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Beautiful Japanese Lady

by Hidemi Tada
I think this particular work is exquisite because of the fine attention to detail of the drape of the cloth, the shadows and highlights in the bow of her Obi, the sash tied around her waist.
This is a really lovely painting among many.
A drawing that won honors: for the artist.
He specializes, it seems, in Rafaelesque European work, but seems to be so at home with his paints that he can make a success of any style of painting.

You have to see his work, it’s just beautiful!
NOTE: if you don’t like studies of women with bare breasts, don’t go. But it you see art as art, then, please, do yourself a favor.

Webbie (Thelma) Will be OKAY!! (10 Nov 2009)

WEBBIE (Thelma) is mending from H1N1 again, plus her heart condition was mis-diagnosed (I think healed).

The Flu kept coming back and then back again, and her doctor told her it’s a wonder she lived through the bouts after the first one.

We know Who to thank for that, don’t we?

Webbie called me today. I was soooo happy to hear her voice!!! And I’m very grateful my dear friend and Sis of the Heart is going to be okay. She’l still weak and can’t get on the computer for more than a few seconds at a time, but she’ll get stronger.

If you pray, please join me in thanking our God for her recovery, and in asking Him to keep her cradled in His hands as she continues to recover from all her health problems.

God loves us and has a plan for our lives. If you’re curious, BMail me.


Featured..... by me! Wildago's Commissioned Work

WILDAGO, a familiar Artist and frequent contributor to Fantastic Primitive Art has finished her seven Commissioned paintings for the Sheffield (UK) doc/fest.
On this page of Wildago’s URL (via Utube) you can meet her much-loved award-winning, commissioned and often-shown characters, “PEARL and FRIENDS”.

Again, Wildago’s Art, and
Wildago’s RB Gallery.
Visit, or miss some of the best characters created by a RedBubble Artist!
Leave her a note, and suggest what sales line she might go into next: Perhaps Edmund or Pearl greeting cards?


*We have on the Bub many serious Fantasy Artists’ here’s one of the best: Junior McClean.
His work is always good, always interesting, and it’s worth a look!
One warning note: He doesn’t always get his ladies covered with a Not Safe for Workplace Veiwing screen. . . I hope to talk him into it!

FEATURED BY . . . ME! Australia

Today I’d like to introduce you to painter and photographer Ed Moor.
Ed lives in cowboy country, and his paintings reflect the beauty, grandeure, and the comraderie of other cowboys and family. If you were born too late, or in too big a city, to see the Milky Way in the heavens, you can see it again in Ed’s work. He’s a man and artist that I respect greatly, and he’s also been with Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms from early on.
He has pictures of the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, High Desert— Mountains and skies.
Ed and his work have been refered to the hosts of I Recommend, If you have peope’s artwork that you think is excellent, this is the Group to show them in.

FEATURED BY ... ME! *Alan Mattison*

Alan Mattison has taken some awesome, professional-quality pictures. He belongs to several Groups, and I’ve featured him before, but somehow, nobody’s commenting on his pictures, and each one is worthy of praise. Like all of us, he just keeps plugging along, comments or not because it’s the art he’s driven to create.
Here’s a teaser:

and another:

You’ll be very happy you went to see Alan’s Gallery: I certainly am!
One more time:
So, Heeeerrrrrr’s Alan!
Don’t miss him!

FEATURED BY ... ME! *Skeee*

We have another treat for the eyes! Skeee’s work is just fantastic, and I am thrilled to be able to tell you about it. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a teaser for you: “Trespasser”
I think you’ll love the work! Dayonda

FEATURED BY ... ME! *Bigcity*

I’d like to introduce you to an old friend (maybe older than me! LOL), Bigcity. Here’s a sample-

of his current work. He’s also put up lovely flower shots from his own garden. And he “has” a beautiful little island near his home that he’s photographed in all weather and seasons. You can spend a whole day in his Gallery and be glad you did!

Just another little teaser, here. (Sure hope these come out. Some do, some don’t! Even if they don’t, go see his work and say hi, okay?)


Go here to see a hopefully upcoming TV show.
I wrote to them, saying I was in the US, but it was a show I really hoped they could pull together. If they can’t get it on US TV, then I’d buy seasons from Amazon, or wherever they would be selling it from. I told them, “BREAK A LEG”, which is "Best Wishes’ in stage-speak and gave them my Emial.
I got this infor from RBubbler CHRISTOPHER PRINS, an excellent camera artist.


AngelArtiste send a BMail telling her friends that this man has some beautiful art, and she’s right! So I’m passing the word through my network to show the folks who we don’t have in common. Let me tell you, Thi’s work is exquisite!
Here’s a teaser:

You’ll be glad you went to visit this excellent artist!
And, hats off to AngelArtiste for finding him for us!

Oh, My Achin' Back!

I got a steroid shot in my lumbar spine. My low back has kept me very limited for years now, and I finally found a specialist that wanted to address the pain. I’ve been told that the degenerative disc disease is “just what you get when you age” and that I have to “live with it,” because “everybody else does.” !!…

Physicians in the US are mandated to treat pain as if it were a disease, to try to aleviate or palliate it. Hopefully, this will help this part of the whole pain thing. If this one doesn’t do the job, I can go back for two more, in two-week intervals. Although it’s not a life-or-death issue, it’s been a quality of life issue for 20 years and more.

Although I’m asking for your good wishes and prayers, the last time I asked to get rid of the back pain, I was told that my Heavenly Fa

FEATURED BY . . . ME! Chelin Sanjuan

El collar de Rosa

*From Spain, via RB’s Homepage Feature: an artists’ Artist! Beautiful, passionate, graceful, flowing, enchanting work. “Art is Spoken Here”, don’t worry about commenting in English to her. (Se habla pasion y arte aqui!) *

WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE: a new Group by Patricia Anne (Back in Black)

Come JOIN us!!

OK, for all who have not heard yet, judy and I have a new group called “Who are you to Judge” it’s a gallery for EVERYONE and ALL types of art. NO ONE will be rejected or limited. SO come on my buds!! Check us out and JOIN!
Who Are You to Judge?

see you there!

Patricia Anne
Back in Black

added by Dayonda:
Who Are You to Judge?, described as “For those who feel their work is above or should be free of judgement.”
Only what YOU consider to be your BEST work!

FEATURED BY ... ME! *xairoise*

A fine artist who has such varied and such lovely work that nobody can go away from her Site shaking his or her head in disappointment. Instead you’ll all be turning pages and finding more and more beauty to look at.

“A Sample pic”

Here’s my favorite!

FEATURED BY ... ME! *Luca Rinoldi *

A lot of people know and love his art. If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet,
click here and page through it.
It’s worth taking a cuppa something and sitting down to be transported to the world as he sees it. And he sees a lot of Beauty, that’s for sure!

Here is one tiny sample of his work: . WoW, eh?

Featured by Me: Group REMEMBER WHEN -an invitation and call for help!

The group Remember When is a group primarily for written work but we do allow images if they have a story of more than one line that tells why you view the image as something that makes you remember something from your past.…

The group is still small and I would like to invite you to come join and share some of the stories you hold dear in your mind. You do not have to consider yourself an accomplished writer to share your story with us. We would love to hear what ever you have to say about your past be it in story, poem or any other form of written work. Short or long doesn’t matter! Your written work about people who have influenced you in a good or even not so good way, a written work about a special memory in your mind can often be an inspiration to those who read them.

All of you have

Why We're *Not Protected* by RB

Here’s something more regarding theft of our Art that, with Rajee’s blessing, I copied and pasted to my Journal. It had come to Rajee from Drew:…

Rajee wrote you a BubbleMail about 11 hours ago: This is a group BubbleMail, sent to all members of The Patchwork .
It turns out that the clear layer that you can put over top of your artwork in RB is more of a deterrent than a preventative factor in stopping your artwork from being copied.

Here is a bubblemail that ArtbyDrew sent me this morning about it.

As a programmer and a fellow artist, I need for you all to understand that the clear gif setup only discourages thieves, but can not stop them. All images viewed on the internet can be retrieved quite easily from your browser’s cache, irregardless of what browser you use. You don’t need Google o

A Nasty Accusation without names. Just protect your work. About Copy Right 03 Dec 2009

An allegation that a/an RBer has “stolen” and then sold many RBers’ pics on Photobucket was recieved this morning in the cue of our group, . This note was recieved from if you want to see the original writing.…

I don’t believe s/he’s been proven legally to have done this, so to avoid libelous accusations, I’m just saying this: On RB, go to your Account page, scroll to the bottom quarter and you’ll find choices of ways to protect your work from being copied off the Site.

Copyright laws are in flux right now. The Senate passed a bad one (for us artists and photogs) while we weren’t looking, hooked onto a bailout bill, I believe. But the House of Representatives haven’t yet voted on it. So I’m going to send you what I know about Copyright Law: Sign and date your artwork (including drawings i

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