Of ***ARSEs, Holidays and Cottony Goodness

Despite pleading the attention span and memory of a goldfish, I have decided to attempt Nat’s idea of journalling my highlights of 2008.…

I am sure I will have missed someone or something, and for that I will apologise in advance!

(Edit: If you think I’m going to link to all of this stuff – you’re insane!!)

State your name and your business
Cathie Tranent.
Danger (oh no, that was Batfink)

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight for the year

Interviewing Danny Nolan.
Being part of A.R.S.E.
Travelling to Melbourne solo for my Mother’s Day gift – visiting the hallowed halls of RB, meeting Jo, Xavier, Hop and Ben.
Following a horde of zombies (wow, I fluked that one) past Federation Square – meeting Danny, Glenn, Anne and Cathryn, Chris, Jessica, John, Adrian, Michael and Lucky

Bah Humbug!!

Oops … I nearly forgot!

I’ve put my Christmas Cards back up for sale again (just in time for Christmas, but only just) …


Peas On Earth is also available as a t-shirt

Redbubble Logo Challenge

Hi all …

Voting is now open for the Redbubble Logo Challenge here

My entry looks a lot like this …..

Actually – it looks exactly like this!! /grin

So please please spare me some voterish love!!


Well there you go …. t-shirt number 50 has just left the building!!

“What was it?” I hear you ask ….


A crazy little critter actually drawn by a friend of my mum’s and put on to a tshirt by me.

He got one of these over a year ago, and wore it heaps and heaps and heaps (in lots of wild places) and so now he needs a shiny new one!!

49 ........

That’s the number of t-shirts I’ve sold on Redbubble since I joined in July last year …..

I wonder who will buy number 50??

Whoever you are – I hope you wear it well …. and enjoy it ….and pop a photo in the buyer’s booth for me!!

Thanks also to all the people who have offered support and critique and sometimes just a boot up the bum along the way in my “design” career!!

I wanna go to New York .....

The 2nd Adelaide International Guitar Festival is giving away a trip to the Guitar Festival in New York.

I’ve formed a band called the Motherpluckers .. and I just need votes!!

Please please go here and vote for us …. clickylinkything

Don’t have to join … don’t have to do anything but click that little green button!!


The Party

Some of you may be aware that last weekend was Mark’s 40th birthday party, a gargantuan event, two years in the planning!!

Here are just a handful of shots of “the band” with the birthday boy up front on rhythm guitar and vocals – and our costumes.

Connor as Yoda.

Hayley as Jessica Simpson being Daisy Duke

Mark as Slash (the Gibson is not his!

Me (omg – a photograph of me)

Band shots … we didn’t have a mandolin, so the rendition of Copperhead Road was played guitar, bass and Turkish Shombush (sp?)

My Latest Work!

So, Sunday was Mark’s 40th birthday – and Saturday is his party.

It’s more a concert than a party .. but all good milestone parties have something for you to sign.

When we were looking at getting Connor an electric guitar, we tried this $30 (seriously) thing – but it was rather crappy and wouldn’t stay in tune (which we knew about), and coincidently a rather pooey shade of brown.

So it ended up in the shed gathering dust until today – a quick dismantle and a coat of paint from Mark and ….


A nice momento for the guests to sign.

And the brand? It’s now Forty!!

Get CathieT Shipping Free!

To celebrate having sent off 100,000 pieces of our work, RB is offering free shipping!!

To get your free shipping just enter 100000masterpieces as the coupon code

So in all the excitement, I have decided to knock 25% off the markup of following tshirts!!

If you want any of my other shirts … drop me a bubblemail and I’ll mark that one down too!!

I, Otter

Well …

I succumbed to some pressure from one of the parental units (thanks Mum)and entered this is the Digital Camera Magazine Photographer of the Year 2008.

Anyone who’s wandering by and is a member, coincidently of course, is more than welcome to throw a vote at it!!

You’ll find it here

Compassion Courage & Friendship (Review)

Having seen the entries accumulate in this challenge, I did not envy the judges who compiled Redbubble’s latest book Compassion Courage & Friendship, but they have risen to the task!

The book is a beautifully compiled mixture of photographs, drawings and writing – which all combined to make you laugh and cry, remember and think.

It covers so many facets of the human condition – joy, love, helplessness, despair and hope and is so perfectly balanced that no one emotion overwhelms you.

Pieces of writing that paint pictures in your mind tell stories of offering hope in despair, resilience in the face of neglect and compassion which rises above apathy and egocentricity.

