I’d give up all my tomorrows
Reach back for my yesterdays
As all my memories lie there
I can’t throw any of them away
I don’t make miracles happen
Or make wishes when a star dies
I just know you will come back
Since you never did say goodbye…


And someday, your cold soul
Will melt right into my hand
That will be when you open up
And choose to understand
Instead of walking away
I’ll melt that frozen heart of yours
One day

I’ve tumbled around in the dark
As I was making my way home
I can live just fine without you
But I don’t like living alone
I know that there’s just one way
To catch that look in your eye
And I’ll get you in my arms
You never kissed me goodbye


This love may never last forever
But we can stretch it as far as it’ll go
If we get lucky enough someday
That small amount of love will gr

I Owe It All To You

As you chase sleep from your bedroom
I’m sitting up to think tonight
Of what we have, of what we need
And of how empty I would feel
If I didn’t have you in my life…


Cause you and I own it all
Stars in the sky, rain that falls
Whether polished or now broken
And all we wished to come true
Are happening because of you
Truer words have never been spoken
When I say I owe it all to you

I don’t know what to expect
What it is they want from me
I’ve built a wall around my life
And I’ll only let you inside
A world that no one else can see

My filthy heart craves for darkness
Except when it sees you smile
Cause you raise it up, you help it down
And you turned it all around
You make this time seem worthwhile


I might be stretching out the truth
But my point will always stand
I’m not sure if I could be sati

Get Over You

This house just feels so empty
But these walls have become my friends
I try not to tell them the truth
Still it comes back to haunt me again…

I said I’d never live it down
If I had to waste another moment on you
And I swore to live with lies
If it meant forgetting the truth


So tell me what’s it going to take
To get you out of my mind?
To keep you out of my life?
To pick myself up and get over you?
How much more will break
If I hold on too long?
Or if I just let go now?
As I’m trying to get over you

You turned me inside out
Poured your poison in my heart
Held me together too tight
And then left me to fall apart

I’m not sure what I was thinking
Or why I kept begging for more
I should have seen the sun come out
The day I let you out that door


What else could you break?
What more can my


And so…
So it goes
Just like any story told
Of how one heart turns to stone
No one
No one ever is to blame
They both took part in the game
And they all turn to stone…

There’s no happily ever after
When you reach the final chapter
You wonder where it all went
No one is going to be saved
No road to redemption is paved
Your time wasn’t well spent

But then…
Then you open up
Because you can’t enough
Though your heart is stone
Since when…
Since when did it matter?
If your walls were shattered
Now you’re made of stone

From the beginning to end
Searching ever corner and bend
Trying to seek out the truth
You fight off all that you can
Try to lend them your hand
And learn the villain is you

Oh, it’s you
And your heart of stone
Left to dwell here alone
Never going back
Never coming back now
You’re stuck like a stone
And you’re lo

Good Feel So Bad

I don’t want to spend another minute
Dreaming of what should be
I don’t want to dig any deeper
Into my cuts or I’ll bleed
All I know is that it’s over
You weren’t worth being in my life
So tell me how, tell me why
I’m longing for you tonight…


I’m far away from you
And I know I will be fine
Why long for what I’ve never had?
I made out and I’m free
And it’s good I’m over you
So why does the good feel so bad?

I lied when I broke the chain
When I said that I was through
Thinking I’d crave the quiet hours
And all I ended up craving was you
I said we’re not best friends
We’ll never go anywhere this time
But there’s a part of me inside
That wishes you were still mine


I’m drowning, drowning in the dark
Hoping your voice guides me out
Swim to me, baby, I can’t survive
In this sea I’ve made from my doubt

Earth and Sea

When the nighttime falls
Your eyes blinded by my stars
Through it all, you see the way
That shows me where you are
Put your hand in my heart
Put my soul in your hand
And across the ocean between us
Let your waves touch my sand


I let you walk on my earth
You let me drown in your sea
I took all you had to offer
You’ve had everything from me

The morning light dawns on us
We shake the sleep from our eyes
To see just what’s set before us
Shift through truths and the lies
Leave your hand in my heart
Leave my soul in your hand
Feel your waves crash on my shore
I’ll lay you down on my sand


Your hand, my heart
Your soul, my hand (x2)


You gave your heart my rocks
And I lost my soul in your sea
I got the whole world from you
You still have all of me

-Copyright 2009: Carter Tachikawa

On Your Side

Baby, oh baby, your memory
Running through my veins
Flip the switch inside
And drive me insane
Take me, come take me
Wipe tears I never cried
Find me a hole where
I can live in and hide…


You’ve got a way
of twisting the truth
You’ve got a way
to make it all brand new
You’ve got a way
To get me on your side

Darling, yeah, my darling
Addicted to your drug
I’m taking it all in stride
and getting high off love
Kiss me, just kiss me
Place your lips on my soul
Take the wheel from my hands
And drive me out of control


Baby, my baby, I’m cold
When I can’t feel you around
Dig me out of here, babe
Out of this lost and found
Crazy, I’m still crazy
And I’m lost in your eyes
Swim with me back to safety
Across an ocean of lies


You’ve got a way
To get me on your side
You’ve got a way
To get me…

-Copyright 2

Not Your Only One

You said you were sleeping alone
When I called you up yesterday
I heard that tone in your voice
As you tried to get me away
I heard someone else speak
A voice I didn’t know before
I guess you decided it was time
To even up the score…


But I’m not your only one
No, I’m not your only one
I can’t be your only one
When she’s at your door

If this is real, what’s to hide?
It’s not like I won’t find out
I’ve seen that look in your
And I know what it’s about
This space ain’t big enough
To keep us all together
I guess it’s true when they say
A love can’t last forever


And if you keep insisting
That nothing’s been going around
Baby, better give it up now
You’re just pushing yourself down
When you claim I’m the only one
When you say I’m your only one


No, I’m not your only one
Standing by your door


Jaws of Lust

You standing in the corner
Cigarette clamped between your lips
You give me that evil eye
Got me dancing on your fingertips
Buy me a drink when I come
Pull me in with that good old charm
Whisper to me with cold breath
Swear to me that you’ll do no harm…

You’re a sadist who likes the pain
And you like turning me insane
You’re a devil walking this ground
You turn me out and spin me around


You’ve got me wrapped up
Tied up with that neat little bow
Your dressed dolly for the day
For the night, I’m your ho
You’ve got me wrapped up
Snapped up in your jaws of lust
I should be running away
But I can’t live without your trust

There you are, cheeky little grin
Begging me to make my way
I know I shouldn’t leave my place
Cause I know all the games you play
You will take me in then drop me off
Say you forget about me

To Chase You Down

My hands are tied down
The weight’s around my feet
Just another sign to give in
And just admit my defeat
This water is too deep
For me to make it to shore
I want to swim to you now
But I can’t reach you anymore…


Over my head, out of my mind
Tell me why I’ve wasted time
Trying to chase you down
Far from light, close to dark
Tearing the seams of my heart
Wanting to chase you down
Tell me what more can I do
To get myself off and over you
Yet I still want to chase you down

Maybe it’s another phase
I’m going through right now
I got the will to lose you
But I’m just not sure how
I feel that something’s wrong
It’s not the way that I act
Yet the farther I run from you
The more I keep running back


I’m running out of time
As I pace across the floor
Wondering what you have now
That you didn’t have before

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