"Bail outs" in the USA

Is “bail out” an euphemism for nationalisation? Of course it is.
After 200 years of rampant liberal capitalism the land of the free is turning to the good all, tested in Russia, China etc. method of the government controlled financial institutions.

We shall overcome!

Dear all,
It looks as if our dear Reverend had seen the light, and despite a lot of confused excuses all illegally acquired images are gone from Rob’s site.

The variety of excuses leads me to believe that the images were sourced on purpose and with intent.

I took upon myself the task of trawling the site and picking up all images I could identify.
There were a few from other art sites, and those guys were notified as well.

The Reverend got VERY CLEVER and started renaming and cropping images – obviously completely arrogant about copyright and intellectual rights, but guess what?
The last image has been identified, owners notified, and this time it’s a cover of commercially available CD!
Guess who’s in shit now?

We won!

The plot thickens...

micmac whose image was “used” by Rob illegally informed me that Reverend Rob is one of us!
He actually has an account on RB!
So the excuse that he did not know where the images came from doesn’t seem to be completely true.
I wonder what happens to Reverends who live in sin….

Any ideas?

In breach of the 8th (not to mention copyright)

Hello fellow RBers.
As you may know by now there is a web site in Australia, which is in a serious breach of copyright.

The Reverend Rob Smith (image linked from Rob’s site, copyright by owner)
thought it was his god-given right to copy (steal) and publish (misappropriate) as many RB images as he wanted.
email Rob
Several people have already contacted the Reverend and asked him what in god’s name is going on on his web site.

Please check if YOU were blessed by the dear Reverend by having your work stolen.
If so unleash your wrath!
You can also lodge a complaint against the dear Reverend HERE

Surely you wouldn’t want your gran buried by someone who stole your or your friend’s work.

RE: You are too close...

Shouts and cheers to all who commented, faved and added a watch!

Sorry I can’t answer to each and every one of you, but there’s just not enough time.

T H A N K Y O U !

Real fame now!

A shot of TT has been featured on the RB main page, now that’s what I call real fame!
Thanks RB, thanks TT, my producers, my parents, the crew, the lighting guy, the catering, and of course me!

T sizes, be warned!

Hi gang,
I had my T delivered. Great print, good quality, however after years of buying Australian / Chinese sizes of clothing (which in my case is XL or XXL) the RB T, based on American sizes is closer in size to my tent, than my other T-shirts. I guess we could call it a family T-shirt.
I guess they aim at “bigger then Texas” surpersize humans.
So, do yourselves a favour (or a favor) and measure your Ts and order accordingly.


Another world-class embarrassment

By now I guess most people know that Bill Henson’s exhibition has been cancelled and his photographs confiscated by the police.
That will teach him not to exhibit in Australia.

As someone said on the radio today – the only time that media cover art events in this country is when they are banned – LOL!


A big bad spyder.

I have just acquired a Spyder2, and finally I can sort of believe what I see.
Spyder is a colorimeter allowing you to calibrate the screen colours to “true” colour.
Most screen are not colour-accurate straight out of the factory and many people get frustrated that the prints come out looking very different to what they see on the screen.
Spyder will not calibrate the printer, but at least the screen colours are true.

If anyone wanted to calibrate your screen, and we reside in the same hemisphere, drop me a line and we’ll see what can be done.

TT flood.

After looooong deliberations I decided to post two version of most of the images.
IMHO both edits works well and both have their unique value.
I’ll let you decide which works better.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait