Bubblerock - BigFatRobot

He’s big. He’s grey. He’s made from fat … he’s Biggie Big!

Name: Biggie Big beta version 2.0
Instrument: Piano Accordion and occasionally dates a Casio Keyboard
Eyes: Green with death ray peripherals
Hair: Strands of very fine soft steel filaments, perfect for all your household cleaning needs!
Description: A portly fellow who plays a mean pinball.
Heroes: Kraftwerk, Modems
Signature Move: Crushing unappreciative humans
Motto: “I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.” HAL the computer.

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Bubblerock - Resisto

Robotically precise beats, with more than a dash of funk?

Name: FRD aka Funky Robo Drummer
Instrument: Drums
Eyes: None
Hair: None, Glass Smooth
Description: 4 armed robot, with built-in speaker and light show..
Heroes: The drummer from Def Leppard, The Mos Eisley band.
Signature Move: Extended drum solo tornado,
Motto: 010001111 010111 0101010101 !!

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Bubblerock - Mikoto

Mikoto’s voice drips in honey, but who IS this frontman?

Name: mikoto
Instrument: Lead Singer
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Midnight Black
Description: The little high contrast rocker
Heroes: Bruce Lee, Angus Young (ACDC), & Bjork
Signature Move: microphone swinging sonic boom
Motto: An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
M.K. Gandhi

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Bubblerock - tambatoys

He’s cute, he’s blue and he’s too cool for skool……………behold the awesome tambatoys on guitar!

Name: tambatoys
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Eyes: Stitched
Hair: None, Velour Skin
Description: Imaginary cat-like creature
Heroes: Jimi Hendrix, Slash
Signature Move: Knee Sliding Solos
Motto: I wanna play you like my beautiful guitar………

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Bubblerock – Jumpy

Who is DJ Endangered? The reincarnation of Jumpy when he stands behind his weapon of choice, the turntable.

Name: Jumpy (aka DJ Endangered)
*Instrumen*t: two turntables and a microphone
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Tough as wire
Description: Elephant God like creature, eXtra-large!
Heroes: Music mashers, Electronic wiz kids on their Commodore 64’s and Superstar DJ’s.
Signature Move: Juggling beats and spitting mad lyrics straight thru ya brain
Motto: Music is Art… Don’t steal it!!

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Bubblerock - thickblackoutline

So who is this leggy Bass player of Bubblerock, thickblackoutline?

Name: thickblackoutline
Instrument: Bass
Eyes: Green
Hair: Electrical
Description: Three quarters human, one quarter the good stuff.
Heroes: Floyd Pepper, The Messiah Flea and the Mighty Tim Commerford (RATM), the only bassist who is qualified for the high bass stance in the world!
Signature Move: Electric soundwave meditation during the jam breaks
Motto: Make it loud, make it hard, make it soar!

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Fan Art!

Presenting our very first fan art which is going on the pin-board in the Studio!
Conor (aged 7) has been impressed with the mighty bubbles of rock, and has drawn us a Sound Guy, complete with specs! Gotta love the specs!

All of us at Bubblerock love your work Connor! Please accept Lifetime Front Row Center Spots to all our Concerts! :)

Thank you Cathie, your son does spectacular work! :)

The Chalice of Rock overfloweth!
~ BR

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