Pictures telling more than the thousand words they’re always credited with – a touch of a mother’s skin communicating more

Oh yeah .. my new calendar's arrived!

Bought myself one of my calendars for next year, Vintage and I am absolutely rapt with the quality.

A couple of the shots, especially The New Shed and Tipple, have dark backgrounds, but the detail is all there ….


And it has my name on the front and my rb profile addy on the back!!

Thanks RB .......

…. and onetonshadow I suspect!!

I bought a Redbubble Tshirt the other day – which in itself isn’t that unusual ….

What I was really rapt to see was the new packaging ……. it’s brilliant … or as the girl child said … madical!! (theoretically a cross between mad and radical)

Attached to the tag is a tiny peg – hanging off the tiny peg is a tag with the name of the tshirt and the artist on one side and more oneton cleverness on the other.

Thanks guys – given that there a so many sites out there on the interweb which allow you to make and sell tshirts I know I certainly appreciate your attempts to have the RB Tees standing out from the crowd!!

A little help from my friends ...please

Hey y’all …

This is the invite for Mark’s 40th.

I started off with the stage and stool, adding the guitars and mike stand and their respective reflections.

I need more shadow under the guitars don’t I??

Does the font work??

Is there anything else I have missed or could do better??

Your help here is much appreciated – this has to be just perfect!!


What a lovely surprise!! The girl …

appears on the featured art page!!

Oh and on the subject of selfsame girl, she now has her very own account here.

Pop over, have a look-see and say hello!!


50 things you probably didn't need to know about me.

After Damian, Anne and a whole stack of other people did it – here’s me.…

1. Do you like blue cheese?
No. Just about every other sort – but not blue.

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
Not for about 10 minutes.

3. Do you own a gun?
Nup – but I have a bullet with my name on it.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
No. I’m usually taking someone else in the family and we’re a healthy bunch.

6. Do you like hot-dogs?
Eww no.

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
Gloria in Excelsis Deo

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
The cup of coffee that my husband makes me every morning.

9. Can you do push-ups?
Yes. But I prefer letting gravity have it’s wicked way with me!

10. What’s your favorite meal?
Salt and Pepper Squid

11. What’s

Challenge Auto Thingo.


Having entered two challenges now in the Melbourne and Victoria Group (don’t ask), may I just send kudos and a couple of we are not worthies to whichever of the RB elves designed the challenge thingy. It’s brilliant!!

Brings up all the entries with no names – so everything’s nice and even
Shows you which of your shots you have in the challenge.
Shows a sense of humour when it says “Yours doesn’t come up because we know you’d vote for it anyways!”
Shows a running tally of how many votes each piece has after you’ve voted for it (or not).
And is generally a shit hot piece of computery goodness!

Well done guys!!

Help with Exhibition??

I have a chance to put two works up in an exhibition with fingers crossed that they will sell.

Would you mind having a wade through and recommending your favourites (or what you think is the most saleable??)

Thanks in advance!


Lexophile Humour


( Lovers of Words)

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger; Then it hit me.

Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.

Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.

The biggest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference.

The butcher backed up into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.

To write with a broken pencil is pointless.

When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.

The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

Did you hear about the thief who stole a calendar and got twelve months?

A thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement and became a hardened criminal.

When the smog lifts in Los Angeles , U.C.L.A.

The professor

Connor Spielberg?????

So the school holidays have just finished …. and himself kept busy for an hour or so with 100+ photos strung together in a stop motion video.

Mummy well – about two hours trying to drive Windows Movie Maker!!

Ooh Look!!


Took some shots of our friend Chris at a gig a few weeks ago – and last time we saw him I gave him some of the shots dummied up as gig posters.

Went out to see him play last night – and look what was plastered all around the venue … TA DA!!

Top Left hand Corner

A Clever Girl!!

Having just taken 6 months to finish a Certificate II in Business (just for fun) might I just ask how clever is Juilee Pryor??

She’s just graduated her second Master’s Degree …… and look what she is wearing!!

Congratulations girl!!

It's My Bubbleday!!

Happy Bubbleday to me!!

Thanks to animo for reminding me that today was July 12th and that it’s been a whole year since I joined RB!!

I can’t do a year in avatars (Danny beat me to it), throw it all on a shirt like Mikoto, nor can I show you how much my stuff has improved in the last 12 months like TBO did!! Because: a) I’ve ripped all the early stuff down and b) I’m not sure that it has.

All I’m going to do is say thank you to everyone who has commented on my stuff, bought my stuff, nattered away with me and made this year on RB the fun that it has been, and thanks for sharing with me all the amazing art and writing you have contributed.

Thanks also to those of you who have provoked me, challenged me, tormented me and made me draw AND write!

I’m not going to name names … you all know

A little whiff of Chanel2

During my recent visit to Melbourne, I was rapt to spend some time with the lovely Cathryn, also known as Chanel2. There were lots of things we didn’t get a chance to share during our natter, so what better opportunity …….…

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I had never really embraced my creative side until just before I joined Redbubble , or so I thought, because when I think back to the things I was involved in with my girls’ growing up, I guess I have approached lots of things in a creative way.

For example, some of the activities I would invent for us to do instead of watching TV, or constantly changing stories that I read them to match the pictures in the book better. This was a bit of a rod for my back because my husband

Introducing ... Anne van Alkemade!!

Having been recently surveyed by Jo for her “Creativity” survey – I am now fulfilling my part of the “bargain” and bring to you one of the loveliest people I know!!…

Ladies and Gentlemen …. Anne Van Alkemade!

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I think being creative, particularly in the sense of creating worlds in words, challenges me with a sort of duality (or even duelity) or having to live in both places and juggle which one takes precedence. Creative muses are jealous mistresses – if you don’t give them your full attention they go away and take their love with them but their love is so powerful that it is a prospect I can’t bear. And they will give you inspiration at the most inconvenient times. I am fortunate that most of

The Man from N.O.L.A.N

When Jo explained the concept of the survey questions to me, I knew immediately who I wanted my first interview to be.

One of the very first people I didn’t previously know to comment on my work was this man. During the last twelve months, he has inspired me, teased and tormented me, commented honestly on my work, and made me think.

When I approached him, to ask whether he would be interviewed his response was no. And then came “I want you to ask some other questions”.

And so the “bloody photographer” was made stretch again – what do you ask someone responsible for “Fear and Loathing at Redbubble”, the wicked Scott Robinson interviews and indeed an interview with Pilgrim himself?

I hope you all enjoy reading this … I know I found out some things I didn’t know about a man I respect, admi

The Adventures of Sticky the Stunt Tourist (Part 2)

Sunday morning dawned as mornings are prone to do.…

Sticky gradually became aware of his surroundings, and the awful sound of jackhammers. The redhead had got an email from the travel company advising of renovations in the hotel, but it was Sunday – what was going on?

Then he realised – it wasn’t jackhammers at all – must be the redhead snoring! Suddenly an alarm, and the snoring stopped.

Ablutions, some packing and then a phone call. Ah – must be the Sunday touring party! The door was opened and in came Chanel2. A natter while the redhead applied some paint to her face (Sticky was confused – he always thought that went on canvas).

They gathered suitcase, handbag and laptop and headed off downstairs, closing the door behind them.

Sticky called out … but to no avail – not only was he a

The Adventures of Sticky the Stunt Tourist (Part 1)

This is the story of a little stickman in a big city.

It could have been a lot better for Sticky. He could have been adopted by a legitimate artist, he could have been the basis of a life study, or been a proper photographic model like his cousins were, instead he found himself plucked from the top shelf by a little round photographer on a visit to Melbourne.

At least she took the spike out of his arse, and didn’t shove him into a plastic bag like he’d seen happen to the others. He found himself attached to the side of a camera bag travelling out into the fine winter sunshine.

After travelling to the Sticky Institute (wow, only just liberated and already he had a business named after him) he found himself in a laneway admiring street art.

Perhaps next time he would be more careful wh

Cruddy Cards

I did these cards mere moments after joining RB almost a year ago.

Decided that it was time to give them a little bump and a little plug!!

Happy Birthday you old fossil!!

1. This is a fun-gi. You are not!
2. Happy Birthday to a real fun-gi!

1. Happy Birthday to a real old wreck!
2. It’s gotta be better than a keel full of ballast!!

Click on the cards to be taken to their page

Caanan's coming second!!

RB’s own Shirthead Creator and all round nice guy Caanan is currently coming second in his month long quest to get his comic Celadore e-published as an ongoing strip!!

I’ve read his little teaser, and frankly I need more – I need to find out all about the little redheaded kid who appears to be my son’s doppleganger if nothing else!! (Only kidding, Caanan)

So click on the linky piccie above to go to to the strip and VOTE!!

They shall not ....

….grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them.

- Laurence Binyon

Dawn Service, Anzac Day 2008
Memorial Gardens,
Morphett Vale, South Australia

Lest We Forget

Speed Tee Challenge!

Move over Iron Chef, Big Brother and the Biggest Loser!!

ARSE now has the Speed Tee Challenge.

A subject is thrown into the ring – (or the thread in this case) and a minimum of two combatants have 2 hours to produce a tee from that word.

Our first serious challenge was Buddhism!

You can see the results (the four featured tees) here!

PS – 2 gold HoffNobs for Juilee Pryor for coming up with the idea!!

Priceless Pieces of ***A.R.S.E

Here it is folks!! The work you’ve all been waiting for!!…

The ultimate anthology of works from **A.R.S.E (for the uninitiated, Artists, Riters and Snappers Extracting the piss).

We announced the book and the March Competition to the members of our group simultaneously, running a contest in which members were to nominate a piece of work from each of the three genres in the group, Tshirts, Art and Writing.

In true **A.R.S.E fashion however, the book doesn’t contain all the nominated entries, just the ones we liked …….. and by happy coincidence the overall winner of the competition does appear in the book!!

So without further ado, I announce the launch of GREAT PIECES of A.R.S.E – available for download as a pdf file for your viewing pleasure.

We deliberated over what price we could put on

People puh-leese!!

Let me just begin this little rant by saying that I am neither Christian nor Atheist

What I am, is annoyed that any group here decides that they have the right to have another artist’s work deleted.

There are works on here which I would never hang in my home, nor wear, and indeed some of them make me wince, but I respect a fellow human being’s right to have their own opinion and/or beliefs and express them as they will.

I am aware of RB’s Terms and Conditions, but I’m not quite sure how this can be policed sensibly. The work may offend the complaining party, but not be seen as offensive at all to someone else.

Who is right? Since when has it been illegal to have an opinion and express it?
It isn’t in my country!

I just get a little annoyed at having other people’s opinions shoved down my

Help? (Blogspot issue)

Hey all.

I have a blog at the moment, but I have just found the other one I had a million years ago (or 4 – I’ve told myself a thousand times not to exaggerate).

The problem is I can’t remember the password, and the email account that it was linked to is now defunct.

Is there a way to actually get help from the Blogger help people or does anyone have any brilliant ideas for a workaround????

Normally I wouldn’t bother, but the URL is just CathieT and I REALLY want it.


Do you remember ......

Hi all.

Happening upon the Blast from the Past group the other day rekindled my
enthusiasm to try and put a roller skate .. or two on a tshirt.

The skate made me think about the other things we used to keep ourselves amused and entertained pre video, dvd and console days!! I realise that some of you have been keeping track as they appeared, but here they are all together!

Click here to peruse the series and maybe buy your fave (bad 70’s term) – 70’s Child

Enjoy …

Oh and ps …. also available as a suitably “Partridge Family coloured” print!

Mother Expletive Board (Part Deux)

Woo Hoo!!

For the very first time in my life I have a brand new computer!!

We went down today to see what sort of money we were talking and came home with a brand new box!!

I now have ….

A 300gb hard drive
and lots of other speedy grunty stuff I don’t understand!!

The best part? We also got a USB thingy which we could plug my old hard drive into, and so I can transfer all .. some … nearly all … of my stuff (NONE OF WHICH WAS LOST) onto the new machine.

Mother Expletive Board!

Had a busy day today, out of the house around 9.30 this morning,(but not before I’d hopped on to RB for my morning fix) swimming lesson for the short one, round to my parents’ house – ending up taking mum out to do her shopping, and got home about 4.00pm. Visitors landed home the same time we did, so I hit the on button on my computer and left it all to fire up while I socialised ….…

Visitors left, I hopped onto my computer chair and wiggled my mouse …. NOTHING!

Nothing but a little flashing white cursor ………… switch off, turn in on again – nada.

After a frantic call to a very knowledable friend, it would appear that my motherboard has gone to it’s maker. Hopefully all my stuff is still intact on the drives, but it will be about a week before my computer savvy hubby gets home from a work t

Shopping Spreeeeeeeee!!


How much fun was that!!

After winning January in the 366 Days of Tees, I had an amazing $200 to spend on the ’bubble!

I won’t bore you with blow-by-blow descriptions of what I bought …. just watch the buyer’s booth for the next instalment!! ;-p

Calendar Girl!!


My Actually, Yes tshirt has got a guernsey today 8th January in the 366 Days of Tees!

The young lady who is wearing it in the photo is the one who it was designed for and she’s trying hard to display some attitude!

It’s here

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait