New competition/ reminiscing...

Hey Bubble denizens!!…

Just wanted to let you know about a competition called Exposure 2011 from an organization known as Artists Wanted.

I’m a recent entrant, and would love it if you could vote for me!! You can check the blog link here

If you’re up for competing as well, by all means!! There’s a ton of great artists here that I know of who I think have the potential to win!

Thanks everyone!! I’m not on RB as often as I used to be, but there’s quite a few of you here who I miss talking to. I get the impression that many of us have created our own websites, shown our work elsewhere, picked up other talents & careers… but no matter how far I go as a photographer, I owe a lot to you guys here at the Bub! There’s something about this community and all the encouragement we give each other tha

Some quick updates for Summer 2011

Hey everyone!

Haven’t been too active on the Bub as of late, but there are a few things going lately that inquiring minds might want to know:

New photo series entitled Nebulactations,

Visible here on my new SmugMug Site

As well as my BubbleSite

The book is available here , as well as the petite edition

In addition, my book entitled New York: December 2010 has been re-released in hardcover format!

That’s all for summer – hope the rest of you on the Bub have been keeping busy too! :)


Pop Photo Challenge - Childhood

Hey RedBubble! Be sure to vote for any (or all) of my 3 entries in Pop Photo’s “Childhood” competition! Click the RED button that says “I Like This” and that counts as a vote for me!…

If you’ve got any images of your own that you’d like to submit, be sure to do so!

And thanks for all the support, guys! :))) I was wondering what the sudden flood of photo comments was about, and was surprised to see I was featured on the Home Page a little while ago. What with all the amazing artists that have come to RedBubble since it first got started, it’s amazing that I got chosen out of so many to be on th

Daniel is now on YOUTUBE!

Yup, that’s right! Along with exhibiting in museums, publishing books, I’m also broadcasting myself now! You’ll be seeing all my misadventures as a photographer… having HD video on your camera kind of adds a new dimension to your work….

And for my first project, here’s the footage/ photos from a 4-day missions trip I just did with my home church, Flipside…

Mission 25:35, 2010

In NEED of your help, Redbubble!

Hey guys!

So, after releasing In All Sincerity , The Heart Says , and It’s Rude To Make Faces , I’m finally laying out the groundwork for my FOURTH book/ photo project, entitled

Love Is Thicker Than Blood

Olympus is actually holding a competition which I submitted a proposal video to. You can find more details by watching the video on YouTube here . If you press the “LIKE” button right underneath the video, that actually counts as a vote for me in this competition, so I’d really appreciate it… even more so if you spread the word and help me get as many votes as possible, as it’s the votes from the online community that determine whether or not I can win the competition and bring this project to life!


Hey everyone!

I know, I know… I’ve been MIA again for a looooong time, have I not? I do have a good reason for it though! Along with trying to survive an economic slump by doing whatever freelance gigs I can, I’ve ALSO been hard at work finishing up my latest book, entitled It’s Rude To Make Faces!!! I’ve released it in two editions, which you can see here:

It’s Rude To Make Faces – Prestige Edition

It’s Rude To Make Faces – Petite Edition

Whew! The whole project spanned about 4 months but it felt like a lot longer! In any case, I’m insanely happy with the final results and I hope everyone else will be too!


Finally, a voice of sanity speaks up....

Now if only this would get through to the entire Christian church…. unfortunately, it would seem as if many are a little too afraid to really open their ears……

And in case I hadn’t already made it obvious with everything else I’ve posted…. as someone who is also a Christ follower, I find it a little tragic… although I’m hopeful and relieved that I’m not the only one who was willing to address the so-called “lifestyle”. I don’t know who it was that made that up (it’s certainly not in the Bible, despite what some of my brothers and sisters in Christ might say), but stereotypes were made to be broken… sort of like how planets didn’t move quite like the all the other stars in the sky, which broke the notion that everything in the universe revolved around Earth.

Whether it’s Jesus Christ, Cope

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