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I’m a Pagan Disabled Artist in 2000 when i was diagnosed with fibromyaga. i took the desition to develop my own stile and aim to...


Hello All, sorry i'v not been active here lately

Hi Everyone, not for the first time i’ve not been very active as Life happens as they say. And its been an intresting few months not proffitable but worth while. Most of the last few months have been taken up with Album Cover, first for my friend Paul from Beneath the Oak who have play several of the pagan pride events i’ve put on and now are dear friends, and the second album cover came from this contact and one of those cases of strange conections.
It happened that at the same time the 60s Acid Folk band Spirogyra just happened to be in the studio and were planning to release a new album and so i recived a call and was given the job, no money as yet but it goes to the shops in the next ten days and is being released as a record as well as CD and hopefully a gatefold record to follow shor…

The Twins are Here

Hi eveyone i have been rather busy of late setting up my new studio and getting things ready for our littel arrivals and making sure Lewis gets some one to one time. Well they finaly arived on the 28th. Tara 6lb 13oz at 10.33pm and her sister Islay 6lb 11oz at 11.49pm. Lewis is realy taken with them both and even with the sleepless nights to come i wouldent change a thing, there beautyfull. It maybe a while before my next work is uploaded, but i’m just making the most of this special time, love to you all and have a wonderfull Samhain, catch up with you all when i can CherrieB

Wow My Works In Spellcraft

I cant belive it, and a big BIG thank you to all my friends here at redbubble.
Out of the blue i recived a copy of Spellcraft Magazine strate from there realm down under.
There was no covering letter or anything just the magazine so tentativly i opened each page of wonderful and inspirering artwork and there on page 55 is the Shamaness with the story the Magic of Masks, Wow it realy nice to see her there in all her glory and its realy given me a boost what with so many things changeing and coming to ahead at the moment. In five weeks are twins arrive so i doubt i will get much chance to upload stuff. And besides i want to take the time to enjoy them both as well as giving our Lewis some one to one time.
So whats next for CherrieB you may ask well artwise hopefully more magazines and other…

Updating my Update

Finaly getting on top of things after a friend pointed out that its OK to take things at my own pace. “you may wish to be seen as full time artist, and compeat in there world, but the truth is your an artist with fibromialga. The fact you do as much as you do is amazing in its self”
This is only to true and i have been falling back into my old ways pre fibro and that just triggers it all the more.
But since my last update i have inked in the centre of the fairy glade almost finished the final stage of the morrigain, and put together the poams for two childrens books which i plan to but images to, but i will add more about theses as they develop. i wish you all well, love and light Cherrie

Upping my Game, Update So Far, and lifes merry dance

Its been a while since i’v added any new work but what i have so far produced i belive is my best work to date all i need to do is fine a friend with an A3 scanner or good digital camera and a steady hand. So far i have finished two peaces and im currently adding colour to a third but work is slow as life has put a few detours along the way and these have taken over and are beyond my control, but as theys say that is life.
My partner was diagnosed with SPD last week but the babys are fine but the pain has ment i have been looking after our littel one full time and only getting to work on my art at night or on the rare ocation that he has a nap in the afternoon.
As well i am currently dealing with our house turning into a cat sanctury with out my choosing thanks to the credit crunch. This h…

Uping my Game

Its been awhile since i added a journel, as life has been on its mad rollercoster again. And even with most of my time being taken up by our toddeler and Lucys volcanic morning sick ness i’ve made the choice to up my game.
Whilst dashing around trying to do the work of two. and living with my illness i was given a book of John Howe work and i probebly learnt more from that book than any of the art groups i have attended. Then i came across an advert for Bob Hobbs new book Dark Magic Witchs and Warlocks, I remembered his work from the mountain of comic books i read over the years, and thou my stile is very different comic’s were very much my foundation.
I then decided in the spire of the moment to contact them both, not expecting to hear anything for months if at all. And both of them sen…

On the Up

Hi everyone just a quick note to keep you all up to speed, I’m still dealing with the fibromialga, but life is always full of surprises, for those who haven’t heard yet i found out last week my partner is having twins in Nov and the hypremasis she had with our toddeler has already kicked in, and shes now in hospital on a drip which mean i have Lewis by myself. So work will be a bit speradic until she’s home but he’s keeping me on my toes, so no time realy to drop by and see all your great work hopefully this is only for a few days so i will catch up with you all when i can, Love and Light to you all and may the Goddess keep you all safe in the mean time, Cherrie

What Redbubble has done for me.

Its now six in the morning and i’ve been awake since half two, with my Fibromialga and desided to put this down having joined the group who ask this question.
Rb has done wonders or should i say the people here have, As anyone with this illness will tell you it can be a nightmare at time and drags you down with it at any chance it gets. Its a battle or a war you might say but i grin and bare it as so many do.
When i came across redbubble i thorght o wow another place to show my work but this world that is RB is so much more and we dont often say thank you to all those littel comments and single words but they all are part of it.
At that time and at times since they i have been in some very dark places where to pain has had me up all night and the teard are running down my my face as they ar…

Just letting you all know

Hi all, just letting you all know i maybe off line for a few days as i’m switching to wireless and i’m still waiting for the laptop to arive, so please all bare with me if i dont get back to all your comment or i dont comment on your wonderful art for a bit, i will catch up as soon as it is possible, experance has taught me these thing never go smoothly, love and light to you all Cherrie

Fibromialga update 2

Hi everyone, been a while since i added anything about my illness (fibromialga) and now the snows finaly gone i’m feeling mutch better. Like so many here in the UK our local council didny grit the road where i live, but still managed to send out a street sweeper when the snow was several inchs deep.
When its cold i tend to suffer more just keeping warm can be difecult as my own thermostat is well messed up. i can be sweating and burning up whilst my teeth are chattering with cold.
The latest development is now there sending me to a foot specalist to look into the ligerments under each foot, with the posability of useing steriod injections or more likely an operation as they also they also belive i have a growth on the tendons so i maybe layed up for a while so if i’m missing for a few w…

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