Exhibition History

This is a listing of all exhibitions that have included my work. Updated 11/2/2018

  • The Artwork of DAViD M. ALLeN – Digital Imagery Collection. Online Digital Art Collection, 28 June 2018 to present.
  • Tangencies – Mixed Media. Indiana Now 2016. Juried Exhibition, Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Lafayette IN, 13 May to 31 August 2016.
  • Infinite – Digital Imagery Collection. Online Digital Art Collection, 23 Dec. 2014 to 8 Sept. 2017.
  • Visions of Tomorrow – Digital Imagery. Snap to Grid. Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles CA. 11 Nov. to 4 Dec. 2010.
  • Internal Struggle. Solo Exhibition. West Lafayette Public Library, West Lafayette IN. 1 June to 30 June 2009.
  • Birth of Dreams 2 – Digital Imagery. Digitalism I. Juried Exhibition, Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn N

New NeonMob set Now Available

A new set of my artwork entitled “The Artwork of David M. Allen” is now available on NeonMob . This collection of my artwork is from 1992 to 2018. My style ranges from Abstract Surrealism to Surrealism. In my work I visually explore struggles of self, society and politics.

The first 500 people who use this promo code will get a free pack.

New NeonMob set in June

I will have a new collection of my work available, next month (June 2018) on NeonMob. The set called “The Artwork of David M. Allen,” will be a collection of my artwork from 1992 to 2018. Some of the images are also already available to view here on RedBubble. All of the images in the new NeonMob set range from Abstract Surrealism to Surreal; where visually explore struggles of self, society and government. I hope you will check it out!

Infinite now available at NeonMob

Well after many months of work then waiting, my NeonMob set of 24 images entitled Infinite is now online. The images are available online at: , though a couple have been featured here on RedBubble recently.

This group of work is an artistic exploration into the vast realm of dreams – between the waking moments and the rest. This set of images utilizes a collection of common symbols throughout. The entire work is made up of 24 images that when put together side by side, in order, will form one complete larger image.

Artist Statement

The world around us is constantly changing. Whether it is that new gadget that we just bought, which is now obsolete, or it is how age can influence our life; change is happening – the clock is moving forward.…

The western culture has been described as a constantly moving society. This can be attributed to the impact of the media as it informs, updates or addresses the people instantly; there is movement, change is everywhere. Through films, television and the Internet one can see the underlying stories that reflect the culture that embodies our society. Everything in our society feeds into the story that ultimately defines us as a unique culture.

Movement, time, and process have always fascinated me, and the idea of societal or individual evolution has influenced my work greatly.

Tips and Tricks - Photoshop: Enlarging Photos

It is not recommended to enlarge photos beyond their original size due to pixelation issues. If it is a small image less than 800 × 600 px, your results will be boxy no matter what you do. However working with a higher resolution image can produce a more successful result. When you resize an image in the Image>Image Size menu, Photoshop uses interpolation to create the modified pixels. This process works best at 10% increments. Also check the box for Resample Image and choose Bicubic Smoother (best for enlargement) from the drop-down menu. So the next time you need to resize an image, try doing it a only at 10% increments until you get to your desired size. Please let us know here how it worked for your image.…

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Tips and Tricks – Photoshop: Align & Distribute Layers

In Photoshop it sometimes can be cumbersome to align multiple graphic elements that reside on different layers. Luckily the Move Tool has some great options to alleviate this issue and save lots of time.…

For this tutorial we will learn how to easily and automatically align and distribute layers in a Photoshop document using the Move Tool and some handy features in the Options Bar. This tutorial will work with CS4 – CS5.5 versions of Photoshop.

Below (figure 01) is our starting document with six small icons all on different layers.

figure 01

At the moment, the thumbnail graphics are scattered all over the document. So my task is to arrange them in more of a 3×2 grid pattern. Taking a look at the Layers Panel (figure 02), we see that each thumbnail is sitting on its own layer above the Back

Augmented Reality App For Librarians

Researchers at Miami University have built an augmented reality app called ShelvAR that allows books on library shelves to be easier organized. The app quickly analyzes an entire shelf of books and identifies any out of order books; showing the librarian the fastest way to put the books back in order.…

ShelvAR is an Android app that uses a set of coded tags on the spines of the books that represent the call numbers. When a user of an Android enabled device holds it up to a shelf, the app reads all of the tags at once. Then the app sorts the codes from the tags to identify the correct order of the books and shows the shortest number of moves needed to reorganize them. The ShelvAR app displays a red “X” over all misfiled books and a corresponding arrow indicating where they really belong.

New 3D Holographic Display Technology on the Forefront

Recently the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA ) completed a five-year program called the Urban Photonic Sandtable Display (UPSD). This Display creates a real-time, interactive, 360-degree, color 3D holographic view to assist military battle planners without the aid of 3D goggles or glasses.

The large-format interactive 3D display platform is scalable, allowing for expansion from six-inches all the way up to six-feet diagonal in both full color and monochrome formats. UPSD is based on full-parallax technology , which enables 3D holographic objects to project the same amount of light in 360- degrees that the original object has and allows for full visual depth capabilities up to twelve inches. The holographic display permits simultaneous viewing and interactivity for up t

Flash-to-HTML5 Converter on its Way

Just this week Adobe has released a new Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool codenamed Wallaby . It is however still an experimental AIR app that lets developers convert Flash Professional files to HTML5 . It is touted as being “very easy” to use (drag and drop) and is intended to allow developers to get their content onto iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Adobe is looking for developers and designers to test out the tool and see how the new code looks and functions.

With the eminent onset of HTML5 as the new web standard, Adobe has been looking for a way to port over current Flash content and hold on to Flash as still being a driving force on the net. Additionally, since there are nearly 3 million developers using Flash, Adobe wants to find a way to help them utilize their existing skil

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