on the right of the video (see image below).
Click the text box that is shown below (the URL box).
click the image to see it larger

This will highlight the text that is needed in the next step.
If the page you are on does not have the URL box on the right si

(Host Tutorial) Featuring the easy way

If you are tired of rummaging through countless pages trying to feature a group member or an image that won a challenge and have so many more pages to go and your mouse hand is cramped. Try this method.

NOTE: This only works for groups that you Host / Co-Host
Also be careful in doing this as it will have the reverse effect on a featured image.
It will remove it from the featured section if it is already featured.
Be sure to visit the groups “overview” page to make sure your handy work has included all the images you wanted to feature.

You can click the images below to see them larger

To feature Challenge Images

1.On your groups “overview” page there is a link to your “featured work” section

right click the link
and select (with Firefox)“copy link location”

(with internet explorer) “copy short

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait