A Plea for Brighter T-Shirt Previews

I have just written an entry in the feedback pages concerning the way RB desaturates the colours in the T-Shirt previews. Those of you who are as frustrated as I am about this topic, particularly the way skin tones often appear almost as grey, please go HERE and add your votes to mine. I am convinced that many potential buyers must be put off by these lackluster previews.

Tee Shirt Preview Drabness

It has been an ongoing gripe of many RBers that the preview images for Tee shirts makes them appear too dull and therefore puts off potential buyers. I recently found a journal entry by Chris Whal describing how he uploaded a colour chart on a Tee shirt and compared the colours on the preview with his original file.
I have built on this idea using Chris’s charts and a Photoshop adjustment layer. Anyway I hope it is of some use to those of you who do Tee shirt artwork. Read Chris’s contribution and my addition with a link to my Photoshop screenshot (somewhere near the bottom of the page) HERE

A bit of doggerel for Julia - our new Aussie PM

This is for Aussie RedBubblers.
On the day the deed was done I thought the occasion might be appropriate for a little Doggerel. Here is the result.…

Some Advice for Julia

You’ll have to be like Jesus
and turn the other cheek.
You’ll have to have compassion
without appearing weak.

They say he was a communist
but now it must be said
that you, my dear, must not get caught
with reds beneath your bed.

A new PM must rise above
the mischievous accusations
of opposition polies
and their malicious imputations.

Kevin may have had his faults
but at least he has begun
the thankless task of doing
the stuff that must be done.

You know of what I’m speaking
of schools and health and such
and keeping private enterprise
from billing far too much.

With religious zeal I hope you’ll toil
to effect good plans you’ve crafted.

Australian Zazzle

I’m wondering what all you Bubblers think of and if you are a member of Zazzle will you be swapping or using both. The Australian Zazzle is supposed to be attuned to the Australian Market but obviously the American Zazzle has more visitors and probably always will.

Greeting Cards - The Inside Story

Redbubble cards are great, but currently anyone wanting to combine a picture with text to convey humour or an idea is forced to do it on the front of the card. I think that the capacity to have messages on the inside of cards or to upload monochrome images for the same purpose would be a valuable addition to RB.
I have put this suggestion on the feedback forum so if anyone feels that it is a good idea it would be great if you would go to Messages on the inside of cards and vote for it. If we get enough votes – who knows – it just might happen.

Eagles are Go !

Many years ago, before I started painting in earnest, someone who ran a gallery in Sydney advised me to paint colorful birds like parrots and rosellas because birds of prey didn’t sell. I took her at her word.
After I sold my Golden Eagle watercolour and gouache painting at Christmas, I reassessed and decided to do an oil painting of an Australian Wedgetailed Eagle.

With the paint barely dry it went into a local exhibition and sold.
I guess that the moral to the story is that we should listen to advice from people in ‘the industry’ but not ignore our own gut feeling.
So I am now about to buy a thicknesser and a mitre trimmer with the proceeds of the sales to enable me to spend more time painting and less time framing.

What will sell and what won't?

I give up… I don’t have a clue!
I have just sold a painting which I almost didn’t bother to frame because I thought no-one would buy it because it was too dark. Don’t get me wrong – I always liked the painting myself, but I thought that people who bought bird paintings would want brightly coloured parrots and dainty wrens bathed in sunlight. At Christmas I sold one which I thought was a bit too dark in the other sense of the word so from now on I’m not going to worry too much… If I like it… I’ll frame it !
So if any of you have paintings out there that you like but that you think are not saleable for some reason… GET OUT YOUR FRAMING GEAR.
For anyone who is interested, the two paintings mentioned are Nocturne and Inquisition

Return of the Possum

Great news. Herbert is back in his Gladstone bag. He’s looking older and a little frayed around the edges, particularly his feet, but I’m sure it is him as he has one ripped nostril (visible in earlier photographs).
The dead female possum I found must have been another unfortunate.
Here he is – a little the worse for wear Herbert.

Background story

The Unvarnished Truth about Synthetics

I’m still sleuthing my undercover story (couldn’t resist the pun) about varnishing and came across a technical article from the American Institute for Conservation on the removal of synthetic varnishes from paintings.
It has some interesting points to make about the changing solubility of synthetic varnishes over time. It’s pretty dry to wade through (the article that is – not the varnish of course) but I quote the conclusion below for anyone who hasn’t already tuned out:-…

For those of you with a cast iron constitution or with time on your hands the whole article can be found here.

IT HAS been shown previously on the basis of accelerated aging studies that certain methacrylate polymers will tend to cross-link and lose their ability to be removed efficiently. In order to monitor this effect

Anyone for Varnishing?

I have been using the traditional dammar varnish to protect my paintings but haven’t found it entirely satisfactory. I had read about Gamvar varnish based on research at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA and it sounded good. I have been searching for an Australian Supplier for a while and have now found one here.
A video of how to apply it is here.
An interesting article on varnishing can be found here
I hope this is useful for anyone else who is looking for a conservation grade varnish.
PS. A list of suppliers in other countries can be found here

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