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Dayonda … “Dandy” / We’re cat people, living in the US Pacific Northwest. I’m a teacher… with...


FEATURED BY ... ME! *Tom Thomas*

This man, Tom Thomas can take pictures! I noticed him by one of his pics that he put up into our just-finished (20 Dec 2008) Challenge, and it knocked my sox off. I was not surprised that the Group Members agreed and gave him top billing, although it was a close run amongst all of them.

Now, Remember, Tom Michael Thomas! You owe it to yourself to take time out from the crazy holiday rush and unwind in his Portfolio.

Dayonda and hubby Kelly wish you all a blessed, wonderful, loving holiday!

FEATURED BY ... ME! Lorenzo Castello

Full-time painter in Italy, Genoa- and has work to back that up.
Wonderful work, but don’t go see if you’re shy of partial nudity. Lorenzo’s work is definately a treat for the eye- something to get a cup of tea and linger over. Yes, it’s that good! Hurry, now- or you’ll forget your tea!
Lorenzo Castello.

101 & Experimental: rise to the top by viewing the best.
Collaboral Damage: wouldn’t you love to…?

Thanks for the Feature!

Thanks to ACEO’s – All Creators Experts or Otherwise for the FEATURE! 12 Dec 2008 for the Feature of the Chanukah Card.
I still want you to know it’s clipart, I just lettered and pared it down. Dayonda


It’s been so long ago that you asked for it— I can’t remember who you are.
I have it roughed in, and will let you look at if you like…. let me know. Dayonda

FEATURED BY ... ME! Geirkristiansen

Now you’re in for a treat- rest your eyes and your soul on Gier’s photos.
A consummate photog, and almost totally un-noticed!

A couple of teasers for you:


FRACTILES yes, one of a town.
MIXED-MEDIA yes, as above
RURAL oh, yes, very
STILLNESS SPEAKS I believe you’ll like some of his work

Featured by. . .ME! *LINDYBIRD*

Lindybird is my featured “guest” artist.
Basically unknown here, she keeps on plugging, churning out some really great photography. Treat yourself to a treat and visit “Lindybird’s Portfolio” ASAP!


Her work includes cat photos, photos of statures of The Bhudda, frozen ponds, all kinds of things photographed apparently for the love of the Art. — nobody’s responding to her pics, anyway.

Featured by. . .ME, again! *Sgt. Russell Lee Klika*

Yay! Russell’s back after a long break!
Russell’s photos can be seen and felt by everybody— He reaches across the lines of faith to show that in all our circunstances, women and children are, at the foundation, alike.

Men should see these pics, there are lots of “man toys” like helicopters and such, but they should also look at the price women can pay when their men are taken away from home; women who are raising families by themselves under some tough conditions.

Russell’s a professional photographer, and he knows his business.
I’m ready to buy his book- if he ever publishes it.

Go take a long look at the work he’s put up for us

Featured by. . .ME! *ckbesq*

Tonight’s hidden treasure is ckbesq
All she has to work with is MS Paint, and she does that while on “hold” on the phone.
I think you’ll find her work interesting and creative, very easy to look at.
Check her out, let her know there’s still life in RB!
B&W:- much of her work is done in BW.
Beginner She hasn’t been drawing like this for long.
Color me Red Just take a look at her red bluffs.
Southwestern Beauty -there are a whole lot of kachinas, mesas, horses, etc.
Pets horses.

re: US Cellphone #s now open to telemarketers:

Rosalie Scanlon sent this Journal to her friends on RB, and in case we have different contacts, I’ve copied it to send, myself. We just registered hubby’s cell. When we first got our cells, marketers were not allowed to call cell phones. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here’s the Journal we got—

Re: Cell PhonesCell phone numbers go public today and are being released to telemarkting companies. You will be charged for the calls they make to your number.
To prevent this, call this number 888-382-1222. It is the National Do Not Call List.
You must call from the cell phone that you want to have blocked.

[19:23 11/19/2008 US PDT]
If it’s like the land-line law, you have to call and re-register every so often to keep it blocked to marketers. DS

Featured by. . .ME! *Alsdair*

A top-notch photog who has pictures from absolutely everywhere, and most of them very dramatic. And as usual, nobody knows he’s here.
You’ll find yourself wandering through his Portfolio and just admiring his work, one then another. A great place to go, "Alsdair

Concerning a fighter:

Simon Whittaker wrote this regarding a woman fighting breast cancer, and I’ve offered to pass it along to you, my friends:

Simon Whittaker wrote you a BubbleMail 1 day ago:
This is a group BubbleMail, sent to all members of The Human Condition.
If you are only ever going to read a message from me, please make it this one.

Hi everyone,

Since joining the Human Condition I have been amazed by the quality of the images and the power and dignity these photos show. We see images of joy, content, sadness and misery – emotions that for better or worse define us as human beings.

I have featured a work by Flipteez, a Human Condition member who is battling cancer. When I saw battling I mean fighting tooth and nail. Her photography follows her life and reflect this terrible condition. I featured “Cance

Featured by. . .ME! *NicoleH*

This time I’ve found an excellent pencil and photo artist, who has plenty of other areas of genius. Please do yourself the favor of visiting the Portfolio of NicoleH. She’s another “invisible artist” here on RB!
All my best! -=Dayonda 06 Nov 2008

Featured by. . .ME! *purelife*

I can’t let this one get away, even if it’s the 3rd Journal entry in one day. Run and see the art by the Egyptian camera artist purelife! Treat yourself to a trip through Egypt with a friendly, kind-hearted, talented “guide” in purelife. And while you’re there, be sure to see the birds, and the endless sand dunes with a camel caravan!

Featured by. . .ME! *mikebov*

Today I found Mike. Or maybe he found me: he thanked us for Featuring one of his pics, adding something like, “This is great- now I feel like a real part of the RB Family,” which grabbed my attention as in, “Is he new to RB?”, and “Gotta check his work out!” Well, check him out yourself, his work’s excellent.
Thank you- Dayonda
30 Oct 2008

Featured by. . .ME! *A Want Ad by adgray*

adgray has figured out what kind of mental-poetry-thingie she has, and she’s looking for a partner to co-host a Group of people who write poetry or prose around a picture, or do the opposite: Making a picture of a story or poem.

I’d like to help her have her dream Group. So— “Help Wanted” reply to adgray

All my best- Dayonda

Featured by. . .ME! *Stefan Casaletto*

Stefan Casaletto, from Malta, has a wonderful Portfolio for us to view! (And hopefully purchase from.) He photographs whatever catches his eye with equal skill, and has a good eye for dynamics (shadow vs light) as well as the things water can do. He thinks outside the box, taking photos at night by streetlight as well as by reflected light. Take your time, it’s Sunday (at lease it is where I am) and really look at Steffan’s work. It’s certainly an enjoyable holiday.

Featured by. . .ME! *Ofeelia*

This Artist has some fabulous work, and, as usual, RB hasn’t really “found” her as yet.
This is your chance to bathe yourself in beauty.

If, in these Features of mine, you find Art and Artists that you like, please help spread and speed their work through RB! Remeber, too, that yours will go with theirs!

Enjoy the Gift! -=Dayonda

Featured by. . .ME! *Mickspixphotos* and *adgray*

I’ve introduced you to my ‘compadre’ Mago, who helps me run our Group.

Now let me introduce you to Mick. (aka Mike)

Mike also runs the Group with with Mago and adgray, and we couldn’t do it without him. Mike’s been doing nature photography from the time he could toddle, practically, and his work shows it. He has 11 pages of work up to date (24 Oct 2008) and every single entry on his pages is worth a good, long look: He has incredible photo art!
Surprisingly, he’s under-noticed on RB! I can’t let this happen another moment, so make a bit of time, pour a cuppa something, and enjoy.

All my best- Dayonda

FEATURED BY . . . ME! *Ken Wright*

I’ve found another rare photographer who has “The Touch” for the endless qualities of light. I’ve been captivated by his work and stopped right in the middle of what I’m doing to let you know there’s a treasure amongst us. Ken Wright — take a good look!

FEATURED BY ... ME *Kris Faul*

Kris Faul in an avid photographer, a photo-artist in his own right. To prove it, I’ve taken the pic he last posted to show you, and get you all excited to go see his work. He’s not getting the amount of hits that his Art deserves— and his work deserves a huge amount of notice!
Go on, take a look, and then tell me he doesn’t do jigh-quality work!…

Bustle over and look him up:!
Kris Faul in an avid photographer, a photo-artist in his own right. To prove it, I’ve taken the pic he last posted to post here and get you all excited to go see his work. He’s not getting the amount of hits that his Art deserves— and his work deserves a huge amount of notice!
Bustle over and look him up, then: http://images-3.redbu

Advice Needed re Fuji SF1000

Widged wrote the following:

I’m thinking of purchasing a digital camera. What do people think of the Fuji SF1000 10 MP. On a tight budget so does anyone else have any ideas for stepping into the digital world?

I honestly only know about my Olympus and my cool little pocket camera, either or both of which I’d recommend. I couldn’t find anything online about the camera she was looking at.

if anybody has information about this, or if you know where she can get a really good deal on a really good camera, would you please take this and run with it?

Thanks very much— Dayonda

OPEN HOUSE *Mornings & Evenings -- Sunbeams & Storms* OPEN HOUSE

OPEN HOUSE Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms OPEN HOUSE…

Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms! Opened 02 Oct 2008

We’re looking for breath-taking, heart-stopping photos with the exceptional lighting effects from these times of day. We’re also taking candle-lit and campfire-lit scenes of people where the work is exceptional.

We have about 24 hours till I call “TIME” on the Challenge. Written work that fits within the Group’s guidelines are automatically in the Challenge. Voting will start immediately, and last until 9:00 p.m. Saturday, US Pacific Time. On Monday, winners will be announced.

So, scramble, my friends, and get your work turned in to the Challenge.
Any questions? Ask any Host.

Oh, lol, I chose the name of the Group without checking its anagram, which turns out to b


Could be new to RB, she has some lovely, and good photos, including one of a bull elk that is magnificent!

Her pics are few, but they make up for it in quality. . . Visit the portfolio of lilac and give yourself a treat!



My friens, you’re telling me how much you like these pictures-in-pictures, like this one of Molly. These make wonderful pictures to hang in a big room, where they can be seen from up close as a crazy bunch of apparently random little pictures, or from a distance, as a recognizable person, place or thing. And they sell fairly well.

I want you all to have to chance to make your own, so here’s where you can get the program for it: MontagePlus.

NOTE If you have VISTA, you’ll end up paying something like 40 USD instead of the 9 USD they have it advertized for.

There are more great modern art programs here, and other applications as well, so if you’re interested, do a little browsing around in there.

My philosophy: Having fun is more fun when you share your fun!


*FEATURED BY . . . ME!* TamaraValjean

Here is another undiscovered Artist. She seems to handle a camera as if one were in her hand when she was born. She’s gone some really nice work posted. I’m sure you’ll find Works you like in Tamara’s portfolio!
She’s from Washington State, US- a fellow Wetlander!
Here’s another stab at her RB page— Tamara Valjean.

FEATURED BY . . . ME! Australia


There’s only one entry, and I suppose that Australia got frustrated by having no comments. But it would be great to have something waiting when s/he comes back.
It is an awesome twilight photo with the main figure a branch, lighted, I think, by the camera’s flash, which made a pic I love. It’s just beautiful, and well worth your time. -=Dayonda


BUBBLE JEOPARDY is the name of a new Group here in our RB Universe. I’ve played it and it’s really fun!
The Mods of the Group asked if we would pass the word via our Jungle Telegraphs, which I’m pleased to do, considering it’s such a fun time in there. They’re also curious to find out who might have let you know about the Group.
NOTE —If I hadn’t enjoyed the game and the Group, I wouldn’t write you about it: I want to keep my credibilty and also prevent possibly being accused of spamming my friends. You’ll simply have fun if you go and play. I think most of you will enjoy this if you make the time to play.

FEATURED BY . . . ME! A Masterpiece

I was idly paging through another Bubbler’s work when this picture grabbed me by the heart and drew me into it. Have a peek at it here. Her art’s wonderful, she’s very accomlished, but there’s always one work that stands out, and I think this one’s her masterpiece.
All my best to you- Dayonda
p.s. Go on, click on the Link. You don’t want to miss this one

Those Quilts or Montages you like are from this program:

Gee, I hope nobody’s disappointed in me to find out it’s not me piecing photos together by hand for these things. Einstein refused to memorize formulae because he said it was only necessary to know where to look it up… I knew how to look it up.…

So here’s the Link: MontagePlus. If you have VISTA, you’ll end up paying something like 40 USD instead of the 9 USD they have it advertized for. Some pics make great Abstracts using this, and some don’t. Try ’em and toss the not-so-good ones.

So if you’re still upset, I’m ducking, but I refuse to run!

And if ever you have questions about the programs I use or the Art I make, please ask. I’m a teacher, died in the wool, like my mother before me. I’d rather you knew
and could “play Art” with me, not in spite of me. But— don’t even think about mess

*FEATURED BY . . . ME!* RxBandit

RxBandit is new to RB, and has some excellent art in all kinds of genre for us to enjoy. One of his creations I especially love is Seed.
Not enough people have seen his work as yet— please treat yourself to a good look at his art!
P.S. to Group Mods: If you like his work, by all means invite him to join your Group!


I found a 10-pack of fractile brushes online for Photoshop. I haven’t found out where to buy them, as these are demos. Find the 10-pack here -

EXAMPLES (mine):

“In My Heart wall art”:Photo Filtre 6.2.7 -

In My Heart tee -

In the Garden wall art. The tee in this case is exactly the same as the wall art -

From what the ad says, there are other fractile brushes out there. This Journal is numbered 01 because tomorrow I’m going to find some more!

[If this still only shows one Link, maybe one of these to for full color samples will work. Don’t know what’s wrong, it’s like it just ate the Links I put in.]

“In My Heart wall art”:Photo Filtre 6.2.7

In My Heart tee

Make a BOOK of your work! I got mine back today!

The 12-page 8×8 book I made of my Art at Shutterfly came out beautifully. I’m making a new one up, and one will go to my brother.…

The sale’s still on till 24 Sep., so there’s still time. The book is free, but it came to about 13 USD to have it shipped a little bit fast, and, I think, handling. (No free lunch.)

If you were thinking of doing up one or two, now’s the time. You’ll be happy with the results, as long as you’re careful about the layout that you give them to print.

This would be a totally awesome, staggaring way to publicize or sell your Art, Poetry, Writing, not just pics and drawings.

Alternatively, there’s another you-to-print book option. You can buy the set for a child to make pictures and dictate or write a story in, or go online and do the same. I didn’t rese


That’s where I’ve been, and will be for quite a few more days. It’s just something that has to be done. If I had a faster upload, . . . but I don’t.
Just grit your teeth and do it here: My Free Copyright. Or anywhere. This is just where I do mine. “Free” never hurts my feelings!
You may never think you’ll need a copyright, but this is free and it will probably save you some upset sooner or later. Lots of people think that if they can copy it, it’s theirs.

re: Free Book from SHUTTERFLY

It took a bit to set up, but it’s a good deal. SHUTTERFLY usually sells this 8×8 20 page photobook for about 40 USD, this time it’s free, except for shipping and handling, which is reasonable. I paid about 11USD for a free, hard-backed book that I put my own art into. It goes off the free promotion on Sept 25, so if you’re going to do it, do it now.…

Make sure you have about 30 JPGs uploaded to their Site and in an album —membership is free, albums are free. I made mine quite “deep”, just copying my RB originals over to JPG, then you can upload them in batches of 10 pics.

It took me 4 tries to get all my ducks in a row to have enough pics uploaded, to remember to ‘save’ regularly. To go through the whole book-building process from start to finish, literally front to back cover took onl


I’m going to see how much the “free” book of my own photos will actually cost at SHUTTERFLY? tonight as I finish my 10-page limit. (10 pages for free, $1/page USD for each page over 10.)

So I’ll let you know what I find out. Membership at SHUTTERFLY? is free, and I store photos online there against computer failure here, and future copyright problems I might run into.

Be back later with more info. I won’t check my BMail while I’m there, probably, but you can go see for yourself. SHUTTERFLY?.

Hugs to all,

FEATURED BY . . . ME! Russell L. Klika

“Russell” : has posted his portraits from Iraq and other fantastic work. He’s a pro photog, and his work gives us something to strive toward. His work is also captivating and soul-deep. Give yourself an hour or two a night till you’ve carefully gone over all his work. Men, women, and children, and more children have been wonderfully captured in the eye of his camera. Go all the way back to the start of what he has online here, then join me, please, in asking him to publish his work.
My best to you all, -=Dayonda…

ATTENTION: RUSTIC GROUP: Russell took the photo of the Old Woman. I just wrote the poem that appears beside it— and that’s fanciful, the ‘scars’ are tattooes.

RUSTY, CRUSTY – Many of the buildings in Russell’s photos look li

Reading - *Leave me a Bubble Mail & I'll Answer*

Don’t read it if you can’t handle the occasional cussword, however, it’s good reading and I haven’t been able to put it down since last night. (Not exactly true, but close enough.)
We have a system at our house: Hubby Kelly’s too dyslexic to pick up a book to read for pleasure, and I can’t sit still through a move to save my life, due to my ADHD. Do you see?
I read the book and either enjoy it or pass the book on. Then, Kelly watches the video on TV, while I gripe and complain about this and that that isn’t like the book. He knows I’ll eventually stick my nose in the computer and settle down. And follow the move too.
LOL— I pre-loaded pics but kept them from public view, so I only look like I’m here!
Hugs to all- Dayonda


From a corner of Heaven, Willow Baby has some very nice work with very little post-camera processing, if any at all. Fascinating work, the photography shows a good eye for a picture. Treat yourself to WILLOW BABY’S work right away! You’ll say, “Thank you” to her for taking us all on a trip to see our roots, so beautifully preserved, and for her steps into the future with her innovative works. And do visit Tennessee, as well; you will love it there!

You, too, you mob from Oz! Tennessee is a US State in the South Eastern area of the US, famous for the beauty of its mountains and woodlands. . . and for its vertical farmland.

Not a "California Cow"

EVIL EYE will give anybody who has suffered through a pregnancy (or the male half of one) a really big giggle! Check out the full expression from eye to bared teeth. She’s just not the “Happy California Cow” like we see in the TV ads.


The new form of Challenges being put in place now allows anyone to vote on an entry, not just those in the Group. This will allow us more exposure, but it will also allow us to vote for our friends if we’re inclined that way, which makes the Challenges potential Popularity contests instead of Art Challenges.

Most of us have left this behind in school, but we are still human, and adults can carry this tendancy over. As for me, I will still only vote for the Art that I think is most skillful and most attractive. If I vote for a friend’s art, then be assured I’m voting for the Art, and that I consider it to be outstanding.


MAKA 1967 is a very sensitive photographer, who has wonderful pics of animals. Some are in zoos, and he hates the zoo enclosures. Case in point, he has one great pic of bears, begging from zoo-goers from a distance, so we can see and share his feelings for the bears.
MAKA 1967 has a lot to say and show, and not very many people are looking and listening. Make some time to see his art, you’ll be rewarded!

Fractalius Group

“EXTRAORDINARY FRACTALIUS”:Extraordinary Fractalius
It’s not for other fractiles, or for obvious use of Fractilius, it seems, but they have some gorgeous stuff. Check it out if you have that plugin for Photoshop.
If you want Fractalius, it’s free from Redfield Plugins

Thank you so much for all the favoritings and lovely comments on my work. To really enjoy Red Bubble, it’s just necessary to look at lots of art on RB. . . like, why live in an Art Museum and step out and look around? It took me awhile to figure that out, though. -=Dayonda

A small typing utility that helps

One thing I’ve done is to make up Links to the Groups I most often recommend to people.
The program I’ve been using for this for years is called Type It In—TypeItIn. There’s a free version, but I’ve got the Pro version because I need more out of it. If you need a small application to type in small phrases or sentences, and then place them in a document (or one of these blog spaces) at the push of a button, I recommend it very highly. It’s available at

I’m still working on organizing my stuff, so I’ll catch up with you later. Again.


For some reason our DSLine got messed up, and a new one had to be selected out of the bundle down at the firehouse— everything happens at the firehouse in a small town, I guess. So, I’ll never catch up with everybody’s work, and I’m going to post a bunch of mine, since I had time to work on my own stuff. It’s really strange not to have the Internet up! LOL, dind’t know how addicted I am, I guess. =0)

*FEATURED BY ... ME!* "MAGO (Nudity Alert --see *s below)

I see I did two Features on Russell. Chalk it up to my being so impressed, I guess. Or to my being so tired.…

Today I have a Featured Artist whose work is a 360 from most other’s work I’ve Featured. MAGO (MAGUS, or Wise Man, or Wizard in English) has a very cosmopolitan and European style of Art. He’s obviously a fan of Picasso (El Maestro) and others of that genre.

Mago’s art contains a lot of *nudes— that is, *innocent, unselfconsicous unclothed subjects, which I don’t find objectionable. It’s “naked” I don’t care for: Unclothed, self-conscious, alluring on purpose subjects. And Mago’s hilarious cartoons often feature nudes.

  • For those who do not care for nudes but want to see what I admire so in Mago’s work, here’ are Links to a few of my favorites:
    The Irresistible Greeting Card, T

*FEATURED BY...ME! "Russell Lee Klika":

Russel has taken astounding pictures of people and places in Iraq. He has a wonderful sensitivity and an eye for the regular people, the beautiful and ugly people and places and things in his environment in Iraq. Most of his photos are in B&W, bringing out the character of his people and places.

Check out the collaboration we just did "here"

Please visit Russell’s “portfolio”:Russell Lee Klika now! You’ll be stunned by the quality of his work!

Should you decide to buy any of his works, please go to Russell’s page


I haven’t been able to answer every lovely complement, so I hope you know I appreciate every kind word, and every kind suggestion for improvement you give me. I’ve got too much going on, and I’ve got some sort of fatigue thing, too.

Thank you my dear friends for the wonderful compliments on SMALLER AND SMALLER, RAINBOW WAVES, SOME OF US ARE JUST BORN BEAUTIFUL, and AUSTRALIAN OPAL, LEFT HALF.

I haven’t been able to answer every lovely complement, so I hope you know I appreciate every kind word, and every kind suggestion for improvement you give me.

I haven’t thanked everybody for a bunch of comments on a bunch of recent art, so thank you now, and thank you again.

Tomorrow we’ll have another FEATURED BY…ME!

Thanks again, my dear ones! =Dayonda -14 Aug 2008

The Crow Babies take Baths

I’ve been watching a little family of crows. The other day the mom made the two youngsters (about equivalent to a human 12-yr-old; still clingy) take a bath (one at a time) in our birdbath. When ordered into the bath, each kept wiggling itself in the water and then looking at its mom who would then squawk at it— in particular, she worried about proper washing of wing-pits. She actually made each one
turn around and wash under the other wing, as well as squatting so deeply in the bird bath that water washed across its back.…

The youngsters screamed all through the bath, so papa brought each one something delicious and popped it in the child’s mouth, which shut it up for a minute, giving Mom a chance to enjoy some peace.

Finally, mama got in and ducked her head— just washing her face, I g


If you love variations in styles from the same Artist, and a light but passionate hand with Art, Dobromira beautifull work will lift your spirits and give you a feeling of peace within activity.

I love her use of color, her mastery of lines and curves, and the spirit and passion that flows from herself into her Art. Even her cool-color paintings leave a whif of heady perfume and a desire to dance.

Her art is exquisite, but her following is very small, so we can all still get in on the “ground floor” of her world-wide appreciation. In fact, between, us all, we can be a world-wide following, spreading work of the beauty of it.

So have a good, long holiday in Dobromira’s gallery; you’ll love bing there, and your feet won’t get sore! -=Dayonda


HEMALATA is fairly new to RB, and isn’t getting much exposure for her work, which is excellent. I know you’ll enjoy her art, and enjoy chatting with her. Please see her work:…

Name : Hemalata
City : Warrandyte
Country : Australia
Joined : Jul 2008
BIO: Drawing, painting, creating of any kind were what gave my childhood and teenage years their colour, purpose and joy. However, “Life” put my artistic expression on hold for a while until I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For seven years I simply couldn’t continue with all those ‘sensible’ jobs and responsibilities and this period of fatigue became a golden opportunity, a blessing, as I
was able to explore again the things I truly loved – art and writing.

The CFS has now passed


She went to / is attending Ataturk University, which is Turkey, so I’d guess she’s Turkish. Her art is fantastic— she’s studying sculpture at the Master’s level, if I read her note right. She went to back to school after raising her two boys.

Her digital Art is mostly abstract, with vivid coloring and great depth, and she has a wonderful mastery of her art. She also has excellent photos of very old caves, buildings, etc., and what looks to me like hot springs.

She’s a woman that’s going places in the Art World, but as yet, she’s nearly unknown in RB. Her folio is kind of like an art museum that nobody’s gone to yet, with beautiful stuff on the wall, but nobody coming in to appreciate it, comment on it, etc.,
You’d be doing yourself


Thank you to you, my friends, though I only thanked a few people who replied to the WRITING I posted: I wrote a bit of my own life story yesterday and posted it under the title of BRUSHES. It’s short but it’s me, and that’s all I sent out thank-yous for. Please understand I’m not trying to be impolite. Too much to do and too little time to create makes it seem necessary.

ROFL— I spent the day today reading a book— took a real break today! Guess i needed it.

Tonight or tomorrow (today’s 09 Aug 2008 US) I’m going to write about a young woman I had in one of my classes. It’s a very good story, with a brave and hopeful ending.

Enjoy your time! _Hugs to all. _ -=Dayonda

maf04 whom I invited to come here to RB. Somebody I know and admire from, which is a much smaller community but just as welcoming and just as encouraging. I recommend DP to anybody who does mostly photography.…

It’s bloody hot here, and yes, I know it’s a cuss-word of the blasphemous order. It was 86 F in the shade, so it was 100+ F in the sun. Add 20 degrees to that for the heat of the road, and it was bloody hot out there!Our grandson, aged 2.5 yrs, opened his second story window, pushed out the screen and sailed out after it. Fortunately, though he takes after his grandafather in the “Houdini” department, he also takes after Kelly in the hard-headed department, and all he had was a little bump on his head.Did he learn his


Lovely photographs and interesting subjects. Belongs to every Group on the planet, but has very few comments on her work, which is all good and more than you’d expect of them brilliant! Good feel for a scene or photo, and a gentle, joyful “trademark” treatment of all. I put her on my watchlist. She’s got a piece Featured in BITS & PIECES right now, page 2 of Features… (2-3 Aug 2008)

Hugs to all, —=Dayonda

Near silence!

Thank you very very much to everbody who’s commented on the artwork I’ve posted. It’s so encouraging to have such great support and critique!
I’ve been answering people’s comments whom I’ve just met because I want to know them better— no offence meant to you whom I’ve known for some time now. LOL— you’re not “chopped liver” as the comedians say.…

This is probably the way I’m going to have to handle RB now and in the future. Communication’s as important as art— it is an art, but I have to balance it with the amount of art I can turn out. It seems to be working very well.

The visitng troup of young people have migrated on for a bit, and we’re both wanting naps! They blew in after midnight, and we finally, reluctantly, let them go to bed about 3 a.m.— We haven’t seen one for about 5 year

Here it is— under construction, and will always be.
Please critique and help me! It’s a jumbled mess!

LOL I got a little bit accomplished on the packing up, and put a bit more stuff in RB. Cluttered my Gallery page up some more. It’s like painting: I never know when to stop.

Take care, my dears! Hugs, -=Dayonda

Thank you soooo

much for your great comments and encouraging words. I’m not going to follow up with every comment made on my work, because it’s too much, but I appreciate your comments and especially your critiques very much.
My step-daughter and (nearly) son-in-law will be coming up for the weeked— haven’t seen her for 4 or 5 years! Hope they can handle my half-packed up house! lol, if not, I can ship her home early, like I did when she was a kid one time. (It only took once.)
I slept all day, then we took a friend and her two kids to dinner for her B’day, and finally, I hope, got our money back on a keyboard… I’ll have to write that story up because it’s funny in its un-funniness.

Hugs to all! And especially to my brat sis! -=Dayonda

Have to draw for a bit

Hello, my dears—

I’m going to be scarce for a bit— I’ve committed to editing the writing in a book, and I’m behind doing drawings, myself. I just put up the last of my “stash” that I’d had done up ahead.

It will be too hard to get caught up with what you’ll be posting, but know that seeing your work is what makes me stretch, helps me learn, and motivates new work. Same with your comments on my stuff.

So it’s a short drawing holiday at home and I’ll be back in the fray!

Round RedBubble: Round we go-
when we’ll sleep we never know!
Looking here, commenting there,
my bum’s getting stuck to this old chair!
So it’s off to the races to learn some new paces,
and out on the wind to throw off old traces! -=Dayonda

RUBES Great photo, macro, and fractile work. Nothing in Gallery that isn’t appropriate for the most innocent and gentle amongst us.
Karl Eschenbach has some lovely work using fractile imagry, some good macros, and pics of desert flowers, etc.
However, DON’T go there if you have a problem with tasteful, elegant nudes used in paintings.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait