THANK YOU to the buyer of "I Helped Test & Approve..."

To the buyer:

We area soooo excited that you bought this design!! Thank you so much!! It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that someone else out there appreciate not only our artwork, but our message, as well. Thank you for supporting the anti-animal testing movement by sharing this image with the world. It really does mean a lot to us. Please feel free to send us a photo of you (or the recipient) wearing the shirt! We’d love to include it on our page! :D

Happy Holidays!!!

~ Mike & Lorie

I'm DONE trying to help anyone!!

That’s it. Done. Finito. I’ll continue helping animals – but people can just get screwed. Yeah, I said it. I’m sick of it.…

I have a lot of experience in printing and publishing. This includes doing graphic design for major newspapers and international magazines. This includes advertising. I’m currently doing licensed work for major players in the movie and tv industry – Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, and tons more. I’d like to think that all my years of involvement would at least give me a fucking leg to stand on. Throw in on top of that the fact that I’m honest, caring and giving to a fault. When I see someone that might potentially end up in trouble, my instinct is to try and help. Granted, this is more successful with my friends and family than it is to strangers; I u

Hmm... just wondering...

Let me preface this by saying I love Red Bubble so far – it’s my favorite POD site! We have shops set up on 4 other sites, and RB, in my humble opinion, is the best.…

That being said, I’m frustrated with some stuff. The biggest problems are the watermarking issues (which I know are being worked on) and the fact that I can’t do anything about the positioning of our images on products.

For instance, I’m concerned about the way some images might print on cards. If you look at the Mr. Frog’s Fireside Holiday card preview it looks like the text will probably get cut off at the bottom. BUT if you then zoom in on it, it looks fine! Does anyone know whether or not this is a problem? Does RB have any control over how this will print? Do they have a good quality control program in place to in

Our first sale!!

I just set up our gallery a couple days ago, so I’m really psyched that we just sold our first shirt!! I’ve asked the buyer to let me know about the quality, once they receive it and I’ll post that info when I have it.


New to RB...

We (my fiancé and I) are new to Red Bubble. We decided to check this site out because we were having some serious issues on the other site we were on, Zazzle. Now that I’ve uploaded some art, been featured, and gotten great feedback, I’m extremely happy we decided to come here! Our Zazzle gallery is still up, however, I’m going to be focusing my efforts on this gallery from here on out.

I don’t have any t-shirts up yet, but I will. I’ve downloaded the template and will work on getting those up soon.

In the meantime, thank you everyone who has added us to favorites, watch lists, and left comments! We really appreciate it. :)

If anyone has any advice for us, please feel free to email us.

Thanks again – we’re glad to be here!

- Lorie & Mike

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